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Yesterday night Chelsea youngster Callum Hudson-Odoi made his full England debut vs Montenegro and he showed all his quality and skills.

The Blues legend Joe Cole watched the game as a TV pundit and praised Hudson-Odoi: “With his quality once he flips it on his right foot and goes outside you he has gone. You have to be a very, very good defender to combat it”. Cole told Chelsea official website. “The slight mistake he made in the first half for the [Montenegro] goal is a learning mistake. It’s something an 18-year-old would make. But what he brings you is power, pace, directness, and fearlessness. He is a great player and he can be even better. He needs to develop and he is getting better and better every time I see him.”

Also Joe Cole rememberer when he trained with Chelsea youngster:

I actually trained with Callum when I was coming back from America,’” Cole said. “I was lucky enough to train with the Chelsea Under-18s, and I saw him first hand. He actually stood me up a couple of times! You can’t catch him. Even at an older age for a footballer you can sort your feet out and stop them going by you, but with that pace and power there’s nothing you can do”.

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Blues’ legend Petr Cech has announced today that he will retire at the end of this season.

The current Arsenal goalkeeper, played for a decade at Stamford Bridge with Chelsea.

Cech made 494 appearances with Chelsea and he set a club record with his 228 clean sheets.

With the Blues the goakeeper won 4 Premier League titles, 4 Fa Cups, 3 League Cups and also one Europa League and most of all the 2012 Champions League.

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NEWCASTLE UPON TYNE, ENGLAND - AUGUST 26: Chelsea Assistant Manager, Gianfranco Zola gives instructions during the Premier League match between Newcastle United and Chelsea FC at St. James Park on August 26, 2018 in Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom. (Photo by Stu Forster/Getty Images)

Chelsea‘s assistant coach and Blues legend Gianfranco Zola has revealed how things are going under Maurizio Sarri saying the Italian manager works very hard on every aspect of the game.

It’s a lot, the level of details that he puts. He really doesn’t leave anything by chance,” Zola told Soccer AM.So when the players go out on the pitch the players know everything about what they have to do and that’s a big help.He’s obsessed with knowing everything about the opposition and then going to the pitch to prepare everything. He knows player by player. All the key players of the opposition, how they defend, how they attack and so therefore doing everything to stop them from playing and playing around them, there is a lot of work”.

Not only Sarri works a lot, but he wants his assistants to do the same: “I can not stop”, Zola went on. “I am watching more games in the last two months than in the last five years”.



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Belgian star Eden Hazard has had an impressive start of the Premier League campaign with five goals and two assists.

However, Maurizio Sarri‘s assistant coach Gianfranco Zola believes Hazard could still improve his skills and his style of play.

He is a player who is getting better and better”, Zola explained. “I don’t think he has reached his full potential. He can still use his skills in a better way. I truly believe this. And this year, the team, and Maurizio in particular, will help him to reach his full potential. I don’t it want to look like we’re not happy, we’re very happy with him but as you play, you get more experiences, at a high level for a long time, you get better and learn how to use your abilities in a more efficient way”.

Zola also claimed Hazard will be very effective especially if he will play near the opponent’s box: “He will do it himself and we will try and suggest how to be more effective on the pitch, and he will benefit from the way we try to play”. Zola went on. “We try to play a long time in the opposition half. The closer we keep him to the goal, the more chances we can get him receiving the ball around the box and the more effective he will be”.

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Blanc knocked out Chelsea from the Champions League with PSG last season

It seems Maurizio Sarri will become the new Chelsea manager this week: however, Blues’ legend Marcel Desailly has another ideal candidate for this role.

“I would be very happy if Laurent Blanc becomes the new manager of Chelsea, but if it doesn’t work, I want to give another chance to Conte,” Desailly told Goal.

According the the former Chelsea defender, who played and won the 1998 World Cup with Laurent Blanc, the Italian manager made some mistakes in the team’s tactical system: He had to make some concessions about his system, his philosophy and his method of working. In 2016-2017, he won the Premier League with a revolutionary three-man defence. It was a weird year because a lot of teams were in transition, like Manchester City, Liverpool and United.” Desailly explained.

Also, Conte was wrong when he sold striker Diego Costa: With Diego Costa, somewhere they must regret it,” Desailly said. “They believed that Morata had Diego Costa in him. No, it’s Giroud and Morata who together give Costa. He was a target man like Giroud can be, while possessing the agility shown by Morata.”

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Chelsea are working to appoint a new manager for next season. Blues’ legend Frank Lampard isn’t a candidate this summer, but he hopes he can sit on the London’s club bench in the future.

Chelsea, of course, is like a dream job that will be there one day. But that is not always the route that it takes, so it might take me to go somewhere else before I can ever do that”. Lampard told Goal.com. “We will see, but I certainly have ambitions to do it”.

Lampard it’s aware it not depends primarily on him, but he admits he will accept a Chelsea managerial role with no hesitation: “How could I not take it if Chelsea offered me the job?” the former Blues midfielder went on. “Chelsea are my club and I feel like I have a lot to offer. But that’s obviously for other people to decide, for important people, if and when I am ready to do that.”

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Chelsea ended their season yesterday winning their 8th Fa Cup: as predicted by Blues legend Frank Lampard, star Eden Hazard was crucial as he scored the only goal of the final vs Manchester United.

There are a lot of speculations that Hazard himself could leave Stamford Bridge this summer as Real Madrid are interested in signing the Belgian striker. His team-mate Olivier Giroud hopes, however, Hazard will stay in London also next season:

Of course I want Eden to stay — who doesn’t want to play with him?” Giroud said after the Fa Cup final as reported by Metro. “I want to carry on working on our partnership. The two of us have only been playing together a short time but we have a good relationship on the field. We play close together because that’s what the manager wants us to do.”

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Chelsea legend Frank Lampard has his say ahead of tomorrow’s Fa Cup final at Wembley.

Many believe Paul Pogba can make the difference in favour of Manchester United, but the former Blues’ midfielder thinks in a different way.  “I don’t know what Pogba is. He makes bad decisions but then does fantastic things which must wreck Jose’s head”. Lampard said as reported by The Mirror. “Pogba is naturally more talented than I was, he would run all over me and has better feet, but there’s no point dribbling in your own half. All that ‘flick and roll of the studs’, I’m not an advocate of that. A lot of young players see it on YouTube and think it’s amazing but I don’t like it.”

So, according to Frank Lampard is another player who can shine tomorrow at Wembley. “If the right Eden Hazard turns up he can be the match-winner.” the Blues legend said.

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Chelsea legend Marcel Desailly believes the London club can think about selling Eden Hazard in the next summer transfer window and use the money to buy at least three players useful for the team.

[Roman] Abramovich is passionate and he will be disappointed [at missing out on Champions League] but they will still be able to get some good players. If tomorrow you sell Hazard, you can sign another three players who can step up.” Desailly told the Daily Mail. “And Willian, for example, is brilliant but he’s just one of those players. He can lift his level and bring a new dimension and become another first-class player.”

On the other hand, the former Chelsea defender claimed Antonio Conte must stay at Stamford Bridge: “What was working last season with Conte cannot suddenly not work this season. Before they’ve changed the coach, and kept the players. This time they should keep the coach and look to move four to five players on”.


Chelsea assistant coach Gianfranco Zola believes "all the players believed in what we were doing" despite Maurizio Sarri had some issues during his first season abroad as...