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Barcelona captain Andrés Iniesta commented the win over Chelsea at Camp Nou last night:

“It’s what we always talk about. Leo makes the difference in every game. It’s a blessing,” he told beIN SPORTS.

“I hope we can get closer to this Champions League. We’ve taken another step.”

Iniesta believes Ernesto Valverde‘s side are capable of winning the trophy for a sixth time this season.

“It’s always a motivation to win the Champions League but it’s always complicated. A bad game leaves you out,” he said.

“The challenge is to minimise the mistakes because I think we have the team and the form to win it.”


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Chelsea defender Gary Cahill has revealed that Ryan Mason’s retirement from football was “heartbreaking”.

The Blues captain was involved in a clash of heads with the former Hull City player in January 2017 that left Mason with a fractured skull.

The ex-midfielder was forced to retire earlier this week 13 months on from the injury for the consequences of it, news which Cahill was “devastated” to receive.

“I was devastated to hear that Ryan Mason has retired from professional football this week, I can’t even imagine what he’s feeling and going through, having to retire at such a young age, and when I heard the news it was heartbreaking,” the defender told Chelsea’s official programme in last night game issue.

“I’ve got a son and a beautiful fiancee around me, so these are the sort of things that mean more to you than football when things are put into perspective. Challenging for the ball in the air is such a common thing and you never expect consequences like this to come from it.

 “That is when football goes totally out of your thoughts and it becomes about making the best decision for your health. I want to spend my best wishes to Ryan and his family. The most important thing in life is your health, and I am sure he will now go on to be successful in whatever he chooses to do next.”

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Chelsea captain Gary Cahill claimed he is tired by the way the Blues are criticised every time they lose a game or things go wrong and not only he underlines the fact that the club have won many trophies in the last few season, but also that the team has found everytime the strenght to bounce back from the difficult moments.

I’m not knocking Liverpool and Spurs whatsoever because they have played some fantastic football and have some terrific players,” Cahill told the London Evening Standard. But you put it into context — we are sandwiched in the middle of those two and yet everything seems rosy there and it’s all drama and a disaster here. It’s been that way a lot of the time since I have been at Chelsea and it does get tiring. In 2016 we finished 10th, then the next year we dominated the league. Things like that stick in your memory when you have difficult times like this. When there has been a down at this club, we have bounced back in a fantastic manner and going forward I see no issues.”

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Chelsea captain Gary Cahill believes new signing Olivier Giroud will need time to adapt, but thanks to his experience in the Premier League he soon will be important for the Blues.

“Olivier has settled in okay. Obviously after the last two results he’s come into an atmosphere that probably wasn’t ideal for him but he’s experienced in the Premier League anyway, we’re not talking about someone who has come from another league. Cahill told Chelsea official website. “He knows the league, he knows the club, he’s an experienced international player and he’ll have no trouble settling in. People say they need time to adapt to the new surroundings, the culture and the way we play football, I’m sure that will take time, but Olivier’s experienced and his character will be important for us.”

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Blues legend Dennis Wise believes one of the problems Chelsea are experiencing this season is a lack of leadership: in Wise’s opinion the London club have failed to replace properly captain John Terry.

At the moment they seem all over the place and things haven’t gone as nicely as they’d expect,” Wise told Premier League Daily. “I look at some of the personnel who have come in and they’ve found it very difficult to adapt at times to the way of the English Premier League. I look at a certain person who went out the door called John Terry, he was a leader of that group and I don’t think at the moment they have someone like that who is in there and can sort these problems out. I look at Cahill, and I’d like to think he would be a leader, but at the moment he’s been struggling as well.”

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Chelsea captain Gary Cahill features on the cover of the latest edition of Chelsea, the Blues official magazine.

In the exclusive interview Cahill gave to the magazine and part of which is reported on Chelsea official website, the English defender talks about his experience with the Blues.

You realign your goals as you go along, because you always need goals,” Cahill tells the official magazine. “You start off just wanting to play in the Premier League – when you’re young, you see the guys ahead of you and living the lives they lead, and it’s there for you if you want it and you work hard enough. That’s your first goal. Then they keep coming: score your first goal; go to a big team; win a trophy; get a first international cap. It never stops. It’s hard to reflect on things when you’re in the season. I just keep going the way I’m going. But then you look at it: yeah, I’ve been here six years, won six trophies, all the goals I’ve scored and the England caps that go along with it. I see my time at Chelsea from the day I signed up until now as a total success.”

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Speaking to Chelsea official website, the Blues captain Gary Cahill suggests Ross Barkley‘s move from Everton is a good thing both for the player and the club.

“I think it’s a great signing,” Cahill said “If you look at the market in this day and age, it’s a snip for a player like him. I’ve played with him and trained with him, so I know what he is capable of and so does everybody else. He’s capable of whatever he wants. If you’re looking at attributes, has he got two good feet, is he strong, is he quick, can he finish, is he comfortable on the ball? He ticks all the boxes and now he’s just ready for a platform to go and express himself. This club will give him that, like it did me and like it did for other players, and it’s down to him to go and take it. It’s a very exciting signing and for the money that’s been paid, it has to be a bargain. He’s come at a great age, that’s another thing. I’d say come and be confident, but not arrogant. Come and listen and learn from the players at this football club, work hard at your game and you will progress. He knows what he’s got to do – you’re talking about somebody who has got 20-odd England caps and a player who has played many, many games in the Premier League, even at such a young age. I texted him before he came, he trained on Friday with some of the other lads and I’ll bump into him for the first time on Monday when we get back in.”

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Norwich City‘s captain Ivo Pinto said he and his team-mates are thrilled to face English champions Chelsea tomorrow in the Fa Cup third round game.

“These are the games you want to play in,” Pinto said during the pre-game press conference today – “As a captain and as a team player and as a friend, we try to advise each other. Chelsea is the kind of game you want to play, to be at a good level in. It’s an important game for the club. We want to give a special day for our supporters. Chelsea will be there with everything they have to try and win, so it will be tough. Big players want to win all the games. It’s a trophy they can go on if they beat us and they will be there with everything they can to beat us. It will be a tough match and a good match for both teams. Both teams will try to win. We are underdogs until the referee blows his whistle. As soon as that happens, we want to do our job and have a good game. When we look back to Arsenal, we have an idea that if we do what we should, we have a chance.”

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Speaking to the Evening Standard ahead of tomorrow’s Premier League game vs ArsenalChelsea captain Gary Cahill claimed the Blues are in many competitions and so they can win a trophy even if this won’t be the Premier League as it happened last season.

Let’s be realistic, City have got a massive points gap, but we just need to keep going,” – Cahill said – “There are also other trophies to get so it can be a successful season. Let’s look at the positives and go for what we can go for. Our run over the last couple of months has been very good, but it’s like what the other teams couldn’t do with us last year – they couldn’t do much about the fact we won 13 games in a row. I was looking at Tottenham last year and they kept getting wins, but we were winning all the time as well, so they were probably sat there thinking they couldn’t do much more.”

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Chelsea captain Gary Cahill admits he is very much impressed by goalkeepers every time the Blues train in the gym.

The keepers dominate the gym. They’re powerhouses. Massive!” – Cahill told Coach magazine.

Then the defender reveals also the exercises he performs when he trains in the gym and his relationshp with food. “In the gym I’m usually doing a lot of core work and upper-body work. They’re the main things for my position. I do some leg work but not as much because of the workload we do in training” – Cahill went on – “For my core I do sit-ups and planks and I use the weighted cable machine that helps to work your trunk. For upper-body work I do bench presses, overhead presses, biceps curls and a lot of dips. The main thing is understanding your diet. We’re lucky in that respect because we have food made for us and we’re trained to understand it”. 


In the last few days Petr Cech not only expressed his frustation on how goalkeepers are selected to play games in different competition at Arsenal, but...