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Cesc Fabregas wanted to share his feelings following the news of Antonio Conte‘s sacking from managerial role at Chelsea earlier this afternoon.

The Spaniard, who liked “by mistake” a post which was celebrating Conte’s departure, wrote on his Twitter account: “Thank you Mister for another Premier League title and FA Cup“.

“It wasn’t easy for me to convince you in the beginning but in the end I hope I did you proud! Good luck for the future”.

Fabregas, who struggled to get first-squad football earlier in the 2016/17 campaign due to the perfect duo Matic-Kante in midfield, reached also a personal record as he provided his 100th  Premier League assist in the 4-2 win over Stoke City on 31st December 2016.

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Cesc Fabregas was not included in the Spain squad for the Russia 2018 World Cup, so he is watching his Chelsea‘s team-mates who are playing in Russia.

Fabregas, in particular, has is say on Eden Hazard who is playing very well with Belgium: “Eden talent wise is top class,” Fabregas told BBC Radio 5 Live. “The only thing he should realise, and I always tell him as well, he could be much more than this. Sometimes talent is not enough.”

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Cesc Fabregas shared his impressions after the FA Cup final, claiming it was a well deserved trophy for Chelsea but also admits the real target of the season was another one:

“It hasn’t been the best of seasons, objective was to play Champions League but sometimes these things happen. But look at the fans having fun enjoying the day, it’s important for them.  

“It was important to keep it tight, we know when we play with five defenders it’s more difficult to put a press higher up the pitch, for the midfielders it’s tough you have to run a lot. We were compact and disciplined.”

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Chelsea star Cesc Fabregas reveals he’s got huge respect for José Mourinho, actually, he really loves the current Manchester United manager.

Mourinho was the one who brought the Spaniard to Stamford Bridge in summer 2014 and Fabregas won’t ever forget that:

“I love him,” the former Arsenal and Barcelona player said.

“I owe him a lot because he brought me here and I will always remember that. 

“Arsene [Wenger] always treated me like a son and it was amazing but the closest anyone else has been to him was Jose. 

“The way he treated me, the way he made me feel, how he let me be a leader of the Chelsea team from day one and believed in me, this was fantastic and will always stay with me. 

“It [this experience at Chelsea] is thanks to him. Our history, what had happened between us before I came, made it even more remarkable. 

“When I played for Arsenal, he was with Chelsea. When I was at Barcelona, he was with Real Madrid. We were confronting each other but then we humbled ourselves and started a good relationship.”

Speaking about his second spell at Barcelona between 2011 and 2014, he said:

“I was happy at Barcelona but there were players who were there for many years before me and the fans had them in their heart. 

“For me, it was different because I left and came back, they paid money for me. It is more difficult. I never had the same love that the other players had. That’s also because they were such fantastic players. 

“When Mourinho brought me to Chelsea, he brought back a lot of energy and fire inside of me. It was a fantastic year with him to be honest.” 

Speaking about Mourinho tactics for the FA Cup final, that some Chelsea players might know really well, Fabregas said:

“We have played a few games against them and he has changed the system many times. 

“I am sure he will change something again on Saturday. You can expect that, for sure. Mourinho prepares for finals very, very well. 

“This year at Manchester United we played well, went 1-0 up, could have had more and in one moment they scored. In the second half, it was not good and we tried to change things around but maybe it was a little bit too late.”

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Cesc Fabregas hopes his team-mate Eden Hazard would be on a good form next Saturday, so to lead Chelsea to win the FA Cup final against Manchester United:

“He’s a fantastic player. When he’s on his day he can be unstoppable,” said Fabregas about the Belgian.

“We have to make sure we give him the right service so he can work his magic and give us a good performance, because we will need that.”

Chelsea lost the final against Arsenal last year:

You don’t want to be on the back of losing two FA Cup finals in a row,” Fabregas continued.

“Last year we didn’t play well. Arsenal were on top of us and I think they deserved to win.

“It would’ve been a fantastic season winning the double. We have this regret in our head and we want to make it right this time for sure.”

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Cesc Fabregas claims Chelsea players must give everything in next Saturday FA Cup final against Manchester United.

The Spanish midfielder reckons that hunger to add more silverware to their thophy cabinets is what must motivate the players:

“You have to feel the fire inside of you, the hunger you want to show on the pitch and this is something neither me or the coach can bring to the players,” said Fabregas.

“The fire, you have it or you don’t have it and on Saturday we have to make sure everyone is on top of their game.

 “It’s the first day we are back training since the Newcastle defeat, obviously we need to play much better but I’m 100 per cent sure we don’t even have to say that.

“But, it’s a final, it’s a big game and I feel that normally in those games you shouldn’t have to motivate players to play football because we do what we love and we always have to do it 120 per cent.

“It’s a final against United, on a big stage at Wembley, the last game of the season, you just have to go all for it.”

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Chelsea midfielder Cesc Fabregas spoke about the race to finish in the Premier League‘s top four and gain a place in the next Champions League:

What has changed is that we’ve won the last four games we played, they’ve been dropping points and it’s got to a point where now we are close to them”. Fabregas said. “The bad thing about all of this is that it’s not up to us. What’s up to us is winning the last two games, putting pressure on Liverpool and Spurs and seeing what happens”.

Pochettino‘s side and the Reds, as Fabregas said have dropped points recently and the Blues midfielder hopes this will happen again tonight and on Sunday: “We’ll be watching closely to see what they can do and if they drop points that’s fantastic because the target is winning titles, of course, but for clubs like Chelsea it’s also being in the top four and doing well in the Premier League”. Fabregas went on. “To always be in the Champions League is very important”.

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Cesc Fabregas believes “every game is going to be a final” as Chelsea face Liverpool, Huddersfield and then Newcastle in the last three games of Premier League campaign. The Spaniard, speaking about Swansea clash, said: “We played well, we started well. We created chances and had control of the game and possession of the ball. I think we were quite comfortable, but in the last five or 10 minutes of the first half we struggled a little bit, but then we came back in to it”.

“It was a little bit of the same in the second half. In the last few minutes we should have controlled the situation a little bit better, but these teams are fighting to avoiding relegation, so we know every game is a final for everyone”.

Tottenham Hotspur have a chance to restore their gap on Blues tonight, and the Chelsea midfielder reckons “the bad thing is it’s not up to us”.  

“We have an opportunity, and as I said every game now becomes a final” he added

“We have to show our pride, and show we really want to make it happen and put pressure on them. The bad thing is it’s not up to us, but we have to be right behind putting pressure on because anything can happen, and we have to be there if it does”.

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More from Chelsea manager Antonio Conte, who put his thoughts on last away win over Swansea at the Liberty Stadium. An early curling effort from Cesc Fabregas sealed a narrow win as the Blues could reduce their gap on Tottenham Hotspur if they do not win against Watford tonight.

The boss told journalists: “They played a very good game, they showed a good link between them. I’m very pleased for their performance, but not only for these two players, for the team. It wasn’t easy to get three points against Swansea because they are in a good moment of form, especially at home. In the last five games they won four and they drew only one.”

“Against Swansea we had a good balance with the three midfielders, we were very dangerous offensively with Hazard and Giroud, with the penetration of the midfielder. In fact, we scored with Fabregas from midfield. We must be happy, also, because we kept a clean sheet for the second time in a row. These were positive things, but we have to try to continue until the end and do our best, and then at the end of the season we’ll see what has happened”.

“For us it is very important to try and do our best until the end. The situation is not in our hands, about a place in the Champions League, but we want to put a bit of pressure, we want to keep the hope alive. To take a place in the Champions League we need to take three points in every game”.

Conte added: “Football is very simple, if you want to win you have to score, and in this season our first problem was that we were not so clinical. Also, on Saturday, we had the chances to kill the game and you have to take them, otherwise the result stays in the balance until the end”.

“For sure there are other situations we need to improve, but if you want to win you need to score and I think this season we have dropped many points. I remember, for example, our most recent game against West Ham, we dropped two points of vital importance for us. We were winning the game and we created a lot of chances to score but we kept the result at only 1-0, and at the end they scored and drew”.


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