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Ahead of Chelsea’s game against Liverpool at Stamford Bridge tomorrow (12:45GMT KO), we take a look at the odds on offer.

All odds provided by SkyBET (SB), Ladbrokes (L) and Coral (C), correct as of 30th October.

Full-time score:

Chelsea win: SB – 21/20, L – 11/10,  C – 21/20

Draw: SB – 12/5, L –12/5, C – 12/5

Liverpool win: SB – 5/2, L – 11/4, C – 3/1


First goalscorer:

Daniel Sturridge: SB - 6/1, L – 13/2, C – 6/1

Christian Benteke: SB - 6/1, L – 13/2, C – 6/1

Philippe Coutinho: SB - 9/1, L – 10/1, C – 8/1

Adam Lallana: SB - 11/1, L – 11/1, C – 10/1

Roberto Firmino: SB - 11/1, L – 12/1, C – 14/1

No goalscorer: SB – 9/1, L – 11/1, C – 9/1

Eden Hazard: SB – 6/1, L – 6/1, C – 6/1

Oscar: SB – 13/2, L – 7/1, C – 7/1

Radamel Falcao: SB – 5/1, L – 5/1, C – 5/1

Diego Costa: SB – 4/1, L – 4/1, C – 4/1

Loic Remy: SB – 11/2, L – 5/1, C – 5/1


Final Score:

Chelsea win:

1-0: SB – 6/1, L – 6/1,  C – 11/2

2-0: SB – 17/2, L – 17/2, C – 17/2

2-1: SB – 15/2, L – 15/2, C - 15/2

3-0: SB – 18/1, L – 16/1, C – 18/1

3-1: SB – 16/1, L – 14/1, - 16/1


0-0: SB – 9/1, L – 17/2, C – 15/2

1-1: SB – 5/1, L – 11/2, C – 5/1

2-2: SB – 12/1, L – 14/1, C – 12/1

3-3: SB – 50/1, L – 50/1, C – 55/1

4-4: SB – 250/1, L – 250/1, C – 150/1

Liverpool win:

1-0: SB – 9/1, L – 9/1, C – 10/1

2-0: SB – 16/1, L – 16/1, C – 22/1

2-1: SB – 11/1, L – 11/1, C – 12/1

3-0: SB – 40/1, L – 40/1, C – 55/1

3-1: SB – 28/1, L – 28/1, - 33/1

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Chelsea striker Lucas Piazon ( currently on a loan at Reading) is wanted in connection with an alleged sexual assault in Canada.

The Toronto Police have released an arrest warrant for Chelsea forward Lucas Piazon and his countryman Andrey Ventura. Both men are alleged to have sexually assaulted a 20-year-old woman in Toronto on June 26. She claims that both Piazon and Ventura after meeting at the bar accompanied her and her friend to her residence where they entered her bedroom and sexually assaulted her.

Inspector Joanna Beavens-Desjardins said:

“They socialised with the victim and accompanied the two women to a Toronto residence.”

“The victim, once she arrived at home, went to sleep.”

“They entered her bedroom and sexually assaulted her.”

“She awoke and both of them left the residence.”



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Chelsea defender Gary Cahill has no doubt that Jose Mourinho is able to  turn around  their disastrous season and lead the team to success. He insists that squad are still backing their coach no matter what the press says about it.

Cahill told Standard Sport:

“Everyone knows we have had a slow start in the League. We are expecting to turn that around. I have never been as hungry to do that.”

“We need to keep going and trying to get momentum. It is all about winning a series of games, certainly not losing and then everything will come with it. We will get more confidence, so we have to keep building.”

“We know that if all our players are at their best we can get back in that top four. That is the reason why it’s been so frustrating.”

“We have top players and no one becomes a bad one overnight. It is a matter of turning it around but it is about making it happen.”

‘‘This season I don’t think there’s hardly anyone who has not been left out at some stage,’’

”‘I’ve not been treated differently to anyone else. I want to play every game. Of course, the times you do get left out, you have to respond in the right way. One minute I was captaining England and then missing the next game.’’

”‘It’s a natural thing for a club to do when there is a period of not so good results, to back the manager,’’

‘‘Of course we back him. Of course all of the group is behind the manager.”

‘‘But — and I mean this in the most respectful way — he doesn’t need to be backed by us. When you’ve achieved so much in the game and won as many titles — not just in this league — he doesn’t need our backing. That speaks for itself.’’


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Liverpool left-back Alberto Moreno reminded everyone that despite Chelsea’s terrible start to the season, the Blues are the current Premier League champions and nobody should underestimate them.

Moreno told Liverpool Echo:

“It’s true they are struggling at the moment, but you know you have to remember this is still Chelsea we are talking about, we’re still talking about the current champions,”

“They’ve still got one of the best managers around and have still got a squad packed with great players, so just when you least expect it they will recover their form and go shooting up the league table.”

“That’s all the more reason why we have to go there and be prepared and be very careful.”


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Jose Mourinho spoke during the pre-conference before Saturday’s match against Liverpool at Stamford Bridge. He surprised everyone when he announced calmly that it is uncertain whether Chelsea will qualify for the Champions League next season

Asked about Chelsea’s disappointing performances and the reasons of it :

“If you read the papers you will know the reasons because every day it comes. My view is not important because the way you write is clearly the truth so there is no room for discussion. The truth is the truth. I think Chelsea is a big club, is the club that I chose to come to.

On Eden Hazard :

“It’s not because he missed a penalty I will criticise Eden Hazard. He had a positive game at Stoke and I was pleased with him.

“I was happy with his performance against Kiev. Before that he was on the bench for a couple of matches”

“I was not happy and felt it was the best thing for him but I am happy with his positive reaction to that.”

On Ramires new deal :

“Not many people understand what Ramires really offers. He’s a guy every manager loves. He deserves this new contract. He’s a player who is ready to play, be on the bench, it’s his mentality as a group man.”

Asked whetever he had any conversations with Roman Abramovich :

“I don’t have to tell you.”

However, Mourinho surprised everyone when he announced calmly that it is uncertain whether Chelsea will qualify for the Champions League next season :

“I can’t promise.”

“I think Chelsea is a big club. It’s the club I choose I come to and live in a very specific way every day the life of this club. ”

“But with all the respect, Liverpool is a big club, Manchester United is a super big club. And last season Liverpool won nothing and didn’t qualify for the Champions League and they are still a big club.”

“Two years ago Manchester United didn’t qualify for the Champions League or even the Europa League, they win nothing and they’re still a monster club. That’s football.”

“How do I deal (with this worse set of results in his career)? By working.”

Speaking about Jurgen Klopp and his similar problems at Borussia, the Special One said:

“I don’t want to speak about it. I’m also a good friend of the top people in Borussia, I know how good and stable they are. No more than that.”

“I don’t want to say anything (whether he sees Klopp as an ally in this situation). I just say I’m not a close friend, football doesn’t normally allow that. But he’s a guy I like a lot, we have a good relationship and as a manager, his work speaks. ”

“In spite of what happened last season being one to forget, I consider him one of the top managers in Europe.”

Mourinho said that the German coach can have a great impact on his new club ( Liverpool) :

“They were a good team and are a good team. They had good players, they have good players. They had a very good manager, they have a new very good manager. Everything is the same. ”

“Some details in their tactical approach have obviously changed, this is the nature of the game, especially when you are thinking of two top managers.”

“When you change a top manager for an ordinary one (pulls face), but if you change a top one for another top one, the level is high, they know what to do. It’s just a little different the way they both think about football.”

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Liverpool coach Jürgen Klopp has warned everybody not to underestimate Chelsea suggesting that their results don’t match their quality. The Blues will face Liverpool on Saturday at Stamford Bridge.

During his pre-match press conference Klopp said:

“It is a big match but it’s football and I’ve been in this job 15 years – I’ve had some big matches,”

“First of all you have to respect that it’s a match you can win.”

“That’s the cool thing in football and that’s what I think about, nothing else. I don’t read the newspapers so I don’t know what you think about this game, but it wouldn’t change anything in my mind.”

“I’m full of motivation to win not only games like this, but football games.”

“The better the opponent, the more excited the world around us. We have a chance to improve our situation and that’s what we want to do. Not think too much about the opponent.”

“We have to look at how they play and where we can close spaces so they can’t play like they want to. And where we can use spaces, where they don’t like to defend for example. These are the things I’m thinking about.”

Asked about his predictions for tomorrow’s game taking into consideration Chelsea’s crisis :

“I’m experienced in this! Things like this can happen.”

“I’m not close enough to Chelsea to know the reasons and I’m not a journalist – I don’t have to think all day about why things are like they are.”

“I’m interested, of course, in the football Chelsea played in the last few weeks and it was not as bad as the results maybe show us.”

“We have to do our analysis and we feel we are prepared for the game, but we have to respect the quality of Chelsea. Let’s try everything and play well, and if it’s possible, take the points.”

“Do the Chelsea players not know how to play football anymore? No, of course not.

“They did well in the last game and had very, very good and brilliant moments in the game before, but they didn’t win often enough.”

“You know how Chelsea play – usually it is with a very good defence and structure.”

“They have big, big, big individual quality to finish all the situations – you don’t only have to talk about Hazard, you can also talk about Costa, Willian, Oscar, Ramires and Matic. All these guys are great football players.”

“And then their set-plays with Cahill, Terry and all of these big guys. It is difficult to play against Chelsea, but it is not impossible to win.”

“I am not sure it is easier now to play against them – why should it be [easier] than before? Last year they were full of self-confidence and that may make some things different, but to be wounded can make you stronger too.”

“For sure, at the moment they don’t feel life is as good as it should be, and now they want to change that. That is big motivation, but we are motivated too and we will try.”

“In the end, we cannot decide this game here and now, we have to play and that is what I am really looking forward to. It will be my first time there, so it will be a good moment.”

At the end he answered the question about his early days as Liverpool’s coach:

“I couldn’t be further away from frustrated at the moment – it’s the situation, it’s no problem. If I was frustrated because of this, maybe I should have stayed on holiday!”

“But I didn’t want to. I wanted to come here; I knew about the matches, I saw the matches before I came here, I knew there weren’t the easiest opponents in the world. That’s no problem.”

“Of course, in a perfect world we would try to have more time to train but that’s not possible.”

“Two weeks here and five games, but it feels like six to eight weeks. It’s getting better and we learn quickly – as a manager and my coaching staff, and players as well. We are finding our way together.”

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Chelsea FC announced tonight that Ramires signed a new contract with the club until 2019.

The Brazilian midefielder has made 241 appearances since he joined the club in 2010 and claims to be very happy for his new deal with the Blues:

“My family and I are very happy here in London and in the past five years the club has lifted every major trophy. I hope to be an important part of many more successes in the next four years.”

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Diego Costa will be fit for Chelsea’s crucial match against Liverpool on Saturday after sustaining an injury to his ribs in Chelsea’s League Cup exit to Stoke City on Tuesday, according to reports.

In what will be of immense relief to Chelsea fans, Diego Costa is likely to recover from the knock he suffered at the hands of Stoke City’s Ryan Shawcross and play in the game against Jurgen Klopp’s side which some have suggested could be Jose Mourinho’s last as Chelsea boss should the Blues lose.

Costa was taken to hospital after being substituted in the 32nd minute and Mourinho claimed afterwards that he didn’t know if the Spain forward would be able to play against Liverpool. Costa. however, has opted to play through the pain barrier in order to help Chelsea turn their currently dreadful season around.

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Edinson Cavani has decided to pursue a move to Chelsea over one to Arsenal, according to reports in the English and Spanish press this morning. 

Cavani has been a long term target for both clubs and almost signed for the Blues in 2013 before PSG offered Napoli more money. Arsene Wenger has been trying to tempt the Ligue 1 champions with selling the Uruguay international ever since but has been unwilling anything close to the asking price.

Cavani, 28, recently told PSG that he wants to leave and wants his next club to be an English one. Both Chelsea and Arsenal would take him as both are currently over reliant on first choice centre-forwards in Diego Costa and Olivier Giroud respectively. Costa suffered an injury to the ribs in Chelsea League Cup exit to Stoke City on Tuesday and was taken to hospital for scans.

As neither Loic Remy or Radamel Falcao appear capable of adequately replacing Costa Chelsea might be forced to pursue the signing of Cavani in January. PSG’s asking price is reportedly £36 million.

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pedro chelsea

Pedro regrets moving to Chelsea and has told friends, including Cesc Fabregas, that he wants to move back to former club Barcelona, according to reports in Spain this morning.

Pedro joined the Premiership champions towards the end pf thew last transfer window turning down Manchester United who he had appeared set to join days earlier.

The 28-year-old has struggled since the move despite scoring one and setting up another on his debut- the 3-2 win away at West Bromwich Albion- and according to Spanish news site Fichajes would take the chance to return to his hometown club where he won three European Cups should it arise.

As he was forced out of the Barcelona first team, where he was once a regular member, by the signing in 2014 of Luis Suarez it appears unlikely that he will get the chance to move back to the Catalan giants.


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