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Ahead of Chelsea’s game against Sunderland at Stamford Bridge tomorrow (15:00 GMT KO), we take a look at the odds on offer.

All odds provided by SkyBET (SB), Ladbrokes (L) and Coral (C), correct as of 18th December.


Full-time score:

Chelsea win: SB – 2/7, L – 1/4,  C – 1/3

Draw: SB – 4/1, L –17/4, C – 15/4

Sunderland win: SB – 11/1, L – 11/1, C – 9/1


First goalscorer:

Steven Fletcher: SB – 12/1, L – 12/1, C – 12/1

Duncan Watmore: SB – 14/1, L – 16/1, C – 12/1

Adam Johnson: SB – 16/1, L – 18/1, C – 20/1

Jermain Defoe: SB – 12/1, L – 12/1, C – 12/1

Fabio Borini: SB – 14/1, L – 16/1, C – 14/1

No goalscorer: SB – 11/1, L – 12/1, C – 11/1

Eden Hazard: SB – 16/3, L – 7/2, C – 9/2

Oscar: SB – 11/2, L – 6/1, C – 6/1

Willian: SB – 11/2, L – 6/1, C – 6/1

Diego Costa: SB – 3/1, L – 10/3, C – 10/3

Pedro: SB – 9/2, L – 6/1, C – 6/1


Final Score:

Chelsea win:

1-0: SB – 9/2, L – 5/1,  C – 5/1

2-0: SB – 4/1, L – 9/1, C – 9/2

2-1: SB – 8/1, L – 17/2, C – 17/2

3-0: SB – 6/1, L – 6/1, C – 6/1

3-1: SB – 11/1, L – 11/1, – 11/1


0-0: SB – 11/1, L – 11/1, C – 12/1

1-1: SB – 8/1, L – 9/1, C – 10/1

2-2: SB – 28/1, L – 28/1, C – 28/1

3-3: SB – 150/1, L – 125/1, C – 100/1

4-4: SB – 250/1, L – 450/1, C – 200/1

Sunderland win:

1-0: SB – 22/1, L – 22/1, C – 25/1

2-0: SB – 50/1, L – 66/1, C – 70/1

2-1: SB – 33/1, L – 33/1, C – 33/1

3-0: SB – 200/1, L – 200/1, C – 150/1

3-1: SB – 100/1, L – 125/1, – 100/1

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This morning we went in front of Stamford Bridge to ask Chelsea fans what they were thinking about the decision to sack manager Jose Mourinho: the supporters, of course, had different points of view, some think the board did the only thing possible to turn things around this season, other thought that Mourinho was not the responsible for this disastrous start of the season, but in one thing most of them agree: the Special One deserved more time.

Let’s see what they told us:

DEAN, OKLAHOMA, USA – fan for more than 10 years

“I would have waited until the end of the season to see if could turn things around, he still had a lot of decisions yet and you never know what it’s going to happen, he could still get new players.

The ones on the pitch are the players, it’s them playing, he coached them but he was not on the pitch, so it’s the players responsibility to give 100%. Last year the same players won Premier League and League Cup and so I think they were part of the blame. I guess Mourinho tried to get along with them…being 4000 miles from here we don’t have all the info you have, but we heard that there was a lot of fighting in the dressing room, also between players and coaches, so it’s the coaches’ responsibility- not just the manager, but also the assistants- and the players’, so it’s all of them [responsibility].

“Also with Hiddink, or another manager now, it’s going to back to the players ultimately: do they want to play for the new manager, do they want to give 100% like they did in the past years. If also with the new manager the players will do the same thing they are doing now, that is under-performing, you still get the same results”

“I think this situation it’s a combination of things: first of all getting along, second one money, contracts…I mean, the players are spoiled: if someone is paying you that amount of money, go out and get your money, but at the same time where you are out in the game you are going to give 100%.

“I don’t prefer any manager now, it’s doesn’t matter, whoever comes now they is going to pick up the pieces, they are going to ride the ship and they are going to have those players go on the pitch and play as well as they can, 100% at time, at their better form and consistency. I don’t think it doesn’t really matter what manager you bring in, because ultimately it is the players’ decision.

“If Mourinho would go to Manchester United I won’t be disappointed: it could be an opportunity for Man United and for him, I mean decided to let him go, he didn’t seek Man United, so fairy game and if he will come back he will still get a good reception because he is a legend here”.

DEREK, SCOTLAND – fan for 11 years

“I think the decision to sack Mourinho was right because he lost the dressing room, so the decision was right.

“We are not going to relegate anyway, but it’s tough job for any manager who will come.

“I would like Guardiola to come in the summer as the new manager. Mourinho to Man United? He will always be a Chelsea legend”.

RENÈ and ERWIN from Holland – fans for 6 years

“We think that he deserved at least one month more, but in situations like this what do you have to do? Probably to sack the manager is the only choice, the only way to turn things around, to try to give motivation to anyone. Even if some players were under performing, you cannot sack them. Mourinho is anyway a good manager and we are sorry he has gone: he is a legend here, and he will always be even if he comes back with another team he will have a great reception, like it happened with Lampard, even if he goes to Man United.

“Probably Hiddink will come and we are happy because he’s Dutch like us: he didn’t do very well with the Dutch national team recently, but he is a good coach”.

FIZZ, from Reading – life time fan

“The decision to sack him was a difficult one, I guess. He should being given more time, but obviously being in relegation position is difficult. I don’t know if the players had influence in that, but I think Michael Emenalo said that there wasn’t, so hopefully the players will start playing better. But definetly was to early to sack him.

“Chelsea came out and said the players were not the cause of it, so I guess it’s like this. So I guess now to see how the players will perform.

“As a fan I appreciated everything Mourinho has done for Chelsea, and I guess for the club was a difficult decision to take

“I would like to see Simeone here to take permament job from the summer, Guardiola doesn’t convince me a lot, but if he comes it would be interesting to see how the team will play with his football philosophy, it would be intriguing. But now I just hope that Chelsea will start winning.”

“Mourinho will always be a legend here, like Frank Lampard, everything they’ve done for us we cannot forget, we really appreciate it so if one day he will come back here, with any club even Man United, we will clap him like we did with Frank Lampard.”

ERION, from Ireland – fan for 25 years

“I don’t think Mourinho’s sacking is the right decision, I think players’ power took over and sacked Mourinho. They should have sticked with the manager, and they should have sold a couple of players that were not giving 100%, like Hazard, Diego Costa, Matic and Ivanovic.

“I think everything have kicked off since the sacking of the doctor, and then from there everything went down hill: they weren’t talking with each other, players power, etc.

“No player is bigger of the club, also no manager, but the manager approved himself over and over and over, the players are just the shadows of themselves, of what they were last year. I think Mourinho deserved more credit and time, I personally think he would have turned it around, they didn’t give enough time.

“I thought the board would have sticked with him until the end of January, I thought it but I was wrong, maybe the situation could change.

“Hiddink will probably come, but I am not sure if he will do well like last time or not.

“As a permanent manager I would Guardiola or Simeone because they are the only two managers that stick with the fame of the club, maybe I prefer a little bit Simeone, because he is a little bit like Mourinho, if has to go straight and to be honest he does it and he did well with Atletico Madrid: not big name players like Chelsea have, so if he did good with those players imagine with Chelsea.

“Mourinho going to another Premier League club like Manchester City or Manchester United would be very very annoying, like when Frank Lampard went to City and scored against us…it was not a nice thing to see. But of course I will receive Mourinho here at Stamford Bridge as a hero: it wasn’t his fault, he’s still a legend.”

BEN from GERMANY – life time fan- sent us an email to share his thought about the sacking

It was a historic day. José Mourinho got sacked by Chelsea Football Club. Fort he first time of his career as manager, a club decided to part company with him. Chelsea’s desicion was predictable for me, but for many Chelsea Fans it feels like a big shock. There are some questions to answer.

The first one, was the board right to make this desicion? One day after his dismissal, it was not totally wrong. All the bad stories around the team seems to be true. According to Technical Director Michael Emenalo, he lost the dressing room. At least, it is pretty similar. Maybe there was no other choice left by the club as it is the quickest solution to get as soon as possible back on track.

However, I can’t stand a desicion which was made by a board who never had a good relation to José despite the success he had.

That’s the second problem. I’m talking especially about Bruce Buck and Michael Emenalo. The last one of this two has the responsibility for our failed transfer business in Summer 2015. It is strongly rumored that Mourinho made clear he wants some changes – did he know what was to follow? I don’t think so. At least he surely didn’t predict a battle against relegation. If José Mourinho can be blamed for this poor situation, people like Emenalo and Buck should be blamed for their mistakes over the last years aswell. Roman Abramovich does need to be more consistent. It’s not the failure of only one manager, it’s the failure of the whole club. That leads me to the next big aspect.

From my point of view, the players have to take the responsibility as much as our (ex-)manager has. We can’t sell our whole team obviously, but some should leave the club as soon as we can sell them. The biggest egos had their influence in this story, Roman Abramovich is known that he „protects“ the players infornt of their manager – just ask André Villas-Boas. As Gary Lineker said, you play for the badge of a club and not for the manager. It’s a betrayal, not just against Mourinho, against the Club and Fans too. I don’t know how many players and who exaclty were involved but I can frankly say one thing for sure: 2 or 3 „rotten apples“ must leave, otherwise they will infect more and more players. I wish José a club with a better leadership and players with character. He is the greastest manager of our time and I’m glad he left his foot steps at Chelsea. Thank you José!

The last facet of my commentary is Guus Hiddink. Can he turn our season around? As I pointed out earlier at this article, our problems were caused by the bad relation between the manager and the team. Now a new one will take over, someone who has handled many difficult characters at his career. Hiddink, a great friend of Roman Abramovich, will take over Chelsea for the 2nd time of his career. He replaced Felipe Scolari in Feburary 2009. Chelsea faced a similar situation: The table wasn’t looking good at all (not as bad as now but still nowhere near enough), the team had their rows with the previous manager and Chelsea needed one to fill the gap till the end oft he season. What Guus did was just impressive, Chelsea reached the semi-final of Champions League, finished 3rd at the Premiership and won the glorious FA Cup. In 2009, John Terry described the relation between the team and Hiddink with: „The manager was spot on and did everything really well. We completely trust him“. The perfect solution till someone like Simeone takes over? Yes, but some doubts are left. Hiddink had no really successful spell after Chelsea. He missed the World Cup with Russia in 2010, two years later he miscarried another qualification (Euro 2012) with Turkey. After this, he took care about Anzhi Makhachkala. A very expensive team with the likes of Willian or Eto’o. At the end he left the club due it’s financial problems before he could fullfit his duty to win the first highly wanted trophy.

After a year break, he returned as so called “Bondscoach” (coach of the Netherlands’ Nationalteam). Guus Hiddink didn’t fail the qualification, but he made the way for this. Since July, he is waiting for a new opportunity. This opportunity is Chelsea. Let’s hope his positive way of handling with players can change a lot and bring us back on track, then we have to clear out not only the team, we have to make a cut at the whole club. So far I really ruled out a relegation fight till the end but you never know. The hope dies last, this hope is Guus Hiddink. All the best.

Thanks to all the fans who shared their opinion with us, we will publish more opinions soon. If you want to share yours by email you can write to us: webmaster@chelseanews24.com. Thank you






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Reports have emerged claiming there was a player brawl erupted in training the day before Jose Mourinho was sacked.

It comes after weeks of claims of deep divisions running through the Blues camp, with the incident supposedly occurring on Wednesday.

Mourinho was sacked on Thursday afternoon after a torrid title defence.

The brawl reportedly took place during a training match involving senior and club academy players.

During the game, it is believed midfielder Cesc Fabregas, who openly stated his sadness at the departure of Mourinho yesterday, put in a strong tackle on a younger player.

The player who was tackled has not been named, but the challenge prompted a strong reaction from fellow Blues players as a brawl ensued.

Club staff then had to break up those involved.

It is unclear whether Mourinho was involved in or witnessed the incident, or indeed whether any action will be taken by the club against those involved.

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The Express reports that source of theirs assured that Pep Guardiola will be next Chelsea permanent manager, starting his job in the next summer.

The Spanish coach is currently in charge at Bayern Munich but he’s supposed to have told to the German team board that he will quit when his contract expires at the end of the season.

Guardiola – also wanted by Manchester United and Manchester City – is the man lined up to take Chelsea forward when he becomes available.

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Chelsea are expected to announce Guus Hiddink as their new manager today.

It would be a return for the Dutch manager, 69, probably at interim like it was in 2009 after Felipe Scolari was sacked.

Hiddink’s experience with Chelsea was positive, as he won an FA Cup beating Everton at Wembley 2-1 in the final, and he only lost one game ( 1-0 at White Hart Lane with Tottenham).

However, he decided not to continue his experience at the Blues since he was in charge also to be the Russian national team coach and wanted to continue his adventure there.

His latest manager experiences weren’t, anyway, very fortunate: he resigned from coaching Dutch national team after a very bad run in the beginning of EURO 2016 qualifiers: the team eventually did not qualified, with Hiddink assistants Danny Blind and Ruud Van Nistelrooy left in charge.

He also failed qualification to EURO 2012 with Turkey after losing 3-0 to Croatia at playoffs, after which he resigned, and between the two spells at the national teams he managed Russian team Anzhi Makhachkala, that he brought to an historical participation to European competitions ( Europa League, where he was knocked out from Newcastle in the quarter finals). He then resigned in July 2013 claiming he left because he completed his mission, which he said was to develop Anzhi in a way that it could progress without him.

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Jose Mourinho
Ex Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho © Francesca Ceciarini

Piers Morgan had his say on Mourinho’s sacking on the Mail Online.

The journalist, an Arsenal fan, states the sacking of the Special One is “the worst decision in football history”.

Let’s read some of the most significant parts.

His reaction to the news:

“Few things have ever been madder than Chelsea’s decision to sack Jose Mourinho – the single greatest football manager on Planet Earth, and arguably the greatest ever.

When the news broke at 2pm, I was lying on my sofa preparing for an appearance on tonight’s Question Time.

Within seconds, mainstream news bulletins and social media ditched all interest in the possible collapse of the European Union, the war on ISIS, and even Donald Trump.

THIS story was so big, so sensational, that like the man himself only top billing would suffice.

Everyone had a view on the downfall of the charismatic Portuguese coach with the silver hair and even more silver tongue.

All of it was extreme.

None of it was calm, measured or vaguely sensible.

Grown men either wept, howled, laughed dementedly, or did congas round their offices.

Even women with zero interest in the game itself mourned the loss of their Jose, the guy with the twinkling eyes, the sharp suits and a rakish smile to melt a thousand King’s Road ice queens.

My reaction?

Well, as an ardent Arsenal fan I should have been thrilled at the failure of a man who dubbed our own manager Arsene Wenger a ‘specialist in failure’.

But I wasn’t.

Instead, I was flabbergasted.

This is the single worst decision in the history of the sport.

Jose Mourinho isn’t just a winner. He’s THE winner of the modern game.

In just 12 years as a manager he’s won an astonishing 21 trophies.”

Critics to Chelsea FC:

Today, his reward for this unprecedented CV was to be unceremoniously sacked because he had a rough four months.

And whilst many will chuckle at the exit of football’s most brash, arrogant personality, the self-acclaimed ‘Special One’, I find it utterly preposterous.

Yes, Chelsea have had a bad season.

Yes, they’ve lost nine of their 16 League matches.

Yes, they’re languishing in 16th place, hovering in the relegation zone.

Yes, they’ve been a walking basket case on and off the pitch, ever since Mourinho screamed abuse at a female physio during a game.”

But this is still a manager who won Chelsea the Premier League title just SIX MONTHS AGO, for God’s sake!

What kind of insanity determines that a man with such a prolific record of success, who is in charge of the REIGNING CHAMPIONS, is thrown into the gutter after the first difficult patch he’s ever endured as manager?

To put this nonsensical decision into perspective, consider the status of the aforementioned Arsene Wenger, who hasn’t won the Premier League for 11 years and has never won the Champions League, but is widely lauded as an unsackable genius.

I don’t know what’s gone wrong at Chelsea, but I do know this: Jose Mourinho didn’t suddenly go from the best manager in the world to the worst.

Then Morgan goes on with an harsh critic on the players, to him the ones to blame instead of Mourinho:

“If you want to blame anyone for their disintegration, then why not start with the players? A more arrogant, haughty, over-paid bunch of spoiled prima donnas it would be hard to find in the annals of the game.

Each week, after more and more defeats, we’d read leaks from this group of under-performing reptiles informing us that it was all Mourinho’s fault.

He’d ‘lost the dressing room’ apparently.


Or could it be that many of these so-called superstars had lost their heart, their hunger, their bottle and their commitment?

Remember that these guys each get paid up to £200,000 a WEEK to kick a football.

The very least their fans might expect for that is that they give every game 100%.

But no, we even heard that certain players were feigning injuries because they refused to play under Mourinho.

Imagine the sheer , breathtaking audacity of that attitude?

No wonder he finally snapped and publicly berated the treacherous ‘rats’ in his midst.

Football managers who don’t win enough games for long periods of time deserve the sack.

But managers like Mourinho, whose win ratio is so stupendous that it dwarfs almost any of their rivals, have earned the right to more time and to more loyalty from their players.

Tonight, Chelsea announced his replacement until the end of the season is Dutchman Guus Hiddink – the manager who presided over Holland’s recent disastrous Euro 2016 campaign.

If he’s a better bet to revive the club than Mourinho, then I’m Darth Vader.

Football has been descending into the abyss of greed, corruption, selfishness and impatience for years now.

But it wasn’t until today that I genuinely shook my head in wonderment at how stupid it has become.

Shame on you Chelsea for what you’ve done to Jose Mourinho today.

And shame on all football fans who see his demise as something to celebrate.

He will be a massive loss to our League and we will all, whether we admit or not, miss him enormously as a personality.

As for Chelsea’s players, doubtless many of whom are popping open their Cristal tonight, I have one thought for them: isn’t it time managers were given the right to sack THEM when they persistently fail to play to the standards expected of them?

That might take the smug little smirks off their pampered little Ferrari-driving faces.”

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Former Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho © Francesca Ceciarini

Sky Sports pundit Jamie Redknapp advised Jose Mourinho to take a break from football in order to recharge his batteries. The former Liverpool midfielder thinks that the Portuguese coach still commits the same error in his relations with the players, which always ends up for him in the same way

Redknapp told Sky Sports News HQ:

“I think he needs a bit of break from the game though, I really do. He needs a break for the rest of the season. This can’t have been healthy for him.”

“A lot has been said about him, but he’s a brilliant manager and the league has been better off for him. But he has these moments and it always seems to be the same outcome.”

“My advice: have a rest, step away, and get the adrenaline back. He hasn’t looked like a man who loves football anymore.”

Sky Sport pundit said he was not surprised to find out that Mourinho was sacked from Chelsea:

“I wasn’t that surprised really, especially after Monday’s result [a 2-1 loss to Leicester] and what he said after the game,”

“You can’t get rid of players on long contracts these days. You have to trace it back, there was a strange reaction towards the manager after the Swansea goals on the opening day.”

“There was always a bit of light and shade with Jose, but there’s been a lot more shade this season. They haven’t performed in the way they would have wanted and the owner has obviously decided it’s the only way.”

Asked about the reaction of the Chelsea players on Abramovich’s decision:

“I can’t sit here and say I know the players will be that disappointed,”

“If they were they’d have produced that performance for him. I think there will be lots of them who are glad to see the back of him, who’ve had arguments with him this season.”

“Pretty much every player has been left out at one time or another. Jose’s tried to find the reason, he’s left out Cesc Fabregas, Diego Costa and even his captain John Terry.”

“It’s been a scatter-gun approach, searching for the person behind the scenes causing all the problems, but you can’t seem to find him because there’s a few of them.”

Redknapp is convinced that the new manager will not have problems with the improvement in the club:

“Whoever is going to come in, that club is going to fly now,”

“They’re going to win a lot of games, as if to prove, ‘It’s not about Jose Mourinho and he’s not the reason we won the league last year.”

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According to the bets offer, former Chelsea manager Guus Hiddink has emerged as the favourite to take charge of the club after Mourinho was released this afternoon.

All odds provided by SkyBET (SB),  Coral (C) and Paddy Power ( PP), correct as of 17th December.

Guus Hiddink : SB – 4/1, C – 1/5, PP– 3/10

Pep Guardiola: SB – 5/1, C – 10/1, PP – 17/2

Joachim Loew : SB – 80/1, C – 20/1, PP – 16/1

Antonio Conte: SB – 66/1, C – 25/1, PP – 25/1

Fabio Capello: SB – 50/1, C– 25/1, PP– 40/1

Alan Pardew : SB – 66/1, C – 50/1, PP – 50/1

Carlo Ancelotti : SB – 25/1, C – 25/1, PP– 25/2

Roberto Di Matteo: SB – 50/1, C– 33/1, PP– 40/1

Diego Simeone: SB – 12/1, C– 10/1, PP – 12/1

Juande Ramos: SB – 7/1, C – 5/1, PP– 3/1

Brendan Rodgers: SB -10/1 , C – 12/1, PP– 9/1

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CHELSEA v MANCHESTER UNITED - Eden Hazard celebrating after scoring the victory goal. © Francesca Ceciarini

Three of Chelsea’s Premier League games in February 2016 have been selected to be broadcast on TV.

Firstly the Blues’ trip to face Watford at Vicarage Road, which was originally due to take place on Tuesday 2nd February, will now take place on Wednesday 3nd February (19:45 KO), and will be shown live on BT Sport.

The home fixture against Manchester United has been moved back one day and will now take place on Sunday 7th February (16:00 KO), to be broadcast on Sky Sports.

Lastly, the game against fellow Premier League strugglers Newcastle United, again at Stamford Bridge, on Saturday 13th February will now kick off at 5.30pm and will also be shown on Sky Sports.

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Chelsea technical director Michael Emenalo has revealed that Jose Mourinho had to be released due to the “palpable discord” between him and the players.

Emenalo told Chelsea TV:

“While there is huge sentiment for the individual, who has done so much for the club, the fact of the matter remains that Chelsea Football Club is in trouble.”

“The results are not good. There is obviously said to be palpable discord between manager and players and we feel it was time to act.”

“The owner [Roman Abramovich] was forced to make what was a very tough decision for the good of the club.”

“Chelsea, one of the biggest clubs in the world, is one point above the relegation zone in the Premier League, and that’s not good enough. This club is in trouble and something needed to be done.”

Asked about the disappointing results of Chelsea this season, he insisted the players were not to blame:

“This is essentially the same group of players that won the League and the League Cup last season.”

“They did it in style and by showing commitment. They played to instruction and adhered to everything the manager asked them to do.”

“It’s very easy to make that kind of inference but it’s not one that the club accepts. The players now have a responsibility to go out and prove everybody wrong and show a certain level of commitment to get the club up the league table. That’s what I believe they’ve been trying to do.”

On Mourinho’s successor:

“We’re a big club that have quality coaches embedded within the club.”

“I think we will be okay for Saturday – we will have competent people come up and help with preparation for the game.”

“The club is working vigorously to make sure the situation is taken care of as soon as possible.”

Interestingly Chelsea have actually released the full video on the club’s YouTube channel not only on their paid channel.


Chelsea defender Kurt Zouma is playing at Stoke City in a season-long loan after recovering from a knee ligaments injury. The Blues will visit the...