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“I come from a poor family where I played football in the streets with my friends with no shoes, there was no grass but we still enjoyed it,” said Drogba, who donates all of his commercial and sponsorship earnings to the Foundation. “There is nothing better than when you see a kid with a smile on his face and that is why I’m trying to help.

Didier visits his homeland

“I want to do a lot of things in Africa, I want to give people the chance to dream, and it is easier to dream when you are in good health and happy.”

The Didier Drogba Foundation Charity Ball, which was held on November 21 in London, was a great success. Its main goal was to raise funds in order to build a hospital in Abidjan. Didier was all smiles after the Charity Ball. “It was the first time that we hold such an event for the Foundation. I had stage fright and I was touched. But everybody was ecstatic and today I am a happy man, it’s a great success.” The event was attended by many football stars of the present and the recent of Chelsea like John Terry, Michael Essien, Nicholas Anelka, Eden Hazard, Florent Malouda but also by other big legends as Thierry Henry.

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Two good old friends are facing each other on Sunday clash in Stamford Bridge. Crystal Palace is visiting Chelsea, who is keen to make the win to hold the Premier League.

Last meeting between Alan Pardew and Jose Mourinho was back in December when Pardew was still on Newcastle bench and the Magpies made Chelsea suffer one of the only two defeats of the this season (a 2-1 at St. James’ Park).

Alan Pardew says: “Last time we met I was at Newcastle, Jose was pretty upset. We beat them 2-0. He didn’t come for a drink after that one. I hope he’s cheered up a little bit.”

That match must seem a lifetime ago, now Mourinho’s squad is just a win away to secure the title and they want to celebrate in West London this weekend, and Crystal Palace already achieved their goal since they are safe from relegation.

Pardew admits: “It’s a good game for Chelsea because we’ve achieved our objective. Our players have lost a little focus. At this level, two per cent less focus is enough to lose a game. I expect Jose to get Chelsea over the line [and win the title] but I don’t want him to do it against me on Sunday.”

Speaking on what Chelsea did this season he is sure that: “Chelsea have entertained us. Certainly for the first half of the season, they were the best team by some distance. Nobody said then they were boring. Recently there has been a little bit more ‘let’s not lose’ mentality and I get that. When you are making sure [of the title] you start not being as flamboyant. You have to admire Jose’s functionality. Any other team in their position might have had a wobble but, when Jose gets into these positions, he gets the job done.”

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According to the West Ham manager, Chelsea should win at Stamford Bridge on Sunday and be crowned Champions because they fully deserve it

Allardyce hit out at comments made by Arsenal fans describing Chelsea fans as boring and called it a disgrace especially coming from teams weaker than Chelsea. He said:

“As far as I am concerned, as a Premier League manager, it is a disgrace to call a team like Chelsea boring. They have played some of the best football in the League this season and, just as importantly, they know because of their manager what they have to do to win a trophy or a title.”

Allardyce laughed off at comments such as the ones from Arsenal fans and added:

“Chelsea is clearly best team in the Premier League by a country mile. They’re 13 points clear for goodness sake and there should be nothing but praise for what they have achieved this season in the most difficult league in the world. “

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It is no secret John Terry and Rio Ferdinand are not the best mates, but Rio Ferdinand admitted John Terry has had a magnificient season

The former England partners no longer speak following the racism case with Anton Ferdinand a a few years ago. Rio Ferdinand wrote it in his autobiography that his relationship with Terry may never be the same but in terms of Football, he still admires John Terry because the Chelsea Captain has been a warrior for the club this season. He said:

” Just because we no longer get on, does not mean I have lost my admiration for him as a footballer. His performances for Chelsea this season have been nothing short of outstanding and I’m not afraid to say it. John took the decision to retire from playing for England and had his reasons, but Chelsea are reaping the benefits.”

Rio Ferdiand insisted that playing for his club only is a big advantage, he added:

” John is finding as I did that the upside of being off the international scene is that your body gets the rest it needs which allows you to keep performing at top level well into your 30s”

‘When we were England centre-backs, myself and John had an excellent defensive record together. I had a similar relationship with Sol Campbell for England and Nemanja Vidic at Manchester United.

‘There’s a reason why John and Nemanja have the type of noses they do and that’s because they like to attack every ball.’


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Yannick Bolasie who is a Crystal Palace striker spoke ahead of the crucial game on Sunday and said the Eagles will be looking for an upset

He admitted he wouldn’t want to see Jose Mourinho’s side to celebrate in front of his fans but insisted his team knows how to deal with big teams. He said:

“Obviously the last two games haven’t gone our way, but we know as a bunch of lads we should be doing better.

“It’s about finding that balance. We were unlucky against West Brom, then against Hull we started well but allowed them back into it.

“Of course you don’t want to see Chelsea celebrate. Credit to Chelsea, they are a good team and have done extraordinary this season, so them winning the league would be deserved.

“You don’t want them to win against us, though. It will probably be a crazy scene there if they win it but at the same time it’s some sort of inspiration for us at Palace.

Yannick Bolasie has a lot of friends who support the Blues but he is an Eagles and added:

“I have a lot of friends who support Chelsea but I’ll be looking for an upset”


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Drogba's contract wasn't renewed by the club

Chelsea’s legend Didier Drogba, is out of contract this season and should Chelsea fail to offer him an extension, he is considering to follow the path of his former teammate, Franck Lampard.

Drogba scored his fourth Premier League goal of the season against Leicester on Wednesday night and his team are a victory away from being crowned Champions

Fortunately enough, their next game is at Stamford Bridge against Crystal Palace so the Blues can wrap up the title on Sunday should they claim victory.

Despite being out of contract, Drogba insisted he would be playing at Chelsea or elsewhere no matter what happens. Drogba is being monitored by clubs in the US despite rejecting offers in 2012 to join the MLS.

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One the biggest competitors of Mourinho in the Premier League of the Year competition Swansea manager Garry Monk says that ‘The Special One’ deserves this trophy more than himself, despite his job done at his full first season as manager at the Liberty Stadium Monk as many people’s pick.

Garry Monk, new promising manager

Considering that he has driven the Swans’ ascent into the eighth current spot in the table winning 14 matches and showing great pieces of football. and that he’s the youngest manager in Premier, he could easily gain the trophy but himself believes that the Portuguese is the worthy winner and rejected recently accusations Chelsea are ‘boring’.

Monk said: “To say Chelsea play boring football is absurd. They are fantastic. Inspiring. We have been on the other end of their performances and some of their football was out of this world, the criticism is sour grapes. Mourinho is right.”

“Mourinho should without a doubt be manger of the year. He has won the League Cup and is going to win the league, he more than deserves it and has got my vote”.

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Last night at the 79th minute we witnessed to some usual in the last 15 seasons, John Terry scored to put ahead his squad in the tough match against Leicester.

This was his forth goal this season and the 39th of his career in Premier League. Becoming, along with David Unsworth but not for long very probably, the best scoring defender ever.

JT celebrates 500 Premier League games as captain.

He started in 2001, 13rd January exactly, with an easy header from corner kick after an uproarious mistake by Arsenal’s goalkeeper Seaman. From that day JT never failed one single season to score at least one goal – that season was captained for the first time by Claudio Ranieri.

Terry has built a reputation for goalscoring exploits during his Stamford Bridge career along with bravery and leading skills.

Another reason to be proud of this great Blues season.

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Just three points away for clinching the second title in a row. That’s what Chelsea side has to complete within the last five games ahead, but how did they arrive at this point?

From the very beginning Chelsea gave the impression of an unbeatable power and excellent confidence, they started with 4 wins in a row with Burnley, Leicester, Everton and Swansea.

Diego Cesc
New offensive power

The new two big signs of the summer, gave an important for Chelsea Premier League initial matches, Diego Costa showed immediately of being able to bear all the expectations that supporters and managers had. With seven goals he now holds the record of most goals in his first four Premier League matches. Fabregas as well started the season with outstanding performances, providing at least one assist for the first four matches and scoring his first goal on 18th October against Crystal Palace at the Selhurst Park. Without forgetting the new number 1 between the sticks, Thibaut Courtois.

But obviously all the Blues were playing a stunning football giving already more than one concern to the competitors; Manchester United were struggling with their problems both at defensive and offensive side, Manchester City having discontinuous performances and Arsenal struggling far from the top spots meanwhile Chelsea were running fast and smoothly at the top of the table.

Mourinho was able to display dominant wins along with brilliant and spectacular plays thanks to his creative midfielder and strikers like Oscar, Hazard and Fabregas on the shields. Critics were astonished with the power and gorgeousness of Chelsea’s performances along with great wins with top clubs like Arsenal (2-0 in Stamford Bridge), an electrifying come back in Anfield or a 3-0 against Tottenham.

At the end of 2014 we could count 15 victories and 4 draws, a team who runs quickly towards the win of the national title. 13 goals from Diego Costa as a mark of their supremacy.

With the beginning of 2015 the quality of Mourinho’s squad started decreasing due to various issues with injuries and lack of constancy from some key players, but they keep it up with tight but essential wins. With 7 one goal wins Blues put up not brilliant displays but fundamental to remark their strength, as it said: successful teams are able to win even when they don’t deserve it. So the second half of the Premier League confirmed this statement.

Terry scores
The captain scores to complete the come back

The last match at the King Power Stadium it’s only one those matches when your opponents’ motivations overtake yours but your winner psychological strength allowed you to come back from a terrible first half. Netting the two very dangerous first shots it a sign of supremacy, and Didier Drogba is the master in this field.

Eventually they really deserve to celebrate and be celebrated for this Premier League season, they have been at the top from the first match and they never gave the impression to lose the spot. The second consecutive title is just a little step away.

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Chelsea chasing Luton baby star Charlie Patino

The 11-year-old Luton player Charlie Patino is being chased by giant clubs like Chelsea, Arsenal and Tottenham.

The wonder boy would cost £10,000 and his parents are weighing up offers from the biggest clubs of the Premier League before taking the final decision.

Moreover, Patino and his family have visited the training grounds.

“We just want what’s best for Charlie, to give him the best chance of being a professional footballer if that is what he wants to do,” said dad Julio, whose parents are both Spanish.
“He is a dedicated boy, he works hard at school, gets good grades and is committed to playing football. He just loves it.”
Julio, who is a supporter of La Liga strugglers Deportivo La Coruna, added: “Charlie doesn’t watch the Spanish football, he analyses it. His mind is ticking away, watching the player movements and asking why they made certain decisions. He is very intelligent. He would say his favourite team is Barcelona and he has definitely been influenced as a player by the Spanish style of football.”


Antonio Conte did not speak in the Etihad Stadium press room after the win over Manchester City. The Italian manager only spoke to the TVs...