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Chelsea have announced a partnership with the luxury watch company Hublot.

The watch company will be visible at Stamford Bridge on LED boards and video screens, as well as through numerous clocks installed in key areas of the stadium.

Ricardo Guadalupe, Hublot CEO has commented the partnership, saying :

‘‘It is an honour for us to welcome the iconic Chelsea FC to the Hublot family. What could be more natural for us than to team up with one of the best clubs in England, which furthermore is managed by a Hublot ambassador and friend, Jose Mourinho? We wish the club all the best for the 2015/16 season.’’



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Chelsea have succeeded in obtaining a work permit for Kenedy, reveals Daily Mail.

According to the latest information, the Blues are already on the verge of signing Kenedy from Fluminense.  The Blues were not sure about the transfer due to problems with obtaining a work permit for him. However, now they have a green light to finalize the transaction. It is said that the Brazilian starlet will cost Chelsea around £6.7million.

Jose Mourinho took Kennedy on the pre-season tour of the US with Chelsea, where the Brazilian, impressed the Special One, playing against Barcelona.

Mourinho from the very beginning said that Chelsea will do everything to ensure Kenedy’s work permit.

”We have conditions to get him a work permit because we want him,”

”We don’t want him to go out on loan, I think we have what the rules demand to get him a permit.”

”We bought Kenedy because we believe in him,”

‘He’s a very young kid that we believe a lot in, hopefully. He was in pre-season with us without the documents so he couldn’t play the first two matches for us.”

”Against Barcelona he had the chance to do it and even if it was a friendly I think it was the best debut for a kid, to play against the best team. It was a great night for the kid and a great experience.”

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Sergio Aguero admits,that he may not be ready, to play against Chelsea from the first minute of the clash.

The Argentinian striker admits that he needs more time to fully recover after a long pre-season. Aguero who has participated in the Copa America, reveals that it could come too soon for him, to perform against Chelsea.

He told City’s official website :

“I’m trying to get there and be in top condition, but arriving for pre-season later having taken part in the Copa America with Argentina means I need some additional time.”

“With the whole season in mind, what matters the most is that I get in top form and don’t take any risks.”

“One thing you can say about the Premier League is that every year, it gets better.

“Once again, many teams have made very important additions and that means there’s no single rival for us this season.

“It’d be very naive to think that Chelsea will be the only team competing for the top position – there will be many of us and each one will challenge in their own style.

“We’ll stay hungry for glory, we’ll do our jobs, we’ll win all we possibly can and see where that takes us.”

Asked what Manchester City should do to threaten Chelsea, Aguero said:

“Getting as many points as possible from the teams that are the most likely title challengers obviously makes sense, but we need to win against every team, “

“Prevailing over those teams but failing to deliver against the rest serves no purpose. The Premier League has proven to be that every club is a contender and every team can beat everyone else.

“That what makes the Premier League one of the finest in the world. The greater the challenge the more incentive there is for us to be the best.

“Beating Chelsea would be fantastic because it’s always better to have a head start, but I don’t think we should focus on just the early stages.

“The season is long, we have to be ready from the word go to the very end and try to maintain as much momentum as much as possible.”

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The law specialist, Glenn Hayes has no doubts that Eva Carneiro could have grounds to take legal action against Chelsea.

Conflict between Eva Carneiro and Jose Mourinho begins to take more and larger sizes. But the question is to what extent it is a real dispute, and to what extent it’s a conflict created by the media ? 

Recently there were reports that Dr. Carneiro may sue Chelsea, as her role at Chelsea has changed as a result of criticism from Mourinho.

The law specialist, Glenn Hayes explains what are the legal grounds, that Carneiro may use, in order to sue the Blues.

Hayes told ITV :

“It is difficult to know the exact situation regarding the decisions made by Chelsea.”

“What we do know from previous cases however, is that football tends to exist in a vacuum when it comes to employment issues – and it is safe to say, from reports, that if this situation emerged in another sector, there could be implications for those involved.”

“For example, as it could be argued that speaking out about her publicly has damaged the implied duty of trust and confidence between the parties, there could potentially be a claim for constructive unfair dismissal.”

“There could also be a claim for sex discrimination if the comments would not have been directed at a man in a similar situation, the implication seemingly being that as a woman, she did not understand the ‘beautiful game’.”

“On the flip-side however, if an employee disobeys what is regarded as a lawful instruction, he or she can ultimately be disciplined.

“In serious cases, employers would also be within their rights to demote a worker, but they would have to go through a proper process to do so.”

“This would involve an investigation, hearing and appeal and the right to demote should also be included in the contract of employment, or agreement reached with the employee about this – perhaps as an alternative to being dismissed.

“Given the public spotlight placed on this issue and the outrage this has caused – it even seems some senior people at Chelsea have sympathised with Carneiro recognising that she was doing her job by treating the players – the spotlight will be on how long this seemingly enforced pitch-side ban lasts for, and whether the matter can be resolved.”

“Whilst it is unlikely that Mourinho will be disciplined for his actions – which again one could expect in another sector if the comments were deemed to be of a discriminatory nature – it will be interesting to see how long the apparent ban continues for.”


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Mickey Hazard believes Spurs could challenge for a Champions League spot this season, saying that the North London club aren’t far behind the likes of Manchester United.

Speaking to TalkSport, Hazard, who played for Chelsea and Spurs in the 90s, said that his former side are only a few signings away from being one of the best in England.

He is quoted as saying:

“With a couple more signings, certainly a centre forward and maybe a midfielder, I feel we can challenge [for a top four spot].

“We are not that far behind.

“If Man United are going to be in there, there’s no reason we can’t be because they were very average on Saturday and we maybe should have got three points.

“I think we will challenge but whether we get in the top four or not will depend on what signings we make.

“I’m totally convinced there will be one new centre forward coming in before the window closes.

“Everyone knows it is an absolute necessity and if we don’t get someone in we risk blowing the season before it starts.”

Spurs lost their opening game of the season 1-0 to Manchester United on Saturday.

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Raheem Sterling is convinced, that the Sunday’s clash against Chelsea will be one of the most important matches of the season.

Manchester City have started their new campaign with a convincing 3-0 victory against West Brom.  The 20-year-old midfielder who has recently joined the Citizens from Liverpool have no doubts that, if his team want to challenge Chelsea in the race for the title, must win the Sunday’s clash. And Sterling promises to do his best to help the team to make it happen.

Sterling told Manchester City official website:

“I’m hoping this one will go our way and it’s vital that it does,”

“Chelsea are very strong in every department from their defence and midfield to their attack, but it should be a good game and I’m really looking forward to playing in this match.”

“We’re on our own ground and with it being our first home game of the season, we want to get off on the right foot.”

“I’ve done all right against them in the past and results-wise, I think it’s been pretty even overall so far in the matches I’ve played in.”

“The only promise I will make is that I will try my best at all times – I will aim to create and score as many goals as I can for the team and work really hard every week.”

“I’ve set myself targets for goals and assists and I know where I want to be but I don’t really want to reveal what they are because I’ll put myself under massive pressure – but I’ve got personal goals that I want to reach this season for City and hopefully I can meet them.”

Sterling does not hide that this season will be really tough :

”It’s going to be a really tough season,”

“Everyone has strengthened their squads and the Premier League is always hard to second guess.”


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Jose Mourinho will not back down in the row with Chelsea doctor Eva Carneiro despite reports that the 41-year-old is seeking legal advice following her demotion from the first team bench.

Mourinho was outraged by Caneiro and physio Jon Fearn running onto the pitch to treat Eden Hazard when the team was searching for a winning goal. He criticised his medical staff afterwards and a public dispute has subsequently broken out with many condemning the Portuguese for making Carneiro a scapegoat for his team’s poor performance and disappointing result.

Carneiro was told by Mourinho that she is no longer permitted to attend first team matches or training sessions, although she is still in her job as team doctor. Her response, according to reports, is to seek legal advice with the possibility of suing Chelsea FC for constructive dismissal, but a public apology from Mourinho might be sufficient to make retract.

The Chelsea manager’s actions and words in regard to the incident are “extreme”, according the Premier League Doctors group.

Mourinho is said to be unwilling to apologise, and that his view on the matter has not changed despite the bad the PR for him and the club. The club, although anxious about the publicity, support the manager and are said to be wholly unimpressed by Carneiro taking to social media to thank those supporting her.

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Chelsea doctor Eva Carneiro has been described as a “cheerleader” and being “extremely naive” by her predecessor as the dispute over her being banned from the Chelsea bench continues.

Ralph Rogers has spoken out after Jose Mourinho was condemned by pundits and the medical profession at large for criticising his medical staff for running onto the pitch to treat Eden Hazard when Chelsea were looking for a winning goal late on against Swansea City on Saturday.

Carneiro, 41, has become the centre of attention in recent days as Mourinho’s comments were interpreted by most to be a direct criticism of her. She took to Facebook shortly afterwards to thank those who had wished her well, and on Monday it was announced that she and Jon Fearn, the physio, will not be on the bench for the game against Manchester City on Sunday.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, Rogers stood up for Mourinho in the row and said the fault for the publicity since lies largely with Carneiro.

He is quoted as saying:

“You’re not supposed to take centre stage if you are a physician to a team. You have to understand your dynamic in the club. You are not a player.

“Her putting that “thanks for the support” on Facebook was extremely naive. That would upset anyone. What was she trying to achieve there? Are you bigger than the manager? You’re never going to win, nor should you.

“You’re the backroom staff, you’re there to do a job. You’re not there as a cheerleader. You can play to it or you can play it down. It seems like she played to it.

“You’re not supposed to be a celebrity. You can’t be a celebrity doctor, come on. Let’s get real.”

Rogers was Chelsea’s doctor until he resigned in 2011. He believes the situation is far bigger than Mourinho simply being annoyed by Carneiro running onto the pitch to treat Hazard, and that posting on Facebook was very unprofessional.

“Who’s to say when common sense prevailed and there was no more gasoline poured onto the situation then everything would’ve just settled down.

“But when you add the Facebook and continue with it, because you are a “celebrity doctor” this is what happens.

“There is no chance she is still the first-team doctor. You can’t do your job.

“If anybody really looked at it… there are two sides to every story. Especially because I’ve heard him praise medical staff in the past at other places.

“There’s something else going on. If you had a rapport with someone that important in your club you wouldn’t out them like that. The medical team need to have a relationship with the manager. If you have a respect that kind of thing never happens.

“A head injury you run on – period. But you have to understand the injury and the game. I completely agree with some of the things Mourinho said. I also saw from his reaction there was a little bit more frustration.

“If you think that player is seriously injured and you got the nod [from the referee] you go on. You also have to understand your players.”

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Nathan Ake

Genoa join the race to sign Chelsea young defender and midfielder Nathan Ake on loan.

The Italian side targeted the Dutch player as an alternative signing to Ajax’s Nicolai Boilesen, who is set to transfer to Aston Villa.

Boilesen, 23, rejected Genoa’s approach and is understood to be keen on securing a switch to the Premier League.

Many Bundesliga sides are also interested in Ake, but it seems Genoa took advantage in the race to Chelsea player.

The Italian club already signed Manchester City youngster Olivier Ntcham.

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Ex Liverpool player and now Sky Sports pundit Jamie Carragher admits that Thibaut Courtois missing the clash at Etihad with Manchester City could be a very important absence:

It will be, as him and David De Gea are the two best goalkeepers in the league. With De Gea not playing at the moment, it looks like he may move on. But in Courtois, Chelsea have the outstanding ‘keeper in the league and so he will be a big miss.

Asmir Begovic is a good goalkeeper, but he is not quite of the standard of Petr Cech, who was their stand-in last year. So who knows, that may cost them, but he is very experienced in the Premier League and he was a very good goalkeeper for Stoke, with whom he actually won at City last season.

So he has been there and done it last season and he will be hoping for the same result”.



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