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Chelsea winger Willian scored in the Blues’ comeback win against Manchester City at the Etihad Stadium this afternoon. Chelsea are now four points clear at the top of the Premier League table.

The Brazil international said: “Diego Costa laid on a great pass for my goal, playing with him is great.”

Willian paid tribute to Chapecoense when he scored: “I wanted to dedicate my goal to the victims and their families – he claimed  – They have to stay strong.”

Also centre-back David Luiz spoke after the game, saying: “I want to dedicate this win to the people who died in Brazil.

“It was difficult to get my head together as I had some friends there. We just need to pray for the victim’s families.”

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A huge tragedy hit football world today: Brazilian team Chapecoense, on their way to Medellin to play Atletico Nacional in the Copa Sudamericana final ( the South American equivalent of Europa League) were left decimate after their plane crashed some miles away from the Colombian city, while trying an emergency landing.

It is believed the plane was short of fuel or had some electrical system issues.

82 passengers among Chapecoense employees, crew members and journalists and only six of them survived at the moment, even if some are in critical conditions.

The survivors are three players, Alan Ruschel, 27, full back who suffered a spinal cord injury; Helio Zampier Neto, 31, defender who is in very critical conditions for cerebral trauma; second goalkeeper Jackson Follman, 24, whose conditions are unknown; a journalist and a couple of crew members.

First goalkeeper Danilo initially survived the crash but died later in the hospital because of the seriousness of his injuries.

The Brazilian club from Chapeco – an industrial city in the south of the country- was founded in 1973 and was the protagonist of a little sport fairytale: they were in the fourth league in 2009 and managed to reach Brazilian Serie A in 2014, getting an immediate qualification to international competitions.

They were in the highest point of their history, since they were supposed to face Atletico Nacional de Medellin in the Copa Sudamericana final, after beating Argentinian side San Lorenzo in the semifinals last week.

Their dream and their fairytale ended brutally this morning, at 3 am GMT, when their plane crashed, leaving devastated their families and millions of football fans around the world.

Atletico Nacional proposed to give them the Copa Sudamericana “ad honorem”, while other Brazilian Serie A clubs proposed to help Chapecoense with free loans for the next three years, where the team will be saved from relegation.


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