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Many Chelsea fans thought as well that Mourinho was let down by some players © Francesca Ceciarini

It was in the air, and it happened.

Most of Chelsea fans think that ex manager Jose Mourinho was betrayed by his own players under-performing on the pitch.

So today when line-ups where announced via PA- system at Stamford Bridge right before kick-off with Sunderland only Willian, Zouma, Azpilicueta and captain John Terry got clapped and cheered among the starting XI, while the other ones were strongly booed.

Also Gary Cahill was immune from booing or indifference ( the stadium remained silent while the subs wehere announced).

Right after a small amount of fans in the Shed End ( where there is still Mourinho’s banner ONE OF US) tried to launch Jose Mourinho’s song, but the high volume of a video running at the same moment in the stadium stopped their effort.

Players are anyway received with clapping and chanting while the take the pitch right before the kick-off.

José Mourinho’s song is now sang by all the stadium, as Diego Costa, Matic, Oscar and Fabregas were booed strongly again during last line-up announcement.

New interim manager Guus Hiddink is in the stands sit next to owner Roman Abramovich.


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