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Jose Mourinho press conference ahead of Arsenal:

I don’t have many many news I selected every player, because we have doubts, during the warm-up many players had some bad feeling, Willian is not even an option, but Pedro, Falcao and Oscar can be”

“Ivanovic? I never spoke about him, I don’t want to analyse or isolate any player in public”

“Nor me either the club gave any info about him”

“The quality of the training sessions was always the same in the past weeks: same quality, intensity, professionalism…of course you could see some bad faces, I guess is normal”

“Two seasons ago we won every match against the champions, but then we didn’t win anything…to win [tomorrow] is good, but it’s not crucial”

“Tomorrow doesn’t matter our fantastic record against Arsenal, it’s a match that I want to isolate from every possible context: it’s a Chelsea v Arsenal, and I want to win it”

“It’s important to win because is a match: in this moment if you look at the table and see where we are, especially in relation to the top of the league, we’re not happy, we have many games in this period in different competitions, and this help us to focus just match to match on one game”

“To meet Cech before or after the game wouldn’t be same to meet other players, of course…during the game nothing changes, he’s Arsenal goalkeeper, when the game ends if he wants to come to our dressing room, he’s more than welcome”

“I think in everything you do in life you need confidence to be better, and when in football you lose matches you’re affected, when you browse the internet and find everywhere a dramatic story like fights, Diego Costa and Terry fighting, and even a translator was brought to help them to understand each other during the fight…Mourinho doesn’t want to renew to Terry…Mourinho wants to replace Ivanovic…this is all the drama you can read…of course when you lose a match you’re affected, you lose confidence, but then you have to be strong to cope with it, and with Maccabi we were strong from the beginning, we missed the penalty after five minutes and we had a fantastic reaction, so for us that victory is very important, now I won’t say that we will win 15 matches in a row, but people now is more relaxed and it’s important”

“I’m not going to tell you if Terry will start or not, against Maccabi he was on the bench, and even there he was a captain”

“I don’t understand why both Chelsea and Arsenal played on Wednesday and we play on Saturday and not Sunday, but this is an old story”

“We go a game at the time, we want to win, doesn’t matter where we are”

“The confidence cannot change the philosophy, so if you think one match at the time, we think just in Arsenal and nothing more”

“Against Maccabi a result came, luck didn’t”

“The fact that Hazard was not performing very well or missed a penalty and those things doesn’t change the fact that he is the best player in this country”

“Terry last year played every match, the season before almost, the season before very few…what does it change now? he’s still one of my men, I trust him”

“Gerrard is a wonderful player, but as a pundit he said something that is not true, I have a good relationship with all of my players…You can try to find many reasons for bad results, but problems between me and my players, zero”

“The penalty that Hazard missed? Maybe he had some agreement with some sponsor to promote rugby world cup [laughs] he’s still the best penalty taker in the country, but anyway in the PL he doesn’t have many chance to take penalties”

“The time of the kick off? Doesn’t matter, but I like it, you wake up, go and play: I prefer that than waiting for the game the whole day, as I did in Spain or Italy, I prefer early kick-off”

“Oscar is a good player and when the team has the ball, especially when the team has the ball, he’s very important because he’s creative, and in some moments you need that creation, especially in matches when the opponents have a defensive approach, it’s good to have players like him”

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eva carneiro mourinho

Chelsea manager José Mourinho won’t be charged by the FA for the Eva Carneiro and Jon Fearn’s case.

Mourinho was accused of “abusive and sexist” language after a video emerged about his rant against the doctor and the physio while they were attending Eden Hazard on the pitch against Swansea in the first Premier League game of the season.

The FA are still studying video evidence of the incident, but as Standard Sport reports and understands it is highly unlikely that Mourinho will have a case to answer.

Both Carneiro and Fearn were demoted from first-team duties after the match and the doctor has not been to work since being told she would not be required on the bench at games and would no longer travel with the team. It has been reported that she is considering legal action.

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Gary Cahill spoke to Chelsea website before the game with Arsenal.

The defender admitted that the victory with Maccabi Tel Aviv, with a clean sheet, was what the team needed in this particular moment:

It will be of use because we’ll go into training in better spirits than we have been off the back of a win. Everybody will be happier, more lively. We know the situation in the league so we’ll flip straight back to that and we know this is a huge game. 

I’m not going to say it’s going to have an absolutely massive impact on the weekend, because it probably won’t, but in terms of the feel-good factor around us it certainly will. 

I’m sure that when it comes to Saturday nobody will be stepping out on to the pitch thinking about midweek, they’ll be fully focused on what they’ve got to do. For us, we want to build confidence and for Arsenal, they’ll want a response.’ 

Oscar and Ramires came back last Wednesday with Maccabi, after being injured:

“It’s fantastic to see Oscar back out there for us, and Ramires, who’s back fit as well.

“Hopefully Willian’s injury isn’t too bad but it was great to see those two guys out there again. Oscar is a top player; he plays for Chelsea and Brazil. He’s a top performer so to have him back out there is great. 

“He’s another option for the number 10 role or wherever the manager wants to use him, so for sure we’d rather have him fit than not.”

Cahill praised also Ruben Loftus-Cheek, who performed really well against Maccabi, but got a yellow card after just five minutes:

I thought it was harsh. I’ve been there myself, in the first 30 seconds getting a yellow card for the first little tackle you do, and obviously the European referees are slightly different, so he would have been on egg shells for the rest of the game, which is never nice, but I thought he was great. 

He’s a down-to-earth guy and works hard in training. He looks the complete player but obviously time will tell how he develops and how he does here. I can only speak for when I’ve seen him in training and worked alongside him, and he’s top drawer.”

Speaking about Arsenal he stated:

We have huge players in our dressing room who have done loads and loads in the game, but it’s just normal that when you go on a bad run or lose games you maybe get a dip in confidence, that’s just natural.

The only thing that turns it around is winning games and we have another chance to do that tomorrow.”

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Eden Hazard © Francesca Ceciarini

Southampton legend Matt Le Tissier commented on Eden Hazard’s moment.

According to the former striker the Belgian star is not performing at the level of the past season, where he won the PFA Player of the Year Award after leading Chelsea to win the Premier League and the Capital One Cup.

Signs of the real Eden Hazard appeared last night in the match against Maccabi Tel Aviv but the Belgian showed he’s not at the top yet when he missed a penalty after just five minutes:

This boy does not look like the same person that shone so brightly last season.

 “He really is out of sorts. You could see that from the penalty. With his penalties he always looks at the goalkeepers anyway but this time he looks at the ‘keeper, looks down, then looks up again.

As he’s going to take this penalty and I don’t know if he’s seen the goalkeeper move the way he’s going to hit the ball and panics slightly but he skies it miles over the crossbar. There’s a real lack of confidence in his play at the minute.”


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bilic moses

West Ham manager Slaven Bilic hails Chelsea loanee Victor Moses.

The Croatian manager was impressed by the Nigerian player in this first part of the season:

“Victor Moses is a class player. He hasn’t had continuity at one club. He didn’t make it at Chelsea, maybe he didn’t make it at Liverpool – which is hard,‘ Bilic said.

But last year at Stoke he was one of their best players. His first game was really good for us. His composure, his linking play and his work rate.”


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Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho © Francesca Ceciarini

José Mourinho was more relaxed and relieved after last night victory in the Champions League group against Maccabi.

Chelsea was in a bad run, with the last ( and only) win of the the season almost a month ago against WBA:

I forgot the feeling. For so long we don’t win a game, so good, a good feeling,” the Special One said.

I am a fantastic manager when I win matches and I am a fantastic manager when I lose matches.

The same way I was not in hell with bad results, I am not in heaven we won a game.”

On Chelsea fans singing his name before and during the match, he stated:


I prefer that than they say ‘Mourinho out’ and they boo me and so on,” he continued.

It shows they don’t read papers or they don’t have short memories. If they don’t read papers they support me. If they don’t have short memories, they support me.

We won four Premier Leagues, three with him and one with his team. This guy is not bad. Let’s support the guy. We have a chance to win the fifth.”

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Willian © Francesca Ceciarini

The victory against Maccabi Tel Aviv brought relief and happines to Chelsea and his fans and was one good news in this tormented start of the season.

But also tonight not everything was smooth, and there are two bad news for the Blues and his supporters ahead of Arsenal derby next Saturday: Willian and Pedro will miss the match, and Oscar is also a doubt, as José Mourinho revealed after the game with the Israeli side:

I will start thinking about it tomorrow. Everything was on Maccabi. Tomorrow I will watch Arsenal, and I will try to understand how my players are – how Oscar is, Willian is out for sure, I think Pedro is out for sure – so let’s see. I prefer problems because players had good performances than problems because the performances were not good“.

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Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho was relieved after the win against Maccabi Tel Aviv © Francesca Ceciarini

Chelsea manager José Mourinho spoke to the media in the press room after the victory against Maccabi Tel Aviv.

The Portuguese coach was relieved after the three points in the Champions League game:

We hadn’t won a game for so long so it’s a good feeling.

The penalty we missed was a big test for us because when everything has gone against you – red cards, penalties against you, decisions, bad luck, injuries – and you start a game you have to win and after five minutes miss a penalty, it’s a great test of the character of the players and the team. It was good we had an extra negative episode and the reaction was very good.

The team had a big determination to be a bit different and to show a different state of mind. I’m happy with the performance and the result.


The team was more aggressive with and without the ball. The pressing was much stronger. The lines were closer together. There was a very good reaction when we lost the ball to try to recover it immediately; to try to force the mistake in the opponent instead of waiting for their mistakes.

We moved the ball very well. Fabregas and Loftus-Cheek gave speed to the team. The ball was quickly leaving defensive areas and reaching attacking players. We played well. I know we didn’t beat Barcelona, Real Madrid or Bayern Munich but we beat a team that arrived here having deserved to beat Basel and coming here to make it difficult for us. It was not difficult because we played so well.’

Mourinho was asked if the victory meant more than simply three Champions League points:

I can imagine how difficult it would be for for all of us to wake up tomorrow after a defeat, to go to Cobham to train again after a defeat, two days before a derby against Arsenal – so the victory is very important.

Also the last two seasons we didn’t start well in the Champions League at home. We put ourselves in a situation where we had to win points away. In this moment these three points plus Porto’s draw with Dynamo gives us a good situation.’

Ruben Loftus-Cheek started tonight and impressed in the midfield:

He played very well which is very good for us. He is in conditions to compete with the other players for opportunities and minutes, but he is having minutes. He is potentially a very good player but you have to feed these young players and choose the right moment. The reality is his evolution is important and good“.


Chelsea fans sang the manager’s name many time tonight, but Mourinho prefers the team to be supported:

First of all it’s more important they support the players like they did. I’m happy when they sing ‘Chelsea’, ‘we know what we are, champions of England’ and I prefer when they sing the players’ names.

I am not waiting for that kind of support [towards me] but obviously it’s welcome. I prefer that to them booing me. It shows me they don’t read papers or they don’t have short memories.

Arsenal is next opponent of the Blues, on Saturday:

I will start thinking about it tomorrow. Everything was on Maccabi. Tomorrow I will watch Arsenal, and I will try to understand how my players are – how Oscar is, Willian is out for sure, I think Pedro is out for sure – so let’s see. I prefer problems because players had good performances than problems because the performances were not good“.

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jose mourinho

José Mourinho spoke to the Italian tv just after the game with Maccabi Tel Aviv:

“I’m happy for the score and the result. Our bad start? Well, many people have been waiting for this for years, for me it’s not normal to start with 3 defeats, so many people were happy.

“If I did watch the Milan derby that Inter won? No, I couldn’t. But I’m happy if Inter win and can go back to win trophies, of course I’m happy because I’m an Interista and I don’t forget anything”.


In the last few days Petr Cech not only expressed his frustation on how goalkeepers are selected to play games in different competition at Arsenal, but...