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Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho is understandably disappointed with yesterday’s defeat against Bournemouth. His frustration is so high that he began to question the goalscoring ability of Chelsea players.

Mourinho said:

“I have to be honest and say I was not expecting this result,” 

”The team was in a good moment, working well, playing well. Of course not scoring enough goals.”

“We didn’t score against Stoke, we didn’t against Tottenham. We scored one goal to win the game against Norwich.”

“It’s difficult for us to score goals.”

“Scoring goals is a lot about individuals. The creation is collective, but the finishing is something very individual and at this moment we’re not having that.”

“We lost the game exactly at the moment where we were the strongest team, in our strongest period,”

“We were really unlucky, especially to concede a goal when we don’t deserve.

“In the second half we did more than enough to score and to win.”

He has also remembered that on Wednesday, Chelsea will face FC Porto and match result will decide who will fall and who will go further in the Champions League:

”It’s a knockout game,”

It’s a group phase where normally you still play for points.”

”But the reality is that it’s a knockout. Chelsea or Porto, one will be out. For sure, a big game.”


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Chelsea defender Gary Cahill said he is aware that the Blues have fallen below expectation levels this season. He also admitted that he had never been in a situation in which his team achieves such poor results.

England internationalhas urged his team to face adversity and stay together ahead of Wednesday’s clash against FC Porto in the Champions League.

Cahill said:

”When we went into the Champions League final, it was like a rollercoaster I was on.”

“I feel very lucky to have won the Champions League and the Premier League since I came. When you have had a taste of it, you want more.”

“We have fallen below expectation levels this season. That is when it is important we all stick together in the club.”

“Since I have been here, it has been nothing but success until this year — but that is life.”

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Chelsea midfielder Ulises Davila has completed his move away from the Stamford Bridge. The 24-year-old Mexican has signed a three-year deal with Santos Laguna.

Davila joined Chelsea in 2011 from from Guadalajara but he never made his debut for the team. Instead he spent several seasons on different loan spells in such clubs as Dutch Vitesses, Spanish Cordoba, Tenerife and Sabadel and most recently at Portuguese Vitoria Setubal.

Liga MX side Santos Laguna has confirmed his transfer on their official website.

”Santos Laguna announces the signing of Ulises Alejandro Davila Plascencia on a three year contract.”

Davila told the Santos club website:

“It’s great to see the interest from Santos and everyone who has given me confidence from the beginning since they sought me out,”

“ I’m eager to continue in my career, to be a major player and I think (this opportunity) comes at the perfect time. I am mature, physically fit and eager, with a strong will to compete and do important things with this club.”

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Chelsea midfielder Nemanja Matic looked utterly heartbroken after Chelsea’s next defeat in the Premier League match, this time against Bournemouth.

The Serbian player had one of several Chelsea’ chances in the game to score but he did not used none of the occasions and the Blues lost the game 1-0. However, he admits that he is not able to answer the question what really is the main reason for the disastrous results of Chelsea.

Matic told Chelsea TV :

“I think we didn’t deserve to lose the game, but when you don’t score a goal, you also don’t deserve to win.  It was a difficult game for us.  We are in a difficult moment, in a difficult situation, so it’s going to be hard to come back from this, but we have to try to resolve this problem, we have to go hard and try to recover.”

“I’m not sure [what is our problem], I’m just one of the players.  I don’t think we played bad; we controlled the game tonight.  We didn’t score; they were lucky and scored one goal.  What is the problem, I’m not sure.  But I’m sure we have to improve in some aspects.  We have to try and work hard and see where is our problem.”


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Bournemouth manager Eddie Howe is convinced that today’s victory over Chelsea is the best individual result in club history. The 38-year-old has praised his players for their commitment to the game against the Blues.

Howe said:

”I think it’s at the very top”

“We’ve never been in the Premier League before so when you come to the champions and beat them, I think it must rank the best individual result in club history.”

“I’m really pleased with both the result and the performance of the players. I thought we were magnificent. We had to be to win here and I’m incredibly proud of the players.”

“It was only one game but it gives us a huge boost going into the Christmas period.”

On referee Mike Jones’s decision not to award Chelsea a penalty:

“Simon’s committed to his slide”

“His arm has not moved towards the ball. I think to award a penalty would have been extremely harsh.”

On his comparison’s to Mourinho:

”I don’t want to call myself anything to be honest, just really pleased with the result,’”

”It gives the players some reward for how hard they’ve worked. We’ve been hit with a lot of things – the injuries and dominant performances that haven’t won games. It’s been tough. The players have kept going – they’ve not lost their honesty.”


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Bournemouth goalkeeper Artur Boruc has admitted that is delighted to keep a clean sheet against current Premier League champions Chelsea.

Boruc said:

“It’s a big result for the players and the club,”

“Personally I am delighted to keep a clean sheet – that’s very important to me.”

“Chelsea played well and had a lot of possession, but we were able to go down the other end, take our chance and get a goal.”

“We are keen to always try and play our way,”

“That is to keep the ball, pass out from the back and play open, attacking football.”

“But it’s important as well that we can make it count. We did that today and I am sure that will be most pleasing for all of the lads.”


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Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho has expressed his deep disappointment following Chelsea’s 1-0 defeat to Bournemouth. The Portuguese coach is convinced that the Blues deserved a better result.

Mourinho said:

”We don’t deserve this result,”

”If in the first half we were a bit passive and didn’t press enough, and were not intense with or without the ball, in the second half we did. We created problems and in our best period, when everybody was waiting for our goal, they go and score.”

”Yes it was a penalty (the handball) and the goal was offside but the referee made a mistake and the linesman made a mistake. That’s football.”

”We had enough chances and more than that we had a lot of half chances where we couldn’t touch the ball, which is disappointing. All these crosses from the right side, not long crosses, short ones by Ivanovic, Pedro, Willian, you have to touch the ball in the face of the goal and then there is no chance for the keeper.”

”The only time we had contact was the Matic one, which was difficult for him because of the mask and the cross was really fast. The other ones, the short and low ones, if you are in the box you have to attack the ball. They are big chances we have to score.”

Asked why the team struggles for consistency:

”I explain the inconsistency by unlucky details, you cannot have bigger details than one penalty which was not given and an offside goal that decides the game. We are always unlucky in these little details. It’s also to do with individual inconsistency. When you get good momentum and good consecutive results it’s because we have stability in performances, we had a couple today where you expect more, need more and they didn’t give enough.”

On Wednesday’s clash against FC Porto in the Champions League:

”Before the game I was still thinking we can finish in the top four. Everybody is losing points. Only Leicester are consistent in victories, they keep winning and winning. I’m really disappointed with the result, not so disappointed with the performance but very disappointed with the result. Let’s think about winning the next game and forget about targets because to fix targets with our inconsistency is difficult.’’

Asked whetever he will change his mind and try to land any new player during January transfer window:

”I feel we don’t have the right to ask the club for players, I don’t think so. We started the season with this squad, we have to do better, the players have to do better. It’s more about that than the club going to the market. People must take responsibility. The owner and the board are not responsible for the bad moment, the responsibility is mine and the players”

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Chelsea goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois admits that his teammates are obviously upset after another defeat at Stamford Bridge. However he has no doubt that the Blues are able to get out of this situation as they have enough quality to do so. 

Courtois told BBC:

”Of course we are upset”

”We have to regroup and show strenght for Wednesday’s game in the Champions League”

”We have the quality to get out of this situation”


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Jose Mourinho has amitted that there is a chance that Chelsea will miss out on the Champions League after their disappointing performances since the beggining of the season. However, he has stressed out that Chelsea’s ambition is to finish in the Premier League top four.

Mourinho said:

”I am concerned obviously. I was concerned before this game because I am not happy with the position. You can imagine now with this defeat at home, obviously Chelsea will never be challenging for relegation.”

“Chelsea will win matches and come out of that area, that is not the point, that is not the problem. The problem is that our objective is to finish top four. Before this game, I think that was fair for us to think that our quality would win three or four matches in a row, and would push us into an area I expected us to be at the end of December.”

“This defeat puts us in a position and I repeat it is not a dangerous position. But our objective is not to fight for relegation. Our objective is to fight for top four but maybe we have to think about top six.”

“I only know one way which is what I know since day one – to work and give my maximum every day and every match. If some player is not capable of that, of that routine, is quite an individual problem. But I feel as strong as ever, I don’t know another way.”

“I cannot laugh because I am not happy. I cannot cry because it’s not my style. I can just work and that is what I will do tomorrow to try and get us the result on Wednesday to get through to the next phase of the Champions League.”

Mourinho was also asked if he feels that Chelsea players still support him:

“I think we are. I have no doubts about that but I think if you analyse matches and especially match after match, you can clearly identify a few players who find it difficult to be consistent.”

“Sometimes you feel there is an evolution but the next day you realise there is no evolution. You realise that was an individual moment where the player did better than he is doing.”

“To get the result to put you in that position where you need to be, you need to be consistent. We are not being consistent because of so many individualities.”

Asked if Diego Costa brought any visible change in the second half of the game:

“I don’t think so. It was not because of Diego. It was because of the attitude, the aggressiveness, the intensity, the pressing much higher, we start pressing sooner and recovering the ball in high positions and we give a complete different dynamic to the game that I don’t think was especially because of him.”



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Bournemouth manager Eddie Howe has praised his team for a really good performance at Stamford Bridge. He is convinced that tonight’s victory was the culmination of Cherries impressive performances in the recent games in the Premier League.

Howe told Sky Sports News:

“This result was coming. We believed we were on right path, having performed well in many games. This was a different type of performance, so I am delighted for the players,”
“The first half was quite even. In the second we had to dig in due to severe pressure. I felt we were magnificent defensively. Our keeper (Artur Boruc) was important to that. We have answered any questions there were about our defence.”
“Our performances have given us confidence of late. The start of season was difficult for the team with the injuries we clocked up. Our balance suffered but we found solutions to our problems. The team looks different now but it is effective. I am very proud of the boys tonight.”
“Obviously I disagree (with Mourinho). I think Simon’s committed to his slide and not moved his arm to the ball. A penalty would have been incredibly harsh.”




Chelsea struggled to keep consistency throughout all the season but despite being on the brink of being sacked in more than an occasion Antonio...