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With a great second half, Chelsea won their first match in the Uefa Youth League vs Qarabag.

After a first half without goal, the Blues gained the first three points of their campaign scoring in the second part of the game with Hudson-Odoi, McCormick who scored a hattrick, and Brown.

Chelsea are included in group C also with Atletico Madrid and Roma.

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Speaking to RTE Eden Hazard reveals his main target for this season is to win the Champions League:  “Yeah, this year to win it is important…  I have only got to the semi-final when we lost to Atletico Madrid. So it’s in my head to win this trophy,” – Hazard said. – “I have won the Premier League and the title in France. Now all the big players want to win the Champions League.”

According to what manager Antonio Conte said during his press conference, the Belgian striker will start on the bench tomorrow’s game vs Qarabag.

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Chelsea manager Antonio Conte has admitted he felt ‘very sorry’ after hearing that Crystal Palace has sacked Franck De Boer after just 77 days in charge at Selhurst Park and 4 Premier League games played.

“I am sorry for him, when you start to work you try to ask time and to finish the game after only 4 games is a pity. – Conte said speaking at a press conference – It’s so difficult to speak about situations of other teams but I am sorry for the man”.

The Italian manager, who had been heavily linked with the Dutchman’s former club in the Serie A (Inter Milan), added: “If you win you are top, but if you lose you are considered the worst manager, I think we need to have the right balance in the decisions. Every club must judge the work of the coach and sometimes there’s a bit of emotion when you take decisions very strong. Decsions in football should be made not only for the final result”.

And Roy Hodgson is expected to be the man who will replace De Boer at Crystal Palace, who will face Chelsea on October 14th.

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Antonio Conte led Chelsea to the Champions League last season, following their previous disappointing campaign in which José Mourinho was sacked, before Guus Hiddink took the reins sealing an unexpected 10th place.

Conte knows the competition as manager and player with Juventus and he also lifted the trophy in 1996: “Yes, I played Champions League with Juventus, but when I played with them they were not this Juventus. – he said – We were at the beginning of our path, they were not the team they are now”. 

“We dropped against Bayern Munich, then we reached Europa League semi-final against Benfica. I have more experience in the competition as a player than a manager.

We must be pleased to be back and proud to be in the Champions League, for sure is very tough.

We are building something important, when you play in the competition you have try to win every game, to go step by step you need time to do this: we all start the competition in the same position”.

Conte believes Chelsea must be focused on the Premier League: “My previous experience with Champions League was in Italy, but when you face a medium team in Premier League you have to know that you risk to lose the game, the league is though here.

In England you can’t be relaxed, even if you would rest, we have to play FA Cup and League Cup games, then Champions League. We need to rotate players and they must be involved.

We are starting a path building something important, we have to go on step by step to be competitive in a short time, not in 3,4 or 5 years”.

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When asked whether upcoming Premier League clash against Arsenal will influence Antonio Conte’s lineup against Qarabag, the Italian manager said: “I think the only game that could have influenced us is Leicester clash, in which we used up a lot of energy. We prepared some rotations and I trust all the players in my squad, there’s necessity to rotate and play game by game. We have six more games in September and there’s a necessity to look at it game by game”.

Then will Michy Batshuayi replace Alvaro Morata in the attacking third? Conte admitted he has to ‘check situations’ ahead of tomorrow’s game: “I think Alvaro is playing very well, he’s totally involved in our style of football but we must consider that he also played a whole game with Spain and against Leicester. I have to check the situation and make the best choice ahead of next game. I am very calm about this”.

Conte believes Qarabag are a good team as he ‘knows very well’ several players: “Qarabag are a good team, is the first time for them to play this competition. I played against Azerbaijan when I was the coach of Italy national team so I know several players because they play for their national team.

 It will be a tricky game and we must pay great attention, we played two days ago and then after Qarabag we have an important game against Arsenal and against Stoke. We also have the Carabao Cup game against Nottingham Forest in September”.

Is rotation a risk?

“When you make the decision there is always the risk. The risk could be to play with the same team of Leicester game and then if we lose you will ask me: ‘why didn’t you change the squad?’. Our previous experience is important to make the best decision: in football if you win you are the best manager, if you lose the worst. I must be realistic, I must be calm and make the best decision for the 7 games we have over September”.

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Antonio Conte spoke ahead of his first Champions League game as manager of Chelsea, with the Blues set to face Qarabag.

“We have all the players available except for Drinkwater. – the manage said – He had a muscular problem in his calf and we are waiting to check the problem, but it’s the only problem”.

“Eden Hazard is in the squad and working very well to find the best physical condition, he needs more time to be fully fit and we must avoid to take a stupid risk with him, but bow he’s available and will be on the bench”.

More on Hazard: “Eden played an amazing season last campaign, he’s a top player and we are looking forward to having him in our squad [in every game], he’s an important player for us but we have been forced to play without him through injury and we tried to win every game”.

Then Celsea’s head of communications Steve Atkins, when Conte was asked about the anti-Semitic chant in tribute of Alvaro Morata, added: “The language is unacceptable, anti-Semitic. We will take actions and we will be happy to support the police and criminal persecution if there’s evidence that ticket holders or members are found guilty of signing it or do in the future.We must be clear, it must stop”.

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After his three games suspension in Premier League, Gary Cahill is now ready to be back. 

This will happen tomorrow night when the Blues will face Qarabag at Stamford Bridge for their Champions League opener:

“I am delighted to be back and available. Season starting now and itching to get back involved” – Cahill told the media during today’s press conference -. “Any footballer will say the most frustrating thing is not play. We have important fixtures. We are working well and trying to build well. We realise that the squad is ready to play and trying to build the momentum. Nothing has changed for me, the way that I train and prepare it doesn’t change. I want to win and that’s how I play over my career”.   

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Chelsea captain Gary Cahill is thrilled ahead of the Blues Champions League opener. Tomorrow night Conte’s side will face Qarabag at Stamford Bridge and Cahill will be back in action:

It’s one of the best competitions to be involved in. We feel we are back where we belong.” – Cahill said during today’s press conference speaking about the Champions League – “Everyone realises that is a freak season for us, we are back in it. We look forward to it and we’re just thankful we are back in where we belong”.

Then, Chelsea captain spoke about the group and about the chances of winning the competition: “It’s a difficult group, there are some good teams in there” – Cahill went on – “You need everything to win the Champions League, luck, quality and playing well. You are competing against some of the very best and it’s exciting”.

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Alvaro Morata told Chelsea‘s official website ‘it was a very important win’ against Leicester City at King Power Stadium last evening.

“Against teams like Leicester it’s always very difficult – the Spaniard added – We suffered in the last minutes having been 2-0 up, but that’s the Premier League.

I’m feeling good but we are not in first place, which is the most important thing, so we must keep working”.

When asked about an alleged handball made by Leicester defender Harry Maguire in the second half, Morata added: “It’s difficult to see for the referee because the game is fast,

I don’t know if it was penalty or not but I was near the situation and even I didn’t see it perfectly, so it’s tough for the referee”.

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New Chelsea striker Alvaro Morata scored again in the last vital victory against Leicester City at King Power Stadium.

The Spaniard has been serenaded by his new supporters since he joined the West London side, which have a well-known rivalry with Tottenham Hotspur. This is the reason why Chelsea have ordered fans to stop singing their new chant in tribute to Alvaro Morata because “the anti-Semitic language in that song is not acceptable at all”.

“Alvaro, Alvaro. He comes from Madrid, he hates the f****** Y***” sang Chelsea supporters.

As Standard Sport claimed, an official statement from Chelsea’s head of communications Steve Atkins read: “The club and the players appreciate the fans’ passionate support away from home, of course, but the language in that song is not acceptable at all”.

“I’ve spoken to Alvaro about it. Alvaro does not want to be connected with that particular song in any way and both the player and club request the supporters stop singing it with immediate effect.”

Also Alvaro Morata tweeted after the game: “Since I arrived, I have been able to feel your support every single day, you are amazing and I’d like to ask you to please respect everyone”.


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