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Chelsea manager Antonio Conte is aware a difficult period is beginning both for him and for his team: the Blues have to play a lot of game during the Christmas period and then the January transfer window will soon open.

Chelsea’s coach would like to improve his team during this period, but only if he and the club will find the right players and the right “occasions”: “I’m very happy to work with these players. At the same time, if there is the possibility to improve our squad, I think the club will try to do this”. – Conte said – “A difficult period is starting, especially for every club, for every coach. In this period there are a lot of rumours. I think the best way for me is not to read [anything] and then to try to improve our squad if this is possible. If, I repeat, this is possible”.

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Speaking to Chelsea official website, Cesar Azpilicueta says Christamas period will be crucial for the Blues.

The Spanish defender believes Antonio Conte‘s side have to continue to perform well and win games if they want to try to put pressure on Manchester City.

It’s true that what Man City are doing is unbelievable, they are breaking records,” – Azpilicueta said – “In the last 10 games we’ve won eight, drawn one and lost one, and we are further away than we were before those 10 games, so it’s difficult to analyse in that way. We have to look at ourselves and keep pushing. Until there is no possibility to do it we have to believe, in the same way that even when were top of the table by 10 points (last season) you felt if the other teams kept winning they would keep pushing you to win your games. We won the league with two games to go and we were 10 points clear of Tottenham with maybe nine or 10 games left, so we know this season we are in the other position. We just have to keep going and trying to put pressure on them.’ ‘We know at Christmas it’s busy, every few days you play, it’s tough and you have to get a lot of points,’ he said. After this time you are in the second leg of the competition and you start to see there are less games remaining and the position you are in.”

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After training this morning at Cobham, Chelsea manager Antonio Conte and some players paid their annual visit to the Chelsea and Westminster Hospital which is very close to Stamford Bridge.

The players handed out some presents, signed autographs and posed for a lot of pictures making happy especially the children who are now forced to stay at the hospital.

It’s something all of the players look forward to every year because it’s nice for us to see the kids” – Eden Hazard told Chelsea official website – . They are always very happy when we arrive and you can see the excitement on their faces. We handed out some Chelsea presents and had photos taken with the kids so if we can spread some happiness, especially at this time of year, that’s fantastic. We go to the hospital every year and it’s very important for us to be able to give something back.”


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Chelsea manager Antonio Conte is set to face his first Boxing Day in England, where the clubs do not have a winter break in contrast with Serie A teams.

The Italian manager told the club’s official website: “I heard of this situation in England, and I heard a lot of coaches being disappointed to not stop to have a winter break, above all in the national team,” 

“I remember Capello always saying the lack of winter break penalised the national team a lot. It’s very difficult to answer, but the atmosphere to play in this period is very difficult to find in another period, and it’s fantastic”.

Chelsea Christmas

How does Conte usually celebrate Christmas? In London or elsewhere?

“My wife and my daughter have arrived to prepare to celebrate Christmas in my house with my brothers and my parents – Conte added – This is very good. This is the first experience for me and in my family to work and play football. I think it can be and I hope it will be a fantastic experience”.

“It’s very strange for us because in this period we are used to being on holiday. Sometimes we went to Lecce, sometimes we stayed in Torino. Once we went to Dubai”.

Then Conte ended: “You have to celebrate Christmas with the family, that’s the most important. It’s not important where you stay but it’s important to stay together”.

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Chelsea’s manager and players on Wednesday show acts of festive goodwill

Conte and his Chelsea players visit hospitals for Christmas

Chelsea’s manager and players on Wednesday show acts of festive goodwill.
On Wednesday Chelsea Manager ANTONIO CONTE and his CHELSEA FC Players visited the hospitals of both Chelsea and Westminster. As CONTE prepares for his very first Christmas festive holiday fixture on Boxing Day against Bournemouth, he led his players to show their festive acts of goodwill.

Blues players included: David Luis (pictured), Victor Moses, Cesc Fabregas and Cesar Azpilicueta. CHELSEA FC have done annual Christmas visits to the hospitals especially where their young fans are and given out presents. Defender, AZPILICUETA, says that the annual visits to children’s hospitals have importance. He (Azpilicueta) emphasised his love for visiting children in hospital who are unfortunately going to be in hospital for Christmas. On the official club website AZPILICUETA said: ‘I am a parent myself and I know how special this time is. Christmas is normally a very happy time but for these kids and their families it is very difficult so it is nice for us to come here, give them presents and to spend time with them. It is also nice for us to be able to do this and to make people’s day nicer,’

After Christmas celebrations are just about done with, ANTONIO CONTE and his players will then have to wake up bright and early to strive for another 12th straight consecutive win as they take on Bournemouth at home. Stamford Bridge will indeed be full of festive cheer of both young fans and older fans all hoping the suspension of DIEGO COSTA, their key main front-man striker will not be felt at all. CONTE has expressed his positive attitude towards his main striker (Costa) but has also made sure that his team continue to push victoriously.

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Chelsea manager Antonio Conte admitted he’s not worried as the Blues are title-race favourites with 43 points in 17 games so far.

“I don’t trust people who say it’s important to stay behind and to not have pressure in this position, – the Italian manager said speaking at press conference yesterday – I prefer to have good pressure and stay at the top of the table. We earned this position and now it’s important to keep this position. It won’t be easy”.  

Chelsea are leading the title race after five months and Conte confirmed: “To arrive at Christmas and open the newspaper and see you are top of the table is fantastic. If you asked me this before, I must be honest, it was a bit difficult to trust to be top of the table at Christmas, but the players deserve this”.

“In my experience you can only keep this position through hard work and by facing every game with great concentration, with great focus, and with a great will to fight and win the game”.

“At the start of the season, not one person forecast Chelsea to be at the top of the table, for many reasons – because the squad was the same as last season, because our market wasn’t great – but we found the right balance between me, my players and the club, to try to change the opinion of the people and try to have a good season”.

Then Conte added: “Now we are two games from being halfway through the season, and for this reason we must have the right pressure. Me and these players in the past have had the habit of staying top of the table, but I prefer not to look at the table in this moment. It’s not important. It’s important to look at the table at the end of the season”.

“Now it’s important to continue taking three points to increase our tally. Then, when we finish our season, we will look at the table and see where you are”.

Chelsea got 11 wins in a row at this stage and Conte is aware of the need to go on this way with ‘good results’.

“We are becoming the favourite. But I prefer to be favourite on the pitch, with good results, with good performances, playing good football, keeping clean sheets, showing great passion during games. That’s important”.

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Chelsea released today a very nice Christmas video featuring Antonio Conte and some players in full festive spirit.

The Christmas period will be very important for Premier League leaders, with four games to be played in less than twenty days.

This is the reason why the Blues boss doesn’t lose the focus on the title race because “Every game matters.”

Just relax and enjoy the video


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Chelsea are set to face Bournemouth, Stoke City and Tottenham Hotspur between December 26th and January  3rd, anyway manager Antonio Conte admitted he is ‘curious’ about the new habit typical of the Premier League.

“This is the first time my team will play during the Christmas and New Year and I am very keen to discover about this – Conte told the club’s official website – This Christmas I will be in England with all my family, not only my wife and daughter, but also my father and mother and my brothers together. For sure it will be a new Christmas for us.”

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Diego Costa was a key-player for Chelsea in the last season © Francesca Ceciarini

“Diego Costa blamed the Christmas fixtures as a cause of their early Champions League exit.

While in Spain, Diego Costa talked about the Christmas fixture list in England, and said it took its tool within the team resulting in an early exit in the Champions League.

Premier League is the only football league in Europe that makes players play during Christmas festive period and Diego Costa said:

“Maybe the Christmas exertions have taken their toll. We played three matches in seven days. It’s no excuse though. I’m sure next season we’ll go further in the Champions League.”

Diego spoke about the difference between la Liga and the Premier League, he added:

“I take a beating constantly, just like in Spain. But I’m not complaining. They go in hard, but also you don’t get the free-kicks you do in Spain. Sometimes defenders try to target me and put me off my game, but my self-control is getting better and I just try to do my thing.”


Chelsea goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois has co,nfirmed today, through is Twitter account, that he and his father are taking legal action against the former Belgium head coach Marc Wilmots. Wilmots accused the Blues goalkeeper,...