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Italy national team are looking for a new coach after Giampiero Ventura left following his disastrous campaign, with the Azzurri failing to qualify for Russia 2018 World Cup after losing the playoffs against Sweden.

Today new Italy commissioner Roberto Fabbricini revealed Chelsea boss Antonio Conte – who already was in charge at the national team between 2014 and 2016- is one of the candidates for the prestigious job:

“The names are the ones you’ve already heard,” he told reporters.

Mancini was in Rome but we didn’t speak with him.

“Conte seems eager to rejoin the Azzurri, Ancelotti opens and closes the door while Ranieri remains in the mix.

“There isn’t a favourite, but we have to look at the positives and negatives.

“Whoever has made Italian football proud will be taken into consideration.”

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Former Chelsea manager Claudio Ranieri believes Antonio Conte wants more signings at Stamford Bridge and is not considering a return to Italy next summer, despite rumors linking him with AC Milan.

Ranieri, who’s currently in charge at French side Nantes, told La Gazzetta dello Sport: “The Premier League remains the best and I have not been convinced of Conte’s desire to return home. Maybe he was expecting a different transfer window but for a few years, Abramovich has not paid crazy prices”.

“Manchester City and Manchester United on the other hand have made big buys so I can imagine that for Antonio to fight on more fronts with the same players is more tiring.”

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King Antonio Conte celebrating last season title at Stamford Bridge © Francesca Ceciarini

Former Chelsea and current Nantes manager Claudio Ranieri has praised Antonio Conte after several speculations linked the Italian boss with a move back to Italian Serie A next season.

Ranieri, in an exclusive interview for La Gazzetta dello Sport, said: “The Premier League remains the best and I have not been convinced of Conte’s desire to return home. 

“Maybe he was expecting a different transfer window but for a few years, Abramovich has not paid crazy prices.

“Manchester City and Manchester United on the other hand have made big buys so I can imagine that for Antonio to fight on more fronts with the same players is more tiring.”

Ranieri, who spent four seasons in West London with the Blues, won the Premier League title at Leicester City in 2015/16 campaign.

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Chelsea manager Antonio Conte could be the next Italian manager to follow in the footsteps of Carlo Ancelotti, Roberto Mancini and Claudio Ranieri by winning a Premier League title as manager.

The Blues’ boss told Chelsea’s official website: “Every coach is different, I looked at the past and saw many Italian managers won the title in England which is great for us, and for our school, but the country from where you arrive is not important”.

“In England now there are top managers from different countries, and there are also really good English managers here”. 

Leicester City produced outstanding performances with a stunning season in the 2015/16 campaign, when Chelsea finished 10th on the league table. “Last season, I supported a lot Claudio Ranieri to win the title. – Conte admitted – In Italy, we celebrated this win in a great way. Claudio deserved it for his career. It’s right [for an Italian person] to have joy if an Italian manager can win the title in England, and also for example Carlo Ancelotti in Germany”.

“We have another coach that I know very well, Massimo Carrera, who is winning in Russia. Last season he worked with me as an assistant coach and now he is winning the title in Russia. It’s great. Every person must have joy for this result, and it’s logical to be proud of this”.

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Chelsea boss Antonio Conte spoke ahead of the Blues clash at Bournemouth, a crucial game in this season title race.
First of all, an injury update, with Victor Moses that seems recovered after missing the last two games for an injury:
“Moses he trained with us yesterday and today, I have to check the situation to value, he is available.”
Speaking about tomorrow’s clash, the Italian coach said:
“Tomorrow for us is a great challenge, because it was not easy to play against Man City, a big game, and then [we must] play three days after in Bournemouth. I think we must pay great attention, if we think tomorrow is easy, we make a great mistake.
Conte was asked also about Nathan Ake, who played the first half of the season on loan to the Cherries and then came back to Stamford Bridge in January, barely getting playing time:
“I think this was the right decision because for us it’s important to have him in our squad, it’s important to check our players, we thought to stay in the squad he had the chance to show me and the club his capacities. It’s not easy when you arrive and you have ahead of you you got five really good central defenders. It’s right to give him this chance.
About the continuous rumours coming from Italy of a move to Inter for him next season, he said:
“I read this interview about Andrea Pastorello, not Federico Pastorello, I don’t know him and I don’t know why this person spoke for me, I stay here and this is the most important thing. I don’t like when another person speaks for me. I have two more years of contract with Chelsea.
“I don’t know why they link me to Inter, for the media it’s normal to put me in this situation, maybe they want me back in Italy.”
Steve Holland will leave Chelsea at the end of this season to join Gareth Southgate in England staff: rumours suggested that Italian football legend Andrea Pirlo could replace him, but Conte stated:
“In this period I am listening a lot of things. Andrea Pirlo is playing and he wants to continue to play. I don’t know why there are all these rumours, but I want to focus on the present, it’s more important than future now, I want to finish this season, hoping it will be a great season, not a good season.”
Speaking again of tomorrow’s clash, he said:
“First of all I think it’s important to get the 3 points and to reach our target, when we started the season our first target was to be back in Champions League. Chelsea must play there every season. We are talking with the club to try to have the best solutions for next season, but this one now it’s more important, we want to finish well, it has to become a great season, not just a good season.
It was rumoured that something happened between the two coaching staffs in the Stamford Bridge tunnel at the end of the Manchester City match last night, this is how Antonio Conte commented it:
“I didn’t see anything in the tunnel at the end of City’s game, I was in the changing room. It’s not important what happened in the tunnel, but what happened on the pitch, it was a great game.
“Respect is always important, it’s the most important thing in football, there is a winner, there is a loser, but both have to show respect for each other.”
Ex Chelsea and Leicester City manager Claudio Ranieri visited Cobham yesterday:
Claudio is a good friend and I was very pleased to see him in Cobham yesterday, we stayed together, we chatted. Of course I asked him something about last season, I hope to see him again this season.
“We’ve spoken about our experiences in England, his and mine, about the different way to train in England and Italy, He is a good friend and I wish for him the best in the future. I think he deserves another job, he’s ready to take it.
“Ranieri my next assistant manager? He is a top manager, I can become his assistant…He is a top manager, top coach, I wish for him the best, I hope he finds a new job.
Asked if it would be an advantage to play tomorrow already knowing Tottenham’s result, he said:
“I don’t think it’s an advantage because you always have pressure if they win, but even if they lose or draw the pressure it’s the same. I think we have to look to ourselves, not the others, Spurs results are important but ours are more important.
This title race is open, now I can see two teams, Chelsea and Spurs, in this race, anything can happen because there are 24 points and other rivals can enter the race again.”
Speaking about the importance of some players in his team, he said:
Eden Hazard and Diego Costa are very important players for us, that’s sure, but I count on the team and we have very good players in the team.
Conte was also asked if Moses’ absence in the last two games changed something in the team balance:
“He showed to be an important player for us, but in the last two games we showed we can play also without him, we showed in the past we can play without any other important players. We are a team, we cannot rely on single players, because then if you miss them you are in trouble, a team must be ready to find the right solution, also when important players are missing.
I am pleased when other players come in and perform well, it means that every single player got our idea of football. I train all my 20 players in the same way, players must be reliable to play in this way. Zouma played a great game, he showed great commitment and to have understood our idea of football.”

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Speaking in an exclusive interview for France Football former Chelsea manager José Mourinho claimed that football is becoming crazy and that players and managers have to deal with huge amount of pressure also because of financial interests that involve any club:

“Everyone is under pressure,” the current Manchester United boss claimed.

“The media scrutiny is so enormous that even in a historic situation, that of Claudio Ranieri at Leicester, you find yourself sacked six months after winning the title. 

“That is why, for me, all the stages of the process are important. The first was to put the fans in harmony with the team, which was not the case in the last two years.”

When asked what qualities a manager needs to survive in the current football climate, the Portuguese coach said:

“Taking into account the human qualities, techniques and tactics, leadership, I think that the most important quality for a manager in this multifunctional job is to know how to deal with pressure, meaning in the current environment where football is a passion for normal people, but for others, it is an industry.

“Even in this country, which is home to tradition and stability, everything is in the process of becoming screwed up. The clubs are owned by foreign investors, no longer by traditional English people with the policies that came with that. 

“Last season, I was sacked by Chelsea six months after becoming champion. The same of Ranieri this season with Leicester. This job is becoming crazy!

“For Ranieri, I think it was the success which was impossible to duplicate. He did something that he could not repeat. And people in the club were not loyal enough to understand that. 

“It seemed obvious that, this season, they were going to find themselves in this situation. They did not understand that. They sacrificed their magician.”

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Guus Hiddink during last year's spell at Chelsea © Francesca Ceciarini

Leicester City are looking for a new mananger after sacking Claudio Ranieri last week and the new Foxes coach could be another former Blues: Guus Hiddink.

The Dutchman guided Chelsea in two occasions: in 2009, after Felipe Scolari was sacked, and last season after José Mourinho got the boot, winning the FA Cup in his first spell at Stamford Bridge:

“I think Leicester has done very well by going with the assistant manager after Ranieri’s dismissal. They proved themselves against Liverpool. I have no had contact with Leicester,” Hiddink told to Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf.

“I have so much love for football that I do not exclude it. I never go to a club for several years, but I think it’s great to be working with young people.”

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In the last few days a lot of players and managers spoke about Claudio Ranieri and his sacking by Leicester.

After Antonio Conte and David Luiz, another Chelsea player now praises the former Foxes’ manager: “Big thanks with emotion to M. Ranieri for all he has achieved: for the club, for the fans and for me. N’Golo #Ranieri” – N’Golo Kante wrote on his Twitter account.

The Blues’ midfielder played for Leicester and Ranieri last season and won the first Premier League in the club’s history before signing with Chelsea in the summer tranfer window.

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Chelsea captain John Terry expressed his support to former Blues boss Claudio Ranieri, who was sacked by Leicester City yesterday, only ten months after winning a shocking Premier League title with the same club.

The Blues skipper wrote on his Instagram account:

Absolutely gutted for Claudio. A great Man, Manager and Friend

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Roberto Mancini won the league with Manchester City in 2012 and was sacked in 2013, José Mourinho won the league in 2015 with Chelsea and was sacked six months later, Claudio Ranieri won an incredible title with Leicester City in 2016 and was sacked ten months later: now Antonio Conte got good chances to win the Premier League title with Chelsea, since the Italian manager is 8 points clear of the team sitting in the second place ( Man City) with 13 games to go.

Manchester United legend Gary Neville joked about this on his Twitter account and wrote:

Winning the Premier League, the ‘new Poisoned Chalice’…Conte sacked next season!!

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