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Speaking to Calciomercato.com Emerson Palmieri‘s agent Fernando Garcia confirms Chelsea and As Roma are trying to reach a deal for the player’s move to Stamford Bridge in this January transfer window.

“There is still nothing certain, we are in the period of discussions and evaluations”. Garcia said. “Of course yes [Chelsea are interested], absolutely.
Now the two clubs are talking, we’ll see if they are successful.”

A major factor could also be the fact that Emerson Palmieri would love to play under Chelsea’s manager Antonio Conte:  “Obviously yes, it would be a dream”. Garcia confirmed. “Conte is a top coach, one of the best and most successful coaches in the world.”

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The Conte v Mourinho feud has probably come to an end: the Manchester United boss claimed today he now regards his bitter feud with the Chelsea manager with “contempt”:

“I think when a person insults another, you can expect a response or you can expect contempt, silence,” Mourinho told the press today.

“The first time he insulted me I had a response, a response that I know touched the point where he really feels hurt.

“Then he insulted me for a second time, but now I change, and now there is contempt and for me, contempt means end of the story.”

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The war between two coaches that made history at Chelsea, Antonio Conte and José Mourinho, is still on.

After the Manchester United manager claimed he doesn’t have to act as a clown on the touchline to show his passion and commitment to his team:

Because I don’t behave as a clown on the touchline it means I lost my passion? I prefer to do the way I do it. Much more mature, better for my team and myself.

“You don’t have to behave like a crazy guy on the touchline. The way a person is dedicated to his work, not what you do in front of the cameras.”

Many thoughts the Portuguese coach took a dig at the Italian one with his “clown” comments and Conte’s reply was ready today:

“Mourinho has to see himself in the past,” the Blues manager started.

“Maybe he was speaking about himself in the past, maybe sometimes people forget what they did, maybe he’s got something like dementia,” he concluded.

A very strong statement that will probably have further effects.

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Chelsea boss Antonio Conte complaints about his club’s activity on transfer market, claiming he rarely get the players he wishes for:

“I always ended up at clubs who were running an austerity programme,” he said speaking also the past experiences of his coach career.

“I just try to do my work. If someone arrives, good; if they don’t, then that’s fine too. I have to continue my work, either way.”

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Chelsea boss Antonio Conte spoke ahead of tomorrow’s clash against Stoke, claiming there are no fresh injuries:

No, no news,all the players are available, the same of the last games,” the Italian tactician said.

“Musonda and David Luiz are improving and I think their recover is very close, for sure against Norwich they will be available.

“I guess tomorrow it will be a very difficult game against Stoke City, last season in the same period we suffered a lot to beat them at home, I remember that match very well.

“We have to go game by game, it’s normal when we have to play every two days, I have to make rotations. I give all my players the same credit. I trust all of them, it doesn’t matter if there are some changes in the starting XI.”

About the competition to finish in the Premier League top 4, he said:

“I think it’s always successful to finish in the top 4 in this league, there are six teams fighting for the title and there are just 4 spots for Champions League and 2 for Europa League, it’s normal when your competitor is doing so well, like Manchester City, it’s tough to fight for the title. But to do it for our fans and to improve our work.”

Thibaut Courtois, whose deal with Chelsea will expire in summer 2019, hasn’t renewed his contract with the Blues yet:

“He’s got a contract also for next season with Chelsea,” Conte said.

“He’s one of the best goalkeepers in the world and my staff and I are proud to have him as keeper, we’re proud to create this synergy with the 3 goalkeeper, I am very happy to have them, I hope to keep them for the next season.

“As you know very well there is a private conversation between the agent and the club, of course I hope he will stay, he is a very good goalkeeper and a very good guy.

“For sure when you are in a great club, a great project, you want to stay, I guess the family is not a big issue, there are private conversation among club, agents and players and of course I will be very happy if he will stay with us, with this great synergy also with the other goalkeepers and the goalkeeper coach.”

Eden Hazard is in the same situation and it is believed he rejected a new contract with Chelsea:

“My answer is always the same, this is a private conversation among club, agents and player. I can say the same I just said for Eden, I am proud to have him in my squad, I am very happy to work with him, he’s a really good guy, he’s space to improve but I repeat the club and agents take care of this.”

And about him staying at Chelsea next season and the upcoming transfer window, Conte said:

“I am very happy to stay here and to work with these players, I guess the transfer market and this window can be important if we are able to bring the right players. I am a coach, I have to work with my players, the club take care of th transfer market, they will decide if they have to improve the team.

“You’re talking about two important players for us, for sure it will be very important to continue with this kind of players, it’s very important to improve your team, not to sell your best players.”

On the Premier League Christmas period schedule, he said:

“Personally I am very happy to stay here, to work here, to have this time of Christmas period, I think is great not only for me but also for the players, there is a fantastic atmosphere, but I would like after this period to have a little period of rest, it would be important to have a little rest for everyone in England to prepare for the final rush, after this busy period to play after three days is tough, you pay it later, when the Champions League restart, it’s difficult to play after this period.”

About Baba Rahman, who is recovering from a bad ACL injury, he said:

This player is coming from a bad injury, he’s struggling a bit to recover his best form.

“I don’t know what will happen with Baba, under the human aspect I would like to give an opportunity to come back stronger, now he’s facing recovery, he is showing a great patience because he’s struggling a lot, I would be happy to give him a chance, because there is not just the player, there is also the human aspect.”

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Chelsea boss Antonio Conte commented the Boxing Day win over Brighton with these words:

“In the first half we had the right chances to score but didn’t take them,” the Italian coach said.

For this reason it becomes difficult because your opponent stays with 10 players behind the ball.

“In the second half we settled very well and created many chances. It was a good performance with good intensity.

“It’s the same performance against Everton, against them we showed 25 times we had shots on goal but today we scored twice. We are in a good moment of form and just continue this way.”

Speaking about title race he claimed:

“This season is different to last season. Last season a lot of times we won games and were a bit lucky, like against West Brom here, Sunderland. This season sometimes we could have more luck.

“We have great respect for Manchester City because they are doing an extraordinary thing.”

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Chelsea boss Antonio Conte admitted his side was a little lucky to get three points against Southampton today: despite having the control for a large part of the game the Blues risked to conceed the equaliser in the last minutes of the clash:

“When you do not score the second goal, you have to suffer,” Conte told Sky Sports News afterwards.

“You are afraid at every corner and free kick and the opponent has the chance to draw. We dominated the game, shooting 24 times, hitting the post and we needed to score the second goal to be relaxed.

“We had a lot of chances but the goalkeeper Fraser Forster was good. We have to be happy with the performance and the clean sheet.

“If you shoot only twice and score two goals, you must be worried. We had lots of shots but we must be more accurate in our finishing.

“In the last 10 games, we have won eight, drawn one and lost one. This is our run, you have to consider last 10 games, not just two. It shows we are doing our job.”


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Antonio Conte was satisfied for other three points in the sack against Southampton but he admitted it was not an easy win:

“A good win. Yesterday I said we have to pay great attention to Southampton because they are a great team. I am happy because my players played a good game.

“I hope after this something can change. To book the goalkeeper early is important as the game becomes faster.

“It’s very difficult. Man City are doing a fantastic run, in this run they are also lucky, against Southampton, Bournemouth and Huddersfield they scored in the last minutes.

“Alonso is a specialist in this situation. Willian and Fabregas are also very good. Today I am very happy for Marco.”

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Speaking ahead Premier League clash against Southampton Chelsea boss Antonio Conte warned his players to not lose more points in order to remain in the title race and be able to stay attached to Manchester United, who sit second in the table with three more points:

“To me tomorrow is a tough game for us,” the Italian tactician explained during his press conference today.

Southampton are a good team with a lot of talent, I would have preferred them to win against Leicester instead of losing that way, we must pay great attention because they are very strong, fast and play very well in counter-attack. [They got] lot of good players like Charlie Austin, Dusan Tadic, Shane Long….I have a feeling we will suffer tomorrow.

“If you don’t pay attention you can drop points also against West Ham, like we did this season, we dropped points against Crystal Palace, that at that time was at the bottom of the table, I am bit surprised to find Southampton in this position, because their potential is bigger than this.”

Speaking about Manchester City, who are absolute leaders of the Premier League and have got 14 more points, Conte claimed:

“Man City is not a surprise for me, but maybe also for you, at the start of the season all people said this league was for two contenders, the Manchester sides, they did a great transfer market. Man City is building a strong team to lead in Europe and in the world, not only in England.

“We must pay great attention because they are a really good team, when you have a 15 wins in a row run you must be also lucky, in many games they had last minute winners, we are tying to find a solution to contend the title, also Man United, Spurs, Liverpool and Arsenal have to do this.

“Time is moving on and they are continuing to win, we must be realistic because in the last nine games we won seven and drew one, against Liverpool, to maintain a 14 points gap….we must go game by game, we have to look at ourselves. When you play at home and you have a bad defeat like they did against Leicester there is a great attention from the players and the coach because you don’t want a bad run, Man City won against them only at 96′.”

The Italian boss also spoke about his two “number 9” strikers, Michy Batshuayi and Alvaro Morata:

Michy Batshuayi is part of my squad. He was out for three weeks because he had a problem in his ankle and struggled a bit to get the best physical condition, now he’s in a good form, if you compare to last season he is playing, only when he was injured he didn’t play, he started in the Community Shield, I am trying to take the best decisions for my team.

On Morata:

“He’s better, he trains with us, he’s been training with us for two days, he’s in contention for this game.”

To people comparing the Spaniard to Chelsea legend Didier Drogba, Conte replied:

I think they are two different players, they got different characteristics, Drogba wrote the history of this club, he was also very continue in his playing, I guess he was more powerful than Alvaro.

“Morata has a lot of space to grow, he’s physically strong and he’s a technical player as well.”

Speaking about David Luiz, who has been out of the squad for more than one month- apparently for a knee injury- Conte said:

“He’s got a big inflammation in his knee and we’re trying to solve this issue with the doctors, but I don’t know when he is able to come back with us, the medical department is trying to solve this.

“He’s working apart, the last days he was working in the swimming-pool, today he was on the pitch to run but he could do that very slowly.

“Every player is frustrated when he doesn’t play, especially when you got an injury, every player wants to take part to training sessions, they want the coach to have issues for his choices.

“Of course it’s frustrating because you cannot be in contention for the competition.”

Conte, anyway, revealed that – apart from Luiz- he’s got no other injuries for tomorrow’s clash against Southampton.

The Blues boss concluded speaking about next January transfer window:

“I think is right to have a meeting with the club about January transfer market, I stay here to work, I am a coach, for this issue you have to speak with the club.

“As you know really well I can give my opinion to my club, but last word is theirs, I have to respect every decision of my club, this is very clear.”



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Despite a good win at Huddersfield Town tonight Chelsea boss Antonio Conte still believes is side cannot challenge in this season title race: the gap from Manchester City is too tough to reduce, as the Italian manager stated again after the game:

“We have 14 points less than Manchester City. They have won 15 and drew 1. In 17 games we lost four games, when you have a competitor like Manchester City that is winning it is very difficult to think you can win the title, it’s bullshit, bullshit. I would rather tell the truth than a good lie. Sometimes I can be too honest, I like to speak to the players and fans.

“It doesn’t mean that we are not going to try to catch them. This league is very difficult and to drop points. When you have a team that have 16 games and 15 wins and draw one game it is not simple to think in a positive. In the last 9 games we won seven games, drew and lost one games but despite this we are now 11 points and they play tomorrow so the distance might be 14 points.

“They are having a fantastic path but we must go game by game, there are six teams to fight for the title and the Champions League and we have to look to improve and have this type of game and I enjoyed to watch them play like this.”


Chelsea are keen to land both striker Edin Dzeko and full-back Emerson Palmieri to Stamford Bridge, and look set to place a €50m bid,...