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Chelsea manager José Mourinho © Francesca Ceciarini

Chelsea manager José Mourinho also spoke in press conference after WBA 3-0 defeat.

His analysis of the game:

“This is a consequence of being champions so early.

“The ideal scenario is to be champions and to not play again – go home, have holidays and not play again.

“When you have three more matches to play, what has happened to Bayern Munich can happen – lose three in three – and what is happening to us can happen, one point in two matches.

“I don’t blame the players. When you play since August in the top of your motivation, concentration, commitment, feeling every three days the pressure to win and get the result, and then you are champions, you breathe and everything changes. It’s difficult to play at that level.

“Let’s blame the players a little bit, let’s blame myself, and let’s blame the top contenders for the title because they were not good enough to fight with us until the end. If today we needed this game to be champions, I am not saying we would win, but I am saying we would compete at a higher level to win.

On Cesc Fabregas’ red card he said:

“I have never seen a sending off like it. I would like to see it again. What is this for a sending off? Where is the danger of the situation? Where is the aggression?

“To get a red card in almost a friendly game, I really don’t understand it. I think Fletcher was aggressive, yes, he pushed in the chest, yes, because he is experienced and he knows what he can do for a yellow card. It was much more aggressive than what Fabregas did.

“For me a top referee in control of the game goes there, says two or three words, pulls the ears, and it’s done. It’s a bizarre red card. A three-game ban for this? Of course it’s harsh.”

Mourinho also praised tonight’s winners, West Brom:

“Congratulations to West Brom for their season. I’m happy to be back here next year. Congratulations for the three points and let’s go home.”

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Speaking to Sky Sports after the game Chelsea boss José Mourinho gave his vision of the WBA game: despite the defeat, the Portuguese manager didn’t seem particularly disappointed:

“[The result] is not a big surprise for me: I know the players, I know myself, I know the nature of the game, I know what normally happens when a team are champions with some games in hand to play,  Bayern Munich also lost three games in the league, this is just an example, when you’re champions so early is difficult to keep the motivation high, we have lots of injuries , we have players we’re protecting for not having any risk…motivation is not so high, the intensity is not so high, and when you lose that salt and pepper of the competition is difficult to compete at the highest level”

“The result could be different, I think 3-0 doesn’t reflect [what happened] every shot was a goal, we hit the post, Myhill made a couple of good saves…the result could be different, but to be fair football is to be played at maximum intensity, maximum concentration and in our situation is not easy to do that”

“The  major turning point of the game was a bit of everything [Berahino early goal and Fabregas red card] but maybe we started the game already losing because we you don’t compete…when you’re not ready to compete you lose qualities individually and collectively”

“I cannot be critic with my players because to be fair it was also my mentality, I cannot blame them without blaming myself because the ideal scenario is to be champions and go home and don’t play again, so if we have to blame somebody we have to blame Man City, Man United, Arsenal and Liverpool because they let us win the title so early and because we have to play these last three matches and this can happen; but in the last match, if other teams are waiting for us…if Sunderland needs the game, if Hull City needs the game, if Newcastle needs the game I think we’re going to fill that responsibility and hopefully we can perform different that today”

“The red card episode…you know…The referees have big experience, [are] stable, [got] a big personality, [got] big control of the game, I think that especially in a game where you play for nothing, especially when it was nothing special, it was just…a ball, with no any aggressivity, nothing…I think one of the top referees would resolve the problem with words, but the referee decided to give a red card which I disagree completely but he is the referee”

“Diego temperament? You have to speak more about the opponents than about himself, I keep saying the same: if you see what the opponents did to him from the first minute I think is easy to understand that there are other people to blame”

“Is he a marked man? It depends on the referee: if the referee wants to protect the talent and punish the bully is easy for him“.

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Speaking to the Evening Standard after Liverpool game Chelsea defender Branislav Ivanovic stated that is unbelievable that Mourinho has not got any recognition so far for this season:

“There is not even a question over who the best manager is this season: most of the games, when you study them, every single one he was important.

“I don’t know how that [not winning Manager of the Month] happened. But it doesn’t matter if he won one or not, for sure he is the best manager this season.

“For us, from the club, all the supporters think he should get the Manager of the Year award. We are 11 points clear and we won the League. There is no question he should get it. It’s the normal thing that should happen”

“We as players are all so happy and appreciate the fact we get to work with a manager like him”

“He’s developed our squad and changed the mentality. He has done a lot of things for two years and this year really is the best”.

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Petr Cech can leave Chelsea after eleven years this summer

Chelsea goalkeeper Petr Cech can leave the club this summer after eleven wonderful years of service to the Blues.

The Czech player spoke about his future to the London Evening Standard, stating

“I have no plans yet and as soon as the season is over, I’ll look to the future and just see what I want to decide. I feel that I’m fit and ready to play and I don’t want to lose time on the bench”

“It was a very different season to before and I had a completely different role to what I used to have and I had to find a way to go through the year”

“Obviously we have games where we need to be always ready and every player, you want to play as much as possible, so my year was different to previous years. I had to find my way through”.

Many teams are interested in Cech, that also said he prefers a club playing in the Champions League: Arsenal, PSG, Roma and Inter are in pole position to sign the Blues legend in the next months.

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Chelsea legend and captain John Terry © Francesca Ceciarini

Speaking to Chelsea TV after the game, Chelsea captain John Terry analysed the game against Arsenal, where he had a stunning performance:

It was a really big point, stepping in the right direction, we’re where we wanted to be after today’s result”

“They’re a good side, they made it difficult for us but we defended well, we attacked well, we performed wisely, I think it’s up there with the best”

Terry also reflects on the words of manager Jose Mourinho, who praised his captain’s performance saying it was one of his best performances in a Chelsea shirt:

“Yes, I felt good, it’s funny because before the game I havent’ felt so good, I was kind of sicky…delighted because firstly I got through the game, secondly for the result, I think the game was not good just for myself, I think collectively [we were good]: Thibaut [Courtois] lighted on, Cesar [Azpilicueta] has been different class, everyone, literally everyone, they all dug deep, it was a great performance by everyone.

“The mindset coming in, I think you could see by the set up, was not To defend like we did in the Manchester United game. I think we came here to hit them on the counter attack, to open them up a little bit.

“The first half was a little bit too much end-to-end than what we would of liked, but we got a lot more possession and were a lot more comfortable.

“The main thing coming here today was not losing, or giving them a chance or hope that there’s belief in their dressing room, so hopefully we have taken the wind out of their sails today and deflated them a little bit. Two games and we’re there, we’re almost there but it’s a tough game on Wednesday.”

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Cesc Fabregas
Cesc Fabregas had a great first season at Chelsea © Francesca Ceciarini

Speaking to Chelsea official website after Manchester United clash Cesc Fabregas analysed the game and also spoke about the upcoming games against Arsenal and Leicester, that can give the title to Chelsea in case two wins will arrive.

MANCHESTER UNITED – “We had to put someone on Fellaini, especially for the long balls, so yes our style changed, I thought Zouma did extremely well”

“I think his future is as a centre-back but he can do the job very well in central midfield when it’s needed. He played very well against Spurs in the final of the Capital One Cup, he played well against West Ham away and again this weekend. He’s a top, top boy. He wants to learn, he wants to play”

“If I played there normally I would struggle a bit more to deal with long balls and the physical aspect of the game. That’s why Mourinho is who he is and has won what he has won. The plan worked very well”

“It was a good performance and a good win. When you win it’s always a job well done, especially against Man United. We know we couldn’t afford to lose because they are behind us and we didn’t want to give them hope”

ARSENAL – “It’s massive. We are level on games now, we are 10 points in front and we don’t want to give them hope to put pressure on us. We have to put in a good performance because we know the Emirates is always a difficult place to go”

PREMIER LEAGUE TITLE – “We just want to win it. The sooner, the better”

“We want to give satisfaction to the supporters. It’s been five years for them without winning the Premier League title; for me it’s been 27 years so I’d love to win it as soon as possible”.

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Eden Hazard © Francesca Ceciarini

Eden Hazard looked back after the important win over Manchester United, in an interview with Chelsea TV. The Belgian’s eighth goal of the season gave the Blues  three vital points in the all-but-finished title race:

“When you win this game it is very important for the rest of the season.

It is always good to win against Manchester United at Stamford Bridgeand we are close to finishing the season and winning the trophy but it has not finished, we have to win two or three more games.

It is close but it is not finished and when you play in the Premier League it is very difficult, and you never know in football.

“It is always good when you score at Stamford Bridge, and against Man United it is very good when the goal gives three points for the team.

“It is my job. I try to score, I try to make assists and to create something for the team and in this game I did it very well, but we realise it is not finished.”

Hazard also praised Kurt Zouma, who did a great job in the middle of the pitch despite usually plying his trade in the back four:

“He is very young, he is very strong and he is very important when he plays as a central defender or in midfield. He played very well and we deserved to win. This guy deserves to be one of the best.”

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Mourinho Van Gaal Old Trafford 2014
Mourinho and Van Gaal at Old Trafford in October 2014 © Francesca Ceciarini

Here is Jose Mourinho’s press conference ahead of Manchester United clash at Stamford Bridge.

To play Man United is to play against one of the best club in the world and against one of the best teams on the PL: it’s what everybody wants and this week I don’t need to motivate my players, it’s an easy job.

“It’s hard to have always the same motivation, the same ambitions…but the reality is these matches are the easy ones, those are the games everybody likes.

“For me chances are 50/50.

Diego Costa is progressing very well and I think he got a chance for the next weekend, our target was Diego to play the last four matches, Arsenal is the sixth match before the end, so if he doesn’t play there is ok…now he’s training alone, in the next week he will train with the rest of the squad.

Hazard is very consistent: one thing is to have talent, but not everyone is able to bring talent to the game, and in my opinion he’s very consistent. He wants to win the Premier League, not the PFA or something like that, but if we win the League and in the top of that he wins also the PFA is good, especially if the award it’s something that comes from fellow players.

“Who is the Manager of the Year for me? I don’t know. Can I win it? I’m the last one who can win it, I never one the Manager of the Month so how I can win the Manager of the Year.

Van Gaal is a very good coach, a very good friend. I don’t know where is he going, the only thing I know is not going to Chelsea for sure, he told me personally, so I’m calm.

Top of the League since day one [I think] is something that people in this country doesn’t like: I think everybody here would like a scenario like the Championship, where you don’t know who will be promoted or will play the playoffs and there are six-seven teams involved, I know this would be the ideal one but we’re trying to do everything to be champions.

“Tomorrow at 7.30 we know the difference between us and Man United, I don’t like the ‘what if’.

I want to win, it’s the way I approach the game.

“Every week when I enter my office in the beginning of the week I have a panel with the squad of the next game…this week I entered and it’s when I realized their squad is amazing in numbers, experience, solutions...it’s amazing. This week when I looked at their squad I realized what they have, they’re good in every section, even in the defense where they have some injuries, but I know Van Gaal very well and I know he’s fantastic in developing kids, and he gave them a lot of space.

“I went to QPR with Drogba and no strikers of the bench, and we had to cope with injuries and suspensions, I don’t forget when you decided the players that had to be suspended- and I know Van Gaal very well, he knows we have a great squad.

“I consider Van Gaal a very very big friend, despite we went to work in different countries  this feeling of being big friends never changed.

They’re fighting for the title, it’s the feeling they have, the feeling their players have…they’re already fighting for the title.”

About Cuadrado: “It’s different to play in Italy and England, it’s different to play for Fiorentina or for Chelsea, a players needs time, I will give him time…the pressure is different…step by step he will have his time. I think he can have a fantastic season next season”

“The safest option [to win the League] is to win and make 11 points.

I have no thoughts about Mata coming back to Stamford Bridge, or my thoughts don’t count: he’s a very correct boy, top professional…everybody in this club have a nice opinion about him, he gave a lot to this club and wished him luck when he left.

What is in my mind is how to win 3 points tomorrow: we know it’s difficult, after the result you will see what happen. We try to think match after match.

Oscar will stay at Chelsea next season, of course. He just signed a contract, two months ago, he’s 23 and he’s in the best period of his career, obviously we don’t want to sell him.

Bamford is a Middlesbrough player until the end of the season, and all this season is very important for his development, it’s the only thing that matters.”


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Chelsea U19 manager Adi Viveash expressed his immense joy and pride after he saw his side win the UEFA Youth League, the most prestigious trophy in Europe for academy sides, after the 3-2 victory over Shakthar Donetsk yesterday.

An Izzy Brown brace and Dominic Solanke goal was enough to claim the win, with the Young Blues showing huge talent. Viveash said:

“We started the game brilliantly and scored a great early goal through Izzy but then we took our foot off the gas a little and you can’t afford to do that against teams of this quality. Shakhtar then stepped up their game and got a justified equaliser but we did respond well with another strong spell before half-time.

‘We started the second half in the same improved way we did against Roma [in the semi-final] and worked the ball a lot better, scoring two more good goals early on. We dominated the second half and Shakhtar struggled to handle us but then so has every other team we’ve played which is why, when we’re on form, we’re the best.

We’ve scored 36 goals and conceded six in 10 games in the competition and that’s an amazing achievement.

The Chelsea side also won 4-0 against Roma in the semi-final, as well as beating Athletico Madrid, Zenit, Sporting Lisbon and other sides on their journey to lift the trophy.

Their manager went on to say: “It was almost a faultless performance today from a group of young players and we’re the first English team to win this competition now, which is something that nobody can take away from us. The group have really stuck together, regrouped after the Schalke defeat in the group stage and came strong again.”

Viveash amditted that the support from players’ families and Academy staff in the crowd made a big difference and claimed that it was difficult to control his emotions when presented with the trophy after the game.

“Their support means so much to us. Going up those steps and seeing all those faces here nearly got to me and I found it a little bit difficult emotionally.

“I’ve been here eight years now and I took some of these players as Under-12s so for us to win an Under-19 Champions League competition is a wonderful achievement. The whole club should be immensely proud of them.”

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Nemanja Matic shared his thoughts on QPR game with Chelsea FC official website, admitting the clash was very tough:

“It was very difficult and QPR played a good game. It was difficult on a small pitch to control and to play our game but all the players gave our best and fought for every ball and I think we deserved that in the end. Cesc showed us that he is very important for us and is going to be important in the last seven games”

“QPR fought for every ball because they need to to stay in the Premier League and we expected a very hard game, and in the end it was with 1-0 so we are very happy with an important three points to keep seven points in front of Arsenal”

Matic then spoke about the upcoming games against Man United and Arsenal, probably the best teams in the Premier League in this moment, a victory against them can put Chelsea closer to the title:

‘If we win of course and we are ready to compete with them and we know it is going to be difficult. We have seven games left and we have to win four to win the title and I think we can do it to keep this distance”.


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