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Chelsea manager José Mourinho © Francesca Ceciarini

Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho said congratulated Arsenal on their Community Shield Final success after slipping to a 1-0 defeat at Wembley. 

However, the Blues manager said that there were several points to take from a feisty encounter:

For me it depends on the perspective,” the Portuguese said.

“Normally the media like to say a team that is defensive and defends very well doesn’t deserve to win.

“But I also have my opinion, different from your opinion. My opinion is the team that defends very well, that leaves their philosophy in the dressing room, changes their attitude, plays all the second half with nine players in front of the box, doesn’t concede and scores one goal, from that perspective they deserve to win.

“This is football. This is very good tactical organisation. Congratulations to them.”

Mourinho did however acknowledge that his team are not up to full speed just yet, with the Blues still competing in the International Champions Cup in America amid tough pre-season fitness preparation.

I expected the lack of sharpness.

It’s normal. Some players like Falcao started a week ago. The others have had two weeks and half of this week. The pitch was a disaster, so slow, the weather didn’t help too but it was the same for both teams so no excuses. I know Arsenal also like a good, fast pitch.”

One team played counter-attack football well. One team played with initiative well but without the sharpness you need to be more aggressive with the ball.

“The team tactically tried everything.”

The defeat marked Arsene Wenger’s first ever victory over his Chelsea counterpart at the 14th attempt.

However, the pair snubbed eachother’s handshake at full time, maintaining the frosty relationship between the two. But, Mourinho has insisted that the record between himself and Wenger added no extra value to the defeat:

I never had a psychological edge.

“It’s not normal what happened before, and because it’s not normal I never paid attention to that. I always thought one game is one game and has no relation with other games. Thirteen matches is an eternity. It has never been a question of beating someone and losing to another one.”

New signing Radamel Falcao failed to make an impact on the game after coming on as a half-time substitute. His strike partner, Diego Costa was not involved at all, and the manager said he didn’t know if he would be available for the league opener next weekend, but has again insisted that the club’s striking options are by no means insufficient:

Two days ago he [Costa] was ready to play.

“When I told you two days ago he was ready to play he was ready to play. He trained normally on Friday and yesterday at the end of the training session he said he was not feeling good.”

“But Falcao will have had a bit more football, he will play against Fiorentina from the start. We have [Loic] Remy too, so if we don’t have Diego I am happy with the strikers I have.”

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Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho has vented his frustration after seeing his side slip to a 1-0 defeat to Arsenal in the Community Shield Final.

A superb long-range strike from Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain in the first half was enough to give the Gunners victory, which was Arsene Wenger’s first win over his Chelsea counterpart in 14 attempts.

After the game, Mourinho, who didn’t shake Wenger’s hand at full time, said that the scoreline didn’t reflect the game:

We were the best team.

“We had more initiative, we controlled the game by having ball possession. But when a team is behind, the energy and intensity to turn results around is more difficult because people are not sharp.

“Arsenal defended with 10 players, they put everybody in front of their own line and they had good organisation, congratulations to them. They had a couple of chances in counter attacks but we had ours in organised football. They played their game tactically and found themselves one goal in front without any reason, included players in the back and they did well.”

Mourinho also said that today’s game set the bar for the upcoming season, where the Blues will be looking to defend their title:

This season the Premier League title is very difficult but it is very difficult for everyone.

“The way other teams are spending they have big power in the hands while we are the same as last season. And with that we are going to try.”



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JOHN OBI MIKEL © Francesca Ceciarini

Chelsea midfielder John Mikel Obi was linked to many teams in this transfer window but he explained in an interview to the Blues official website that he would be glad to stay at Stamford Bridge:

I want to stay and the manager wants me to stay. I’ve got two years [on my contract] here and I’m happy.

I like to be somewhere where I have developed friends and family. It’s like my family here and every day I come to work it is like coming in to see my family. I know all the players and all the staff so it’s going to be a hard place to leave when my contract runs out but let’s see what happens. I want to see out my two years.

Mikel also spoke about NY Red Bulls game, where he started and played the first half leaving the team leading 1-0. Then in the second half the team huge lack of concentration led to a surprising 4-2 defeat for Chelsea:

Overall it was a pretty good warm-up game but not the result we hoped for,’ the Nigerian claims.

“We knew we needed to start the game well. I was in the dressing room having a shower at the beginning of the second half so I don’t know how we started but we obviously didn’t end the game well.

“We are here to work hard, and we are here to train hard leading to the Community Shield and to the league. I think we’re on the right course. That game was just a one-off game and we know we need to go back to training, buckle up and know the season is starting soon.

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Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho was relieved after the win against Maccabi Tel Aviv © Francesca Ceciarini

During the post-match press conference, Jose Mourinho has stated again that he is not looking to make further signings during the summer transfer window.

The Blues have started their pre-season tour with a surprising 4-2 defeat to the New York Red Bulls. However, the Special One does not seem to worry too much about Chelsea false start.

Mourinho pointed out on the fact that his team don’t have weak points, so that there is no need to make further signings.

Jose Mourinho said during the post-match press conference :

“We play 10 times against Red Bull, we win nine but I’m not worried.”

“We started training six days ago – we did 11 training sessions in six days.”

“We don’t need other players – we trust these players, these players are good. ”

“You are speaking with the manager of the best team in England – we don’t have fragilities,”

“We don’t have fragilities – we are a top team, we have top players. ”




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Even though Chelsea lost against New York Red Bull 4-2 in the friendly match with Asmir Begovic as goalkeeper, which who conceded the four goals, José Mourinho wants give  him another chance.

The goal weren’t all Begovic’s fualt, but Mourinho thinks Begovic is still a good player and deserves another chance to show his signing by the Blues was not wrong.

In fact, the ex Stoke City goalkeeper will be a starter in the next match against French giants Paris St Germain. The match is going to be played next Saturday night in Charlotte, USA.

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Asmir Begovic

Asmir Begovic didn’t start his adventure at Chelsea very well, collecting four goals in 45 minutes in awful second half the Blues played against NY Red Bulls.

The Bosnian goalkeeper, that the Blues just signed from Stoke City to replace Petr Cech, did a bunch of mistakes in two of the four goals, and his reactions didn’t seem so sharp on the Americans’ shots.

Chelsea manager José Mourinho spent nice words on him in his post-match press conference to highlight they were just episodes, due to tiredness, and to explain he doesn’t regret his signing:

He was very tired, the same as Courtois. When the goalkeepers are very tired the coordination is low, the agility doesn’t exist, and the speed of reaction doesn’t exist. Courtois made a mistake in the first half with the ball at his feet.

“Begovic in the second half was not sharp in his reactions but it’s a consequence of being tired from training. I’m so happy to have him and in the next game against PSG he will start. He will play the first half. There’s no problem, it’s just a process“.

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Chelsea manager José Mourinho spoke to the press after the Blues were defeated 4-2 in New Jersey by NY Red Bulls in their first appearance of the new season:

They gave us a good training session. If we came here and won 10-0 I would not be happy because it would mean it was too easy. We needed the game they gave us.

Obviously we needed to play better than we did in the second half defensively, and there were also too many missed chances, but the intention of pre-season matches is to play, to run, to bring intensity back, so no problem. We are a top team, we have top players. We only started training six days ago.

“The kids that played for Red Bulls were very good opponents for us: sharp, quick, fast, and highly motivated. I believe they were so happy to play against Chelsea.

“They gave us a good match, maybe better than they should, but a very good match! They are not going to forget they beat Chelsea, even if it was pre-season.

Mourinho also spoke about Bertrand Traore and Victor Moses, two players that spent the last season on loan and that started the game last night:

“He’s 19, he’s a kid,” he said about Traore.

“He was in Africa, then Vitesse, and now he’s at Chelsea. He’s not going on loan. We want to keep him and improve him. With the ball he has a lot of talent. Sometimes he didn’t always make the best decisions, but this is absolutely normal. He’s a good kid, a good talent, and I repeat he’s not going on loan

Victor is strong, he’s experienced and he knows the Premier League well,’ Mourinho said about Moses.

He’s fast and aggressive. Okay, he has to learn how to play with us but I’m happy with his week and his 45 minutes. Let’s see what happens but Victor had an evolution in the last couple of years.

On Asmir Begovic, the new goalkeeper that made a couple of mistakes in two of the goal of NY Bulls, Mourinho said:

He was very tired, the same as Courtois. When the goalkeepers are very tired the coordination is low, the agility doesn’t exist, and the speed of reaction doesn’t exist. Courtois made a mistake in the first half with the ball at his feet.

“Begovic in the second half was not sharp in his reactions but it’s a consequence of being tired from training. I’m so happy to have him and in the next game against PSG he will start. He will play the first half. There’s no problem, it’s just a process“.

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Chelsea manager José Mourinho © Francesca Ceciarini

Chelsea manager José Mourinho commented the 4-2 defeat with NY Red Bulls as soon as the game was over at Chelsea TV:

I know it was going to be difficult but the second half was too bad, even [if we were] tired even [if we did] ten [training sessions] in five days, it was too bad, too many mistakes.

“I’m happy with the preparation but I don’t like to lose, we lost and we did in a bad way because the second half was really bad.

“In the next games with Barcelona and PSG I expect, of course, more quality than these guys in NY Red Bull but, at the same time, they are also in pre-season like we are“.


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Speaking to Sky Sports after the game Chelsea boss José Mourinho gave his vision of the WBA game: despite the defeat, the Portuguese manager didn’t seem particularly disappointed:

“[The result] is not a big surprise for me: I know the players, I know myself, I know the nature of the game, I know what normally happens when a team are champions with some games in hand to play,  Bayern Munich also lost three games in the league, this is just an example, when you’re champions so early is difficult to keep the motivation high, we have lots of injuries , we have players we’re protecting for not having any risk…motivation is not so high, the intensity is not so high, and when you lose that salt and pepper of the competition is difficult to compete at the highest level”

“The result could be different, I think 3-0 doesn’t reflect [what happened] every shot was a goal, we hit the post, Myhill made a couple of good saves…the result could be different, but to be fair football is to be played at maximum intensity, maximum concentration and in our situation is not easy to do that”

“The  major turning point of the game was a bit of everything [Berahino early goal and Fabregas red card] but maybe we started the game already losing because we you don’t compete…when you’re not ready to compete you lose qualities individually and collectively”

“I cannot be critic with my players because to be fair it was also my mentality, I cannot blame them without blaming myself because the ideal scenario is to be champions and go home and don’t play again, so if we have to blame somebody we have to blame Man City, Man United, Arsenal and Liverpool because they let us win the title so early and because we have to play these last three matches and this can happen; but in the last match, if other teams are waiting for us…if Sunderland needs the game, if Hull City needs the game, if Newcastle needs the game I think we’re going to fill that responsibility and hopefully we can perform different that today”

“The red card episode…you know…The referees have big experience, [are] stable, [got] a big personality, [got] big control of the game, I think that especially in a game where you play for nothing, especially when it was nothing special, it was just…a ball, with no any aggressivity, nothing…I think one of the top referees would resolve the problem with words, but the referee decided to give a red card which I disagree completely but he is the referee”

“Diego temperament? You have to speak more about the opponents than about himself, I keep saying the same: if you see what the opponents did to him from the first minute I think is easy to understand that there are other people to blame”

“Is he a marked man? It depends on the referee: if the referee wants to protect the talent and punish the bully is easy for him“.

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Manchester United defender Chris Smalling

Manchester United defender Chris Smalling shared his feelings after the Red Devils’ defeat at Stamford Bridge with a Twitter post.

The defender revealed to feeling “gutted” after losing at Chelsea, a score that represented the end of United’s already slim title chances. The defender then paid tribute to the fans that followed his side during the game, defining them as “class”.

Here is his post:

Smalling’s tweet after defeat at Chelsea


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