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Speaking after the draw with West Ham Antonio Conte admitted his team have to work hard to solve this season issues that brought them to the current 5th place in the table, 10 points below the fourth spot and the Champions League qualification:

“How do I see this result? It is very difficult to explain it at all.

We dominated the game and created many, many chances to score but we didn’t and that explains our season.

“We have had good performances all season but you have to score.

“This is not the first time and we have to improve a lot. When you stay in this position in the table it means that you have a problem.

“At the end we are talking about a draw and not a win and it means that it is incredible.

“We must be frustrated, this is not the first time. We are in this position because we have wasted good chances to get three points.

“This is the truth. We have to improve, we must win this game. Instead we are talking about a draw.

“You need the desire to score a second goal, a third, a fourth.

“Top four? Top four? [laughs] I don’t know, I don’t know. We will try to do our best. We change, I don’t know what.”

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Chelsea slip 10 points down from Champions League spot after drawing 1-1 with West Ham at home.

The Blues took the lead at 36′ with Azpilicueta and seemed in control of the game but weren’t able to add more goals to the score.

Eventually, Chicharito Hernandez equalised at 73′, giving the Hammers also the chance to get the three points some minutes later.

With this disappointing result the qualification to the next Champions League and the confirmation of Blues boss Antonio Conte are further from Stamford Bridge.

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Speaking to BBC Sport Manchester City star Kevin de Bruyne described his relationship with José Mourinho when they both were at Chelsea in the end of 2013 as “distant”.

De Bruyne made just nine appearances during a two-year stint on the books at Chelsea before being sold to Wolfsburg in the January of 2014.

“I would say distant,” he told to BBC Sport’The Premier League Show about his relation with the Special One.

“I’m not really somebody who speaks a lot with coaches. I think if the coach wants to speak with you then you just do it.

“He’s the boss. You can be good with each other but still there’s a distance between a coach and a player.

“I only spoke with him twice. That was [firstly] when I wanted to leave for Borussia Dortmund at the beginning of the summer.”

De Bruyne and Mourinho will face again in the Manchester derby next weekend, with the Pep Guardiola‘s side that could secure the Premier League title with a win over the Red Devils.

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Chelsea full-back Marcos Alonso claims tomorrow’s derby against Spurs is a must-win game:

“It’s not over until it is mathematically impossible, but it would be very difficult for sure if we lost,” Alonso told British media speaking about getting a spot in the Premier League top four.

“It is definitely a must-win game. Here at Chelsea, we have to fight until the end for every target we can achieve, and next year we have to be in the Champions League. On Sunday, we have to get a win,” the Spain international added.

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Spurs star Dele Alli is confident about tomorrow’s clash at Stamford Bridge despite his side have been missing a win at Chelsea’s ground for 27 years.

The forward, who was born six years after Gary Lineker secured the last 3 points in West London for Tottenham:

“There are a lot of opinions, people say a lot in the media and online, but I’m numb to it now,” the England international told Sky Sports ahead of Sunday’s showdown with Chelsea.

“Growing up, you have to fight every day, coming into the Premier League you have to fight for your place in the team, and same as an international.

“Every player is different [in dealing with criticism], I think it’s all about your focus, what your focus is. Some people might focus a lot on what people are saying about them, which can take the focus away from the football. It can impact you.

“But for me, I’ve never worried too much about what people think. If you have confidence in yourself, you know yourself, better than anyone, when you have that, what other people say, automatically you are numb to it.”

“I don’t think I’ve changed. The game is always changing, every game is unpredictable,” he added.

“The way people deal with me in games is different; there are a lot more tackles,” Alli said.

”I found myself in a lot of space last year, and now when I get in the box I feel people are a lot more concerned about me, and marking me.

“It’s a good thing, but when I run off the ball now, running in behind, whereas last year they may not have followed me as much they follow me a lot more now.“


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Tottenham manager Mauricio Pochettino is thrilled ahead of Sunday’s Premier League derby vs Chelsea.

It’s always exciting because after two weeks we start to play again,” Pochettino told Spurs official website. “Always it’s nice because we love to compete and, of course, it’s a massive game against Chelsea, such an important game. I’m happy that all the internationals are back and at a good level and now it’s about putting all at a similar level and to start to work to try to win the game.”

Spurs manager said also he is happy of the way the “non-international” players has been training this week: “Always it’s difficult for the players that are not involved in the international break but they work fantastically and they’ve trained so hard,” said Mauricio. We’ve used young players to help us in the training sessions and I think it was very positive for many reasons. They’ve worked so hard to try to keep their level and have had a great attitude and some very good performances.”

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After the 2-2 in Premier League ten days ago, Arsenal and Chelsea got another draw tonight, but this time without goals.

After the game Antonio Conte was asked if the teams, who will meet again in two weeks, are too familiar:

“To play three times in three weeks is very strange,” the Italian manager claimed.

“It is more simple to prepare the game because you know the team and the way they are playing. When you reach the QF or SF of this trophy in England you must be prepared to face big teams.”

Asked if Arsenal, who will play the second leg at home, are favourites, the Blues boss replied:

“I don’t think so. We have the same possibilities to go through to the final. Not to concede could be very important for the second leg. To play at the Emirates is not easy or simple. We deserved to be in the semi-final and be very happy to do this.”

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Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger complained about the referee’s decision on the 1-2 penalty for Chelsea the other night but Blues manager Antonio Conte reckons the Frenchman’s comments are not right.

“We got a farcical decision on the penalty,” Wenger said.

“We looked like we were mentally shot and could have lost the game – we had the resources to come back to 2-2. Maybe it was a fair result”.

This is what Conte about these Wenger’s comments in today’s press conference ahead of FA Cup game against Norwich:

“I don’t like to speak about other coaches, I think you have to have to respect them,” the Italian started.

“Maybe Wenger forgot we finished with 10 men in the FA Cup and Community Shield, maybe the referee decision was a little strange. We must accept the referee decisions. Wenger is an old coach, he’s got a lot of experience and he won a lot.

“If I want I can talk about referee decisions for one month. But I don’t want to do this because we should have respect for the referee’s decisions.”

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Gunners legend Thierry Henry commented Alvaro Morata’s nightmare night against Arsenal in yesterday’s derby:

I know what Conte is doing, he’s always going to back up his player and praise him because that’s the way he should be at the end of the game as a manager,” the former striker, now a pundit at Sky Sports, said.

“But nothing went his way today. His first touch wasn’t that great, he wasn’t holding the ball well. You can see a striker not being great when he takes too many touches to put the ball down.

T”he hardest thing in the game is when you have time to score as a striker. It sounds crazy. One of the best to do it was the Brazilian Ronaldo, he used to put the goalkeeper down.

“But the more you think about what you need to do, the more difficult it becomes. When he has to score a reaction goal, with quick reaction he is good at it.

“Sometimes when he is in one-v-one situations – apart from the goal he scored at Stoke where he finished that well – he tends to think too much about what he needs to do and then the goalkeeper is too close to you and it becomes very difficult.

“If he had a good game today he could have had three, easily.”


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