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Former Arsenal manager George Graham reckons that after yesterday’s incident with Arsenal defender Gabriel Chelsea striker Diego Costa will now be targeted by the games’ officials and by his rivals:

I think Costa is going to be targeted man now by the officials and probably rightly so.

“[Didier] Drogba was the main [Chelsea] man for nearly 10 years and he was very, very physical but he didn’t take to the extremes that Costa has taken it to.

“Although you’ve got to keep that physical intensity, once you step over the mark he’s got to be dealt with by officials, it’s as simple as that – and I think he will be.

“Wenger is not the most strict manager and he really needs to get hold of his own players because there’s no way Gabriel should have been sent off – it’s his own stupidity that got him sent off and they’ve got to handle that.

“[But] Arsene does it his way and look at the record he has got in English football – he has been instrumental in getting a certain way of playing, the diet – he’s brought all these things and trophies as well so how can you fault him?”


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Yesterday Petr Cech returned to Stamford Bridge for the first time as a rival.

The reception the Czech goalkeeper got from Chelsea fans was “amazing” as he stated after the game:

“I came back and hoped that I could get a result for my new team.

“We prepared for the game but couldn’t win”, he continued.

“My individual highlight will be the reception I got from the fans which was amazing.

“I would like to thank everybody, but obviously I would have liked to win the game. We go home with no points so that’s the disappointing part”.

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José Mourinho© Francesca Ceciarini

Chelsea manager José Mourinho analysed the victory in the derby against Arsenal in his post-match press conference:

It was a very good performance, a deserved victory, I’m happy with the performance and points.

“We improved a lot in the last two matches, in many aspects.  Defensively the team was much better. The attacking players defended much better than before, they created a compact zone and reacted very well to the moments when they lost the ball. That gives great stability for the players behind. We were confident and comfortable with the ball. When you play against 10 men, many times teams play bad, but we played very well against 10 men, we gave them no chances and kept good balance behind the ball. The attacking players started moving much more. We deserved the victory.

Mourinho was impressed by the defensive work of his attacking players:

“Tomorrow I will watch the game again and go for stats. I will see how many times my attacking players lost the ball and recovered the ball. Lost the ball and pressed. Their work – Oscar, Diego Costa, Eden Hazard and Pedro– makes it easy to be a defender because you sit there and the attacking players do half of your job for you.

The Chelsea boss also responded to Arsene Wenger’s suggestion that Diego Costa should have been sent off for his part in the Gabriel red card episode

“I played against Arsenal many times and only once he didn’t moan. That day we lost the game, we lost the cup (Community Shield). It wasn’t good for us but we behaved in a fantastic way. No excuses, no crying, no moaning. I played my first derby in September 2000, Benfica against Sporting. I told my players before the game you need emotional control. I’ve played derbies in Portugal, Spain, Italy, England and you don’t win derbies without emotional control, it’s a basic thing. I think you should speak about Gabriel and his mistake. Diego Costa played like he has to play. That’s why you have full stadiums and you sell the game around the world for millions, because the game has to be played like that. That’s why tomorrow I will go to a game which is comparable in terms of passion and dedication, New Zealand against Argentina, I love it. Diego was fantastic, Man of the Match for me.

“It was the same referee that made every decision and didn’t give two clear penalties to us. Gabriel did something to Hazard which is allowed in rugby, not football. In the box it’s a penalty. In the second half another player did the same on Diego Costa. In rugby it’s fantastic, in football it’s a penalty.

“[Wenger] He said before the game I have to cope with my defeat, tonight he has to cope with his defeat.

Mourinho also explained why Terry didn’t start the game today:

“John Terry doesn’t need me to speak with him because he knows what I feel and think. He knows he’s my man. If I have to choose one of 25 to be my man he’s the first. He knows I care about him as a player and a person. He knows my decision had only one intention, which was to help my team win the match. I thought Arsenal would come to play a defensive game, with a very fast striker who gets behind people. If we didn’t need to win the game so much we probably would have kept our block lower and more compact, but because we desperately needed a victory we couldn’t wait, we had to bring our defensive line up.

“Playing against Walcott the best player we have is Zouma. John knows how I think and if he’s normally a great captain, today he was even better. If every player had lots of respect for him, the way he’s reacted in the last days to this situation, he has even more respect from the players. If you want to paint a dark picture, I ask you please don’t because it’s not the reality. He’s in great condition and a great situation with the manager and club.”

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Chelsea manager José Mourinho © Francesca Ceciarini

José Mourinho spoke to BT Sport tv just after Chelsea victory against Arsenal:

I don’t want to think about the title race, I just want to think about the next game. Let’s see where we are at the end

To win a derby, you need emotional control. I always repeat the same before derbies.

Gabriel red card? I don’t have a view of the sending off. There’s no controversy. Man of the match, for sure, was Costa.

A fantastic performance from Diego Costa , he played the game it needed to be played. I’m very happy with him.

I think I’ve played vs Arsenal 15 or 16 times. Only once they didn’t moan. All the other matches they have reasons to moan.

Remy gave a huge contribution in the end of the game, he did was he had to do.

My hand-shake with Wenger? I try to shake hands with managers at home all the time, because I am Chelsea manager, I represent a big club. If the opposite manager is happy to do it, fine. If not, also fine.”

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Frictions between John Terry and José Mourinho?! No, it seems their relationship is stronger than ever.

Despite the Blues skipper watching the whole match from the bench for the second straight time, the Portuguese manager and him hugged each other just after Mike Dean’s final whistle against Arsenal.

An episode that, maybe, will end all the stupid rumours on a ruined relationship between José Mourinho and his captain.

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lampard cech

Chelsea legend Frank Lampard is looking forward to the clash with Arsenal as all the Blues fans.

The English midfielder came back last year to Stamford Bridge has a rival while playing for Manchester City and had a great reception from his former supporters.

Today Petr Cech will return to the Bridge as a rival and Lampard is sure that the Czech goalkeeper will have a great reception too, as he stated on his Facebook profile:
Lampard Cech

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Petr Cech will go back tomorrow to Stamford Bridge after he moved to Arsenal last summer after eleven years at Chelsea.

It will be a particular day for the Czech goalkeeper, that will reunite with many people he worked with for many years and will be a rival for the first time in his old stadium that gave him many good memories.

Blues boss José Mourinho stressed that Cech will be welcome at the stadium and in the Chelsea dressing room:

“To meet Cech before or after the game wouldn’t be same to meet other players, of course…during the game nothing changes, he’s the  Arsenal goalkeeper, we are professionals…when the game ends if he wants to come to our dressing room, he’s more than welcome”

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Brazilian midfielder Oscar © Francesca Ceciarini

During his press conference in the eve of Chelsea v Arsenal José Mourinho revealed that the only player who will be out of the selected squad for sure is Willian, besides long-time-injured Thibaut Courtois.

Pedro, Falcao and Oscar will have all an option to be part of the starters or substitutes tomorrow in the derby against the Gunners.

I don’t have many many news I selected every player, because we have doubts,stated the Chelsea boss.

During the warm-up many players had some bad feeling, Willian is not even an option, but Pedro, Falcao and Oscar can be.”

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Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger spoke before the clash with Chelsea at Stamford Bridge.

The French coach commented on the fact that the Gunners finally won against the Blues in August at Wembley after a long run made of defeats and draws:

It can sometimes be a mental block for the players or the team when they do not win against certain teams. On that front it was good [to win the Community Shield].

What you expect from these kinds of games is [that they are] always high intensity, full commitment and of course you want to prepare for that and play with a full focus.

For us it’s a big game. Let’s not forget it’s the start of the season and only five games have been played. We know our position at the end of the season will depend on how well we do in the big games.

“I do not think too much about where Chelsea stand in the league at the moment. I focus more on us performing well, with full power.

About Chelsea’s position in the table and the fact that a victory of the Gunners can extend their gap, Wenger stated:

These are very difficult situations to assess.

“There are always periods where things don’t go as well. We are used to dealing with that. It is less enjoyable when it doesn’t go well of course but I think everybody who has stayed a long time in the game knows that.”

Tomorrow’s match will be also Petr Cech’s return to Stamford Bridge:

It is always difficult to go back to your club and play but I believe that he has fortunately handled that this season, [and] that is why I decided to play him as well in the Community Shield. It is the first step that is important and he has dealt very well with it.”

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Jose Mourinho press conference ahead of Arsenal:

I don’t have many many news I selected every player, because we have doubts, during the warm-up many players had some bad feeling, Willian is not even an option, but Pedro, Falcao and Oscar can be”

“Ivanovic? I never spoke about him, I don’t want to analyse or isolate any player in public”

“Nor me either the club gave any info about him”

“The quality of the training sessions was always the same in the past weeks: same quality, intensity, professionalism…of course you could see some bad faces, I guess is normal”

“Two seasons ago we won every match against the champions, but then we didn’t win anything…to win [tomorrow] is good, but it’s not crucial”

“Tomorrow doesn’t matter our fantastic record against Arsenal, it’s a match that I want to isolate from every possible context: it’s a Chelsea v Arsenal, and I want to win it”

“It’s important to win because is a match: in this moment if you look at the table and see where we are, especially in relation to the top of the league, we’re not happy, we have many games in this period in different competitions, and this help us to focus just match to match on one game”

“To meet Cech before or after the game wouldn’t be same to meet other players, of course…during the game nothing changes, he’s Arsenal goalkeeper, when the game ends if he wants to come to our dressing room, he’s more than welcome”

“I think in everything you do in life you need confidence to be better, and when in football you lose matches you’re affected, when you browse the internet and find everywhere a dramatic story like fights, Diego Costa and Terry fighting, and even a translator was brought to help them to understand each other during the fight…Mourinho doesn’t want to renew to Terry…Mourinho wants to replace Ivanovic…this is all the drama you can read…of course when you lose a match you’re affected, you lose confidence, but then you have to be strong to cope with it, and with Maccabi we were strong from the beginning, we missed the penalty after five minutes and we had a fantastic reaction, so for us that victory is very important, now I won’t say that we will win 15 matches in a row, but people now is more relaxed and it’s important”

“I’m not going to tell you if Terry will start or not, against Maccabi he was on the bench, and even there he was a captain”

“I don’t understand why both Chelsea and Arsenal played on Wednesday and we play on Saturday and not Sunday, but this is an old story”

“We go a game at the time, we want to win, doesn’t matter where we are”

“The confidence cannot change the philosophy, so if you think one match at the time, we think just in Arsenal and nothing more”

“Against Maccabi a result came, luck didn’t”

“The fact that Hazard was not performing very well or missed a penalty and those things doesn’t change the fact that he is the best player in this country”

“Terry last year played every match, the season before almost, the season before very few…what does it change now? he’s still one of my men, I trust him”

“Gerrard is a wonderful player, but as a pundit he said something that is not true, I have a good relationship with all of my players…You can try to find many reasons for bad results, but problems between me and my players, zero”

“The penalty that Hazard missed? Maybe he had some agreement with some sponsor to promote rugby world cup [laughs] he’s still the best penalty taker in the country, but anyway in the PL he doesn’t have many chance to take penalties”

“The time of the kick off? Doesn’t matter, but I like it, you wake up, go and play: I prefer that than waiting for the game the whole day, as I did in Spain or Italy, I prefer early kick-off”

“Oscar is a good player and when the team has the ball, especially when the team has the ball, he’s very important because he’s creative, and in some moments you need that creation, especially in matches when the opponents have a defensive approach, it’s good to have players like him”


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