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It will start this morning in the London South Employment Tribunal in Croydon the hearing of Eva Carneiro and the other parties over her Chelsea constructive dismissal case.

The doctor arrived this morning in south London accompanied by her husband Jason de Carteret and her lawyers.

This preliminary hearing is expected to be held in front of an employment judge and will fix the timetable for the case, and deal with witness statements and disclosure of documents – including texts and emails – by each side, as well as any legal procedural disputes that current exist between the two parties.

A date for a full hearing could be fixed for some time in June but there may be another preliminary hearing arranged before that takes place. The parties may also agree to a settlement before the case is heard.

Carneiro is taking also a separate legal action against ex Chelsea manager José Mourinho for alleged victimisation and discrimination.

The Portuguese manager was already cleared of using discriminatory language towards her following an investigation by the Football Association.


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A campaign group has said it “appalled” with the FA’s decision to clear Jose Mourinho of making discriminatory comments towards former Chelsea physio Eva Carneiro.

The Chelsea boss was reported to the FA by a member of the public, but after studying video footage, the Portuguese was cleared of all charges relating to the comments, supposedly made during Chelsea’s 2-2 draw with Swansea on August 8th.

However, campaign group “Women in Football” has said its language expert is certain Mourinho used abusive language towards a woman, contrary to the verdict of the FA.

“It’s another example of the FA failing to tackle discrimination,” it said.

“We are concerned by the serious flaws in the process of such investigations.”

In a statement following the verdict, the FA said it was “satisfied the words used do not constitute discriminatory language under FA rules”.

It also said said it had appointed an independent academic expert in Portuguese linguistics to analyse the footage of the incident, which included the audio recording.

It said in its statement: “Both the words used, as translated and analysed by the independent expert, and the video evidence, do not support the conclusion that the words were directed at any person in particular.”

Carneiro and head physio Jon Fearn were criticised by Mourinho following the opening day draw for treating Eden Hazard in injury time, temporarily leaving the Blues with eight outfield players on the pitch.

Mourinho labelled his medical team ‘naive’ and ‘impulsive,’ whilst accusing them of lacking a ‘knowledge of the game,’ despite footage showing both Hazard and the referee, Michael Oliver, beckoning the medical duo onto the pitch.

Carneiro immediately had her role downgraded, before she decided to leave the club.

The Women in Football statement, however, disputes the claim, saying: “Our own language expert made it abundantly clear that the abusive words used by Mr Mourinho on the touchline that day were specifically directed towards a woman, as indicated by the grammar of his sentence.

“Other Portuguese speakers we contacted in gathering evidence also emphasised this point. We therefore find it extraordinary that any expert or Portuguese speaker would report otherwise.”


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Chelsea celebration
Chelsea celebration

Anti-discrimination group Kick it Out have revealed that Premier League clubs and players have received 130,000 abusive posts on social media this season. 

The research concluded that Chelsea were the most targeted club, and Liverpool striker Mario Balotelli was the most targeted player.

The organisation has said it now wants to form an expert group to tackle internet trolls, with the group consisting of representatives from football, the police and social media platforms

Director Roisin Wood said: The level of abuse is truly staggering.

“We must do all we can as a collective to protect those who are on the receiving end of discriminatory abuse.”


The study concluded:

– There have been 134,400 discriminatory posts this season.

– 16,800 posts a month.

– 551 per day.

– One abusive mention every 2.6 minutes.

– 78% of the discriminatory posts are from men, with 22% from women.


Types of discrimination:

Race – 28%, Gender – 25%, Sexual Orientation – 19%, Disability – 11%, Anti-Semitism – 9%, Other – 8%


Top clubs targeted by discriminatory posts:

1st – Chelsea (20,000)

2nd – Liverpool (19,000)

3rd – Arsenal (12,000)

4th – Manchester United (11,000)

5th – Manchester City (11,000)


Between August 2014 and March 2015, there were 39,000 discriminatory posts directed at individual Premier League players.

Mario Balotelli received the most abuse, with more than 8,000 abusive posts aimed at him (52% of which were racial).

The closest anyone else came that tally was Danny Welbeck, who received 1,700 abusive posts (50% of which were racial). Daniel Sturridge received 1,600 abusive posts (60% of which were about sexual orientation.


Where does the abuse come from?:

– Twitter: 88%

– Facebook: 8%

– Forums: 3%

– Blogs: 1%

Note; those figures don’t include private accounts.

“So far this season, we have received 140 complaints relating to football-based hate crime on social media, yet we can see from these findings that over 134,000 discriminatory posts have occurred just in relation to the Premier League,” Wood continued to say.

“It is a huge volume to be looking at addressing, but we must confront the problem head on.”

Twitter and Facebook both have policies to keep its users safe. There has also been prosecutions as a result of abuse on social media.

A 21-year old was jailed for 56 days for online abuse directed at former Bolton captain Fabrice Muamba in 2012, after the ex-footballer suffered a cardiac arrest midway through a game against Spurs.





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