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Ex Chelsea manager José Mourinho © Francesca Ceciarini

José Mourinho met the journalists in the Estadio do Dragão press room to preview tomorrow’s night match with Porto:

“There are zero untouchable players in my squad. To be untouchable you have to be consistent. You have to be a fantastic player but you have to be consistent. We have fantastic players, the players who gave us the title last season, no doubts about it, but football is about today, not about yesterday.

“In football you have to be consistent in your performance, consistent in your emotion. To be a winner you don’t need to win all the time, you lose, you cannot win all the time, but you need a strong mentality every game, every day.

“In this moment I don’t have untouchables. I have very good players, players I like very much. I like my squad, I like their qualities, their human qualities, they are a very good group of guys. That’s a privilege to work with a group I like so much, no doubts about it, but untouchables, only consistency can give you that.”

Looking back to Newcastle game Mourinho remarked the fact that the first half was really poor, while he liked his team in the second half:

“When you play the way we did in the second half it’s because we can play that way. So I think it’s not a question of if we can, we need to want, and if we want, we need to want for 90 minutes. You can win matches playing well for 45 minutes, that’s possible, we almost did it, but normally to win matches of a high difficulty, we have to play better than 45 minutes.”

Porto are leaders in the Portuguese league, while Chelsea is almost at the bottom of Premier League table, but Mourinho thinks that this will not influence the game:

“We are not going to finish in that position and are sure to improve. The fact Porto is in first place is a normal thing, it is usual for Porto to be there due to the quality of the squad. They have big hopes for the Champions League.

“Games away are always difficult in the Champions League. Porto tend to be a big team and it will be very difficult to play against them. They want to win. They know they are not going to face a weak team, as some think.”

Mourinho also visited Porto’s museum before the press conference: a special emotion for him, as he contributed to be part or their history:

“As a museum it is amazing. When you are lucky to be part of it, when you are not just a simple visitor, you are somebody that did something to deserve to be part of that museum, it is very emotional.

“You realise you did something important time will not delete. So for me it’s the kind of visit that makes my opponent’s heart a bit softer and I have now to go to the hotel and make it hard again, because tomorrow I have a big game.”


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