Ghana midfielder Christian Atsu is among the players that want Caf to review the timing of the Africa Cup of Nations to end of the European calendar in order to benefit footballers, since most of them play around Europe.

The Chelsea loanee, now at Newcastle United, was adjudged best player at the 2015 edition.

Speaking before the beginning of the competition he claims that several African players lose their position at their club sides upon their return from Afcon.

“I think this goes to Caf because they need to realise that when players are doing well [at their club side] and go to Afcon in January, when they come back, there is someone playing in their position and if that person is performing, it is difficult to win it back,” Atsu told TV3.

“Caf need to do something about the tournament in January. It needs to be moved to end of the season. For me when the season ends, a lot more people can watch the Afcon because there is no football. There will be more scouts, more fans and that would mean bigger exposure for African football”.