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Chelsea legend Frank Lampard dreams to become Blues manager “one day”, this is what he revealed speaking to Sky Sports’ Soccer AM this morning:

“If I was good enough, if they wanted me and it was the right time,” he claimed.

“As a Chelsea man or not, the job is one of the pinnacles of football, they are one of the top clubs in the world now. And I’m a Chelsea man. I wouldn’t have to move house!

“It might be a different route for me and might take a while but the dream would be to manage Chelsea one day.

“I’m more back onto it but the problem is getting my badges now. And having time to do it when I’m still playing.

“As soon as I finish I would like to take it up and maybe be a manager. It’s hard as I only want the Chelsea job!”

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Former Chelsea midfielder Frank Lampard has confirmed that Chelsea changed his life as he picked up almost 650 appearances for the club over 13 years.

Speaking about the most important teams in his career: “I guess the obvious is Chelsea – he said – The second one might be slightly obvious, it’s Man City. I never envisaged playing for Manchester City at that point in my career, but I have to say the fans, players, staff…took me in so well in that year I was there.”

“One outsider would be Swansea City which is a club where I went on loan to for two months at 17 years of age” Lampard admitted.

“They were in the old second division at that point, and they’ve come a long way since. And I’ve been delighted to see them come that way.”

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Former Chelsea legend Frank Lampard believes David Luiz‘s move back from Paris Saint-Germain on a £30m move is the perfect way to improve the squad under new manager Antonio Conte.

The New York City midfielder told The Sun: “It’s a good signing. I played with David,” 

“He’s a great defender, great energy. At today’s prices, it’s probably not a bad signing generally”.

They both played a pivotal role winning the Premier League, the Champions League and the Europa League in three seasons until 2014, when David Luiz joined the French giants and Lampard moved to Manchester City.


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Chelsea legend Frank Lampard believes the Blues will be back challenging for the Premier League title under new manager Antonio Conte this season.

“Being at Chelsea for such a long time I have an allegiance – the 38-year-old told the club’s official website – so I would obviously like Chelsea to win the league and I think they’ll be back challenging,”

“I do fancy it being between Chelsea and Manchester City this year. I spoke to Andrea Pirlo about Conte and he had nothing but great things to say.”

About Conte’s tactical approach, Lampard added: “He works the lads very hard in training with his fitness work and with organisation on the pitch. The players will need to buy into that and respect that then you’ll see an improvement from last year.”

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On this day in 2012 Chelsea became Champions of Europe.

Roberto Di Matteo’s team won Champions League final against Bayern Munich at Allianz Arena.

Didier Drogba scored the decisive penalty at penalty shoot-outs after the game ended 1-1 after extra-time (83′ Muller, 88′ Drogba); at in extra-time Peter Cech saved a decisive penalty to Arjen Robben.

Chelsea won 4-3 on penalties and it was a night to remember for every Blues fan around the world.

These were officials line ups:

BAYERN MUNICH (4-2-3-1): Neuer; Lahm, Boateng, Tymoshchuk, Contento; Schweinsteiger, Kroos; Robben, Muller, Ribery; Gomez.

Coach Heynckes
CHELSEA (4-2-3-1) Cech; Bosingwa, David Luiz,Cahill, Cole; Mikel, Lampard; Kalou, Mata, Bertrand; Drogba.

 Coach Di Matteo

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Chelsea and Guus Hiddink revealed that Blues legend Frank Lampard spent a short time at Cobham some weeks ago.

The current New York City FC midfielder was in London and had to recover from a small injury, so he asked for help to his former club:

“In a recent period he was here when he had his injury,” says Hiddink.

“Modestly, he asked if he can be treated here by our physios and I said of course. It was a good sign that he was asking me: he’s a legend and I’m just here for a few months!

“He wanted to be here out of the hours that the other players are here, early morning or late afternoon, but I said: ‘No, you are one of this family’. He loved it, to come in the day, and he participated in a very modest, very good way in the team. If those players don’t have the affection with the club then they don’t come back even for treatment.”

Hiddink coached Lampard in his first spell at Chelsea in 2009 and according to him it was good having him at Cobham, also to create a special feeling for the new and youngest players of the squad:

“You can make them aware of who Lampard was at this club, but within a few meetings or whatever Lampard likes to do they can learn a lot. They must grow to independence in their own way as well, but they can accelerate their career by having a very good eye and ear on the career of those big guys.”

Finally, Hiddink reveals his feeling at the end of his second spell at the club:

‘”It’s too easy to say, but enjoy it,’ he added. ‘Being at a big club you have all the effort and the stress and the pressure, but deal with that and enjoy it and enjoy the Premier League, because this is one of the most beautiful leagues to work in.”

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Also Frank Lampard sent a message to his friend and ex team-mate John Terry, who might leave Chelsea at the end of this season.

The Blues all time top scorer said he was sorry not to present tonight, but he was stuck in the USA for duties with his new team New York City FC:

“John Terry is the greatest Premier League defender, beyond a doubt,” Lampard started.

“Thank you John for being able to play alongside you. We as Chelsea people want him to stay involved with the club.

“Thank you Chelsea fans for continuing to support the club and me. The club will be back and challenging again very soon,” he concluded.

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Terry and Lampard in last year challenge beteween Chelsea and Manchester City © Francesca Ceciarini

Chelsea legend Frank Lampard spoke to TalkSPORT ahead of the game between two of his English former clubs: the London Blues and Manchester City.

The New York City FC midfielder was surprised that he could properly follow the Premier League while in the USA:

“We get more games on TV here than in the UK,” he says over the phone from his New York home. “When I first got here, I wasn’t sure if I liked watching it. It was kind of fresh because I’d just finished, but as I’ve been here longer I’ve watched more.

“How would I sum up this season? A one-off. Refreshing. Just a crazy season.”

LEICESTER ON TOP –We all have our teams – I’ve got Chelsea strong in my heart, and a bit of Manchester City – but no one can say they haven’t been excited by the idea of a team like Leicester doing what they look like doing. Big teams have underperformed and Leicester are the fairytale. I thought they would be caught. But with the big results they’ve pulled off and the consistency they’re playing with, plus the lack of games left, I think it’s pretty much theirs. The only thing that can stop them now is the nerves that can come when a team isn’t used to being in that position. But they look like they’re enjoying it. There’s a difference between feeling pressure in a negative way and enjoying it, and at the moment the whole place is buzzing. Watching on TV you can feel the atmosphere. That might carry them over the line.”

RANIERI – “I’ve always followed Claudio Ranieri’s career because he was a huge turning point in mine when he took me to Chelsea. Leicester was a difficult job, though. I know he’s a good manager and a man who galvanises players, but I wasn’t sure what he had to work with there. He and every player have exceeded themselves. In recent weeks, when the pressure could have been tough for the players, he’s taken it off them with a smile and the way he behaves. It’s not just down to him, though. The players have come out of nowhere to look like world-beaters. Some are in their international teams now, when they were nowhere near them at the start of the season. They’re the ones who go out there and do it consistently, so credit to them.”

RELEGATION BATTLE –In recent years we’ve seen so-called big clubs, who believe they can’t go down, getting relegated. That’s when a club has to take a look at itself from top to bottom – from players to recruitment, owners and managers… Aston Villa have looked completely disjointed this season. In previous years they’ve consistently been at the higher end of the league, but now they look like one of the worst Premier League clubs we’ve seen.”

GUARDIOLA TO CITY – “When a club announces a new manager is coming in at the end of the season, it shouldn’t have any impact on the players. But history says it does affect teams. Manchester City will be the club that asks: ‘Was that the right time to announce it [Pep Guardiola’s signing]? They dropped from a title-winning position afterwards. When Chelsea announced that Antonio Conte was coming in they didn’t have much to lose, so for them it was wise to lay their cards on the table.”

CONTE TO CHELSEA – “Conte has a big job to do. There’s been a transition at Chelsea that looked like it was going in a good direction, but it’s gone in a completely negative one. They shouldn’t be where they are now. You can see Conte is going to take the bull by the horns and try to imprint his style and technique on the club. He might need to bring in players who will respond to that. There will be a change of personnel at Chelsea.”

CHELSEA SEASON – “Chelsea’s players have underperformed. Important players, too – ones who were at a really high level last year. I don’t know if that’s because of issues they have with the club, the manager; if it’s just form, or injuries. The players have to look at themselves and ask: ‘How can so many underperform to that level?’ You can have bad seasons, but you shouldn’t have a bad one where you finish in the bottom half. The big test is how they come back, because Chelsea can’t afford to be out of the top four for two years consecutively.”

JOHN TERRY’s FUTURE – “I imagined finishing my career at Chelsea, and I know John would have, too. But you do have moments when you wonder where your career is going, and I found that period difficult at the end of my time at Chelsea. It’s now the choice that John makes. If he doesn’t stay, where does he go? For me it’s been an amazing experience to go to Manchester and New York, even when I didn’t expect it. And it might be the same for John if it does go that way. But it’s a difficult situation – you’ve got a family and you’re wondering where you’re going to live. You go from being very stable and at a club you love to having to take in all these other variables. So it is not an easy time. John will be going through all that now.”


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Guus Hiddink press conference ahead of Swansea game away:

CONTE – “It’s joy for the club when you look at his records, he made a good spell at Juventus, wining the title in Italy.

“Chelsea is always a big job, regardless the issues Chelsea had this year, you always have the pleasure to manage a club a like this.

“He was presented on Monday, he requested if he could come and meet the players and I didn’t do any obstruction on this. 

“I had a short meeting with him about football, about Italy, about what we did in the past months. As I said, if they need me I am here.

“If I give him advice, I won’t do it here.”

EDEN HAZARD’S FUTURE –It’s rather easy to answer for me on Hazard‘s future,  because I am not responsible, you have to ask to people in charge. It’s not good for me to speak about the future.”

TERRY’S FUTURE – “Once more if I had something to say, I would do it directly.

INJURIES – Terry is not available, he was on the pitch training but not available. Diego Costa, Matic and Remy are out. Nevertheless we bring some youngsters as we did last week.

“I don’t know when Remy will recover, but (his injury) it’s a groin problem.

“We’ll see who will play up front tomorrow, you will see tomorrow because we still have to train and the players themselves don’t know who will play yet.

Cahill‘s fitness… we’ll see this afternoon, he got a little tendon injury in his hip side. 

Matic got an injury in his lower leg, a severe contusion. I think he might be available next weekend.

LAST 7 GAMES – “We know the club is not in the place it deserves to be, we will do everything to get a place to play in Europa League.

EMENALO’S FUTURE“I don’t have any comment about that, we’ll see the future and the future plans you have to ask to people that will be here in the future.”

CHELSEA’s RUN under HIM – “We were very happy to get out of relegation zone in a fast period, like six weeks, and we got in a safe zone, but overall we are not in a zone standing for Chelsea’s standards. It’s much value if you see what we achieved from December, we have been one of the teams top of the table since there.

HIS FUTURE – “I’d love to be every day with the guys, especially the youngsters, the U21, for me it’s always a challenge to see where these guys can go. I will not do anything on a daily base. I am not young anymore.

DIFFERENCES with 2009 – “When I came in 2009 there was a little transition but by that time the team was formed, regarding the personality, we had Terry, Lampard, Ballack, Essien, Drogba, Cech…now it’s different, it’s not easy. 

CHELSEA’s APPEAL for FUTURE PLAYERS – “It depends on the project, if you can provide the players a plan for the future there might be some attraction.

“Of course the CV of a manager can also attract the players, and Conte got a good CV.

UNBEATEAN RECORD in PL – “I don’t chase the unbeaten record in the PL. I prefer to risk young players, I risk a defeat, but I prefer them to get some experience in the Premier League. If you bring youngsters in very experienced teams, it’s better for them. I prefer this to have unbeaten record, but I like the record as well.


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