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Legendary Chelsea player Frank Lampard, married his longtime partner Christine Bleakley in Knightsbridge. Former Chelsea player’s wedding was attended by numerous football stars such as John Terry, Branislav Ivanovic, Petr Cech, Harry and Jamie Redknapp. It is believed that recently sacked Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho also attend the ceremony.



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Legendary Chelsea player Frank Lampard admits that he is completely surprised by the disastrous results of Chelsea, but in his opinion, sacking Mourinho right now does not make sense at all.

Former Blues believes that Chelsea need a strong jolt to make the team come back on track and tried to save the season. Lampard admits that he can not get out of surprise that Chelsea is fighting to not find themselves in the relegation zone. However, he believes that only Mourinho is able to help the team, and his release would be a mistake.

Lampard told Sky Sports:

“They are good players, but far too many of them are under-performing and they have been for a while,”

”This is Chelsea we are talking about now.”

“Chelsea on a bad year should be top six. They should still be there or thereabouts, but where they are just above the relegation zone is impossible.”

“I don’t know whether he’s lost them, but something has to change. It has to change right now – whether it’s attitude, or performance, or something else, it has to change,”

“That’s only one man’s decision and that will be Roman Abramovich.”

“He’s probably looking at it very closely. Obviously, we’ve been here before with Chelsea, when managers change midway through the season.”

“I don’t know how many times you can do that. We had some good results from doing it before, but we had a different set of players at that point.”

“But I have to say that what they set out to do when Jose Mourinho came back was to have a long-term plan. What can they gain by getting rid of him now?”

“They are probably not going to make the top four anyway. Or the top six. They’re not going to get relegated, if we are honest, so I’m sure there’s a view from Roman Abramovich to say ‘hang on – let’s see what happens at the end of the season’.”

“Why make a rash change that can’t really affect the year that much? See where we are at the end of the season.”


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Former controversial Chelsea striker Adrian Mutu has slammed Jose Mourinho calling him selfish and fake person. The Romanian is mainly remembered at Stamford Bridge because he was sacked by Chelsea in 2004 after failing a drugs test.

Ex-Blues has stated, that in his opinion Mourinho’s position at the club is under threat not because of his results but because of his way of being as the Special One is unable to communicate with his players on a personal level.

Mutu told Mirror Football:

”He has been a great coach in the past, but as a person, he is fake.”

“He only looks after himself, and has no consideration for how his players are feeling and thinking. You could not go and talk to him.”

“As a coach, he is finished. There is no way back for him. How do you come back from something like this [current form]?”

“You can see now how many of his players look unhappy. Why? He is the reason,” 

”He cannot talk to players like they should be spoken to.”

“The first thing he does is he goes to the biggest player in his team, and tries to make him angry.”

“No matter who it was, John Terry, Frank Lampard, it is just what he does for fun. That was just his way of doing things, and he won’t change for anyone.”

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Chelsea captain John Terry has revealed that in 2009 Manchester City have offered £29million to Chelsea for his services but after Terry’s meeting with Roman Abramovich, the club’s owner refused the bid.

Terry who has spent his entire senior career at Stamford Bridge admits that the Citizens were interested in bringing him at the Etihad Stadium. However, Terry made it clear to Abramovich that, if he accepted the proposal it would be a signal that Terry was not wanted at Stamford Bridge.

Terry told the Daily Mail:

“There was the thing with Manchester City,”

“They offered £29million for me in 2009 and Chelsea turned it down.”

“I had a meeting with Roman (Abramovich) about it.”

“I said to him, if the club accepts the offer then it tells me you don’t want me.”

“So then you haven’t got a choice, you have got to go. ”

“But if they don’t accept the offer, it tells me everything that I need to know. ”

“Chelsea refused the offer and that was it.”

Asked whether he intends to follow in the footsteps of Frank Lampard, he said:

“No. No chance. No chance,”

“America, maybe. But physically I feel like I can still play. Do I want to play? Of course I do.”

“But then decisions come in to it with your family.”

“What if you go somewhere and it doesn’t work out? Everything else comes into play, doesn’t it?”

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Chelsea vice captain Branislav Ivanovic

Inter Milan will seek to ensure the transfer of Branisalv Ivanovic by offering the Chelsea full-back a lucrative deal in January ahead of a summer move, according to the London Evening Standard

Ivanovic was one of Chelsea’s most consistent performers last season but has struggled immensely this campaign for both form and fitness. Inter, as ChelseaNews24 recently reported, have been admirers of the Serbia international for some time with manager Roberto Mancini making his acquisition the club’s transfer priority.

Ivanovic’s current Chelsea contract will expire this summer and he is free to talk to other clubs in January under the Bosman law. Chelsea are believed to be willing to offer him a new deal but this is likely to fall short of Inter’s as the club has a strict policy of offering players over the age of 30 one year deals.

As they have been willing to let Frank Lampard and Didier Drogba go in the recent past they are unlikely to change their rule for the sake of the 31-year-old Ivanovic.

The details of the offer Inter reportedly have on the table are as of yet undisclosed.


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Didier Drogba has revealed that a text message from Frank Lampard was decisive in him turning down a chance to join Jose Mourinho at Inter Milan in 2008.

Drogba, who left Chelsea for the second time last season having returned to the club for a year, is currently at Montreal Impact in the MLS and recently said he wanted to return to Chelsea in order to keep fit ahead ahead of the new season.

He is considered to be one of Chelsea’s greatest ever players and widely creditied with the club’s first Champions League victory in 2012 in which he scored the late equaliser and then the winning penalty against Bayern Munich.

In his autobiography Commitment, Drogba has revealed how close he came to leaving Chelsea  four years earlier when the club was under the short and unsuccessful tenure of Luiz Felipe Scolari. Scolari had taken over in 2008 after taking Portugal to the Quarter-Finals of Euro 2008 and after a promising start oversaw an alarming dip in form from October until he was replaced by Guus Hiddink.

Drogba claims that Scolari tried to sell him in the summer of 2008, and was all set to join Serie A giants Inter Milan where Jose Mourinho, who had left Chelsea just months earlier, had taken over, until a text message from Lampard convinced him otherwise.

“The guy who single-handedly convinced me to stay was Frank Lampard,” Drogba says.

He continues:

“He text me saying: ‘Hi DD, I hope that you’re staying, because we have to win the league together, and we have to win the Champions League together!” 

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Former Chelsea ace Frank Lampard has warned Chelsea that they must turn the corner as fast as possible in order to recover after their worst-ever start to a Premier League season.

The Blues lost their seventh league game out of 12 and they are currently 14 points behind league leaders Manchester City. And according to Lampard, Chelsea need to wake up and start to get results.

Lampard told Sky Sports :

”This is far from a blip, they are losing games regularly”

‘”They need to turn the corner very quickly. They can’t dwell on it, they need to get out of it and put it to bed.”

”I saw glimpses of what they need to turn the corner. I couldn’t fault their performance, they just didn’t get that little bit of luck to get the result.”

”They need to get results, simple as that.”

“They need everything to be behind them in a positive way and look forward.”

Speaking about Mourinho’s future, Lampard said:

”He will get to work in the week, but there is only so much he can do in training and tactically.

“He has to be positive because there is so much being thrown at Chelsea, there are players out of form and low on confidence, you can see that.



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According to Frank Lampard, Mourinho’s absence from the Chelsea bench did not have any impact on the Blues losing to Stoke 1-0.

Mourinho was handed an immediate one-match ban and a £40,000 fine for clashing with referee Jonathan Moss during half-time of the defeat at West Ham two weeks ago. In effect he was not allowed to take his place on the bench for today’s clash against Stoke City at Britannia Stadium.

But the Special One insisted that his absence would definitely not affect his players. After the match, club’s legend Frank Lampard said that also in his opinion Mourinho’s absence at the stadium had no effect on Chelsea’s defeat.

Lampard said:

‘You can try and make reasons, but it’s up to the players, they would have wanted to win for themselves foremost and also for the club and the manager”

”I don’t think we can put it on Mourinho not being there at all.”

”It’s disappointing from Chelsea’s point of view, they played well, but you have to give great credit to Stoke.”

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Former Chelsea midfielder Frank Lampard has said that the club should stick with manager Jose Mourinho, but a change in form is desperately needed. 

The 52-year old is under severe pressure at Stamford Bridge, the Blues losing their sixth league game out of their opening 11 last Saturday, after crashing out of the League Cup four days earlier.

However, 37-year old Lampard has urged Roman Abramovich and the Chelsea board to retain the Portuguese’s services, but has said that form has to change if the club are to keep winning:

“I think they should stick with him but results certainly need to change now,” Lampard told Sky Sports.

“Chelsea is a unique club. We all know the structure of the club and there’s such a desire to win and a pressure. The owner, the board, the directors have taken decisions to win.

“We can’t complain as Chelsea people. We’ve had a lot of managers and it might look messy written down but we’ve got a lot of Premier League titles and the Champions League when the club was probably at it’s messiest.

“What has been said over the past two or three years the club wants stability and a longer game.

“How important is stability? If you’re getting results I suppose you’re not that concerned. Manchester United was the ideal with Sir Alex Ferguson being there, the great Liverpool managers of the past again was the perfect ideal.

“I think it makes sense, you want to see a manager staying and a club successful. You want to see young players coming through to the team.

“That’s the intriguing thing at the moment to see if they stick with [Mourinho]. He has got the best record Chelsea have had as a manager, he’s a proven world class manager.”


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