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The Times revealed the reason why David Luiz was punished by Chelsea boss Antonio Conte last weekend, when the Italian manager left the Brazilian defender out of the squad who faced Manchester United and sent him to the stands to watch the game. Luiz was also told to train alone the morning of the game.

According to the English newspaper the relationship between Conte and Luiz was ruined because of the ex PSG player close friendship with former Chelsea striker Diego Costa.

The Blues boss was also upset with Gary Cahill and Cesc Fabregas‘ conduct following last week heavy defeat to Roma, but Luiz was the player most seriously punished.

The report suggests that the former Paris Saint-Germain ace is concerned that his close association with the current Atletico Madrid striker played a big part in his manager’s decision, having attempted to play peacemaker between the two men earlier this year.

Conte informed Costa via sms at the end of last season that he was no longer in his plans at Chelsea, which is said to have left certain squad members, including David Luiz, unhappy.

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Friendships last no matter what, this is why two footballers playing for Chelsea and for Liverpool can still remain good friends despite rivalry.

Reds star Philippe Coutinho revealed that he maintains a good friendship with Blues ace and Brazil fellow-mate Willian:

“We did not talk about it a lot, but when I scored Willian was the first to come and congratulate me – that shows how important our friendship is,” Coutinho said.

“A lot happens in football. Things happen quickly. It’s a healthy dispute, one taking place in a united group.

“We all have to be an option. I do not know if I will continue to play. I have the opportunity right now, and will give my best.

“Being in the group is a privilege for me, as is playing alongside Willian.”

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Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho claims that his controversial striker Diego Costa will definitely not leave the club in the near future.

The Portuguese coach was asked about Costa’s quotes from the 0-2 victory over Porto, when he said that he might one day return to his former club Atletico Madrid. However, Chelsea manager immediately cleared all the speculations.

Mourinho told Chelsea’s official website:

”He said that in football you never know. Filipe Luis was one example, you could say also Fernando Torres is another example.”

”Atleti is a great club, Madrid is a great city, La Liga is a very good league so why should a player who is 27 years old not think that in football it is possible to be back. I don’t see that as a problem.”

Asked about his favourite, pre-match pre-match rituals, the Special One said:

”I like to be in my office at Stamford Bridge, watching a movie on my iPad,’ he said. ‘I am not in the dressing room, I am relaxed and waiting for the game. Last Wednesday I had my son there so no movie.”

”Sometimes the television is on. For example, we play at five o’clock and there is football before, I want to see other results. Sometimes I look at results in other countries. The players are warming up or in the dressing room, the assistants are taking care of the players, I have nothing to do in that period.”

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Former Chelsea striker, Didier Drogba has rated Frank Lampard as the best player he’s ever played with.

Didier Drogba took part in Rio Ferdinand’s program ,, Rio Meets Didier Drogba”, where former Manchester United player was asking the Ivorian about his experience at Chelsea and future plans.
Former Chelsea striker was asked who was the best player he’d played with and Drogba did not hesitate a moment with the answer.

”For me I respect and I think Frank Lampard because he is a hard-worker.”

”He didn’t get like this, you have to work hard and you know he’s clever and for me a football player isn’t the one that keeps the ball best – it’s the one who’s smart.”

‘He is efficient and for me I improved being next to him because every day after training, me and him in front of the goal working on our finishing, how do I want the ball? Do I want to receive the ball or not? And he’s in most of my goals.’

The 37-year-old striker was asked about his future plans according to various rumours about his departure to the United States.

‘As a player I achieved a lot, more than what I expected when I decided to make football my profession. As a man I just want to be accomplished. I want to focus on my foundation, save lives. This is something really important to me, so this is the next challenge.’

‘I don’t want to be arrogant but I don’t feel I have anything left to prove,’ 
‘I have a lot to give and some experience to share with the young players.

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Ex Chelsea manager José Mourinho © Francesca Ceciarini

José Mourinho share his feelings before Man United clash with Chelsea TV, speaking also about his friendship with Louis Van Gaal – they worked together for three years at FC Barcelona in the 90’s-  about the title race and about PFA Award and Hazard’s evolution as a player

“Chelsea v Man United is one of the biggest games in Europe, not the biggest one but it’s big, and we like it, the players like it, everybody wants to play, everybody is happy to play…so it’s one of these days that you want to come”

“During the game I don’t even remember that Van Gaal and me are friends, unless he’s there in the technical area, that usually doesn’t happen because Louis normally stays in the bench and sends the assistant to communicate with the team…so I won’t be friend with him during the match, I will forget” (he laughs)

“I don’t know if they’re fighting for the title or if they’re fighting to keep the distance to the fourth but it doesn’t matter, but I know they will try to win: or to be champions or to keep the distance to the fourth, so I think they will try to win the game”

“About the title race: when I keep my feet on the ground I see that it’s easier for the people that work with me to follow me, so the players know that in football only mathematics make the final decision and we need 11 points. So when people say ‘we’re almost there, we’re almost there’ there’s no almost, we need 11 points, not 10, we need 11″

“About Courtois, Diego Costa and Hazard being nominated for the PFA Award…to be honest…I’m not worried with that, and I guess also the players, to be honest….for them it’s just a detail: the main thing is to win the title, it’s to win the Premier League, that’s the main thing. If we win that, and in the end, in the top of that, we have some good news…that’s good”

“If you compare Eden Hazard today and Eden Hazard three years ago…if every player has this kind of development is fantastic: not all of them are able to grow up with such a stability as he’s doing but when you have talent and the players have time to work you can expect better things”


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