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Ex referee Graham Poll claimed Wayne Rooney should have seen the red card for his terrible foul on Oscar during last night’s Manchester United v Chelsea.

“There was a really nasty high tackle by Wayne Rooney on Oscar in the dying minutes, with the Brazilian lucky to escape serious injury,” he wrote on the Mail Online.

Atkinson saw it,” he continues “but decided to show a yellow card when red was required. No wonder the Leeds-based referee has not awarded a penalty or red card in the Premier League all season.”

But also Manchester United was penalised by Martin Atkinson’s bad performance: Willian clear handball inside the box was not punished with a penalty:

“United were also denied a penalty when Willian’s clear handball early in the second half was waved away, perhaps not seen clearly by either Atkinson or his assistant Stephen Child,” writes Poll.

“These were the two big decisions which possibly affected the outcome but it was the general approach to the game which disappointed me most,” he concludes.

And to sum everything up:

“Martin Atkinson’s performance at Old Trafford summed up all that is wrong with refereeing at present; weakness, acceptance of dissent and trying not to upset anyone.”




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