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Swiss luxury watch company Hublot launched new Chelsea exclusive watch today with an event at Cobham.

The watch is named Classic Fusion Chelsea and produced in a 200 pieces limited edition.

Here is the gallery of the watch and the even at  with Hublot directors and Chelsea players, photos were taken from Chelsea Snapchat and Hublot Instagram accounts.

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Jose Mourinho
Ex Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho © Francesca Ceciarini

After the defeat with Liverpool we witnessed to an unusual fact: while the players that didn’t play against the Reds were training on the Stamford Bridge pitch with Mourinho’s staff, we saw the Portuguese manager – who just finished his press conference- take the pitch again and speaking to them for at least 10 minutes.

Jose and his assistants had concerned and sad looks, were they commenting the news the most of Chelsea fans would not like to hear in these hours? Or were they just commenting the game and how to set up things before the Champions League’s clash against Dynamo Kiev? Will be Mourinho still on the Chelsea bench next Wednesday?

Here is the photo-gallery of those special post-match moments:

Please note that ALL the pictures are © FRANCESCA CECIARINI: don’t use without permission, any abuse will be prosecuted.

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Jose Mourinho fans book event
Mourinho signing the book for a fan © Francesca Ceciarini

Last night José Mourinho met the fans and the press at Waterstones Piccadilly bookstore in the heart of London to present his new book Mourinho: José Mourinho.

A photo book that narrates the first fifteen years of his career with images chosen by Mourinho himself.

José seemed in a good humour and very relaxed with fans and even press, becoming just a little upset when he had to speak about the FA decision against him.

Here the photo-gallery of the Special night:

Please note that ALL pictures are © Francesca Ceciarini: any abuse will be prosecuted.

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Chelsea legend Frank Lampard seems to enjoy his new life in the USA.

The all time Blues top scorer shared a couple of images on his Facebook account to show he is magnificently settling in New York City.

In the first one we can see Super Frank hugged with his fiancé Christine Bleakly in the centre of Times Square, one of the most famous sightseeing in the world and one of New York symbols.

In the second one Lampard shows his daughters feeding some seagulls in Long Island during spare time.





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home kit 2015/2016

Chelsea announced that the new home kit for the upcoming 2015/2016 season will be revealed on July 16, days before the team will take off for the USA for the pre-season tour.

Anyway, images of the new kit – sponsored by Yokohoma Tyres – were leaked by some specialised websites in the past days, so this is how the new shirt would look like:image


image home kit 2014/2015 image


The images show the new shirt in its details, with subtle tonal pinstripes that run down the jersey and the thin red and white trim circles both the collar and the cuffs.

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Our exclusive pics from today at the Bridge!

Please note alle the photos are © Francesca Ceciarini, every abuse will be prosecuted.


After playing yesterday vs Mol Vidi in Chelsea's last game in the Europa League's group stage, the Blues midfielder Cesc Fabregas claimed he is frustrated for the few chances Maurizio Sarri...