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Chelsea boss Guus Hiddink has revealed today during a press conference that both John Terry and Gary Cahill will be back to match fitness to face Tottenham Hotspur this coming Monday.

Terry has been sidelined with a calf problem and Cahill has been suffering with an illness for the last few days but Hiddink is relieved to have their vast experience back in the squad for an important game in the Premier League run-in.

“It’s good to have them back. 

“They have experience. John may not be able to play the full 90 minutes, we will see.”

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Chelsea captain John Terry is set to return from injury next week in the Premier League clash against Tottenham Hotspur.

Terry hasn’t played a minute of football since the achilles injury he suffered on March 19th.

According to manager Guus Hiddink, the former England centre-half will be back training with the team this week.

“John is very committed. He was very annoyed about his injury, but now recovering. He desperately wants to be with the team.”

“I hope he will step up next week and we will see how it will go in the last couple of games. We play on Monday week. He has to step up, starting next week. He should be training with the group at least by Thursday [to be considered to face Spurs].”

Terry travelled with the Chelsea team yesterday to watch the game against Bournemouth and Guus Hiddink appreciates having someone with such experience on the sideline to give his thoughts and views on the game.

“It’s good to have players having the view from the other side, from the manager’s side.”

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Guus Hiddink’s press conference ahead of the clash at Bournemouth:

INJURED PLAYERS-Kurt Zouma is working very hard, Remy is out, Terry is not still available to play, he will travel with the team this afternoon to Bournemouth. He travels because I like people to be involved in the team, he is very committed, he was very annoyed by his injury, and I want him to be the team.

JONH TERRY – “He’s under treatment, I hope he will step up next week. He has to step up at least Thursday, training with the group, to play against Spurs

It’s a long way to go for him to become a manager,  if you gather all the players you’re interested, yu always have a good view of the other side, but first of all I consider him as a player.

EDEN HAZARD – “He is available, he will travel, maybe not the whole game. This week he was training without complaining, he was training very alive, a good signal to participate.

UPCOMING GAMES – “We’re not in the middle of the focus, I said to the guys that they are still in a big club, in a dififcult season, and you have not to forget also our loyal supporters

“Players motivation? When we play games in training they are fully committed to win, so Chelsea will try to win all the remaining wins.”

NEW TOP CLUBS –Everyone is in favour to see Leicester being champions

“If you have a wise and smart [players] recruitment maybe you have good players for 1 million or a little more, then maybe the pass 3-4 years in the club their value is 20 million, of course the demand of a big club is very high, it’s not that easy, but sometimes you find what you call a white horse.

“In some club you don’t have very good players, good players not superstars, but they got also very strong team spirit that give you the appearance to be unbeatable.”

BOURNEMOUTH –It’s not easy to come from Championship and to keep them in the Premier League is even more difficult, they kept on doing well, that’s an example of a good English manager and what he can do. He’s a good example of how he can manage it.

“Leicester got a good management, probably a good transfer policy, when you can from the bottom to the Premier League it’s always respectful

EPISODES – “I watched to game Bournemouth won at Stamford Bridge, yes, it’s true, their winner was offside. But at the end of the season you got compensation in those episodes, like the equaliser Terry scored against Everton, it was offside too.

BAD SEASON – “I watched that game and I wondered how Chelsea, the champions, could lose like that. The club wasn’t used to situations like this, it’s a new negative experience. 

“Next seasons many teams will have the possibility to sign very good players, so it will be tougher for everyone.

SQUAD MOOD – “When results are not good during the season, of course there is a different mood, when we went out of the Champions League and Fa Cup of course something changed, automatically there was a little less “sparkle” to perform at the top. We have to go into the last games with a lot pride

EMENALO/ACADEMY – “I don’t know exactly what Emenalo said, but it’s difficult to comment…Harry Kane came from Spurs academy, of course. At Chelsea the demands to be first team player is very high, you must have a very good recruitment department but it’s not easy in big clubs, it’s difficult to make the last step. Of Course Chelsea got good youngsters, the average quality is ok, but you must ask yourself if among them  you got 2-3 players that in a couple of years can make it in the first team.

PATO and FALCAO“Pato and Falcao with Costa? I have to make my fair judgement and give them the opportunity they deserve in the games, in January we had many problems and only Diego Costa was available, then Traore came and did well, Pato came on loan and he took a while to play because there was competition.

CHELSEA TOP YOUNGSTERS – “The youngsters, like Tammy Abraham, often train with us and you can see them how they grow in a short time, how they improve also their resistance, yesterday we had three-four players of the ones that won the youth League that partecipated to the training, for me they learn much more when they train with the first team that playing with not so challenging teams.”

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The Evening Standard claims that Chelsea youngster Jake Clarke-Salter can become the new John Terry for the Blues.

“Has to be take seriously given that captain John Terry, Chelsea’s only genuine graduate from the youth system to become a regular in the past 20 years, has tipped the defender to emulate him, “ writes Simon Johnson.

“Like Terry, Clarke-Salter likes to lead by example from the back, making challenges and giving instructions to his team-mates. Made his professional debut at Aston Villa earlier this month,” he concludes.

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harry redknapp

The 69-year-old former Tottenham and West Ham boss Harry Redknapp, currently under contract with Jordan national team, wrote in his column for The Telegraph“When Chelsea named their team to play Manchester City on Saturday I looked at it and thought “that’s a really poor side”. They had a couple of young players in there, a couple who have been out of form recently and a couple more who have been poor all season.”

“That said, I didn’t expect them to get torn apart by Manchester City in the way they were, but I can’t say I was wholly surprised when it happened – and it just summed up what has been an absolute disaster of a season for them. Before the season they were my favourites for the title, along with Manchester City. Well, that didn’t turn out as we expected.”

“Look at Eden Hazard, for example. If you didn’t know who he was and were told he was the reigning Footballer of the Year you wouldn’t take it seriously.” he said about Eden Hazard‘s recent poor performances.

About incoming manager Antonio Conte: “Guus Hiddink is obviously a fantastic manager, but his style is to be nice to the players in order to get results. It’s hardly a secret, but I gather Antonio Conte, who will take over this summer, is the polar opposite of that. People who know him well tell me he’s a real disciplinarian, and he works his players very, very hard. If you don’t start a game then after the match he’ll have you out on the pitch doing lap after lap. He’ll get them fit and he’ll get them going again.”

“Make no mistake, Chelsea’s dressing room needs sorting out – and it really sounds like Conte is the right man to do it. He needs to bring in some players to help him, and I’d expect him to make at least three signings this summer – probably from Italy, where he has worked all his career.”

About John Terry: “It’s a tough job though – and if I were Conte one of the first things I’d do is sign John Terry up on a new deal. For me he’s been one of Chelsea’s best defenders this season, when fit, and you need characters like him when things are changing. Conte will know this, of course.”

About Europe: “It looks almost certain they won’t qualify for Europe next season, which could end up helping them as they go for the Premier League title – and make no mistake, they will still be expected to challenge for the title even after the last eight months. Anything less simply will not be good enough.”

“Chelsea, though, should be right up there. If they are then Conte will have ensured the memories from this awful season have been forgotten about as quickly as possible.” he ended.

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Liverpool legend Graeme Souness, now a Sky Sports pundit, analysed Chelsea defeat against Manchester City:

“It was a team that had something to play for against a team going through the motions,”Souness said on Sky Sports’ Saturday Night Football programme.

Some of the players were bordering on a disgrace today, the players who were meant to be bang at it weren’t.

Souness criticised also Willian, often one of the best for Chelsea in this digraceful season, that according to him was too lazy in yesterday’s game:

“You say to a player ‘lose the ball, get goal-side straight away’ and he [Willian] is Mr Effervescent for them (usually).

“He’s a fizzer and a buzzer. That told me from the very first minute, Chelsea weren’t at it.”

Then he stressed the importance of an absence like the one of John Terry, the leader of this team:

“If John Terry plays today I don’t think all those gaps throughout the game are there in front of the two centre backs. He’s making sure that John Obi Mikel is there”

“You’ve got to have a talker, an organiser at times on the pitch. John Terry does that.

“Even if he doesn’t play every game you can have him there.,I learnt far more from the top players I played with than from any coach. 

“John Terry has still got a lot to offer – from what he gives you in the 90 minutes, what he gives you in the dressing room and what he gives Gary Cahill and any of the young centre halves.”


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Guus Hiddink press conference ahead of the Premier League match with Manchester City at Stamford Bridge:

TERRY, HAZARD, REMY OUT – “I think we had a good week, I am especially happy that some injured players came in, not all of them because Terry, Hazard and Remy are still out.

“It’s good to see of what they are able to do, I think I will play some youngsters, so they will get the experience, they have to go into tomorrow’s match with ambition and desire, we want to to do a good row until the rest of the season.

MAN CITY“For Man City is good to be in the last four of Europe, it’s a reward for their season, Liverpool was able to qualify after a crazy game and  for English football is good to have two teams winning in the European games.

“If City can be distracted from the Champions League? They had a wonderful week and they have still some days before they play Real Madrid, it’s encouraging for us, it’s one reason more to expect a strong opposition.”

CHELSEA SEASON“You have to consider all season: half way in December Chelsea was one point from the relegation, it was difficult to imagine that you could compete for the title at the end. These games are normally the ones that decide the championship, unfortunately this time not.”

DE BRUYNE-LUKAKU“They are quality players, it would not be nice to neglect that, they got huge qualities, their career has improved so far, it’s good to see them performing well, also for the upcoming EURO.”

EDEN HAZARD – “It’s been a long period [ since he has been injured] it hasn’t been alarming, but now he is coming back. It’s difficult when you are the player of the year, and then you have this drastic fall of form.

“I was breaking my head too to understand how to have him on track, I think he fell to match into injuries and it was difficult for him to come back.”

DIEGO COSTA – “He could take a break since he was missing some games but he didn’t, he worked very hard, he was in Cobham working with the staff, he is very ambitious, very eager to play.”

CHELSEA MOTIVATION FOR THE REST OF THE SEASON – “It’s strange, because this club used to be involved in the last weeks of the season in some fight for some title. You are a little be empty because there is no silverware to go for, this has been a very difficult season, but we made a great step out of relegation zone, some days you think about the thing you don’t fight for nothing, but then you have to react.

You see a little bit of [bad] reaction from the players, going a little bit more on injuries, now they must show what they are capable of.”

NEXT SEASON – “Of course there is a lot of work to do, they have to restart their energy.”

HIS FUTURE – “If I am asked I am available for this club.”

WHY SEASON WAS WRONG – “You have to go back to the start of the season, to August, untile December… We can make an analysis, of course I’ve got my opinion, but I think it’s not good for me to do it here.”

REACTION – “I want a reaction after the setback with the first defeat in the Premier League. For them it’s important to show what they can do, to show that they are happy to play for this big club. Some of them are going to play in the EURO, and they must arrive prepared, because it’s a tough competition.”

COMPETITION“Some clubs will have more money to spend in the next years, I think for the football is good that also smaller clubs will have the chance to sign better players.

Teams that were used to compete for the title or the Champions League spot will be chased.”

FALCAO- PATOLast week we brought many youngsters also because of the injuries. That’s good to go on that, to use this strategy, to permit to the youngsters to have more playing time.

“Pato deserved to start one game at least, to give him the chance to show what he is able to do not just in training.”

INJURIES –Cahill and Matic are in, Kenedy suffered a small injury but he will be able to be selected.”


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Terry and Lampard in last year challenge beteween Chelsea and Manchester City © Francesca Ceciarini

Chelsea legend Frank Lampard spoke to TalkSPORT ahead of the game between two of his English former clubs: the London Blues and Manchester City.

The New York City FC midfielder was surprised that he could properly follow the Premier League while in the USA:

“We get more games on TV here than in the UK,” he says over the phone from his New York home. “When I first got here, I wasn’t sure if I liked watching it. It was kind of fresh because I’d just finished, but as I’ve been here longer I’ve watched more.

“How would I sum up this season? A one-off. Refreshing. Just a crazy season.”

LEICESTER ON TOP –We all have our teams – I’ve got Chelsea strong in my heart, and a bit of Manchester City – but no one can say they haven’t been excited by the idea of a team like Leicester doing what they look like doing. Big teams have underperformed and Leicester are the fairytale. I thought they would be caught. But with the big results they’ve pulled off and the consistency they’re playing with, plus the lack of games left, I think it’s pretty much theirs. The only thing that can stop them now is the nerves that can come when a team isn’t used to being in that position. But they look like they’re enjoying it. There’s a difference between feeling pressure in a negative way and enjoying it, and at the moment the whole place is buzzing. Watching on TV you can feel the atmosphere. That might carry them over the line.”

RANIERI – “I’ve always followed Claudio Ranieri’s career because he was a huge turning point in mine when he took me to Chelsea. Leicester was a difficult job, though. I know he’s a good manager and a man who galvanises players, but I wasn’t sure what he had to work with there. He and every player have exceeded themselves. In recent weeks, when the pressure could have been tough for the players, he’s taken it off them with a smile and the way he behaves. It’s not just down to him, though. The players have come out of nowhere to look like world-beaters. Some are in their international teams now, when they were nowhere near them at the start of the season. They’re the ones who go out there and do it consistently, so credit to them.”

RELEGATION BATTLE –In recent years we’ve seen so-called big clubs, who believe they can’t go down, getting relegated. That’s when a club has to take a look at itself from top to bottom – from players to recruitment, owners and managers… Aston Villa have looked completely disjointed this season. In previous years they’ve consistently been at the higher end of the league, but now they look like one of the worst Premier League clubs we’ve seen.”

GUARDIOLA TO CITY – “When a club announces a new manager is coming in at the end of the season, it shouldn’t have any impact on the players. But history says it does affect teams. Manchester City will be the club that asks: ‘Was that the right time to announce it [Pep Guardiola’s signing]? They dropped from a title-winning position afterwards. When Chelsea announced that Antonio Conte was coming in they didn’t have much to lose, so for them it was wise to lay their cards on the table.”

CONTE TO CHELSEA – “Conte has a big job to do. There’s been a transition at Chelsea that looked like it was going in a good direction, but it’s gone in a completely negative one. They shouldn’t be where they are now. You can see Conte is going to take the bull by the horns and try to imprint his style and technique on the club. He might need to bring in players who will respond to that. There will be a change of personnel at Chelsea.”

CHELSEA SEASON – “Chelsea’s players have underperformed. Important players, too – ones who were at a really high level last year. I don’t know if that’s because of issues they have with the club, the manager; if it’s just form, or injuries. The players have to look at themselves and ask: ‘How can so many underperform to that level?’ You can have bad seasons, but you shouldn’t have a bad one where you finish in the bottom half. The big test is how they come back, because Chelsea can’t afford to be out of the top four for two years consecutively.”

JOHN TERRY’s FUTURE – “I imagined finishing my career at Chelsea, and I know John would have, too. But you do have moments when you wonder where your career is going, and I found that period difficult at the end of my time at Chelsea. It’s now the choice that John makes. If he doesn’t stay, where does he go? For me it’s been an amazing experience to go to Manchester and New York, even when I didn’t expect it. And it might be the same for John if it does go that way. But it’s a difficult situation – you’ve got a family and you’re wondering where you’re going to live. You go from being very stable and at a club you love to having to take in all these other variables. So it is not an easy time. John will be going through all that now.”


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Italian newspaper La Repubblica claim Chelsea are ready to close a deal for the centre-back and German International Antonio Rudiger, who currently plays for AS Roma on loan from Stuttgart.

The italian side has a £7.2m option to buy Rudiger and but they could sell him to Chelsea for £16m.

Antonio Conte is reportedly seeking new defenders this summer, with John Terry set to leave at the end of the season, Gary Cahill also considering his Stamford Bridge future and Kurt Zouma still recovering from a knee injury.



Chelsea sold Diego Costa to Atletico Madrid few days ago, but Alvaro Morata, scoring a hattrick yesterday vs Stoke City demostrated that Blues fans shouldn't worry. Former Chelsea player Glenn Hoddle also believes now Antonio...