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Jeremy Boga insists he has no regrets about Chelsea despite having limited chances to play for the Premiership champions.

Boga, 18, currently on loan at Stade Rennes, joined the club in 2008 from a youth academy in France when a number of clubs were interested in him, including French giants Marseille.

He made his debut in the squad in the 3-1 win over Sunderland last season but didn’t get on the pitch.

He is quoted in the French media as saying this:

“Chelsea came to see me during a tournament in Marseille.

“They had head about me and they came for the final, I had a good match and ended up as player of the tournament.

“OM followed me as well, but during this time, we weren’t interested, neither my family nor me.

“I think that Chelsea was the best choice I could have made.”


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