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Chelsea manager José Mourinho © Francesca Ceciarini

Chelsea manager José Mourinho commented the 4-2 defeat with NY Red Bulls as soon as the game was over at Chelsea TV:

I know it was going to be difficult but the second half was too bad, even [if we were] tired even [if we did] ten [training sessions] in five days, it was too bad, too many mistakes.

“I’m happy with the preparation but I don’t like to lose, we lost and we did in a bad way because the second half was really bad.

“In the next games with Barcelona and PSG I expect, of course, more quality than these guys in NY Red Bull but, at the same time, they are also in pre-season like we are“.


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Everton Chairman Bill Kenwright has dubbed Chelsea target John Stones as the best centre back in England.

The 21-year old has been at the centre of a large amount of interest from Chelsea, with rumours circulating suggesting that the Blues would offer £31.9 million for Stones’ services – a record fee for a British defender.

In an interview with the Newcastle Chronicle, Kenwright has made it clear just how highly he rates the defender:

“We’ve worked really hard to stabilise this club and we’ve got a great squad, a young squad…[Romelu] Lukaku and John Stones, who has to be the best centre back in England.”

Stones has become an integral part of the Everton defence in recent season, despite only arriving from Barnsley in 2013.

Jose Mourinho is reportedly keen on signing Stones as a long-term replacement to John Terry, and has responded to criticism from Toffees’ boss Roberto Martinez for his conduct in pursuing Stones. He is quoted by Sky Sports as saying:

That is the market now. You only pay it if you want to. If you don’t want to pay it, don’t pay. It’s as simple as that. The market has no rules or limits from season to season.

“It’s a good market. That’s why smaller clubs, if they have interesting young English players, they use that in the right way for them.”

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A few hours before the match with the New York Red Bulls, Mourinho has hinted that the meeting with the American team can be a real challenge for Chelsea.

Jose Mourinho said that in his opinion, today’s match against New York Red Bulls will be a real challenge for Chelsea. The Portuguese coach is aware that his players are still in the formative days of preseason while the opponents are already 19 games into their league season.

‘It benefits us playing an MLS team because they are in competition and we have had six days of work so we are going to play against a fit team, a team with the dynamic, intensity and routine of high-level competition,’’

‘’Even if from a technical and tactical point of view we are a better side, we are going to play against fresh, fit people. We will go to the pitch tired. It’s not just about being tired after 10 or 25 minutes, we start tired because training in the last days was of high intensity after one month of holidays.”

‘’For us it’s very good because we are going to compete against a team that is above us. It’s fantastic for our evolution to be forced to play against people that are in better conditions than we are.’’

In the same interview, The Special One has highly praised the American Soccer League:

‘’It gives us the chance to follow the competition and to follow some of the best players we had in Europe and then in the later stages come to the MLS, but we still miss them. I miss Lampard, Gerrard, Kaka. It’s a good chance for us to follow them.”

‘‘It opens the door for younger people in Europe, too. At this moment people can start having the idea of what MLS can be: not just the end of the career for some, but also a career for many. I think that can be a contribution for the evolution also for the local MLS players. To have in your team people like Lampard and Kaka can only help their development.”

‘’The league is going in the right direction. US soccer cannot compete to be the number one sport in North America, but it has the chance to attract more fans, more sponsors, and more money. If I compare now with 2004, which was the first time I came to the US with the team, I am happy with the evolution.’’

Asked about Chelsea’s tactics for the upcoming new season in the Premier League, Mourinho said :

‘‘We are trying to add new qualities to our game to improve what we did in the past,’’

‘‘We are trying to be a little more unpredictable because opponents know us well, and we want to go to the season with high motivation. The title cannot give us bad things; it can only give us good things. The good things are confidence, and motivation for more.’’

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Chelsea striker Diego Costa has revealed that Jose Mourinho has a softer side which only few people outside of the team ever get to see.

The Spanish player gave an interview today in which he admitted that the arrogant Mourinho whom we know from television is a totally different person in the team’s locker room. Cosa has praised Mourinho’s great attitude to the Chelsea players.

Diego Costa told CNN :

“He is a person that lives, loves, fights and works — he is always trying to improve,”

“He is that person that you see with the ambition to be victorious, the ambition to win, the ambition to become better.”

“That is a point that makes the difference — that ambition to be better than you were last year.”

“He gives a lot to the players, he is a coach that the players are very close to, which is a thing that is also very interesting — his friendship.”

“He is always in the locker room, he is always joking, he is not this serious person that everyone sees outside of the pitch.”

“He is a person, who is excellent for us inside the locker room. I think, like I said, that for us he is the best. For people outside its just his way, I don’t want to get into that.”

“While he continues to be what he is with us, that wonderful person, and the excellent coach that he is, that is great.”

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Real Madrid is targeting the left defender Baba Rahman, actually playing in Augsbug, Germany.

The defender is considered by Mourinho one of the top keys to aquire this summer, but Rafa Benitez, actual manager of Real Madrid put the player from Ghana in his list, the Rahman really impressed in the last campaing with Augsburg.

But Chelsea if wants to aquire him needs to sell  Filipe Luis, who is planning to go back to Atletico Madrid in these days, as Mourinho declared him out offcially.

Mourinho:”We need to go the market, we need to find a club that accepts a bid until 31 August, and we are going for a left-back.In other positions we have no space.”

Basically Chelsea has one months to complete the move.

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Back talking about Stones Chelsea cannot have one more Midfielder in the team, as the number will increase too much.

Even Stones is considered the best back midfielder on England Mourinho discard the possibility of his arrival in the team.

The Daily Star reported Mourinho words this morning: “At this moment we have Nemanja Matic, Ramires, Cesc Fàbregas, [John Obi] Mikel, Ruben Loftus-Cheek and Oscar. Six midfield players. I have no space for midfield players. So if somebody talks about midfield players, it’s not true.But there is always a risk that somebody comes for one of our players, or one of our players shows an interest in leaving and we must be ready to answer”.

Some of them are young and Mourinho usually don’t let inexperienced midfielders play as starters so they will begin from the bench, Oscar is more an advanced midfielder, while Fabregas is certain key in the field.

So for now there should be no discussion about Stones, until Mourinhno “gives” the order, maybe.

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John Stones

Chelsea are keen on Everton’s defender John Stones and after the Toffees rejected a £ 20m bid from the Blues, the Stamford Bridge club might raise the offer to £ 25m-30m to try to sign the young English defender.

Questioned about this ahead of the friendly game with NYC Red Bulls in New York, Chelsea manager José Mourinho replied:

That is the market now, you only pay it if you want to. If you don’t want to pay it, don’t pay. It’s as simple as that.

The market has no rules or limits from season to season.

Everton manager Roberto Martinez remarked that the Liverpool club are not in the need to sell, and the Toffees coach seemed annoyed by Mourinho’s recent declarations on the deal.

Now, they can be more annoyed after Chelsea manager refer at them as “smaller club”:

It’s a good market. That’s why smaller clubs, if they have interesting young English players, they use that in the right way for them,” he said.

I don’t criticise them. They play the market for themselves. If the big clubs don’t want to go over certain limits, they have to make a decision.


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Jose Mourinho has revealed that Chelsea have no plans to make significant additions to their squad. The Portuguese coach has admitted that he prefers to defend the title with the same set of players.

During the current transfer window, Chelsea definitely is not the most active team. The Blues have signed Radamel Falcao on loan and replace Petr Cech with Asmir Begovic. What is more  Jose Mourinho has revealed today that he has no plans to make significant additions to his squad. So it appears that the transfer of John Stones becomes a question mark.

Mourinho told the reporters:

“In this moment we don’t want players,”

“I have no other objectives other than to improve, improve and improve.”

“It’s a nice challenge to improve with no new players. I think the players we have are happy because the club trusts them.”

“We are saying ‘You are the champions, we trust you, we believe in you.’”

“We have exactly the same players, the squad and the team is basically the same,”

“We are just going to try and add some things we are competing against teams who are going to be better because of the money they’ve spent. A team that buys one, two, three or four players and spends 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 million is going to improve.”

“So we have to improve what we have already. We are trying to give them some new qualities, try to be a little bit more unpredictable and go through the season with high motivation.”

However, the Special One has confirmed that Chelsea is about to sell back Filipe Luis to Atletico so the natural course of things, is that Chelsea must find someone to replace him.

“We need a left back because I think we will sell Filipe Luis, so we need to go to the market. But other positions we have no space.”

“Of course we must be ready because the market is open and if someone comes for one of our players with a bid, we must be ready to act.”

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Jose Mourinho took revenge on Roberto Martinez. The Special One has suggested that Everton coach lives in a ”strange world”, if he is surprised that during the transfer window Chelsea are making bids for the players.

It is no secret that Chelsea is interested in signing Everton footballer John Stones. The Blues have made the initial bid of £20m for the defender, but the offer was immediately rejected by the Toffees. What is more coach Martinez did not hide his anger that Jose Mourinho is trying to sign his player.

Chelsea News24 have informed few days ago that Martinez got furious when he found out that Chelsea have made a bid for Stones. During the press conference the Spanish manager has accused Mourinho of acting inappropriately.

That is why today, Jose Mourinho took revenge on him for these words, saying :

“Our strategy for the Premier League is going to change next year,”

“Next year we are going to make the first bid on the 1st of September. On the 1st of September we will do a bid for the season later. Because at this moment, until the 31st of August, it is closed. The market is closed. We are all in a strange world. We are all in a strange world. We think it is open but it is not open it is closed. So on the 1st of September we are going to make a bid for the next season.”

”That is the market. And you only pay it if you want. If you don’t want to pay it, don’t pay. It’s as simple as that. The market has no rules or limits from season to season.

“And the only surprise comes that the limits change – and not even the introduction of a few rules [financial fair play] is able to control the market. The market is where it is and it’s up to the clubs to decide yes or no. And I speak just for ourselves. For ourselves there are certain rules.”

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Inter Milan boss Roberto Mancini has said that Mohamed Salah is likely to join Fiorentina, despite maintaining the club are still interested in the winger.

The Italian’s comments are the latest development in Salah’s transfer saga, with Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho recently stating that he “saw Salah’s future elsewhere.”

Mourinho has all but cut ties with Salah just 18 months on from his move from FC Basel to West London, with the 23 year old having made just 13 Premier League starts for Chelsea.

The Egyptian signed an 18-month loan with the Viola in January, and was hugely impressive in the second half of last season, attracting interest from Inter and Juventus.

However, it appears Salah is unwilling to join Fiorentina permanently.

Inter’s Director general Marco Fassone has already confirmed Inter were interested in signing Salah, but manager Mancini has for the first time endorsed the claim:

“Salah is another player who could play on the wings and as a second striker, while Salah is somewhere halfway between Chelsea and Fiorentina.”




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