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Just four days before the Community Shield clash Arsenal midfielder Mathieu Flamini told to the Daily Telegaph that he’s surprised Chelsea and José Mourinho let Petr Cech moving to the Gunners:

I was surprised by Mourinho because he really doesn’t do that.

He’s a competitor and usually doesn’t like to sell any players to his rivals. But it’s a good favour for us and now we have to take advantage. It’s a top signing. That’s why we have been lucky on this one.

It’s very important. Not only for his quality but also for his character. When you play at the top level, the leaders on the pitch make the difference. Not only when things go well but especially when things go bad. So, for us, Petr Cech is a top signing. He is someone with character, someone with a winning mentality.

Flamini came back to Arsenal in 2013 after spending five years at AC Milan and speaking about Gunners’ moment, the French midfielder stated:

There is a lot of confidence because we are starting to win.

“For 10 years Arsenal didn’t win anything and we have won the FA Cup twice and it’s starting to become in the mentality. Winning is very important. That’s the first point.

“Then also, we have attracted a lot of quality to the team with some very big signings. We have kept the same group. Nobody left, and that’s very important because when you keep your key players, keep the same group, year after year, players get used to playing together.

“If you remember before, there were always a few players leaving and now he is keeping the players together and that’s very important.

“I can feel Arsenal now is different to the club I left in 2008. I don’t think any of the key players left in the last two years. It’s a great example. And each year we have added quality players like Mesut Ozil, Alexis Sanchez and Petr Cech. These are players who can make the difference at any moment. So I think we have a very good chance”.


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Chelsea goalkeeping coach Christophe Lollichon has been allowed to join London rivals Arsenal, according to reports in the Metro.

The Frenchman joined the Blues in November 2007 under the personal recommendation of former Chelsea keeper Petr Cech, who himself moved to the Emirates earlier this month following an 11-year spell at Stamford Bridge.

Lollichon worked with Cech whilst the pair were at Rennes.

Arsenal have space in their coaching staff for Lollichon, having allowed their previous coach Tony Roberts to move to Swansea City last month.

Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho was reportedly originally unkeen on the move, but is now prepared to let Lollichon go, with long-serving goalkeeping coach Silvino Louro tipped to step up from his current role as assistant.

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FC Porto president Jorge Nuno Pinto da Costa has decided to respond to Jose Mourinho’s allegations, about the level of Iker Casillas’ wages.

A few weeks ago Jose Mourinho has criticized Porto’s transfer policy. The Special One has criticised especially  the size of the salary being paid to former Real Madrid player. According to Mourinho, the Portuguese club have offered Casillas, too high amount of money.

That is why today, Porto president has decided to respond to Mourinho’s allegations. He revealed that Porto are paying less than a third of Casillas’ wages from Real Madrid.

Pinto da Costa told Goal :

“For us, the Casillas deal was highly attractive in terms of costs, he’s still considered one of the best in the world and has one of the best resumes around,”

“At 34 years of age he still has three of four seasons left at the highest level. I wonder if any club in the world would turn down the chance to sign Casillas for wages equivalent to two of our outgoing loanees, Andres Fernandez and Fabiano.”

“I chose it was better to sign Casillas. Mourinho inconceivably made fun of the Casillas deal, but he’s shot himself in the foot as Porto are paying less than a third of his salary – Madrid pay the rest.”

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Young Brazilian star Kenedy made an impact last night in the first half of the friendly game against Barcelona.

The youngster joined Chelsea on the pre-season training camp and tour without having signed for the Blues yet, so he needed Fluminense‘s permission to play last night against the Champions of Europe.

Kenedy impressed so much in these two weeks and in last night game that now Chelsea and manager José Mourinho that now the Portuguese coach wants him to join his first team squad.

It won’t be easy because to play in the Premier League normally players from outside the European Union need to have represented their national team at senior level to qualify and Kenedy has only played for Brazil’s Under 17 and Under 20 team.

FA president Greg Dyke stated back in March about the new rules for the non-Europeans players:

“The old system meant roughly half the players coming from non-European countries were getting in through an appeals system where something like 80% of all appeals were successful. The future won’t be like that.

“It is key to note that if you applied the new system retrospectively across the last five years we estimate that 33% of the players who gained entry under the old system would not have been granted a work visa under the new system.

But, despite of this, Mourinho seems confident to get a work permit for Kenedy, avoiding him to go on loan to Vitesse Arnhem:

“We have conditions to get him a work permit because we want him.

“We don’t want him to go out on loan, I think we have what the rules demand to get him a permit.

We bought Kenedy because we believe in him,’ said Mourinho. ‘He’s a very young kid that we believe a lot in, hopefully. He was in pre-season with us without the documents so he couldn’t play the first two matches for us. Against Barcelona he had the chance to do it and even if it was a friendly I think it was the best debut for a kid, to play against the best team. It was a great night for the kid and a great experience”.

Chelsea optioned the player from Fluminense for £6.7million and the Brazilian is ready to sign in the next weeks.



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Thibaut Courtois

Thibaus Courtois believes Chelsea will be ready for the Community Shield against Arsenal on Sunday after the final game in their US tour ended in a 2-2 draw with Barcelona.

Courtois, who made good saves in regular time, and in the subsequent penalty shoot-out which Chelsea won 4-2, spoke after game.

The first half was good, we played well but the second half was more difficult. It was difficult to close the gaps and they (Barcelona) were lucky to score twice, but then we came back and with the penalties we win again. It’s good we are shooting that well as we might need it at later stages of the season.”

Courtois voiced his approval at playing such high profile teams in pre-season, Chelsea also beat PSG on penalties last week.

“Barcelona are a very strong team, and we always play against quality teams, just like PSG and so for us it means we will be ready to play Arsenal on Sunday.”

Barcelona’s fist goal was the source of some controversy as it did not appear to cross the line.

I think in England the referee’s whistle would say no goal,” Courtois said.

But I can understand the linesman had to come from far away and I don’t think he could see. For me it didn’t cross but that is the decision of them and maybe I am wrong. I don’t think it was a goal, but no problem.”

Chelsea traveled back to London straight away and Courtois is confident the momentum gained from two wins will be to their benefit on Sunday.

We use these days now to prepare, and of course it is the first trophy of the season and we want to win it as much as Arsenal. They have started very well as well and it will be a very good game. We hope we win. 


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After the friendly game with Barcelona was Chelsea boss José Mourinho revealed that Gary Cahill might have a broken nose after the impact with Blaugrana’s goalkeeper Jordi Masip while scoring the equalizer:

Cahill has a chance of a broken nose, maybe yes, maybe no. If no, perfect. If yes, he will get a mask tomorrow to be ready for Sunday!

What can be more concerning is Diego Costa’s form, since the Spanish striker was stopped many times last season by this kind of injury:

Diego felt a little thing in his hamstring. We believe it is just a feeling, no more than that, but we have to wait“.

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José Mourinho replies to Rafa Benitez’s wife comments, and he does his way.

The current Real Madrid manager’s wife, Montse, claimed that her husband has always to clean up the messes that Mourinho leaves at his previous clubs.

After Barcelona’s friendly game, Chelsea boss had his swift response:

The lady is a bit confused, with all respect. I’m not laughing, because her husband went to Chelsea to replace Roberto Di Matteo and he went to Real Madrid and replaced Carlo Ancelotti.

Mourinho claims that Benitez destroyed his wonderful job at treble winning Inter in 2010:

The only club where her husband replaces me was at Inter Milan, where in six months he destroyed the best team in Europe at the time. And for her also to think about me and to speak about me, I think the lady needs to occupy her time and if she takes care of her husband’s diet she will have less time to speak about me”.

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Jose Mourinho is convinced that at Chelsea, Falcao will start to score goals again.

Jose Mourinho has revealed, that he was a bit scared when Manchester United have signed Radamel Falcao last year. The Special One was aware of Falcao’s impressive goalscoring record,during his stay at Atletico Madrid, and as he admitted, he was sure the same thing will happen in England. But the Colombian striker who joined the Red Devils on a season long loan from Monaco last year failed to impress Luis van Gaal.

Falcao has a problem with the return to form, after he suffered a serious knee injury before the World Cup in 2014. Even so, the Portuguese coach has decided to give him a chance in his team. El Tigre has recently joined Chelsea on loan.  And the Special One is sure that at Chelsea, Falcao will start to score goals again.

Mourinho told ESPN:

“When he went to Manchester United I have to say I was a bit scared.”

“Because he’s a predator in the box and a guy who does score goals all the time. He did that in every club in every league, so I was convinced he was going to do that in our league, in England.”

“We had a very exhaustive analysis of his condition before we made a decision.

“Our doctor had real work to investigate all of that. He is not, for sure, a physical problem.”

“So if it’s not physical. We can make him score goals again.”

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Chelsea won the Champions League back in 2012

During a Q&A with British journalists in Montreal Chelsea boss José Mourinho stated that he cannot promise the Champions League trophy to the Blues fans, but he can promise that his team will be a Champions League contenders in the next years, where he will sit on their bench.


I cannot promise. I can only say that when it’s one of the best teams in England, in spite of the conditions which are very difficult for English teams to compete in Europe, every English team in the top four is going to be a Champions League contender. This season we are going to be, I would not say favourites, but we are going to be (contenders). Let’s say I’m going to stay here for four years of my contract. We are going to be Champions League contenders for four years. Let’s see if we can do it or not.


If somebody comes in after me in a couple of years, gets a fantastic team and can improve it with a couple of new players and be champion, I’m happy with that too.


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Jose Mourinho has claimed that he had no intention to mock Manuel Pellegrini when he called him ”Mr.Pellegrino”.

The Special One has twice mispronounced the Chilean’s name in press conferences during the last season. Instead of Pellegrini, the Portuguese coach called him Pellegrino. Due to the fact that there is no love lost between the two managers, Manchester City manager was sure that Mourinho again tries to mock him.

However, during his last press conference, Mourinho has claimed that he didn’t do it on purpose.

“It was because I had a player called Pellegrino and because there were two in football at the same time.”

“One was Mauricio Pellegrino and Mr Manuel Pellegrini… I always made a mistake by calling one the other. I always made a mistake.”

“The last thing I’d do is show a lack of respect.”




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