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Chelsea players celebrating the Premier League title at the end of the game © Francesca Ceciarini

The official site club announces the date and the program of the celebration. London is ready to hug the team and party all day long. A great moment to live with the club.

The day after the success in the Premier League and with agreement from London Borough of Hammersmith & Fulham, Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea and the Metropolitan Police, the club confirms that a victory parade will be held on Bank Holiday Monday 25 May, commencing at 12pm.

Jose Mourinho and the squad will be joined by the Academy, who this season lifted the FA Youth Cup and UEFA Youth League trophies, for an open-top bus parade, with three coaches leaving the Stamford Bridge west entrance, and travelling east along Fulham Road before turning right onto Hortensia Road, right again onto King’s Road and then on to New King’s Road.

The parade will start at 12pm, stopping for a short period at Eel Brook Common where the parade will finish. The buses will then proceed to Parsons Green to depart the area around 1pm.


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Somebody said the 34-year-old Blues captain is not able to play twice a week.

Terry has played every minute of every game in Chelsea's league campaign this season

According to The Telegraph, John Terry has made a dig at former Chelsea boss Rafa Benitez after Chelsea won the Premier League title, as Chelsea players celebrated their Premier League title success.

“One person said I couldn’t play twice in a week,” said the Blues captain. “He knows who he is. I’m still here, still fighting. This is unbelievable, we worked so hard and we got over the line; we’re champions.”

Other Chelsea players also took to show their happiness at winning the London club’s first title since 2010. Striker Didier Drogba’s contract finishes at the end of the season, and this year could be his last at Stamford Bridge.

“This one is sweet,” said Drogba. “With or without me, Chelsea will always be No1. Chelsea is bigger than me and always will be.”

Midfielder Cesc Fabregas was also delighted to finally win the Premier League:

“I cannot believe it, I have fought very hard for this moment and it is here, I’m very proud,” Fabregas said. “This is a top club, a top team and we are the champions.”

Eden Hazard, who scored the title-winning goal against Crystal Palace, said: “We have won the title and always Chelsea are happy to win. I was lucky today.”

The Belgian won the Professional Footballers’ Association Player of the Year award and, speaking about manager Jose Mourinho, Hazard added: “He gives me a lot of confidence, lets me play my best football. I know the team need me, we are here to score and change the game.”

Defender Cesar Azpilicueta said: “This is a very big moment, we deserve it, as a team we have been looking forward to this moment.

“We know the quality of the Premier League and it is tough, every game is difficult. To have a 16-point advantage and win it with three games to go is not an easy thing to do.

“Mourinho is a very big influence, we needed him. He has come to this team, we have won two trophies this year and we want to go and win more trophies. For me, he has confidence in me and I am grateful to him.”

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The Telegraph: "Five reasons why Chelsea won Premier League"

Chelsea are Premier League champions


The Telegraph journalist Matt Law explains how Chelsea won the Premier League title in five points:


1. Signings
Last summer Chelsea did great transfer business. Jose Mourinho, the Chelsea manager, knew the players he wanted in order to fill the positions he needed. Consequently, the club moved swiftly and decisively. Diego Costa and Cesc Fabregas have been very important, particularly in the first half of the season. Eden Hazard has struck a crucial partnership with striker Didier Drogba. Making Thibaut Courtois first choice goalkeeper ahead of veteran Petr Cech has also helped the squad.

2. Mourinho
Love him or loathe him, Mourinho has proved again to be the best tactician in the league. Mourinho made Chelsea team more attractive at the start of the season, but when his players started suffering from fatigue, the Special One reverted to a more defensive style. Many rivals might not like his game, but the 52-year old has proved his effectiveness.

3. Mental strength
Chelsea have topped the Premier League table since the first day. The ability of Mourinho’s team to be able to grind out a result has been second to none. Chelsea have always bounced back from a bad result and they have never lost two games in succession in all competitions at any point during this season.

4. Fitness
13 Blues players have made 20 or more Premier League appearances this season.
Costa has struggled with hamstring injuries, but, otherwise, Chelsea have got through the season relatively unscathed in terms of injuries. Hazard has managed to get up every time he has been hacked down. Mourinho has admitted that Chelsea’s impressive injury record is a mixture of good practice and good fortune.

5. Balance
Chelsea have been able to defend well and attack well, so accusations of Mourinho’s team being boring are ridiculous. Manchester United have not scored enough goals, Manchester City have suffered problems in defence and Arsenal were still prone to the occasional blunder over the first half of the season.

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Chelsea won the Premier League title last weekend

Our exclusive photo gallery from Stamford Bridge: let’s enjoy the new Champions of England celebration!


Please remember all pictures are © Francesca Ceciarini, every abuse will be prosecuted


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Former Manchester United defender Gary Neville has said that Chelsea’s early-season form and consistency throughout the 2014-15 campaign should be admired, and criticised the quality of the Premier League.

Following Chelsea’s 0-0 draw with Arsenal last weekend, many Arsenal fans were seen chanting “Boring, boring boring Chelsea.”

But Blues boss Jose Mourinho had the last laugh, saying that what was more boring was not winning a Premier League title in 10 years – Arsenal last won the league in 2004.

“It’s absolute nonsense,” said Neville on Sky Sports. “I mean people called the Newcastle team of 1996 with Kevin Keegan exciting but they were exciting losers, nobody remembers them now. Only the great teams will be remembered.”

Neville, who now works as a pundit following a hugely successful career with Manchester United, continued: “People remember winners. People will remember this Chelsea team. They were exciting earlier in the season, the style was good. To be honest, this is not the best period for Chelsea in terms of quality of play, but the finish line is so close to stop all the criticism.

“The rest of the league has been poor, Chelsea are 10 points in front, it doesn’t say a lot about the rest of the league that they’re going to get an easy ride at the end. It’s a poor reflection on the other teams that are chasing them or supposedly competing with them.”

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Sky Sports pundit and Manchester United legend has dismissed claims that champions-elect Chelsea are boring and claimed that only winners are remembered.

Neville, who spent his whole career at Old Trafford where he won several Premiership titles, was commentating on Chelsea’s 3-1 win away at Leicester City when he praised the Blues style of play earlier in the season and used his own experience to emphasise the point.

“It’s absolute nonsense,” he told Sky Sports. “People called the Newcastle team of 1996 with Kevin Keegan exciting but they were exciting losers; nobody remembers them now.”

Manchester United famously chased down Newcastle United who had a 12 point lead in the 95/96 season to deny them the league title. Many at the time considered Newcastle to be the better side.

Neville continued:

“The fact of the matter is that people remember winners. People will remember this Chelsea team. They were exciting earlier in the season, the style was good.

“They have hit a blip in terms of the rhythm in their game and what you would call ‘football form’ in the last couple of months but their run of results is fantastic and that’s all that matters, as far as I’m concerned. You’re never going to go through a full season [playing] brilliant.

“The rest of the league has been poor. It doesn’t say a lot about the rest of the league that they’re going to get an easy ride at the end. It’s a poor reflection on the other teams that are chasing them or supposedly competing with them.”

Chelsea were jeered off the pitch by Arsenal ans after the 0-0 draw at the Emirates on Sunday, thus ensuing a wider debate about the aesthetics of football and whether the team at the top of the table has a responsibility to entertain as well as win.

Last night’s result means they will claim their first Premier League title in five years with a win over Crystal Palace on Sunday.

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Chelsea legend and captain John Terry © Francesca Ceciarini

Cech 7- Made some very good saves and wasn’t at fault for the goal. Wasn’t troubled in the second half.

Azpilicueta 6- Made a terrible mistake for the goal Chelsea conceded but was solid after that.

Terry 8- Another very good performance and scored a vital goal. Commanded his defence well for the most part. Man of the Match.

Cahill 7- The second improved performance in a row after playing well at Arsenal.

Ivanovic 7- Set up the goal for Drogba an generally played well in the second half in both halves of the pitch.

Ramires 6.5- Scored a superb goal but was caught on the ball a number of times and didn’t play well in the first half.

Matic 7- Improved as the game went on and controlled the pace in the second half.

Willian 8- Probably Chelsea’s most dangerous player throughout, making a number of runs with the ball that the home side couldn’t deal with.

Fabregas 7.5- Found it difficult to utlise his creativity and missed a good chance at 1-1. Began to influence the game more as Chelsea dominated.

Hazard 7.5- Similar to Fabregas, not quite as explosive as he has been this season but still threatened when he found the room.

Drogba 7- Did very little in the first 45 minutes but got better, scoring one and almost scoring one or two more.


Zouma 7- Brought on when Chelsea went 2-1 up and played well.

Mikel N/A- Brought on very late.

Cuadrado N/A- See above, barely touched the ball.


Jose Mourinho 7- The team started the game slowly and perhaps quite nervously, but his half-time team talk made a huge difference with a superb second half performance. Didn’t panic into substitutions, just motivated the players to improving.

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In his post-match interview with Sky Sports, José Mourinho sought to remind viewers that Chelsea are focused on winning the title, regardless of how far ahead they are:

Prior to the game, Mourinho commented on the state of potential relegation survivors: “we are in form and we fight for our lives too” – a sign that Mourinho aims to stay disciplined until Chelsea are officially champions

After an exciting second half leading a 3-1 win, the manager stated: “It’s phenomenal what they’re doing… I think it’s fantastic”

“I think, in a very pragmatic way, I think we are what every team would like to be” – the fact that Chelsea have never left the driving seat in the premier league this season shows that the champions elect are role-models to winning a league title.

However, Mourinho yet again notified the importance of staying disciplined leading into a weekend game that, given a win, would declare them champions: “I think Stamford bridge must be ready to push the team…we need to win and we need Stamford bridge to not be celebrating we need bridge to push us.”


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Ex Chelsea manager José Mourinho © Francesca Ceciarini

Chelsea boss José Mourinho spoke before Leicester clash that will be played tomorrow at King Power Stadium, that was postponed to this date for the Capital One Cup final on 1 March.

First of all, a look to Oscar condition after the collision with Ospina

“I really don’t know how Oscar is but the most important thing is that he is not in hospital”

‘He went immediately to his house yesterday – Sunday-  slept at home, and he should be arriving [today]”

‘I don’t know about Diego Costa. I have to think about if it deserves a gamble or if we wait a few more days to be completely sure. If it was a player without an injury history I would play him tomorrow, but because he is a player with a history I have to think about that”

“I don’t plan to make many changes. I know Leicester played on Saturday and we played on Sunday, but we will try to recover the players as best we can. We go today to St George’s to prepare as best we can”

“We will leave the young players here to play their cup final against Man City so we don’t take them with us. Our squad is very short with the injuries we have and so there is no space for a lot of rotation”

Mourinho analysed Leicester:

“I was surprised with their bad position. They are a good team with good players. I played them very early in the season at Stamford Bridge, and I could immediately feel the quality of the team”

“I am not surprised they are out of the relegation zone, and I will not be surprised when they stay in the division”

“They have lots of players. Their squad is a good squad, with options for every position, and they are playing well. They have more matches at home than away, at home to teams in the same area as them. The game against Chelsea is an extra game for them”

“If we can get one point or three points on Wednesday it would be very good for us”

Mourinho then spoke about Cambiasso – now at Leicester City – that was a key player during his Inter spell, that ended with a magnificent treble:

“I won the treble with Cambiasso. He belongs to my golden team, was fundamental in my golden team”

“He’s one of the players who means a lot to me, and he’s been phenomenal for them. I’m very happy for him”

“Next season, for sure, he will play for Leicester in the Premier League again”

Then Mourinho went on speaking again about the Arsenal game, replying also to some people that are saying Chelsea are not playing a good football:

“This morning I met an Arsenal fan of more than 50 years, a gentleman that lives almost next door to me. He congratulated me for my press conference [yesterday] and said I was spot on”

‘Sometimes I ask myself about the future: maybe the future of football is a beautiful green grass carpet, without goals. On that beautiful grass pitch the team with more ball possession wins the game”

‘People say ‘my team played fantastically well, we had great ball possession’, Good “

“But it looks like the goals are not there. It’s a big contradiction. Sometimes you speak about a team like us who have scored so many goals being boring, but you don’t consider a team that has 70 per cent of the ball possession but cannot win the game boring”

“I ask myself in the future, when I am a granddad at home with my grandsons, maybe football will be played without goals, and we will just enjoy seeing people passing the ball. Maybe to put the ball into the net won’t be an objective, and maybe stopping the ball going into your own goal won’t matter”

“For me, I’m simple in my analysis: football is about putting the ball in the net of your opponent and stopping the other team putting the ball in your net”

“Barcelona, beautiful every week? When was their peak? When Real Madrid were champions?”

“For me, the beautiful game is to know exactly the way you have to play and what you have to do. At Arsenal, we were brilliant. We were brilliant from the first minute”

Style and flair, what is it? The way people analyse style and flair is to take the goals from the pitch. It is the football they play on the moon — and the surface is not good. Some holes. But no goals”

‘It comes from you (the media) or from some managers who can only teach their guys to keep the ball.

“Who scored the most beautiful goals? Is that a criterion? If so, Chelsea did it collectively with the beauty of some of the goals we scored. Or you go to Charlie Adam, and that is obviously the goal of the season”

“If the number of goals decides if a team is good, bad or boring, Manchester City scored more, but 18 scored fewer. Then, we have 18 teams more boring than us”

“If it is the team with more points we are the best. If it is the team with most victories we are the best. If the best team has the fewest defeats, we are the best”

“If the best team are the champions, not yet, but the team that leads, we are the best team. If the best team has the fewest goals conceded, we are the second best team. In any point of analysis, any criteria, we are the best team or the second best team”

The Portuguese manager finished looking back at the PFA awards, where Chelsea had six players in the team of the year:

“There should have been more. Just as an example, for Cesc Fabregas not to be there after the season he has had is strange.That team would not win (the title). It is without balance. It is missing a midfielder, and that midfielder should be Fabregas”

“But I look now as a fan, not a manager. It looks like I’m in a pub discussing things that aren’t important. The important thing is to be champions”.


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St. George's Park Training Centre

Chelsea squad will train in St. George’s Park training centre in these two days ahead of Leicester clash.

The trip was done to avoid a longer journey tomorrow evening, since the venue that usually hosts English national team in their training camps is just one hour from King Power Stadium, a lot shorter trip than Cobham.

José Mourinho and his boys travelled earlier this afternoon from London and Chelsea will stay at the on-site Hilton Hotel and have full access to the centre’s state-of-the-art facilities during their stay.


Chelsea will close tomorrow their Asian tour after playing vs Inter Milan. Midfielder N'Golo Kante is enjoying this pre-season experience, who he is living for the first time with...