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Chelsea face Stoke City at the Brittania Stadium this afternoon in a game they must to keep up the momentum following their 2-1 win over Dynamo Kiev on Wednesday night.

Here are the predicted lineups for both sides.

Stoke City:

Butland; Johnson, Shawcross, Wollschied, Pieters; Adam, Whelan, Shaqiri, Krkic, Arnautovic; Walters.



Begovic, Baba, Terry, Cahill, Azpilicueta; Matic, Ramires, Hazard, Oscar, Willian; Costa


Kick-Off: 17:30 GMT

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Chelsea legend Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink, now in charge as a manager ar Burton Albion, stated that the absence of boss Jose Mourinho tomorrow from the Britannia Stadium can motivate the team to give the best of themselves to get a good result:

It might help them because it will give them some kind of edge,” he said to TalkSPORT.

“Their leader is not there, they want to put it right, they are fighting.

“Look at the positives. I think yes, he won’t be there, but I think the players will be doing everything possible to put it right or show everybody wrong.”

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Ex Chelsea boss José Mourinho will return to Stamford Bridge on Sunday, this time as Manchester United manager © Francesca Ceciarini

The FA revealed what Chelsea boss José Mourinho shouted to referee Jonathan Moss at Upton Park two weeks ago to get the stadium ban that won’t allow him to enter the Britannia Stadium tomorrow fot the Stoke City’s game.

Here is what was written in Moss’ report:

Moss said in his report: “Mr Mourinho was waiting for us clearly agitated and began aggressively asking about first-half decisions.

“I asked him to step into my dressing room. I gave him answers. I asked him to leave the dressing-room area. He refused. I asked him again. After he refused again I asked the security officer to escort him from the room.

“Mr Mourinho became very aggressive and animated. He shouted you f***ing referees are weak…Wenger is right about you…you are f***ing weak.”

Mourinho was also given a £40.000 fine and today commented the fact in his press conference:

Everything has changed. I’m sad about it. But that’s what I have. The message that the powers that be want to give me is more than clear.

“I don’t know if it will drive me away. While I’m happy at the club and with my players, that’s fine for me.”

“I will travel and be with the team until the moment somebody stops me,” he said. “I will be in charge. My staff are free of that pressure. I choose the team. We have prepared for every scenario.

“The staff does not have permission to rip up the plan. If they do that they are in trouble.

“This has been the hardest game I have ever prepared for. It’s a stadium ban. It has stopping.”

It’s still unknown where Mourinho will watch the game: the club gave him the option to watch it on the team coach, that has got Sky TV, but he can also stay in his hotel room at Stoke.

He even joked about this, saying that it might be possible he will go to watch a movie in Stoke or sitting at the corner of the street with his iPad checking the updates with LiveScore.


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Chelsea will look to avenge their League Cup defeat as they face Stoke at the Britannia Stadium (17:30 GMT KO).

The Blues, who won only three of their 11 games this season – their second-ever worst start to a season – lost on penalties to the Potters last week.

Mark Hughes’ side have also won only three of their 11 games, but have only lost four compared to Chelsea’s six. They sit 14th in the table.

Jose Mourinho’s side took six points off Stoke last season, winning 2-0 away from home thanks to goals from John Terry and Cesc Fàbregas. The Blues won 2-1 at Stamford Bridge, with Charlie Adam scoring a wonder strike from 60 yards.

Last six games:

Stoke City: WWWLDD (includes one League Cup game).

Chelsea: WDLLLW (includes two Champions League games and one League Cup game).


Team News:

– Jose Mourinho will NOT be making the trip to Staffordshire after being given a one-match stadium ban.

– Chelsea welcome back midfielder Pedro, who came on as a substitute in the midweek win over Dynamo Kiev.

– Branislav Ivanovic returned to training this week but is a doubt for Saturday’s game.

– Thibaut Courtois is still out.

– Stoke defender Geoff Cameron is set to return after a thigh injury.

– Phil Bardsley is available after serving a one-match suspension.

– On-loan midfielder Marco van Ginkel is ineligible against his parent club.



– Stoke have only ever beaten Chelsea once in the Premier League (D3, L11).

– The Potters did however knock the Blues out of the League Cup in the fourth round.

– The home side have scored the fewestgoals in the Premier League this season, with just nine in 11 games.

– Stoke have kept three clean sheets in their last four games, but have lost three of their five home games.

– Chelsea have never lost three consecutive games under Roman Abramovich’s ownership.

– Mourinho has lost six games this season already – he has never lost seven in a season as a manager.


Starting XI last time out in the Premier League: 

Stoke (away vs. Newcastle, drew 0-0): Butland, Johnson, Wollscheid, Shawcross, Pieters, Adam, Whelan, Shaqiri, Bojan, Arnautovic, Walters.

Chelsea (home vs. Liverpool, lost 1-3): Begovic, Zouma, Cahill, Terry, Azpilicueta, Ramires, Mikel, Willian, Hazard, Oscar, Costa.

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Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho has said that the FA are violating his civil liberties by giving him a ban on entry to the Britannia Stadium tomorrow. The Portuguese coach has hinted that it is not fair that he can not enter the stadium and watch the match together with his son.He also added that he is afraid that his ban may set a dangerous precedent.

Mourinho said:

“It’s very similar to going to a cinema to watch a film and somebody tells me I cannot come in. Or go to a shop to buy a pair of shoes and someone tells me I can’t go in.”

“Now I want to go to a football match, in a basic way – not to do my job – and somebody will try to stop me doing that. I want to go to Stoke v Chelsea with my son and, at the door of the stadium, someone tells me: ‘You kid, you can come in. You Dad, you cannot come in.’’

“Even if I buy a ticket, people will stop me.”

“You can imagine how I feel. One thing is not to be on the bench. Because, against West Ham, the referee told me not to be on the bench in the second half. But nobody told me to leave the stadium.”

“I am stopped not just to do my work, but from going to a football stadium and being at something I like so much. Football.”

“The dimension of the punishment opens a range of situations that I can imagine, in the future, we are going to have lots of managers with stadium bans because a stadium ban should relate to something really, really serious in terms of aggression – but words I don’t want to lose.”

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Stoke City manager Mark Hughes hopes that his team can take advantage of Jose Mourinho’s absence during tomorrow’s clash at Britannia Stadium. He also said that he fully understand Mourinho’s decision not to appeal against the stadium ban.

Hughes told his pre-match press conference:

”There’s a lot of criticism getting fired at Chelsea’s team and manager, but most top players react to that. At some point I’m sure their season will start to turn around, we just have to make sure it isn’t here on Saturday.”

”You saw midweek in the Champions League (against Dinamo Kiev) that even when they’re struggling somewhat they still have individuals who can turn the game for them. You’re always conscious of that that. Even if you do everything right they have individuals who can take the game away from you, and Chelsea have more than most.’’

“What happens to Chelsea isn’t our priority – we only worry about ourselves,”

“Whilst we’ll work to beat Chelsea, we know they’re a good side despite the fact that they’re getting a lot of criticism. ”

“I’ve said before that most top players and managers react to situations like that and at some point I’m sure their season will turn around. ”

“We just have to make sure it doesn’t happen tomorrow evening. Once the game starts that’s when our focus really narrows.”

”They’ve not become a bad side overnight, they’re just searching for their top form and given their success it comes into focus a bit more readily”
Asked about Mourinho’s ban :

“I’m not quite sure of the full details of why he is banned but obviously that may well impact negatively on the team, or it might be a positive. It’s a tough one to call from our point of view whether it’s a good thing or a bad thing.”

“You would think without his influence at half-time or just prior to the game, that would take something away. But it’s always good to see Jose in the dugout opposite and I know our crowd enjoy seeing opposition managers and that gets them going.”

”He’s got a little bit of previous in this regard so we’ll have to wait and see but I don’t anticipate any problems. I’m not sure how close to the ground he’s allowed to come.”

‘‘I would have thought it’s up to the FA to monitor and police that. Who’s to say he hasn’t got a phone to his ear and in touch with his coaches? Who says if he’s allowed to do that? Unless an FA official is sat on his knee who’s to say?”

”Stadium bans don’t happen very often. But Jose has got a bit of gripe with the powers that be and they’ve come down hard on him at the moment. It is appropriate? I don’t know but he’s not going to be around.’’

”Jose’s had any number of run-ins and maybe got a bit tired of trying to argue his case.”

”Maybe it wouldn’t have been served to argue the case. That may well impact negatively on his team, it might be a positive. It’s a tough one to call from our point of view.”

”Without his influence at half-time you’d have thought it would take something away from them. It’s always good to see Jose in the opposition dugout.”

”He’s been at top clubs dominated by the media. It’s not something he’ll be fazed by. He’s experienced it at every club. Maybe it’s a different kind of pressure because not too many times his league form and position in the league have been questioned.”

Hughes recalled also the latest victory over Chelsea in the League One Cup:

“[Chelsea] put in one of their better performances against us but we played well and came through it,”
”They followed it up with a win in the Champions League so maybe you’d argue their current form has gone their way, but results haven’t gone for them.

“Eventually they will go for you but we’ll have something to say about that tomorrow. We have the benefit of the emotions from that night and we had to work really hard for the result.

“Those emotions and feelings and still there so we can use them to our benefit. We know how hard we’ll have to work but we know we’re capable of that and we’re looking forward to it.

“We’re not in bad shape but we need to improve our home form we did that against Chelsea a couple of weeks ago.

“They have individuals that can turn the game towards them and you’re always aware of that.”

Then he has updated injury information on his players :
“We are in good shape, I think everybody is fit and well. There is probably only Shay and Marc that aren’t available through injury tomorrow,”

”Shay has had the operation, he had a loose fragment of bone floating around in his knee that had to be taken out so it will be a couple of months before he is ready to come into the reckoning again; hopefully it’ll go well and he’ll be fine.”
”Marc will be out for a couple of weeks. We thought his hamstring serious was quite serious but we’re assured it won’t be as bad as we thought. It will be 2-3 weeks which isn’t great, but its better than what we previously feared.”
”Ryan has played two games and not only does he look capable, his form is very good considering how long he’d been out and given his leadership qualities, even when he’s been injured. ”

“The health of the squad is good at the minute with only Shay and Marc injured. The players take care of themselves and the medical staff have been top notch.”

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Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho  has confirmed that even if he will not be physically present at the stadium all the team decisions, including substitution decisions, still lie with him.

Mourinho said:

”My assistants are completely free of that extra pressure which doesn’t belong to their jobs”

”I choose the team and I predict to the maximum I can the different aspects of the game and the different directions it can follow. I try to prepare the players and assistants even better than ever because it is only the way.”

”If after 10 minutes we are playing with seven men, it is something I did not prepare my assistants for, so they have to decide for themselves. The game is unpredictable but we try to reduce the impact from extreme scenarios you can imagine such as winning 4-0 at half-time to losing 4-0 at half-time, and between those you have 1000 options including injuries and red cards to each player. We went through all these different scenarios and they are prepared and, importantly, protected by the fact it is my responsibility.”

”You can imagine that is not easy, you can imagine how I feel and I don’t want to speak about it because I’d have to go deeper, the dimension of the situation. One thing is not to be on the bench, like at West Ham, but nobody told me to leave the stadium.”

”This time the referee invited me to go to the dressing room and tell him what I thought about the first half.”

”If I speak about the dimension of the punishment, I think it opens up a range of situations and I can imagine in the future we are going to have lots of managers with stadium bans. The bans should be related to something really serious in terms of aggression and words I don’t want to use, and this stadium ban is connected to words and complaints.”

”Now it is open to bans happening many more times unless maybe our [managers’] association and other associations around Europe question in a very serious and legal way the rights of the managers having stadium bans.”

”But from my point of view I want to be out of it, let the game tomorrow finish and that is it.”


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The former Manchester United goalkeeper Mark Bosnich is convinced that it’s not Jose Mourinho to be blamed for the bad start to the season but Chelsea players are.

Bosnich told talkSPORT:

”For me, from an ex-pro’s point of view, it’s always more down to the players than it is the manager,”

”Yes, the manager can set the tone, but he doesn’t go out onto the pitch and play.”

”The bottom line is that it doesn’t matter how good your side is, if you’ve got four of five of your best players playing below their best ability, you’re going to struggle.”

”Especially in a league like the Premier League, where the depth is second to none in the whole world in terms of the team that can beat you, it’s a battle every week.”

“But if anyone can turn it around…”

”As we saw last night he still has the massive support of the fans, he added.”

“And – because of his past and what he’s achieved in the game – if there’s anyone who deserves a bit of time, it is Jose Mourinho.”

“This is probably the first time he’s suffered a run this in his career, but it’s also the longest he’s ever been at one club, so I would give him time to make it right at Chelsea.”



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Speaking at his pre-match press conference Jose Mourinho has confirmed that Branislav Ivanovic has returned to training and is fit for the match against Stoke City tomorrow. He has also said that he decided not to appeal against his one-match stadium ban.

Mourinho said:

“The match is tomorrow and I know the result of the appeal already, so I decide to give up,”

”“I think it’s stupid to fight a fight you know you already lose. I travel with the team, until the moment somebody stops me, which I think is the stadium compound.”

“This stadium ban is connected to words, to complaints.

“I can imagine that in the future we are going to have lots of managers with stadium bans, because the stadium bans should be related to something really serious.”

“In this moment it’s open for in the future the stadium ban to happen much more times, unless we have our association or other associations around Europe that question in a very serious and legal way about the rights of the managers and having stadium bans.”

Asked how Mourinho plans to watch the contest, he said: “You can imagine that it’s not easy. You can imagine how I feel. And I don’t want to speak a lot about it.”

“I have no plans. Maybe I sit in the street corner with my iPad.”

“Maybe I don’t even watch the game.”

“To speak about it I have to go deeper, I have to go to the dimension of the situation.”

“One thing is not to be on the bench. Because against West Ham the referee told me not to be on the bench in the second half, but nobody told me to leave the stadium.”

“In this moment I’m stopped not just to do my work, I’m stopped from going to a football stadium.”

“Ivanovic is good,”

”Falcao is injured and he will be for a few weeks.”

”Courtois is still out.”


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Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo revealed that he is not surprised by Jose Mourinho’s difficult situation at Chelsea but he hopes that the Special One can turn things around at his team.

Ronaldo worked under Mourinho between 2010 and 2013 when the Special One was in charge at Real Madrid. And it’s no secret that both of them had a pretty frosty relationship at Santiago Bernabeu.

Ronaldo told BBC Sport:

”Mourinho’s situation? I’m not surprised because in football anything can happen…”

”As a Portuguese man, I want to see the Portuguese at the top level all the time”

”Of course, he’s a manager that I was working with for two years and I know his potential. I know that not just him but Chelsea are in this tough situation”

”So this is what I wish for him that he can go through this bad situation and make Chelsea fans happy because they deserve it.”


In the last few days Petr Cech not only expressed his frustation on how goalkeepers are selected to play games in different competition at Arsenal, but...