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Pogba stayed at Juventus last summer but hinted an exit soon

A source in Paul Pogba’s entourage just confirmed to ChelseanNews24 that the French star can leave Juventus.

It’s understood that, with the right offer, the player will move suddenly.

According to The Sun Chelsea placed a £70m bid, but it couldn’t be enough as Juventus are asking around £100m €, around £80-85m.

The Blues can include players like Oscar, Ramires and Cuadrado in the deal to decrease the price: Juventus’ manager Massimiliano Allegri never hid the interest for them, stating he likes all of them very much. Of course, just one or two of them would be included in the deal.

The opportunity window, as José Mourinho calls it, is still open for other nine days and everything can happen.

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According to an exclusive report from The Sun Chelsea are negotiating for Juventus star Paul Pogba.

The Blues are ready to offer a monster fee to the Bianconeri to sign the French midfielder, around £70m, and according to the English paper the two clubs already reached an agreement over it.

In Italy nobody is confirming the deal, but in England many people are sure that it will be done before the transfer window shuts in nine days.

In yesterday’s press conference Chelsea boss José Mourinho dismissed talking about Pogba saying:

Pogba is a Juventus’ player, and I cannot speak about him. I know that Allegri had been speaking about Oscar and Ramires for the whole summer, but he’s a Juventus player, only Allegri can speak about him.

But he also added:

“In the last two weeks I call the transfer window the opportunity window, so let’s see what can happen”.

Actually, players like Ramires, Oscar or Cuadrado can be included in the deal to decrease the transfer fee.

Pogba would be the most expensive transfer in the history of both Chelsea and Premier League.

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eva carneiro mourinho

Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho has been criticised by the FIFA medical chief for his handling of the Eva Carneiro situation.

Mourinho labelled his team doctor “naïve” and accused her and head physiotherapist John Fearn of “not understanding the game” after they rushed on to treat Eden Hazard on the opening day of the season, leaving Chelsea temporarily with eight outfield players on the pitch.

As a result, Carneiro and Fearn were removed from the Chelsea bench for the game against Manchester City, and shall be again for the game against West Brom.

But, FIFA’s medical chief Jiri Dvorak has warned coaches that their opinion is irrelevant when it comes to player health and safety, in what is a stinging rebuke to Mourinho.

Dvorak told Mourinho to concentrate on playing matters and not medical issues.

“In medical terms, when it comes to medical diagnosis, the coach has nothing to say,” FIFA chief medical officer Dvorak told the ruling body’s weekly magazine.

“It is at the sole discretion of the doctor and we at FIFA will always endorse that.

“It is our professional rule and our ethical duty to look after the players’ health. If we let coaches intervene, we can end up with a situation where a player suffers a serious health issue as a consequence of a lack of medical attention.

“And then the one to be held responsible will be the doctor, not the coach.”


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Tony Pulis is convinced, that Sunday’s game against Chelsea will be a very tough. West Brom manager has compared the Blues to the ,,wounded animal”, looking for a revenge.

Two games without a win and a conflict with dr. Carneiro are enough reasons to be sure, that Chelsea are coming at Hawthorns to win. West Brom manager has warned his players, that Chelsea are desperate to win and the Baggies must prepare for the real battle.

Pulis said:

“We’ll be facing a wounded animal in some respects,”

“There’s never a good time to play Chelsea.”

“When we beat them last season, they had a player sent off, people forget that.”

“That was a good time to play them, before the game I wasn’t so sure.”

But, then he has praised Jose Mourinho for being a great tactician :

“There’s no bigger manager in the world than Jose”

“I find him a different person away from the cameras.”

“I like him. I admire what he’s achieved, it’s remarkable.”

“He deserves respect, there are always little chinks, but whenever I’ve dealt with him he’s been first class.”

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Jose Mourinho does not hide his joy at having sign Pedro from Barcelona. During his pre-match press conference, the Special One has praised the Spanish forward for his great attitude and commitment to the game.

The Portuguese coach has said, that he is delighted to have been able to secure the services of a player who has won everything possible with his former team.

Mourinho said :

‘‘He wants to play every game. For many years he won everything playing with Messi, Iniesta, all these stars, but he wants more and I’m really happy with that attitude. Pedro is a player we like a lot and we are happy to have him.”

‘‘When I saw him playing the European Super Cup and Spanish Super Cup like they were the last games of his career, I always thought with that commitment and attitude he would stay at Barcelona, for sure. So when we know he’s that kind of professional, that gives everything but clearly wants to leave, it was an opportunity and as a club we decided to try to get him. Obviously we are happy the player chose us.”

‘‘Everything started with the fact that finally we understood the player was ready to leave the club of his dreams, the club of his heart, the club where he played since he was a kid and won absolutely everything. When I’m told a player wants to leave Barcelona or Real Madrid, these giant clubs, there is always a question mark because I always ask myself why they want to leave.”

‘‘Normally there are lots of rumours and normally they are never true, but it was true. He has amazing respect and from the way he speaks (you can tell) he loves Iniesta, Messi, Neymar and these guys he’s played with for all these years, but this is a moment for him to enjoy a different life, a different step, a different challenge. It’s a chance for him to leave his comfort zone and come to a new club, new country, new culture, so I’m really happy with his approach.’’

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Jose Mourinho has refused to confirm whether John Terry will be in the first XI against West Brom on Sunday.

Last Sunday, during the clash against Manchester City, John Terry was substituted for the first time in 177 appearances made at Chelsea. Mourinho’s decision caused shock among many fans. While the media have started to speculate about the future of Terry at Stamford Bridge.

Jose Mourinho has praised John Terry for a mature reaction to his decision. However, quite surprisingly Portuguese coach did not speak with the player after the match about his decision.

Mourinho told Evening Standard :

“I didn’t have a single word (with him) about it this week. At half-time I explained what I wanted to do in the second half, and every player listened: I wanted to push up, press high with the midfield line the reference for the defenders. ”

“I wanted my fastest defender on the pitch and played Kurt Zouma. My players understood the explanations and reacted positively. ”

“I was not expecting John or any other player I replace to be jumping or dancing in the dressing room, but he behaved professionally. In the next day in training, he was doing what he’s done with me since 2004, training always top.”

Asked if Terry will be in the first XI during Sunday clash against West Brom, Mourinho said :

“Maybe. Maybe. Why not? Normally he’s in the team. Normally he plays. So why not?”

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steven hughes chris hughes doctor physio

Chelsea boss José Mourinho confirmed that both doctor Eva Carneiro and physiotherapist Jon Fearn won’t go back to the bench also in this weekend.

When asked in today’s press conference the Portuguese manager said that Dr. Chris Hughes and physio Steven Hughes will still be sit next to him at WBA:

“I think in some aspects in my career I’m unique, and also for the questions I receive in the press conference, so I guess in this moment I’m the unique manager in the world to be asked about the medical staff. I don’t want to talk about this, but this weekend nothing is going to be different, but the most important thing is that- again- my players are in good hands, both on the pitch and outside the pitch”

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Jose Mourinho has praised Pedro for ambition, that he showed by leaving a club with which he has such a strong bond as Barcelona.

The Portuguese coach has urged the media to pay attention to Pedro’s decision to join the Blues instead of making jokes about Manchester United.

Pedro who has lost his position in Barcelona’s first team to Luis Suarez, decided to look for a challenge in another squad. He has been heavily linked with a move to Manchester United but in the last moment, Chelsea hijacked the deal. According to the rumours, Jose Mourinho himself has convinced him to join the Blues.

Mourinho said :

“Pedro wants more and I’m really happy with that kind of attitude. He wants to play, to win and to enjoy.”

“I don’t want to say we won, Man United lost – that’s not the point. It’s a moment for Pedro to enjoy a different step.”

The Special One has reminded, however, that besides Pedro,also Baba Rahman joined the Blues.

“This week we got a very good young left-back (Baba Rahman, who signed from Augsburg) with potential and one of the best attacking players in the world,”

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Ex Chelsea manager José Mourinho © Francesca Ceciarini

José Mourinho press conference ahead of WBA.

Moses and Oscar are still injured and I don’t know if the new players are available or not”

“Normally we train vey well but I think this week we trained better than ever, we are not happy with the results and we want to do better, and we can do it just working better than ever”

“I am happy for the new signings, I know the PL started two weeks ago, the market is more often an opportunity window than a transfer window, so it’s dangerous because we’re in a moment where nobody is happy to lose players, but we got a very good young left back that we need and we got one of the best attacking players in the world, a player with lots of experience and with something that I like very very much that is the desire to leave a giant club, one of the best in the world, a club that normally you don’t want to leave, and for a player like him – loved there and that loves the club- the fact that he wanted to leave after winning so much means he wants more. I like this attitude, I know he wants to win more and he’s not here on holiday”

“Market is an opportunity window to get players that sometimes you don’t expect to get, the truth is we love to have Pedro here”

“That’s not a point for me the fact he was going to Man United, the fact is we finally understood he was ready to leave the clubs of his dreams, the club of his heart, when a player leaves a club like Barcelona and Real Madrid I always wonder why they want to leave these giants club, there are always a lot of rumours and many times are not true. In this moment he accepts a new challenge, he leaves the comfort zone, he comes to a new club, new country, new manager, new league…I’m really happy with his approach”

“I don’t want to speak about players of other clubs, every club have important games in this weekend, so I don’t want to go in that direction”

“In the last two weeks I call the transfer window the opportunity window, so let’s see what can happen”

“I think in some aspects in my career I’m unique, and also for the questions I receive in the press conference, so I guess in this moment I’m the unique manager in the world to be asked about the medical staff. I don’t want to talk about this, but this weekend nothing is going to be different, but the most important thing is that- again- they are in good hands, both on the pitch and outside the pitch”

“I repeat the market is a question of opportunity: transfer period is full of rumours and info, sometimes wrong info, and sometimes are true, and where they are true you understand you can do something. When I saw Pedro playing the European Super Cup like it was the last game in his career, when he knew he wanted to leave, it’s the kind of professional that you want to try to sign and you don’t want to lose that opportunity. We are happy he chose us”

“At the half time at the Etihad I told to the players to push, to raise the defenders’ and midfielders’ line, I decided to play Zouma, it’s not easy to play in Man City stadium, Terry acted very professional and the next day in training he did very well”

“Sometimes people tell me I never experiment, so nothing new….we played well against Swansea in the first half, 2-1 was a very short result, the second half started with a penalty and a red card so nothing went in our direction. With Man City we played well in the starting of a second half, we scored a beautiful goal with Ramires that maybe was one inch offside, created chances and then conceded a stupid goal. We are not happy, but we’re calm”

“I’m very happy with Begovic’s performance, he showed clearly what he backed, but now I will go back to Courtois”

“I repeat, I’m unique because nodoby asks to Pellegrini if Kompany is in trouble for Otamendi’s signing or if Mangala is going to be sold…”

“Pogba is a Juventus’ player, and I cannot speak about him. I know that Allegri had been speaking about Oscar and Ramires for the whole summer, but he’s a Juventus player, only Allegri can speak about him”

“On Sunday it’s not me against Tony [Pulis] it’s just Chelsea v WBA and we want the three points”

“If we have to see superstitious side I will tell you I never won against a “P” but also that when I started with a 2-2 at home I won the treble, so…Porto v Belenenses 2-2 and I wont a treble [actually the European trophy was a UEFA Cup] and Inter v Bari 2-2 I won the treble [actually it was a 1-1, but always a draw].

“Willian does things that Pedro doesn’t every player is different, I read some rumours like we want to sell Willian but that is a lie: maybe they want him but they wont’ get him”

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Everton legend Martin Keown warns Toffees’ talent John Stones about Chelsea move and states Mourinho is not in a good situation now to welcome him.

The ex defender claimed while speaking to TalkSport: 

I don’t think the [Chelsea] manager is completely stable at the moment, he is going through a really difficult period, and he is better staying at Everton for another season.

“They adore him, the Evertonians. They got me in the England team because they were so supportive. He needs that warmth for at least another year for his development.

“He still has things to work on. I don’t think he is superb from crosses, I don’t think he marks brilliantly, I want to see him being more commanding from set-pieces, and all that comes from being the leader in a group for a team like Everton and then maybe he moves to Chelsea.

“He is going to be an outstanding player but I don’t get this massive rush. Just stay where you are and develop and do the job for Everton. It is a huge club there.”


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