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Gary Cahill has become Chelsea pitch captain during this season, since John Terry is not a regular starter anymore.

The Blues long-time skipper dealt with some injuries in the last months and Conte found a regular starting XI during his absence, giving his trust to David Luiz, Azpilicueta and Cahill.

The Italian manager, anyway, admitted the importance of John in the dressing room, claiming that Terry is helping him a lot in this first year of his English experience:

“I would never try to fill John Terry’s boots. You can never fill that position,” said Cahill, who has received unstinting praise for his captaincy as Chelsea close in on a domestic double.

“When I took over as captain this season, either through him not being picked or not being available, it was a privilege to do that.

“Firstly, I have learned from how he manages himself, how he plays and how he does things. But secondly, I never thought for one minute, or will ever think, that I’m replacing him.

“He is right at the top and whoever comes in after him is never going to achieve what he’s done at the club.

“Nothing has changed in my game since I had that armband, apart from the fact I’m now 31 and I have learned a lot from someone like him. I will continue to learn from him while he is at the club.”

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Chelsea goalkeeper Asmir Begovic reveals he is not sure captain John Terry will be his team-mate next season:

“I can see him continuing to play and while he is playing like this, I don’t see why he should quit,” Begovic told the London Evening Standard.

“He trains every day, he’s as fit as a fiddle and you don’t get the sense that he is coming to an end. 

“What he has in his mind and what he is planning to do is something only he can answer. 

“But if he collects two trophies, maybe that’s a great way to go out. Who knows?”

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Speaking to SoccerAm Chelsea captain John Terry confirmed his availability to his manager Antonio Conte and to the team.

The Blues skipper didn’t get much playing time during this season but he’s acting and speaking like a real captain:

“I think as a player, you have to adapt and you have to adjust as you get older,” he said.

“Realistically can I play every week? Yeah, I’m in great condition, I’m feeling great and I’m back fit, but the boys that are playing at the minute have been unbelievable.

“As a player you have to accept that, more importantly, the team’s top of the league and flying, so as a fan, let alone a player, I’m delighted at the moment.

“Even though I’m not on the pitch, I feel as though I’m a presence in the dressing room, communicating with the boys on a daily basis, in the dressing room, at half time, after the game.

“It’s an important role, and I see that whether I’m playing or not playing I’ve got a duty to the football club and too myself, what I am as a person and what it means to me to be captain of our club.”

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Continuing our chat with ex Chelsea goalkeeper Marco Amelia we asked him about transfer market, that is closing his winter window tomorrow night, with his friend Asmir Begovic on the brink to leave the Blues after 18 months:

*If I were him, I would stay: it’s difficult to leave a team like Chelsea in a season like this, he can add some silverware to his personal trophy cabinet and I don’t think he will miss this chance, even if I understand that he would like to play more.”

Diego Costa allegedly received offers during this transfer window from a couple of Chinese clubs, this is what Amelia thinks about the Spaniard’s situation, since there are chances he can leave next summer:

“I hope Diego Costa can stay, my wish is that he will stay next summer. If he will leave I guess it´s easier for him to go back to Spain: probably he does´t like London very much and I cannot get how he could like China, so I don´t think he will go there. But it won´t be easy to leave for him, because now he´s a leader, he feels this leadership, he feels important, so if he moves it won´t be an easy choice for him, it´s more difficult to change in this moment.”

In his time at Chelsea Amelia had the chance to share the dressing room with a legend like John Terry, with whom he´s still friend, and has got only words of praise and respect for the Blues captain:

“What I liked more about Terry is that he is a TRUE captain, he arrives to the training ground before anyone else, sometimes I tried to arrive before him but I never succeed! He always beat me! He leads by example, he takes care of himself, he acts like a a real professional and shows to his team-mates that to reach certain levels you have to behave like that. This is the best example he can give to his team-mates and to the youngsters.”

And speaking about youngsters and academy talents, Amelia revealed us who is the one that most impressed him:

“Among Chelsea youngsters who impressed me more is Ruben Loftus-Cheek,” the Italian goalkeeper said.

“He´s got incredible physical and technical skills, he can adapt to play in more roles and yes, I agree with Conte, he can play as a number 9: of course he doesn’t have the moves of a proper striker, he has to learn them, he has to get more experience and maybe he´s not so fast as a modern number 9 has to be. I guess it should be better for him and other youngsters that don´t get much playing time to go on loan somewhere else to play.”

Premier League is, in this moment, the most fascinating championship in the world and Amelia told us why, in his opinion, the English league was able to overcome Serie A, that was the best league in the world over a decade ago:

“First of all, the stadia are better: to have the fans so close to the pitch, without fences, it´s incredible and give the team lots of adrenalin, in Italy many stadia got the athletics track.

“Furthermore, in England there is less tactical exaggeration, the training sessions are more physical because you must be physically tough but you need also good technical skills and all this benefits good performances, the “Premier League show”.

“I had some managers that were too obsessed with the tactic and this damaged the performances, the freedom of the players to express their talents and the show”.

Speaking about managers and tactical magicians, we got now two of them managing the two sides of Manchester even if, until now, they probably didn´t fulfill all the expectations football fans had about their new adventures:

“I guess Mourinho will do very well at Manchester United, Amelia said about the ex Chelsea boss.

“When you have to put players like [Paul] Pogba and [Zlatan] Ibrahimovic into your squad and tactical system you have to find the squad balance again: they were a little unlucky in autumn, they lost many points and so the chance to be in the title race, but this happened because of what I just said and once they found their balance they started to play better and win. Usually, he wins and does better in the second year. One of his qualities is to make everyone feel important, so everyone is ready to fight if needed.

Guardiola, instead, got some issues to adapt to English football,” the 2006 World Champion says about the ex Barcelona and Bayern manager.

“Mainly because he is trying to bring a different mentality. I don´t think that this is arrogance, it´s just his way to work, he wants to bring his style wherever he goes.”

Thibaut Courtois, David de Gea and Manuel Neuer are, at the moment, in the world goalkeepers top 3 and when asked about who, among the youngsters, can reach their level, Amelia has got no doubt:

“Among the new goalkeepers I like very much [AC Milan´s] Donnarumma: he´s just 17 and already a top player, he´s got tons of personality.”

Amelia is 34 but has no intention to retire from played football: at the moment he is a free agent and trains with a team near Roma, where he currently lives with his family.

The Italian keeper, anyway, knows what would make him happy again:

“My dream is to come back to play in England: I was really close to join Sunderland last summer, but then I had to go back to Italy also for some personal issues, because there are things that are most important than football. I negotiated also with a Championship side and I hope to sign for some team there soon: I am free agent now and I can find a new team until the end of March.

“I cannot go to China or Arabic leagues because they got some rules for which they cannot sign foreign goalkeepers, USA are fascinating but when you have to take these decisions you have to think also about your family, so I would prefer England.”

Do we have a chance to see him at Chelsea should Begovic leave? Everything will be revealed tomorrow night.

(Click HERE to read the first part of our interview with Marco Amelia that was published on Saturday)

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Antonio Conte admitted that his captain’s help is really important, despite the Blues skipper having skipped most of this season’s game due to a couple of injuries.

Terry doesn’t miss a game, despite don’t being able to play, and always travels with the squad in the away games to be a good captain with his team-mates:

“I want to mention John Terry also, because John is very important for us,” Conte said speaking to Chelsea official website.

“Even when he’s not playing, he helps us a lot in the changing room and in the training sessions, and I want to say thanks to him as well because his support is very important.”

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Chelsea players enjoying the parade © Francesca Ceciarini

Chelsea captain John Terry reveals that watching other teams winning makes him sick:

“You miss that feeling of being the champions, being the best, and nothing can ever, ever replace that,” the Blues skipper told SFR Sport.

“When you see another team, whether that be Man United, Man City, Liverpool, whoever it is, Arsenal, lift the trophy at the end, I can’t even watch it. It hurts.

“This is why I want to still carry on playing, because that hunger is still there to be the best, to win trophies for my football club.”

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Speaking to TalkSport this morning Chelsea second goalkeeper Asmir Begovic praised his captain John Terry, revealing something we already knew: he’s a great leader and captain.

It’s always good to have John Terry around,” the Bosnian keeper told the Alan Brazil Sport Breakfast.

“He’s our captain and he’s still a fantastic player, so whenever he’s available and fit it’s positive for us.

“Overall we’ve got a very good defensive group, all our players have great quality.

“But the fact is that over the last month or so we’ve had a lot of changes, players have come in and out with injuries, and maybe that has disrupted things for us a little bit.

“But having John Terry in there only adds to the group. His leadership on and off the pitch is key to us, so he’s definitely a great player to have around.”


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Eden Hazard must become the leader of Chelsea to show all his incredible talent, according to Blues ex midfielder Michael Ballack:

“He was struggling a bit last year,” he told Omnisport.

“Players like him, who are, in my eyes, very emotional players, they need a kind of warm environment, a good relationship with everyone – especially the coach – to perform.

“And he has unbelievable talent. I mean, the expectations to handle that and to bring it at the right time on the pitch is the key question for him.

“He’s getting older now as well and it’s not his first season at Chelsea anymore.

So all the fans and the club expect a lot from him and I think he needs to understand he’s one of the key players, if not the key player, of that team.

“He got the captain’s armband for his Belgium team from the [former] coach Marc Wilmots, which shows his attention. He gave him this responsibility to understand.”

“He’s not just a winger to perform some days to show his incredible talent,” Ballack added.

“No, there’s much more about leadership and what he brings to the team because he has this incredible talent.

“But there’s something above that – not just to perform but have this responsibility for the team.

“If I see to the right and to the left I don’t see a player on this team on his level. And he needs to understand that, and then I think he will bring his talent on the pitch and also has this impact to his team-mates.

“Because that’s what I expect from a big player – to have this impact on his team-mates as well, to push them as well, in terms of performing.”

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He scored the opener at 16′ and put the game on the right path, then he used his experience to lead his team to a really important win: this is what Chelsea midfielder John Obi Mikel made for Nigeria U23 at the Olympic games last night.

The African team won 2-0 over Denmark U23 in the Games’ quarter finals ( the other goal was scored by Aminu Numar) and qualified for the Rio 2016 Men’s Football semifinals.

Nigeria will face Germany next Wednesday.

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Antonio Conte remarked again the importance of captain John Terry for Chelsea:

“John has always played for this club, I think he is in the history of this club.

“And it’s important for me that he can explain what it means to play for this club, what it means to wear this shirt, this badge. I think it’s important in the dressing room.

The Italian coach hope to maintain a good relationship with Terry, that can help him to build a new winning team at Stamford Bridge:

“I have spoken with him. In the future it’s important to have this relationship because he is the captain of our team and it’s important also to transfer sometimes message.

“I think to have a good relationship is very important with John and the other players, always with great education and respect.”


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