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Manchester United legend and now Sky Sports pundit Gary Neville thinks that Chelsea star Eden Hazard is back to his top level and can compete with absolute top players like Leo Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo:

“I’m quite tough on Eden Hazard, not because I dislike him, but actually because I think he’s an unbelievable player. A player like him should be reaching the level of [Gareth] Bale, [Cristiano] Ronaldo, [Lionel] Messi.

“That is the level I would put him at. He cannot afford to have seasons like he did last year when you’re at that level, you have to build up a trust of being a world class player.

“World class isn’t just one season and then miss a season, it has to be every single season. The standard is higher now, the players like Bale, Ronaldo, Messi, they don’t drop, they’ve not dropped for seven or eight years, they’ve kept performing.

“What we’ve seen so far this season is a player who is devastating, and it looks like he’s back to his best.”

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Chelsea are weighing up an audacious bid for Barcelona star Lionel Messi, according to The Sun.

His father and agent, Jorge Messi, has reportedly met Chelsea owner Roman Abramovic on his yacht last week, before him and his son were sentenced to 21 months in jail for tax fraud yesterday, despite they are not expected to spend any time behind bars.

It is understood Chelsea are ready to offer a £110m transfer fee and would be set to pay the forward £800,000-a-week to persuade him.

Manchester City are another club looking into into the 29-year-old’s situation.

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While a guest to Sky Sports program Monday Night Football Cesc Fabregas spoke also about his former boss Pep Guardiola, that next year will come to Premier League to manager Manchester City:

“What he [Guardiola] wanted to do is change formation,” said Fabregas about the Spanish coach playing style.

“I think after three years playing at a fantastic level and winning many things, he felt the other teams were catching the way of playing against Barcelona on a 4-3-3.

“He wanted to play a different system with three at the back, four in midfield plus Lionel Messi dropping deep – he wanted to dominate midfield more than anything – and to have two wide players always open and threatening to go in behind defenders.

“Yes, [I enjoyed it] because I had a lot of freedom. They tell you play wherever you feel you are dangerous and I love this kind of thing, because it’s like a number 10, but with the mentality of the goalscorer.”

Fabregas also revealed why he left Barcelona:

“There’s a little thing with Xavi in 2010 before the World Cup he told me ‘you have to come, my Achilles, I will not last too long’ – and then I came and he still played for five years and that didn’t help,” Fabregas said, joking.

“But 100 per cent it didn’t help there were so many midfielders and there was one less spot than when I came under Pep.”

Cesc also gave his opinion on Guardiola being next Manchester City boss:

“You always want to play against the best, 100 per cent Pep will bring new things to the Premier League, to Man City.

“They will be a force next year, they are already this season, you see they are in the semi-finals of Champions League and fighting to be in the top three. All the teams will have to be even stronger.”

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Jose Mourinho and his backroom staff at Chelsea © Francesca Ceciarini

Former Chelsea manager José Mourinho thinks that team are more important of individual players in contemporary football, with one little exception: Lionel Messi.

The Portuguese coach thinks to have him in your side makes winning a little easier, even if the team performances are still important.

Barcelona can become the first team in the modern Champions League to hold the trophy:

“First of all it’s about individual players. Just to give you an example, [Leo] Messi won the Champions League with three different managers,” he said in an interview with BT Sport.

“I think it’s easier to win with him, than against him. I am a football manager. I know that sometimes people think that the individual is more important than the team.

“But when I feel that it is time for me to take a permanent holiday – I still think that the team is more important than anything.

“But the obvious reality is that there are some players who can make a difference.”

About his future, Mourinho said:

“Yes I was lucky enough to have good options since I left Chelsea in December – not just options but good options,” the Special One added.

“But I made a decision to wait calmly. The reality is that I want to work. July, mid-July, new pre-season starts and somewhere, I want to be there.”

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Guus Hiddink during last year's spell at Chelsea © Francesca Ceciarini

Guus Hiddink’s press conference ahead of WBA’s clash live from Cobham:

“Diego Costa is ok, he got a strong contusion on the knee, but not in the joint so we were lucky. He was soon back to training. Remy has beeen back to train with the group since two days, Hazard is not ok: he was on the pitch today with the physios but he is still not available.

“We want to have him fit. It’s better a little bit late than too early.”

“For me to perform good is a sign of freshness, Hazard had some physical problems this year, if you see yesterday the Ballon d’Or, these people have freshness every year”

“All the players get proper attention, also individually, but we will give Hazard the time to come back”

“I’m aware that Ivanovic is talking for his renewal, but I don’t have any announcement to do.

“If we think we have to do a move in the market to cover some position, it stays between the board and me.

“So far, it didn’t seem to me that the market has been so busy.

“We have made a good sequence of result in the previous games, we hope to continue, now we got a busy schedule, if we can go with that it’s a good point.

“I think for the Ballon d’Or you have to establish yourself not just for one season. Hazard is capable for the future, but there are huge demands”

“I think Messi can be successful in the Premier League, anywhere, what I like of him is that he’s always hungry, he is excellent, so nice to see, so easy, that’s way he’s nice to see.

“We have a lot of games to go and I was happy with Loftus-Cheek’s performance last Saturday, he has still to get experience, but whenever it’s possible he will have his chance. He has to mature, but that’s ok.

“Have I ever been bored watching my teams? You cannot play every game in the season as an exciting game, you cannot expect it.

“We have to go step by step, and also young players will have chances.

“Some of our youngsters are getting better every day, Kenedy is one of those young guys, I think he did very well in the last game when he entered, I like his penetration, for the moment he will stay at least until the end of the season.

“Youngsters must have basic qualities to get chances.”


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As England captain Manchester United star Wayne Rooney was entitled to vote for Ballon D’Or winners.

His first choice in the players was the winner, Lionel Messi, followed by Bayern Munich’s star Thomas Muller and his former Red Devils’s team-mate Cristiano Ronaldo.

But the surprise arrived in Rooney’s votes for the top manager, adding fuel to the speculations of the last month: his first choice was ex Chelsea manager José Mourinho, who won the Premier League with the Blues last year and was repeatedly rumoured as the next Manchester United’s boss after his departure from Chelsea before Christmas.

Mourinho always had a huge respect for Rooney and praised him many times, he also tried to bring him to Stamford Bridge soon after he returned to Chelsea in summer 2013, but Manchester United refused the Blues’ offer.

Probably Rooney just wanted to show his respect for the manager who beat him and his team in the Premier League last year and that praised him so many times, but his choice was not unnoticed and who knows that he can pay respect to Mourinho in person really soon.

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Speaking to the Spanish newspaper El Pais Chelsea new striker Pedro revealed why he left Barcelona and how he joined the Blues after being really close to sign for Manchester United.

Anyway, it was not easy to leave the champions of Europe:

I will miss Messi so much.

“He’s a great teammate, a great guy. We’ve lived a lot of things together, a lot of matches, a lot of goals. He knows me well.

“It felt weird, seeing myself with Chelsea’s shirt, and imagining playing and not finding Messi, Jordi Alba, Sergio Busquets or Andres Iniesta on the pitch.

Fortunately I continue to enjoy them in the national team.

On the move to Chelsea:

I think Barcelona didn’t want to sell me.

It all started with a phone call from Cesc Fabregas. Then Mourinho calls me and I had to make a decision. He made me feel important, he gave me confidence.

It would have been easy to stay at Barca, appear in the team photo, keep winning titles and earning money.

I had a good life but I felt I should leave. My life was comfortable off the pitch, but I wanted to keep playing. Let’s see how it works out.”

Pedro also spoke about the difference between La Liga and the Premier League:

For the intensity of workouts, they are similar. They do not allow the intensity level to be lowered for one minute.

The Spaniard also admitted he changed his mind about Chelsea boss José Mourinho:

The truth is that one has an image of him [Mourinho] that when you know him, changes a lot. It’s not what it seems.

I like the way Mourinho works. I feel comfortable. He has a positive and winning mentality. I am delighted because I like nothing better than winning.”

Pedro reveals that he’s still homeless in London and that is not easy to settle and find a house:

The possibility of living in London was a privilege.

“Although I’m having a hard time finding a house. I hope next week I will have it resolved.

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Hazard Kenedy Goal Barcelona

Chelsea star Eden Hazard was the best player in the Premier League last year.

The Belgian star was often told that to strive for Balon d’Or he must score as much as the two greatest in the football of the last years: Cristiano Ronaldo and Leo Messi. 

In an interview to Sport/Foot Magazine, Hazard revealed:

I ask myself what I can do to become like Messi and Ronaldo, and score 50 or 60 goals in a season.

“I try but I realise that I will never be a true scorer. It is not in me. It is mainly mental.

“Sometimes I still think after a goal, ‘that’s enough‘.

Real Madrid’s Ronaldo scored 61 goals in 54 games last season, and has 313 in just over seven seasons in the Spanish capital, while Messi netted 58 times as Barcelona won an historic treble in 2014/15. In 2012 Messi scored 91 goals in a calendar year that beated Muller’s mark of 85, which had stood since 1972. The 79 he netted for Barcelona in that year also betters the 72 scored by Muller for Bayern Munich in 1972. Numbers that make us humans understand that these players are not only goals machines but aliens.

I’m not in search of records like some other players,” Hazard continues.

If I can score between 15 and 20 goals each season, I will be very happy.

“I’m at a peak of my career but I want to become even better every day. I’m not there yet.”

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memphis depay
New Manchester United signing Memphis Depay impressed everyone when last week scored a wonderful brace and served an assist against Club Brugge in the Champions League playoffs.

And from Belgium, like Club Brugge, comes Chelsea star Eden Hazard, that gave his opinion on the Dutch talent:

He’s very good, he’s still young. I saw the game against Brugge, he scored two fantastic goals.


“I hope for him [that he fullfils his potential], but not for Chelsea.”

Hazard was then asked if Memphis could reach the level of Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi and Hazard himself, he said: “I don’t know. We will see. He’s very good, has a lot of potential.

“If he scores goals and wins titles, why not?”.


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Messi and Ronaldo are rated as the two best players in the world by most people...but Mourinho doesn't agree

Chelsea manager José Mourinho told to British press that Leo Messi has better than Cristiano Ronaldo in the last football season and for this reason the Real Madrid star doesn’t deserve to win individual trophies this year, and not even to be in the top two or three in the world:

During a collective interview, the journalists made him notice that Messi and Ronaldo are rated as the the two best players in the world by most of the people:

They have to win some titles, no? Football without titles is nothing. Messi won the treble. He won three competitions last year, he reached the Copa America final. He had a fantastic season for him and for his team.

Mourinho was also asked if Ronaldo would not be in the top two because Real Madrid missed out on their key trophies last season: “I think so. I don’t like players or managers to win individual trophies without the team”.



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