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Eden Hazard © Francesca Ceciarini

Chelsea star Eden Hazard revealed he enjoys living in London but there is only one thing he cannot stand:

“The only bad thing is the weather, which is similar to London, but there is nothing we can do about that.”

And when asked about where he will spend his time at the end of his career, the Chelsea ace told the club’s website: “I don’t know, it’s hard to say.

“Maybe I will live in Belgium, to be close to the family, or else I could go somewhere with nice weather.

“My kids are very settled in London so it could be here, that’s a long way off yet so we will see.”


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Former Juventus midfielder and Italian International star Andrea Pirlo spoke recently about the new Chelsea boss Antonio Conte.

“The man”he said“can be a beast, a dressing room when he is angry is one of the most dangerous places you can be. I have been in his dressing room at half-time when we have been winning, but he comes in and will be throwing full bottles of water around because of a mistake we made, or because he feels we should be further ahead.”

Then added: “When Conte speaks, his words assault you. They crash through the doors of your mind, often quite violently and settle deep within you.”

conte pirlo

About Conte’s way of life: “His life is football. I know he is up until 3-4am in the morning, studying videos, looking at errors, ­studying the opposition of the next game. He has two wives – Elisabetta and football.”

“I even know he will turn on the bedroom lights in the middle of the night because he has thought of something he needs to write down – you will not find a more understanding woman than her.”

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Chelsea legend Frank Lampard seems to enjoy his new life in the USA.

The all time Blues top scorer shared a couple of images on his Facebook account to show he is magnificently settling in New York City.

In the first one we can see Super Frank hugged with his fiancé Christine Bleakly in the centre of Times Square, one of the most famous sightseeing in the world and one of New York symbols.

In the second one Lampard shows his daughters feeding some seagulls in Long Island during spare time.





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New Chelsea goalkeeper Asmir Begovic flew to Canada for pre-season training camp with Chelsea squad last week, but the Bosnian player is not new to the North American country, where he lived – in Edmonton- when he was a teenager.

He gave an interview to Chelsea website to speak about this:

When did you live in Canada?

Between 10 to 16 years old, so very important years and I have some great memories from the sporting side and made a lot of friends at school in that time. I still keep in touch with a few and that is nice.

Does Montreal remind you of Edmonton where you grew up?

It is nice to be back in Canada, I spent a good chunk of my life here and I have been to Montreal a couple of times so to be back and watch familiar TV and just see things like Tim Horton’s coffee shops, they remind me of my time in Canada and it is always nice to be back.

How did you come to spend those years in Canada?

Through a family decision. I was born in Bosnia and spent four years there but we were forced to move because of the war and we spent six years in Germany. Then my parents thought it was a good opportunity to move to Canada having learned from the experiences of other people who we were close with, and I think it was the right decision, we had a great time in Canada. My whole family has moved back to Europe since and I came to play football but it was a good period of time we spent there and I enjoyed it.

Is Edmonton where you learned English?

I knew a little bit of English, I learned some in school in Germany so I knew the basics, but it is definitely where I picked up the language more. You have to learn pretty quickly, especially when you start going to school.

Where you already on the path to being a football player when you lived in Germany?

Absolutely. My dream from a very young age when I started playing was to be a footballer and it didn’t change when I came to Canada. Football wasn’t the main sport like it is in Europe but it is what I wanted to do and what I stuck to, and thankfully I got a couple of lucky breaks and things worked out.

So no chance you might have changed to ice hockey?

I used to play a lot of the other sports. In the long winters we didn’t get as many chances to play football and I used to play basketball and volleyball quite a bit. I never got quite so involved in ice hockey because of the physical nature of the game. I played it with friends in the local rinks but I never got involved in organised hockey. I am a big fan and an Edmonton Oilers fan but I never played at a serious level.

It is one of my favourite sports to watch, it is just so fast-paced. It is physical but it is really fun to watch, especially live. Sometimes on TV doesn’t do it justice so to watch it live is pretty cool and I still try to follow it as much as I can.

You have the height for basketball.

I got to really like basketball. I played it first of all in school and then I started to play in some spring leagues as well but I never wanted it to interfere with football, that was always my first sport. So I couldn’t do it too much in the summer but I picked up a lot of good basketball skills and really liked the sport and who knows, I could have gone even further but once the time came I decided to focus on football and that was that.

I had a couple of opportunities to maybe go to universities through basketball and I think it maybe even helped my football with certain physical attributes it takes to play basketball, the jumping and the fitness. Sometimes I still play it just for a bit of fun.

What about the soccer culture in Canada?

It has definitely grown over the last few years. When I was growing up it was a sport that was very high in participation but getting the right qualified coaches was always difficult. I fell into the right hands at an early age, my dad was still a coach and I found a couple of local people from Edmonton who really took me under their wing and I was thankful for them. When I was playing we never had the next step whereas now you have three MLS teams in Canada and a couple more teams in the league below. When I came through my main option was to go to Europe and you couldn’t really play in Europe unless you had a European passport

Now they have their professional teams in Canada and their academies, we can get young players into better environments as soon as possible.

Having played for Canada Under-20s, you got very close to being a full Canadian international.

I did, I was in a couple of squads and even for World Cup qualifiers but I was never capped. Then I had the opportunity to play for Bosnia, my home country, and it is where my family feel closest to. For me it was a very tough decision at the time but I don’t regret it. I really love playing for Bosnia and I have huge affection for there. It wasn’t that I wasn’t close to Canada, it was just that for me I thought it was the overall best option. 


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