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José Mourinho press conference ahead of Aston Villa:

“We have only Ivanovic’s injury and Courtois recovering, everyone else is available.

“I have four solutions to replace Ivanovic: Azpilicueta, the adaptation of Zouma or Ramires,  and then I have Ola Aina: 18 years old, never played a game in the first team, but a guy with a great potential.

“Ruben [Loftus Cheek] has been with us since January, training with us every day, improving in all aspects, he’s going to be a real top player.

“This game is a must win game, for different reasons. We cannot run away from the reality of the table of the Premier League: of course we know we’re not going to be relegated, we know that in two months we will be in a a place where we are more used to be, but the reality is that we need points, so to win it’s our objective.

“I decided to appeal with the FA decision, so I think it’s time to stop to ask for my opinion, of course I’m very sad for the situation.

“Maybe I am näif, but English football, English football fans have a mentality I love and English football is not FA.

“I don’t know what people write or think how to stop it and what to do, and to be fair it’s a big concern for me: we just have to win matches, for us and for the Chelsea fans. I don’t know why they write such stories.

“I feel that my players are ok [here at Chelsea] , I don’t see any player unhappy to be here or not happy when they are together: to be in the national team is an honour for a player, it’s very positive and they like very much to go. One of the reasons why we were especially keen on these fixtures was also to understand if some players’ poor performances were our fault, so my staff and I watched every game, we also went to Ukraine, Serbia, Belgium: no player had a better performance than in our club, so this means they have to improve and go back to their levels, now we have one month together, one great month because we have a game every three days, so I guess this is great because we can improve, of course we have not to lose because then a psychological condition gets in, but if we go back to our normal situation winning some games, for us it’s great.

“Today we had a good conversation all together, we laughed a lot because Diego Costa gave us the solution to go back to our results: I cannot tell you which one, but we found it.

“Matic is fine, he’s a top player, he’s not in his best period but he’s a very good player.

“Aston Villa is a good team, [they have got] good players, the manager is trying to rebuild it after losing the best two players, I believe in a couple of months they will be a in a better position too.

“One thing is going to a stadium where you know the home team have good results, another one is going to a stadium where the home team only won once in the last two months: of course the confidence is high for them, but it’s also a challenge for us, confidence level is important, and we have to be back to our level”.

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José Mourinho © Francesca Ceciarini

Jose Mourinho press conference ahead of Newcastle

Everybody is ok for tomorrow, also Willian”

“I know who will play as a striker but I don’t tell you, I have to know more about Newcastle, who’s playing, who’s not playing to take a better decision

I don’t think the motivation for the players change based on the rival

We lost Courtois for 3 months, now 2 and half, but we have Begovic and Blackman

Diego Costa situation? The answer is in your question: it’s not normal

“I don’t want to answer more on Diego, because then I will be suspended…I don’t comment and I tell you why: in the rules’ book there is written that some managers can speak about referees before and after the game, and some not…then it comes the list and I’m an in this list where I cannot speak

“In this country every manager but one is under pressure: [Manuel] Pellegrini, Brendan [Rodgers], Steve McClaren. We cannot lose matches, we cannot be below expectations. I have sympathy for all of them and they have sympathy for me because it is a difficult job. There is one that for some reason is protected…he can speak about referees, he can cry in the morning, cry in the afternoon, he can push the other people in the technical area, nothing happens. He doesn’t achieve, keep his job, can still be the king, it is a privilege”

The reference in this answer was obviously to one of his biggest rivals: Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger.

I don’t speak, I play tomorrow against Newcastle and that’s the point

Premier League is a difficult league, Newcastle lost against Watford because Watford is a good team, they lost against West Ham because it’s a good team, in this country also the teams that are not top teams get the money to build good squads, people have to get used to it, to see top teams lose points with ‘smaller’ teams”

If I win the league this season this will be my greatest achievement? No

I’m sure that we are working well and that the players are getting there but I was not expecting to lose all these points at the beginning

Zouma is very important for us because he can play more positions,  like central defender or defensive midfielder, he’s young and humble, and he can only improve“.


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Ex Chelsea manager José Mourinho © Francesca Ceciarini

José Mourinho’s press conference ahead of Champions League game with Maccabi Tel Aviv:

Champions League is a new competition [for the new season], we must start well because after this game we go to Porto and then to Russia, tomorrow it’s important to win”

“When people is not getting the success you work it’s normal to be frustrated and not happy”

“It’s so simple to accept that the result are not good: that’s football, and every season you have some teams that don’t start well, you can connect that with football, injuries, bad luck, bad moments…our problem will be a problem if problems are real, but our real problem is just that we don’t have good results. In some cases you gotta go back many years to find good result, in our case you gotta go back just three months”

“Why some managers can be in a bad situation for 5-6 years and I’m the only manager [that cannot have a bad moment]…I am the champion manager, so…”

“I like my squad and I know the consequences of making a couple of changes in my team, if I give the chance to other players, then you will say I have a problem with the players I will leave out but I’ve not to be worried about that you write but just about my team. Yes, I will do a couple of changes, I will give a chance to people that are working really hard”

“We have to go game by game, in the Champions League we need to qualify because it’s important for the club status and also economically, and also for us as professionals because we feel we belong to Champions League not to Europa League”

“Every team that is in the Champions League is a team with conditions to get a result, it’s a matter of logic: if Basel is good enough to beat Chelsea and Maccabi Tel Aviv is good enough Basel, so Maccabi can be good enough to beat Chelsea. Football is not maths, but I respect Maccabi, I studied them, it’s a good team. We are prepared for Maccabi playing the normal way with 4-3 in the middle or coming with 5 defenders, that is a little bit different, but it’s always good, and we gotta be prepared to everything”

“When I arrived here I said that I was special and happy, yes…What am I today? Special and happy”

“Bad third seasons? I had no third seasons with Porto and Inter, in my previous spell at Chelsea in the third season I won a FA and a League Cup and reached Champions League semifinals, in my third season at Real Madrid I won the Supercup, lost the Cup final and reached Champions League semifinals. Click Google instead of asking stupid questions.

“It’s the first time I go through such a bad start, I don’t have anything to show, to anyone”

“It’s impressive what Maccabi did beating Basel, that reached a very good level in Europe in the past years: they kicked out Liverpool from the Europa League and two years ago they beat Chelsea, so it’s impressive what they did”

“We know what we are champions of England – as our fans sing every match- it’s not because we started SO bad, and I want to stress that, we started SO bad,  that somebody can steal what we are: nobody can do that, so we know what we are, champions of England”

“I’m not here after a defeat just waiting for the the next game: my work is to do many many things, that’s also speaking with the players, analysing the games…I’m not here to tell you everything I do, but of course we’re not happy”

“I don’t have theories, I have opinions, also with my assistants, and then there is an aspect that is very important in football that is confidence level, and when you don’t have it, it’s a strange feeling”

“I don’t like to speak about opponent players”

“Baba is selected, Falcao has a little problem.

“We don’t prioritise competitions. I would lie if I tell you that we are doing well in the Premier League because we think about the Champions League.

“I’m fine, not happy. The new short haircut is not for a particular reason, I’m just adapting to the situation, not the situation of losing”

“Falcao is not not in the squad, he got something in the tendon training, nothing important”

“I like people to communicate, you don’t need to scream to communicate, but if it happens some times between people that like each other very much I don’t think is a drama.

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José Mourinho press conference ahead of Crystal Palace

Different match [from the one in the last season where we on the title] but same need to get the three points, we gotta recover positions we lost with the two first bad results. Palace is always a difficult opponent and have an even better team than they did last season but I see my team coming, we’re working well and hard, the result against WBA had a little of influence on the team, hopefully we get three more points before international break.

We did a few things to improve defense, we defended with nine men [ironic], I didn’t work on defenders, I worked on the team, you cannot just work on defenders to concede less goals, a team is a team and you work on the whole team to improve the defensive phase.

Stones? I don’t speak about players of other teams, if I get another player before the window close good, if I don’t get it, I work with the players I got

Pogba is a Juventus player, the other day I made a little critics to my friend Allegri because I didn’t like the way he spoke about Oscar in the summer, so I don’t speak about Pogba.

I don’t understand really why so many stories about Terry, I think the only thing in this starting of the season is that we had, in three matches, two red cards and two penalties against us. We know we have to improve, trying to get good results, now we’re five points behind the leader: in other league it would be complicated, in Premier League is not complicated

I’m proud with my record of 100 matches at Stamford Bridge that I will reach on Sunday: 99 matches and just one defeat, that is not a real defeat because we know how we lost that day with Sunderland, but I’m very proud of it

I don’t comment Roberto Martinez’s words, so don’t ask me please

I will speak about Champions League after Everton game, we still have two matches before playing Champions League.

Manchester City is a very good team and started very well, but there are other good teams, last season Chelsea started well, even better, because we had seven straight wins, and when the start is good the start is good.

On Crystal Palace: a London derby is always a London derby, and Stamford Bridge give them lots of motivation, I reckon that in the end of the season they will be top 10 for sure, I don’t which kind of approach they will have in the match, if more defensive to go on counter attack or more offensive, but I don’t know”.

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champions league draw

Champions League 2015 group-stage draw LIVE here

UCL draw pots

POT 1  ( The champions of the 8 best countries in the UEFA ranking) 

Benfica group C

Barcelona group E

Bayern München group F

Chelsea group G 

Juventus group D

Zenit St. Petersburg group H

PSV Eindhoven group B

Paris Saint Germain group A

So, all the teams is pot 1 were drawn, now we will have POT 2 draw, where we find:

Real Madrid (Spain), Atletico Madrid (Spain), Porto (Portugal), Arsenal (England), Manchester City(England), Valencia (Spain), Manchester United (England), Bayer Leverkusen (Germany).

Since Chelsea was drawn in Group G and the teams playing in Group E, F, G and H are playing the same night, is now impossible for Chelsea to find Real Madrid, since the Blancos cannot play the same night of Barcelona, that is in group E.

Atletico Madrid is in group C with Benfica

Arsenal is in group F with Bayern Munich

Manchester United is in group B with PSV Eindhoven, the ex team of new Red Devils’ star Memphis Depay

FC Porto is in group G with Chelsea, so Mourinho will go back to the team that made him famous in the world winning the Champions League in 2004 and, previously, UEFA Cup in 2003.

Real Madrid is in GROUP A with PSG

Valencia is in group H with Zenit

Manchester City are in group D with Juventus

Bayer Leverkusen are in group E with Barcelona

All the teams in POT 2 were drawn, not POT 3 will be drawn, with these teams:

Olympiakos (Greece), Galatasaray (Turkey), Dynamo Kiev (Ukraine), Lyon (France), Roma (Italy),Shakhtar Donestk (Ukraine), Sevilla (Spain), CSKA Moscow (Russia).

Olympiacos in group F with Bayern Munich and Arsenal

CSKA Moscow is in group B with Manchester United and PSV Eindhoven

Sevilla is in group D with Juventus and Manchester City

Dynamo Kiev is in group G with Chelsea 

Galatasaray is in group C with Benfica and Atletico Madrid

Shaktar Donetsk is in group A with PSG and Real Madrid

Olympique Lyonnais is in group with Valencia and Zenit in group H

Roma is in group F with Barcelona and Bayer Leverkusen

All the teams in POT 3 were drawn, now we for POT 4 where Chelsea find these teams:

Borussia Monchengladbach (Germany), Wolfsburg (Germany), Dinamo Zagreb (Croatia), Maccabi Tel Aviv (Israel), Gent (Belgium), Malmo (Sweden), BATE (Belarus), Astana (Kazakhstan).

FC Astana is in group C with Benfica, Atletico Madrid and Galatasaray

Malmö is in group A with PSG, Real Madrid and Shaktar Donetsk.  Zlatan Ibrahimovic will go back to his city

Bate Borisov is in group E with Barcelona, Bayer Leverkusen, Roma and Bate Borisov

Maccabi Tel Aviv is in group G with Chelsea

Gent is in group H with Zenit, Valencia and Olympique Lyonnais

Dinamo Zagreb is in group F with Bayern Munich, Arsenal and Olympiacos

Wolfsburg is in group B with PSV Eindhoven, Manchester United and CSKA Moscow

Borussia Monchengladbach is in group D with Juventus, Manchester City and Sevilla

The draw is over, these are the groups:



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Ex Chelsea manager José Mourinho © Francesca Ceciarini

José Mourinho press conference ahead of WBA.

Moses and Oscar are still injured and I don’t know if the new players are available or not”

“Normally we train vey well but I think this week we trained better than ever, we are not happy with the results and we want to do better, and we can do it just working better than ever”

“I am happy for the new signings, I know the PL started two weeks ago, the market is more often an opportunity window than a transfer window, so it’s dangerous because we’re in a moment where nobody is happy to lose players, but we got a very good young left back that we need and we got one of the best attacking players in the world, a player with lots of experience and with something that I like very very much that is the desire to leave a giant club, one of the best in the world, a club that normally you don’t want to leave, and for a player like him – loved there and that loves the club- the fact that he wanted to leave after winning so much means he wants more. I like this attitude, I know he wants to win more and he’s not here on holiday”

“Market is an opportunity window to get players that sometimes you don’t expect to get, the truth is we love to have Pedro here”

“That’s not a point for me the fact he was going to Man United, the fact is we finally understood he was ready to leave the clubs of his dreams, the club of his heart, when a player leaves a club like Barcelona and Real Madrid I always wonder why they want to leave these giants club, there are always a lot of rumours and many times are not true. In this moment he accepts a new challenge, he leaves the comfort zone, he comes to a new club, new country, new manager, new league…I’m really happy with his approach”

“I don’t want to speak about players of other clubs, every club have important games in this weekend, so I don’t want to go in that direction”

“In the last two weeks I call the transfer window the opportunity window, so let’s see what can happen”

“I think in some aspects in my career I’m unique, and also for the questions I receive in the press conference, so I guess in this moment I’m the unique manager in the world to be asked about the medical staff. I don’t want to talk about this, but this weekend nothing is going to be different, but the most important thing is that- again- they are in good hands, both on the pitch and outside the pitch”

“I repeat the market is a question of opportunity: transfer period is full of rumours and info, sometimes wrong info, and sometimes are true, and where they are true you understand you can do something. When I saw Pedro playing the European Super Cup like it was the last game in his career, when he knew he wanted to leave, it’s the kind of professional that you want to try to sign and you don’t want to lose that opportunity. We are happy he chose us”

“At the half time at the Etihad I told to the players to push, to raise the defenders’ and midfielders’ line, I decided to play Zouma, it’s not easy to play in Man City stadium, Terry acted very professional and the next day in training he did very well”

“Sometimes people tell me I never experiment, so nothing new….we played well against Swansea in the first half, 2-1 was a very short result, the second half started with a penalty and a red card so nothing went in our direction. With Man City we played well in the starting of a second half, we scored a beautiful goal with Ramires that maybe was one inch offside, created chances and then conceded a stupid goal. We are not happy, but we’re calm”

“I’m very happy with Begovic’s performance, he showed clearly what he backed, but now I will go back to Courtois”

“I repeat, I’m unique because nodoby asks to Pellegrini if Kompany is in trouble for Otamendi’s signing or if Mangala is going to be sold…”

“Pogba is a Juventus’ player, and I cannot speak about him. I know that Allegri had been speaking about Oscar and Ramires for the whole summer, but he’s a Juventus player, only Allegri can speak about him”

“On Sunday it’s not me against Tony [Pulis] it’s just Chelsea v WBA and we want the three points”

“If we have to see superstitious side I will tell you I never won against a “P” but also that when I started with a 2-2 at home I won the treble, so…Porto v Belenenses 2-2 and I wont a treble [actually the European trophy was a UEFA Cup] and Inter v Bari 2-2 I won the treble [actually it was a 1-1, but always a draw].

“Willian does things that Pedro doesn’t every player is different, I read some rumours like we want to sell Willian but that is a lie: maybe they want him but they wont’ get him”

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José Mourinho spoke to the press today ahead of the last game of the season against Sunderland.

First of all, he wanted to praise Chelsea legend Frank Lampard, that will play tomorrow his last game in the Premier League:

The same way I had words for Steven Gerrard I had to do it for Frank Lampard: one of my best players ever, one of my best professional ever, a Chelsea legend and a Premier LEague legend. I have to honour him and I wish him the best in the MLS, I hope he can come back to England”

“I was not waiting for Manager of the Year Award, I think is a club trophy, it’s me, my assistants, my players, everybody working with me, you don’t get it by yourself. The award is the icing on the cake”

“If for the next season they give me four defeats in the whole season I take it, because it’s really good”

“The guys keep the focus every day in training, they play with the same intensity with every opponent, so when you reach the objective it’s hard, it’s like predators…when you hunt, then you get relaxed. Sunday will be a big day for us because we will put our hands on the cup…last game at home, and we don’t want to lose our record of no defeats at home”

“I was feeling for many months that this title would have been ours, the moment were was mathematical was the best one, but we had many moments…like the defeat against Spurs on 1 January, was a key test for the mentality, for the emotional balance, to show personality…so I choose also that moment”

“I don’t know if Cech will be fit for Sunday, today he will do the first training with the squad. Him to stay is a very personal thing, I would like him to stay”

“I don’t know what Frankie wants for his future, I don’t know if he will come back here, in this moment I just wish him to be happy”

“I try to learn with every experience, every day, every session, every match. After being away from England for five years I understood [that in England] is more dangerous to be a contender, to start a season like that, you can be out of top 4 and so from Champions League”

“The real feeling [for winning the Premier League] is when you do it, I understand that the ceremony takes time to be organized, but for me the real feeling is the moment you win it”

“I hope Hazard can play on Sunday, I don’t know if he can”

“Diego Costa will play, now we have to give him the continuity in playing, to recover, [he had] no problems, he felt ok, we took him out after one hour [at WBA], it was important to keep him safe and don’t let the muscle into a fatigue situation but now he will start again”

“I’m not the kind of person to regret, what you did you did, what happened happened, move on…you cannot change things, the time doesn’t go back, but we got a lot of mistakes against us, that’s the reality, but that’s football, maybe ‘campaign’ is not a nice word, maybe I would take out that word from my explanation, from my comments, but that’s the reality, we had very bad decisions [against us] over a big period of time, I also made bad decisions, no problem”

“In 2006 I threw the medal to the fans, but this time I keep it. Why? My son now is collecting all my stuff, he keeps everything, at that time he was too young for that but in this moment is collecting everything, he steals everything from me: shirts, medals, cups, replicas…”

“The important thing for Sunday is that we’re already champions and they reached their objective already, we already celebrated our title, they celebrated already…so we’re over with celebrations, but now it’s the last match, obviously they want to win, but we want to win too”

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Gerrard and Mourinho always had huge mutual respect

In the press conference ahead of Liverpool’s clash Jose Mourinho claimed he’s very sad to face a champion like Steven Gerrard for the last time.

The Blues boss also stated that Chelsea will try to win the three next upcoming matches and that the club and him are already planning the next season to improve the results.

“We want to win, we want to win all matches, three difficult matches, Liverpool needs points, normally Sunderland needs points, only WBA will be just in a situation where they don’t need point- even if they play the last match at home. Crystal Palace was perfect, it was the perfect example of what football has to be. If we can reach 90 points it will be a beautiful number for a competition like the Premier League”

“It’s not true I gave the players four days off. Every player has his needs, and for this reason there were some players that got two days off, some had three or four, some were here working on Monday”

“Manager of the Month? I think my objective of the season was to be champion, apart from that, what comes comes, what doesn’t come doesn’t come. I would like to know what people in the panel is, because maybe some day I meet them at an event or on the pitch and I want to hug him [laughs]. To enjoy my title is the most important thing”

“I don’t need a contract, Mr Abramovich has to be very calm, because he has me, I’m in his hands, I want to stay, I don’t want to leave, if he wants me to stay I stay, and where he wants me to leave I leave. I know that for next season he wants me to stay, because we are working on it. The most important thing is not a two years contract or ten years contract, the most important thing is that I want to stay”

“Liverpool is a giant club and if they want to honour the champions is ok, now it’s my time to honour the champions, like Steve Gerrard, because if I am the manager I am is for opponents like him, I learn from my players and from my opponents, in the way they make me study them: Steven Gerrard is for sure one of my favourite ‘enemies’, for sure is England is one of my dear ‘enemy’, I lost to him, I won, he played in all positions, in one of the last matches he came from the wing, I’m very sad I will play for the last time against him. The same is for Frank Lampard, but it was different because Frankie was here with me, Steven was always on the other side, I tried to bring him to Chelsea, to Inter, to Real Madrid, but he was always my dear enemy. It’s too late to bring him to Chelsea, he won’t ever play against Liverpool: he’s one of the last players that won’t go to other  big clubs or leagues to not play against Liverpool, maybe one day I will play against him when he will be Liverpool manager”

“I’m not happy to be out of the Champions League in the last 16, but with the players we lost it would been tough to play against Barcelona, and Man United and Arsenal in the same days”

“The most important thing is to keep the squad, the players we have, in my previous squad I had players I was happy to sell and make money out of them, in this squad no, and the board agree with me. In the squad we have 16-17 players and the youngsters, of course we don’t sell the young boys, obviously we want to improve the squad, some young players are ready to go on long-term loan to improve, Loftus-Cheek is staying, not going on loan”

“Solanke is playing a lot, he plays everywhere, in every team, in the first team, U21, U18, Champions League, Youth League..and this is very good for him. On Sunday he won’t play because I have Drogba and Remy. I’m not surprised of what he did, because in the last pre-season he played with us everywhere, but these guys have to learn to control emotions, this is very important for them”

“I think is a title to remember for the stability from day one to the last day”

“Next season I guess will be a very important season”

“Oscar got an important muscular injury in the quadriceps, and this take one month-six weeks to recover, we spoke to Dunga, and he made the decision for Oscar not to go”

“I think the evolution of the other teams if what we need to be better. If next season in England we are the same I think is not enough, difficulties make us better, we expect our opponents to be stronger, and this is what we need”

“Key moments in this season? Maybe the stability after Tottenham defeat: 1st of January, 5-3, London derby…the stability after that, everybody was confident, everybody sticking together, that moment defined the stability of our group”.

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The official line-ups have been announced for the UEFA Youth League Final between Shakhtar Donetsk and Chelsea. Chelsea progressed to the Final after thumping Roma 4-0, whilst Shakthar overcame RSC Anderlecht 1-3. The game kicks off at 3pm (GMT) in Nyon, Switzerland.

Chelsea named an unchanged starting XI from the team that started the semi-final, but there are two changes on the bench as Dujon Sterling and Ruben Sammut replace Ike Ugbo and Ali Suljic.

Shakthar make one change as Oleksandr Hlahola is replaced by Denys Arendaruk.



SHAKTAR DONETSK –Kudryk, Kyryukhantsev, Sahutkin, Matviyenko, Vachiberadze, Pikhalonok, Shtander, Hladchenko, Arendaruk, Boryachuk, Zubkov

Substitutes: Yefanov, Shevchenko, Fursov, Kovalenko, Senytskyy, Hlahola, Merkushov


CHELSEA – Collins, Aina, Christensen, Clarke-Salter, Dasilva, Colkett, Loftus-Cheek, Musonda, Brown, Solanke, Boga.

Substitutes: Thompson, Tomori, Palmer, Abraham, Scott, Sammut, Sterling

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