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London South Employment Tribunal

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It will start this morning in the London South Employment Tribunal in Croydon the hearing of Eva Carneiro and the other parties over her Chelsea constructive dismissal case.

The doctor arrived this morning in south London accompanied by her husband Jason de Carteret and her lawyers.

This preliminary hearing is expected to be held in front of an employment judge and will fix the timetable for the case, and deal with witness statements and disclosure of documents – including texts and emails – by each side, as well as any legal procedural disputes that current exist between the two parties.

A date for a full hearing could be fixed for some time in June but there may be another preliminary hearing arranged before that takes place. The parties may also agree to a settlement before the case is heard.

Carneiro is taking also a separate legal action against ex Chelsea manager José Mourinho for alleged victimisation and discrimination.

The Portuguese manager was already cleared of using discriminatory language towards her following an investigation by the Football Association.



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