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It was reported that José Mourinho and Diego Costa screamed at each other while entering the dressing room tunnel at half time, with the manager complaining for the striker lack of anticipation.

Mourinho was then questioned in the post match press conference about this and, relieved by the good result, he said:

I wanted him to do a certain movement that he didn’t. I reacted. He did too. At half-time in the dressing room, a few kisses and a few cuddles. No problem.”

Pure Jose’s way to close the matter.

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Eden Hazard © Francesca Ceciarini

Chelsea winger Eden Hazard has flatly denied all the rumors regarding his alleged conflict with Jose Mourinho. Moreover he revealed that he himself asked the Portuguese coach to play him in a number 10 role.

The Belgium international got annoyed with the rumours about his conflict with Chelsea manager which intensified after Saturday’s game against Norwich when the Belgian played on other than the usual position. The 24-year-old player explained that the decision to play centrally in Chelsea’s midfield was the result of talks with Jose Mourinho and certainly was not any kind of punishment.

Hazard said:

“I don’t have a problem with Mourinho. I’ve heard a lot of things about this, but no. Everything is good with him. He is the best manager.”

“He is the best manager for Chelsea, and we hope we can win a lot of trophies together.”

”Maybe not this season because it will be difficult, but next season and on.”

“I didn’t start the season well. I know that. You just have to keep going, waiting for performances.”

”We spoke together before the Stoke game. I said to him: ‘Maybe we have to try something, to change something. Maybe I have to play a No.10 because we have to try.’’

“We did and I played a very good game in the [League] Cup in Stoke. And, [against Norwich], it was the same.”

“I don’t know if I have to play every game as a No.10. I just want to play.”


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According to Tuttomercatoweb, Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho will probably replace Louis van Gaal as Manchester United coach when the Dutchman’s contract expires.

The Italian reports claims that there is an agreement for the Portuguese coach to be named the new Red Devils Trafford manager when Van Gaal’s contract expires at the end of next season.

Jose Mourinho is heavily criticized for disastrous performances of his team. What’s more gossip about the conflict between the Portuguese coach and some of the Chelsea players makes louder talks about Mourinho’s departure from Stamford Bridge.

While Van Gaal has come under criticism for the lack of results from the Manchester United, and more precisely, a very small number of goals. Also, fans of the Red Devils are starting to have doubts as to whether the Dutch coach is the right man to get them winning trophies again.

What is not a surprise neither Mourinho nor Van Gaal did not confirmed the authenticity of rumours.


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Manchester City manager Manuel Pellegrini has criticized the rules according to which currently operates the Premier League. The Chilean said that he can’t understand the folly of the Premier League sack race if a particular manager does not achieve good results all the time.

At the time when Jose Mourinho find himself in the firing line for the bad results and disappointing performances of Chelsea, Pellegrini blasts the Premier League rules and the changes in the culture of the organization. In his opinion, the lack of patience is a sign of the pursuit of money and no real idea of football.

Pellegrini said:

”Things have changed in England and I don’t ­understand why they are now so impatient,”

”Several years ago in England, most clubs in the Premier League had patience with their managers. That is changing”

”And it is not just more difficult for young managers – it is difficult for all managers. I read every day that Chelsea will sack Mourinho. It has also happened to Van Gaal.”

”“The same happened to me. I have been criticised the first year, the second year and also the third year. But we won two titles in the first season, in the next season we were second and now we lead the Premier League. That is why I don’t change my way of thinking.”

”“The longer you can be at a club, the better it is for the manager – and for the club. Having a manager like Arsene Wenger, in the way that he works for a long time, means that his club will improve.”

”Wenger is one of the great club managers because he has continued for 18 or 19 years. I don’t own a club, so I don’t know how they think.”

“But if was an owner, I’d choose a manager for say three years and he would see out his contract. Then you should decide.”

“Of course, signing the contract helped because you can’t always work with all the rumours. You lose one game and another rumour starts about next season – and that is bad for the players, bad for the manager and bad for the club.”

“It wasn’t about getting one more year, it was a thing of trust and proof that the club believes that you will improve.”

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Asmir Begovic spoke tonight after the defeat at Stoke.

The goalkeeper believes that Chelsea didn’t deserve to lose and revealed that the team wanted to win for their boss, José Mourinho, that today had to serve a stadium ban and was not with them:

We definitely did enough to get a result here but when things aren’t going your way you don’t get the luck you deserve.

“We hit the post, we slipped over when we had open goals, we are making things hard for ourselves.

“You can see from the game today it [our problems] is not something you can pinpoint. We are getting punished for little bits and pieces but eventually it will turn.

“Jose Mourinho did the pre-match talk at the hotel and that was it.”

Asked if the manager will be sacked after the third defeat in a row, he replied:

“That is out of our hands, we are behind the manager you can see that from our performances. We think he is the right man and someone we work hard for.

“His spirit and his presence is always there, we wanted to get a result for him.”

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Chelsea legend Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink, now in charge as a manager ar Burton Albion, stated that the absence of boss Jose Mourinho tomorrow from the Britannia Stadium can motivate the team to give the best of themselves to get a good result:

It might help them because it will give them some kind of edge,” he said to TalkSPORT.

“Their leader is not there, they want to put it right, they are fighting.

“Look at the positives. I think yes, he won’t be there, but I think the players will be doing everything possible to put it right or show everybody wrong.”

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Ex Chelsea boss José Mourinho will return to Stamford Bridge on Sunday, this time as Manchester United manager © Francesca Ceciarini

The FA revealed what Chelsea boss José Mourinho shouted to referee Jonathan Moss at Upton Park two weeks ago to get the stadium ban that won’t allow him to enter the Britannia Stadium tomorrow fot the Stoke City’s game.

Here is what was written in Moss’ report:

Moss said in his report: “Mr Mourinho was waiting for us clearly agitated and began aggressively asking about first-half decisions.

“I asked him to step into my dressing room. I gave him answers. I asked him to leave the dressing-room area. He refused. I asked him again. After he refused again I asked the security officer to escort him from the room.

“Mr Mourinho became very aggressive and animated. He shouted you f***ing referees are weak…Wenger is right about you…you are f***ing weak.”

Mourinho was also given a £40.000 fine and today commented the fact in his press conference:

Everything has changed. I’m sad about it. But that’s what I have. The message that the powers that be want to give me is more than clear.

“I don’t know if it will drive me away. While I’m happy at the club and with my players, that’s fine for me.”

“I will travel and be with the team until the moment somebody stops me,” he said. “I will be in charge. My staff are free of that pressure. I choose the team. We have prepared for every scenario.

“The staff does not have permission to rip up the plan. If they do that they are in trouble.

“This has been the hardest game I have ever prepared for. It’s a stadium ban. It has stopping.”

It’s still unknown where Mourinho will watch the game: the club gave him the option to watch it on the team coach, that has got Sky TV, but he can also stay in his hotel room at Stoke.

He even joked about this, saying that it might be possible he will go to watch a movie in Stoke or sitting at the corner of the street with his iPad checking the updates with LiveScore.


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The 21-year-old summer signing Baba Rahman says that all Chelsea players stand behind and play for their manager Jose Mourinho and the club.

Rahman told Chelsea official website:

”The game was tight and the win was very good for the team and for the fans and we are all happy”

”We play for the manager and for the club and we just want to fight for the club, and now we are looking to take this form into the Premier League”

”I don’t think it has much effect on the players because the manager tells us what to do and everyone believes in the manager and we are doing what he tells us.”

”I felt the togetherness the first day I came here and the guys received me very well. As you can see on the pitch when a goal is scored we are together”

Rahman revealed that he was complemented by his team-mates after his performance against Dynamo Kiev yesterday:

”They are saying I did well and I should keep it up and improve. I am doing quite good but I think I have to improve my game and we will see what happens.”


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Former Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho © Francesca Ceciarini

Former Chelsea manager Carlo Ancelotti who was linked with a potential Mourinho’s replacement at Chelsea has denied all the rumours and praised the Special One calling him the ideal man for the job. What is interesting, the Italian coach did not rule out a return to the Premier League in the near future but definitely not at Stamford Bridge.

Ancelotti told the Evening Standard:

“Me at Chelsea? That’s just talk. Mourinho has difficulties, it’s true but Chelsea have confirmed Mourinho’s position. Chelsea have the perfect coach to solve problems,”

”Where do I see myself? In football you have to be ready to go anywhere. I felt fantastic abroad and would prefer to continue abroad,”

”The English league has always fascinated me a lot because it was good when I was there but I’m willing to go anywhere.”



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