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Guus Hiddink during last year's spell at Chelsea © Francesca Ceciarini

Guus Hiddink press conference ahead of Stoke City clash at Stamford Bridge

“Every day for me is a good day, if you can touch a grass is a good day, whether it’s sunny or stormy

“Terry is not fit to start this weekend, we see if he can play on wednesday, he’s not with the group, Pedro is in the same situation.

“I don’t think I would risk John, this kind of injury you have to train a lot before to come back to play.

“About other injuries: Pedro is in the same situation as Terry, Zouma was with the physios here the other day.

“The best XI against Stoke City? Of course we have in mind the upcoming two games, but we take PL games very seriously, we must stay with the form of the last weeks.

“If you put your focus on 7 days it’s not good, if you put the focus to far away it’s not a good way to get good results, we climbed up from 15th position to 10th, that I guess is very good.

“Teams on the top 4 are losing points, but other teams are knocking on the door, like West Ham or Stoke, so we have many teams to challenge to enter there.

“Of course top 4 would be a big achievement”

“To my knowledge Abramovich didn’t say anything about the next manager.

“I heard about the Champions League restructuring or European Super League but it seems more a brain storming about the big clubs. I think teams like Leicester this year deserve to be in the next Champions League. That’s the real sport, we must not forget the value of sport, Leicester with all respect are knocking on the door, this is good for the league.

“You must be careful to have always in mind what it’s going on in football. Sometimes we go too much in the commercial side.

“I think first of all the players responded rather well when I came in, the question to everyone was ‘what was your contribution in the last half year? Don’t give me an answer now, I want it in trainings and next games.’ And I guess they responded, and that was important.

“I will be every now and then at Stamford Bridge or Cobham, as a tourist. I am here for a short period, the club are going into a little transition, a new era, they are going in a new era of Chelsea, that is more of 1-2 years.

Diego Costa, it’s difficult to put a break on him, maybe he won’t have a full game, we monitor him with data of medicals and physics, he’s in good shape, but of course we won’t overload him. It’s difficult to stop him, tomorrow he will start, there is only one Diego Costa.

“We live in an emotional world, but sometimes we gotta be rational as well, there is always a danger, and he can be rational as well.

“Big clubs know that you must have a good regular season and in March-April there are the rewards and you have to be there at the top, these are crucial months.

“John Terry against PSG? It depends how good he is in training, we will know on Monday. He’s always restless when he’s injured, but I won’t take any risk with him.

“We will do a little game to test him on Monday/Tuesday.

Willian is playing very well, physically he’s in great shape, he also recover very well btw games, it’s nice to see him playing, it’s beautiful for the eyes, it’s good to play in a nice way, but he is also efficient, I guess he deserves to be in the PL team of the year”


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FFF ( French Football Federation) chief Noel Le Graet dismisses rumours about France national team coach Didier Deschamps being next Chelsea manager.

Le Graet told L’Equipe: “I have talked to him about it and he doesn’t know how to spell Chelsea.

But seriously, I extended his contract to avoid speculation on his future ahead of the competition.

“Afterwards, it will be his choice. I hope he stays until 2018, and even beyond.

“He has a contract. We will not throw him out of the window. I would like him to lead us at a second World Cup.”

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Guus Hiddink might give a chance to Bertrand Traore, Remy and Pato for the two upcoming games in the Premier League.

Diego Costa might rest to arrive at the top form and without any risk of injury to the important PSG clash next week so the manager is keen to give Bertrand Traore and Pato a chance against Norwich and Stoke.

Hiddink was impressed by Traore’s performances in the last month – he scored also two goals- when he was called on the pitch and the Brazilian is every day closer to match fitness:

Pato is able to play part of the game now,Hiddink revealed.

“But once more I underlined that we consider the chance for the young guys. We see tomorrow if he will be on the bench.

“Pato is eager to play, the other strikers are ok, Diego [Costa] of course is the number one, I am happy with Traore progression, I look also to this, he and Remy are in the position to compete.

“In the near future we see what we can do with him, that’s why we got him on loan, at the moment the other strikers are bit ahead in this moment, I like fair competiton.”

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Chelsea manager Guus Hiddink © Francesca Ceciarini

Guus Hiddink press conference ahead of Norwich clash in Premier League

SOUTHAMPTON - “We had a very good win in a difficult stadium, everybody’s performances improved in the last couple of weeks, of course now we have a tight schedule but we have to go on.”

TARGETS – “When I started in december we were close to the relegation zone, 1 point, and the first objective was to get out of this as soon as possible I think the team did well and in a short time we did it, of course Chelsea must have bigger targets.”

CHAMPIONS LEAGUE qualification – “The fourth spot is difficult, but of course we would like to go where Chelsea belong.”

NEXT MANAGER – “I expressed my view other times, I said that the club can have my opinion, whenever things are done the club can be transparent. Clear for everyone.”

CALMNESS – “As long as calmness not translated setting back a bit. You have to go with stability forwards and see what can be done in the future, to get this club where he belongs, and it belongs in the top of England, that’s obvious”.

TITLE RACE - “I hope it will be nice, but It will not be nice, Chelsea should be involved in other way  around as these clubs are in May.  For Chelsea ideal situation to have it other way around. Realistically we will be part of it in May.”

STABILITY – “You have to go with stability, you have to get this club where he belongs.”

BABA RAHMAN - “We have slightly talked to him, you could see he realised he did a big mistake by the way he pulled his shirt on his face after Southampton goal, at half time he was sitting in the dressing room and he was very down, that’s why we made a change. He has to recover, you cannot always wait, he did some decent games recently but of course defensively he has to improve.”

PATO - “Pato is eager to play, the other strikers are ok, Diego of course is the number one, I am happy with Traore progression, I look also to this, he and Remy are in the position to compete.

“Pato is able to play part of the game now, but once more I underlined that we consider the chance for the young guys. We see tomorrow if he will be on the bench.

“In the near future we see what we can do with him, that’s why we got him on loan, at the moment the other strikers are bit ahead in this moment, I like fair competion.”

PEDRO INJURY – “Pedro yesterday was here for treatment, normally this kind of injury are not resolved in a few days, but I have to speak to the medical staff to know better.”

BUSY SCHEDULE - “We look to our busy schedule now and this means we have to have a serious approach with Norwich and Stoke, but we have to be careful with some players.”

FALCAO – “Falcao is now touching the grass in treatment, we see how he will progress.”

DIEGO COSTA – “Having next week’s game with PSG in mind is possible that Diego Costa may rest in the next games, yes.”

TITLE RACE – “There was a beautiful last minute escape from Leicester against Norwich, all games are very tight, and when you win like this you have a boost to go ahead.”

ATTITUDE – “I am happy with the attitude of the players in training and also in the games.

Possible EUROPA LEAGUE next year – “I think if you can compete in the EL and you have a big squad, you can give opportunities to the youngsters.”

TERRY – “John is touching the pitch, he’s running, so we see how he reacts to treatment by the end of the week. With this kind of injuries you must be very careful because you can easily have a setback.”

VAN GAAL falling – “I also have had judo able to do so as well, but no, I wouldn’t do it.”

IVANOVIC - “Ivanovic is doing very well as a central defender, with Cahill they are doing very well, they defense strongly, plus Ivanovic is one of the top headers in the league, in his career made a lot of goals like this.”

BIG SQUAD - “Mainly I am happy to have choice problems in the matchdays, it’s always good for a manager to have a lot of players to pick from the squad.”

RUBEN LOFTUS-CHEEK – “We always do analysis on how he has to progress, we are working specifically with him to see how he can improve, I think he will have his minutes in the upcoming games.”

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Chelsea legend Frankie Lampard spoke to the Mail on Sunday and revealed that he wondering if today’s the Blues got some real leaders in the dressing room:

I do worry about where the real personalities of the team are,” he claimed.

“To be a big team, you have to have big personalities.

“I don’t want to sound like I am harking back to the days of me and John (Terry) and Ashley Cole and Petr Cech and Didier Drogba but I do see a team now where John is the last mainstay of that identity.

“Maybe Chelsea are looking for a more beautiful way now. The club has been trying to push it down that route with the players they have recruited over the last four or five years.

“The problem is if you fall in the middle, somewhere between tough and beautiful. It’s nice football at times but it’s not that nice and it’s not really winning games. It’s not beautiful, beautiful stuff.

“They need to buy two or three big players. Because being 11th in the Premier League is ridiculous for Chelsea.”

Last season Lampard played for Manchester City prior to his move to current club New York City, so he gives his opinion also on Citizens’ next manager, Pep Guardiola:

They will be a huge force under Guardiola. I think, yes, Man City can push on in a massive way. He’s an innovator.

There are two geniuses: Jose Mourinho and him. What a great rivalry that will be if Jose goes to Old Trafford.”

Speaking about his future he said:

“I don’t know yet whether this will be my last year as a player – but whether it is or not, I don’t want to go out with a whimper.”

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“You hear that [owner Roman] Abramovich has had enough of José Mourinho and you bring in a guy who is madder, certainly on the touchline,” this what Shaun Custis, head of Sun Sport, stated during Sky Sports Sunday Supplement about the man who will probably take charge of Chelsea next summer.

“He is fairly controversial. He’s also a fairly lively character,” he added.

“We’ve had a lovely calm under Guus Hiddink where it’s almost Sven-Goran Eriksson like. He’s calm, he’s lovely, everything runs along. Look how the players have responded, everybody’s happy and this is the way to go.

“But you’re talking to Hiddink in the week and ask is there any chance of staying on and he says: ‘No certainly not.’ There was never any question of him staying.”


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Former England coach Fabio Capello is sure Antonio Conte will be next Chelsea manager:

“Conte is preparing for Chelsea,” Capello told Fox Sports Italia.

“He has the time to arrive and train Chelsea in the best way, as this is an important club.

“I think the most important thing will be the team he is able to put on the field. He needs defenders and there aren’t that many around.

“His communication with the players will also be fundamental. I myself had a difficult experience in Russia where I always had to speak through a translator.

“It was not easy, because the players always expect that extra word from the Coach, the decisive statement to let you understand or change something.”

It’s understood Conte has been taking English lessons for a while, but it’s not sure what his language level now.


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Guus Hiddink during last year's spell at Chelsea © Francesca Ceciarini

Chelsea boss Guus Hiddink reaction after the important win at Southampton:

We didn’t start very well,” Guus admitted.

“They were dominant in the first 20 minutes. There was some threat but no big chances for them, and we took it over and controlled the latter part of the first half.

“We gave them a big present at the end but the team reacted very well, not just mentally but also in an attacking sense. We maintained our composure and we tried to regain possession as soon as possible, which the team did.

We waited for the equaliser and then we were happy the corner was perfectly executed by Ivanovic. It was deserved. For big parts of the game we were great.

“The Chelsea we want to see is one which reacts to setbacks. We like to be proactive also, and this is what the team did, regaining possession as soon as possible and showing a huge desire to turn a negative result into a positive one. We emphasised that and the players responded.”

Shane Long’s goal came after a mistake by Baba, who was then replaced at half-time by Kenedy.

“I could easily say he was injured but no, he was taken off because of that. We have had some problems in the defensive execution in that part of our team.

“I could have waited but sometimes you have to take a decision which can be very harsh. He has to cope with that and I must say young Kenedy did his job very well.”

Hiddink revealed Pedro has a ‘little problem with his hamstrings’ and may be back for the Everton FA Cup game in a couple of weeks.

He expressed his disappointment with the scheduling of that fixture

“We have a tight schedule: Norwich on Tuesday, then Stoke, then PSG and surprisingly the Everton game was put on the Saturday instead of the Sunday.

“We were going to play Liverpool on the Sunday, and I don’t know who decided all of a sudden we would play on Saturday afternoon. It was astonishing people could change the kick-off time.

“We have PSG on Wednesday night, which can but hopefully won’t go to extra-time. All players need at least two days recovery, and a third day to start up a bit. The medical departments must get their concerns in on this as well. We have to protect the players. It’s a side step but I was frustrated by that.”

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Before heading to Southampton for today’s Premier League clash, Chelsea manager Guus Hiddink focused on the manager’s role and what the coach has to do or not to be successful:

“I hope the way I deal with groups and top teams, they [his players who move into management] get something they can use in their career.

“That is what I did as a young player. I always looked to my coaches and I even made a kind of diary when I was a young professional and made notes of what I liked and what I didn’t like from my managers at that time.

“I wrote a lot and the most things I learned from managers is things you should not do.

“You have to deal with 23 people in the squad, you have to deal with the staff, you have to deal with the medics, the commercial side. You must manage all the people.

“Talking generally, sometimes managers can be rude to staff which is something I do not like, I respect them all very much. Sometimes I have experience of managers get rid of their frustration which we all have when we lose by having a go at other people who are different in the hierarchy.

Hiddink spoke also about Ronald Koeman, who was his players at PSV about thirty years ago:

“We had a beautiful time. If you see the records from 1986 to 1989 at PSV, we had championships, cups and the European Cup. There is not a lot of arguing when you have those successes.’

Hiddink has also worked with Koeman’s brother and assistant at Southampton Erwin, who was once an assistant to the current Chelsea boss at PSV.

“They have made a stable team at Southampton.

“There was a little setback a few months ago but they maintained their calm and restored confidence. They have more than one player who can be decisive. [Graziano] Pellè does it but they have more.

Hiddink also reveals he would have no concerns about the results for the rest of the season should Chelsea announce the identity of a new manager become known before it ends.

“If you see the example of Man City, they made it very clear Pep Guardiola is coming and there were questions about whether Manuel Pellegrini is losing authority.

“When the players have their respect for the manager although he must make tough decisions over whether they play or not, if he is fair in his treatment face to face then there is no loss of respect. It is an example now with Pellegrini because if there were any trouble with loss of authority then you would have seen a bad performance in Kiev this week.

“The players [at Chelsea] I sense now all desperately like to play. I have to make the decision who to play. I don’t like it, I do it, but they can never complain I play tricks behind their backs so I think and hope that we maintain a respectful relationship.”


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