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Asmir Begovic will receive a Premier League medal as special dispensation is granted to back-up goalkeepers.

However the Bosnian players thinks he doesn’t deserve this award: “I think the rule should be changed, I don’t know about the whole five appearances”. – Begovic told Sky Sports News – “Having been part of the group all year, we’ve all sacrificed, played our part in the team each and every day. But they really have to look at that rule again because I don’t think five appearances should warrant a medal. It’s the rule for now, thankfully I get one and obviously to have that in your career is great”.

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The kid that caught José Mourinho’s runner-up medal last Sunday at Wembley is 10-years-old Arsenal fan that feels very lucky now.

Bobby Gill shared his feelings and memories about catching this special souvenir with the Coventry Telegraph:

Mourinho was walking down to the tunnel, I threw my tissue down by accident and then he threw the medal box up at me, then I caught it.

I just couldn’t believe it. I knew that he was giving it to me because he didn’t want a loser’s medal.

“He just wants to win, it was obvious he felt he didn’t want it any more. I thought it was quite a good thing that he did.

“It is the bestest memory ever.”


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After congratulating all Arsenal players and avoiding Arsene Wenger, José Mourinho went straight into the dressing room tunnel and before entering, he threw his runner-up medal to a young Arsenal fan, making his day.

The manager then commentated the episode like this:

“I threw it to a kid, an Arsenal (supporting) kid. I don’t keep the one (medal) when I win, imagine the ones when I lose.

“I think this is a good memory for him. He wins and takes a medal from the loser.”


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Chelsea manager José Mourinho © Francesca Ceciarini

Jose Mourinho famously threw his medal to the crowd back in 2005-2006 but insisted he will not make the same mistake this time round.

Mourinho said his son is collecting everything his father wins and said he will instead give the medal this time to his son rather than throwing to the stands. He said:

“My son now is collecting all my stuff. He keeps everything. At that time he was too young for that, but in this moment he is collecting everything. Shirts, medals. He steals everything from me!”

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José Mourinho spoke to the press today ahead of the last game of the season against Sunderland.

First of all, he wanted to praise Chelsea legend Frank Lampard, that will play tomorrow his last game in the Premier League:

The same way I had words for Steven Gerrard I had to do it for Frank Lampard: one of my best players ever, one of my best professional ever, a Chelsea legend and a Premier LEague legend. I have to honour him and I wish him the best in the MLS, I hope he can come back to England”

“I was not waiting for Manager of the Year Award, I think is a club trophy, it’s me, my assistants, my players, everybody working with me, you don’t get it by yourself. The award is the icing on the cake”

“If for the next season they give me four defeats in the whole season I take it, because it’s really good”

“The guys keep the focus every day in training, they play with the same intensity with every opponent, so when you reach the objective it’s hard, it’s like predators…when you hunt, then you get relaxed. Sunday will be a big day for us because we will put our hands on the cup…last game at home, and we don’t want to lose our record of no defeats at home”

“I was feeling for many months that this title would have been ours, the moment were was mathematical was the best one, but we had many moments…like the defeat against Spurs on 1 January, was a key test for the mentality, for the emotional balance, to show personality…so I choose also that moment”

“I don’t know if Cech will be fit for Sunday, today he will do the first training with the squad. Him to stay is a very personal thing, I would like him to stay”

“I don’t know what Frankie wants for his future, I don’t know if he will come back here, in this moment I just wish him to be happy”

“I try to learn with every experience, every day, every session, every match. After being away from England for five years I understood [that in England] is more dangerous to be a contender, to start a season like that, you can be out of top 4 and so from Champions League”

“The real feeling [for winning the Premier League] is when you do it, I understand that the ceremony takes time to be organized, but for me the real feeling is the moment you win it”

“I hope Hazard can play on Sunday, I don’t know if he can”

“Diego Costa will play, now we have to give him the continuity in playing, to recover, [he had] no problems, he felt ok, we took him out after one hour [at WBA], it was important to keep him safe and don’t let the muscle into a fatigue situation but now he will start again”

“I’m not the kind of person to regret, what you did you did, what happened happened, move on…you cannot change things, the time doesn’t go back, but we got a lot of mistakes against us, that’s the reality, but that’s football, maybe ‘campaign’ is not a nice word, maybe I would take out that word from my explanation, from my comments, but that’s the reality, we had very bad decisions [against us] over a big period of time, I also made bad decisions, no problem”

“In 2006 I threw the medal to the fans, but this time I keep it. Why? My son now is collecting all my stuff, he keeps everything, at that time he was too young for that but in this moment is collecting everything, he steals everything from me: shirts, medals, cups, replicas…”

“The important thing for Sunday is that we’re already champions and they reached their objective already, we already celebrated our title, they celebrated already…so we’re over with celebrations, but now it’s the last match, obviously they want to win, but we want to win too”

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Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho © Francesca Ceciarini

Chelsea manager José Mourinho spoke today ahead of Monday night’s game against West Brom at the Hawthorns.

The Portuguese coach stressed the fact that Chelsea are not going to completely clear out their squad for next season but, first, this one has to come to an end and there is a 90 points league “record” that can be reached:

“90 points…it’s not just that tha matters in the game, I keep repeating I was impressed by Palace, the attitude they got at Stamford Bridge: they didn’t need points and made a fantastic game.

I’m happy that WBA are champions in their league and don’t need points too, but it’s their last game at home, and we are the champions,we have a responsibility as champions.

“To be champions is to be champions, and the maximum points we can do, the better, the maximum possible distance from the second one, the better.”

Mourinho mentioned Chelsea keeper Petr Cech, who, according to his agent, has been given the green light to speak to other clubs.

I don’t think if it’s absolutely true what Cech’s agent says, maybe the reality is a little different, but he still got a contract.

“I want the best players and the most important players in my squad. My position, my desire, is him to stay. I would like him to stay and I’m optimistic.”

Patrick Bamford was also mentioned, with question marks over whether the youngster will be at Stamford Bridge next season. He has had a brilliant campaign with Middlesbrough, who are currently in the Championship play-offs. The Teesiders play Brentford tonight to decide whether they will be in the play-off final.

The 52-year old then went on to speak further about the upcoming transfer window:

Bamford is still a Middlesbrough player, today it’s an important day for them, they are playing the playoff second leg.

“I hope he does the best for them, after that is time for us to think and speak about it. Impressed by him? I will be impressed if he scores three goals tonight”

“Will I have a busy summer? I expect to be busy going from my towel in the sand to the water and swim a little bit, that’s how I expect to be busy.

“Last season I was for sure more keen in selling players, in this moment the base is to keep my squad.”

One talking point recently is the fact that the Chelsea boss wasn’t given the April Manager of the Month award, despite the Blues winning the title. But, attention hads turned to the Manager of the Year award, which many expect Mourinho to claim. However, the Portuguese says he will be happy either way:

Manager of the year award? In this season the big trophy didn’t come to my house, but stay at Stamford Bridge.

“I was glad the second trophy was won by Hazard, that was voted the best player in the league. If the third one, the Manager of the Year award, comes I will be happy.”

Mourinho will face Baggies manager Tony Pulis, who coincidentally won the Manager of the Year award last year. The Chelsea boss was quick to praise his colleague and opponent:

If I were an English club owner – and this will never happen- I would sign Tony Pulis as a manager: he never manages clubs to be champion or in the top four, but he brings stability and does what the club want. 

“Not everybody stresses that but for me an important thing in a manager work is what the manager wants and what the team actually is: his teams are exactly what he wants.”

Ahead of Monday’s game, which kicks off at 8pm, Mourinho revealed that the squad does have some absentees. Nathan Ake is expected to start.

Injuries; Ramires, Oscar and Zouma… season over. Cech can come back for the last game, Diego Costa is supposed to be selected for this game, he should be ready. 

The game has nothing but pride resting on it, as West Brom are safe and Chelsea are guaranteed first place. Now, Mourinho’s attentions have started to turn to preparation for next season.

“We don’t have the pressure that you got when you are almost there anymore, that situation is over, but I don’t change a lot, I will follow the normal route,” Mourinho said.

“We got also friendlies in Thailand and Australia and the end of the season, before our holidays, step by step we will think about next season.”

Mourinho was asked why he didn’t celebrate like his squad did when Chelsea won the title, but he was quick to respond.

It’s not true I hadn’t celebrated when we won the league with Palace: I was celebrating in my office, I left the players the pitch because it was their moment, of course I celebrated.”

Last week saw the Blues face Liverpool at Stamford Bridge. It was Liverpool captain Steven Gerrard’s last game in a Liverpool shirt at Chelsea, most likely. Mourinho praised the veteran midfielder both before and after the game, revealing he had tried to sign him more than once. Gerrard rebuffed Chelsea’s attention.

When I tried to bring Gerrard to my teams I tried to be keen and intelligent, I never put pressure on him to leave Liverpool. I think tomorrow he will realise why that decision worked.”

Another story this week was that of Andre Schürrle’s surprise to receive a Premier League winners medal, despite leaving the club in January.

All the players that started the season with us were invited to get the Premier League medal and also to the Player of the Year dinner, I’m not sure they can come.

“So Schürrle, Salah, Schwarzer and Lewis Baker were all invited even though you need 5 appearances to get the official medal, and players like Schwarzer hadn’t got a single minute, but we are going to buy medals and do replicas of the cup. One minute or nothing, for us they’ re champions.

“John Terry, Ivanovic and Eden Hazard they all want to start every game in the Premier League, and we will try to do it,even because to do that here in England is not easy.”

Mourinho’s last comment was on Vhelsea’s shape ahead of the upcoming transfer market:

The market is difficult but we are in a good situation. We don’t want dramatic changes but stability in the squad. We believe in this team, we are stable and last season we got stability to analyse to improve the team. We want to keep the squad and improve the motivation. We will just bring a couple of extra players to improve the squad”

We are not going to go in the market game, we know what we want, it’s not much”.



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Schurrle had an 18 month spell at Stamford Bridge

Former Chelsea midfielder Andre Schurrle has said he was both surprised and delighted to receive a Premier League winner’s medal.

The 24-year old signed for the Blues in the summer of 2013 from Bayer Leverkusen, for around £22 million. He made 14 Premier League appearances this season, scoring three goals, but struggled to cement a regular place in Jose Mourinho’s starting XI.

However, despite not playing for Chelsea in the latter part of the season, Schurrle was still given a winners medal, and he found out about it in bizarre circumstances:

“I didn’t know that I’d get a medal when I didn’t play most of the second half of the season.

“Jose Mourinho sent me a text to say that I’d get a medal and he asked me to come to the last game (against Sunderland on May 24th).

“That was very nice for me. I’m really happy for the boys.

“They played a very good second half of the season so of course for me it’s good to get a medal but the boys did the work.”

Schurrle helped Germany win the World Cup in the summer of 2014 in Brazil, providing the assist for Mario Gotze’s winner. But, exhaustion and other factors led to him moving back to the Bundesliga in January this year, this time to Wolfsburg.

He has so far made 19 appearances for the German outfit in all competitions after moving for a fee reported to be around £22 million.

“I had the World Cup which was very perfect for me and the start of the season was good as well,” he added.

“Then there came a little bit of a period for me where my body didn’t feel very good, I was not clear in my head and I didn’t have as many good moments for Chelsea.

“I wanted to come back to the Bundesliga, I wanted to feel a little bit more in the team and to get a bit more playing time.

“I love Chelsea still, I’m not frustrated, it was a great experience.”





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