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Eden Hazard © Francesca Ceciarini

Harry Redknapp has got his opinion about Eden Hazard‘s bad season.

The ex Spurs and West Ham manager is convinced is in his head:

“Chelsea will have a battle on their hands because people must already be talking to Hazard. It happens.

“Someone’s got inside the boy’s head. It is the only explanation for such a complete drop in performances.

“I had a meeting, as Spurs boss, with Hazard in a Paris hotel when he was at Lille. Players I’ve had have been approached, too — you’re not happy, but you accept it is part of the game.

“Most big deals happen that way, let’s not kid ourselves.

“One club doesn’t ring another club any more.

“Every club could be hauled up before FIFA or the FA, because everyone breaks the rules.

“Will Hazard stay at Chelsea? A lot will depend on who comes in as manager at the end of the season.”


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