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Chelsea will play New York City Red Bulls tonight in their first friendly match of the pre-season, also the first of International Champions Cup tournament for the Blues.

The game will be played at the Red Bull Arena in Harrison, New Jersey,  and will kick off at 1.10am (UK time) on Thursday 23 July.

The friendly will be broadcasted live on Chelsea TV in the UK, Canal Plus in the USA, ESPN Deportes in the USA and Americas, Esporte Interativo in Brazil,  Direct TV in South America, Televisa and Sky Mexico in Central America, Sport TV in Portugal, Mediaset Premium in Italy, BeIn in France, TV3 and Prisa in Spain, Eredivisie in the Netherlands, RDS in Romania and Hungary, Belgacom in Belgium, DIGI in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, BTV in Bulgaria, DigitalB in Albania, Arena in the Balkans, SBD Discovery in Scandinavia, Forthnet in Greece, Cyta in Cyprus, Dogan Group in Turkey, Go in Malta, Star India in India, LETV in China, Jsports in Japan, SCTV group in Indonesia, PPTV in Thailand, BeIN in MENA and North Africa, Star Times in SubSaharan Africa.

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Chelsea legend Frank Lampard seems to enjoy his new life in the USA.

The all time Blues top scorer shared a couple of images on his Facebook account to show he is magnificently settling in New York City.

In the first one we can see Super Frank hugged with his fiancé Christine Bleakly in the centre of Times Square, one of the most famous sightseeing in the world and one of New York symbols.

In the second one Lampard shows his daughters feeding some seagulls in Long Island during spare time.





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Frank Lampard says he is “done” with the Premier League as he prepares for his final two games in the top flight of English football.

“I’ve been very fortunate to play for such a long time in this league with some great players and managers and against some great opponents,” Lampard said, speaking to Sky Sports.

“But it’s certainly time for me to move on. It’s time for me to look back and be that old bloke who says ‘I used to play there’. I’m very ready for that. ”

“Nothing could persuade me more than the idea of Christmas with the family where I can have a bit more turkey and stay up a bit later with the family. That’s me done.”


Despite a career stretching two decades, Lampard only played for four clubs: West Ham, Chelsea, City and Swansea, where he spent eight games on loan as a teenager. A fifth will be New York City FC, which Lampard Lampard will join at the end of his loan spell with Manchester City.

Lampard added a curious fact about his early career: he believes that a short spell in south Wales as a 17-year-old was a crucial experience.

There he suffered a relegation and also learned what he calls the “ruthless world” of the dressing room.

“It was Harry Redknapp who sent me on loan to Swansea When he said it I thought: ‘Do I need to go on loan to Swansea?’ I had only just passed my driving test and it was a good four hours. I was in my comfort zone at West Ham as a kid.”

“My mum used to be my cooking and washing for me and then I went to Swansea and I was amongst grown men. It was a man’s dressing room and I was a boy. They used to dig me out for my puppy fat. It’s a ruthless world, the football dressing room at times. ”

“It was then I realised the game wasn’t all beautiful. There were some difficult parts to it, especially fighting at the bottom of the old division two. It really opened my eyes.”

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In an interview with Channel 4’s Chatty Man, Frank Lampard spoke football, also touching the hot topic of gay footballers.

Lampard, 36, was asked about gay footballers on when openly gay host Alan Carr insisted some Premier League footballers must be gay, statistically.

Lampard replied: “We have had a couple come out afterwards. I think it is a fact they will be out there, they are in all lives and times, but we are at fault as a sport. It is that old syndrome where it is a man’s game and you can’t talk about that.”

According to the former Chelsea player, things have changed a lot in the recent years.

“I have to say the game is changing a lot, there are a lot of campaigns and I feel it in the dressing rooms. I would love it if someone came out and everyone treated it with respect. This silly thing that we are macho and we play football is very old hat.”


Lampard also spoke about his time at Chelsea.

“I had 13 years at Chelsea and I will always be a Chelsea boy because I played there and have so many memories.”

“They decided I was moving on and at 35 you are not going to fight that. If they want you to move on you move on. Then Manchester City came in for me. it was too good to turn down.”

“At 36 not many people get asked to play for the champions of England at the time for five months.”

“I have got such a great relationship with the Chelsea fans. It hasn’t broken it. I still have my main house in Chelsea and I go back to London a lot, I hope I won’t ever lose that, I don’t think I will.”


The midfielder, who is on-loan at Manchester City, also spoke about Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho, his mentor: “He is brilliant. If you wanted to bottle a manager and get all the good bits in it, he has got them.”

“I say that because he helped me in my career a huge amount. When he came I didn’t have that self confidence, I was 25, and he brought that out of me. And he does that with all the players he works with.”

“He is very good at gauging a player and he knows if you need a b******ing he will give it to you individually or as a team on a day but if you need a little bit of love and niceness he does that as well.”


Frank also spoke about his recent trip to New York

About the fans: “They did chant a lot, they are very game and very keen. They have started a new club and you know what Americans are like, they are very positive and behind their team.”

“The game we watched was a funny game and they didn’t play particularly well but the fans were all behind them. If there was a shot from anywhere they get really excited.”


Lampard played 429 games for Chelsea in the Premier League, scoring 147 goals. But he also hinted he could go into TV work or management after he retires.

“I’m in the back end of my career, whether I stay in football, I don’t really know. I will maybe do my coaching badges, that is two years worth of work to maybe be a manager.”

“But I am not sure if I will go down that route or certain other routes, a bit of TV maybe, everyone is lining up to do it, that punditry thing. It looks easy but it is not that easy.”


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