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Brazil legend Pele says he would rather play for Chelsea’s London rivals Arsenal than the Premiership Champions.

Pele, who scored over a thousand goals in one of the finest careers in football history, says that it is Arsenal’s supposed philosophy of always open and attacking football that would win him over if he was still playing.

The 74-year-old is quoted in the Metro as saying:

“Arsenal is a good team to play for. I like the teams that play open football.

Between Chelsea and Arsenal? I would play for Arsenal if I had the chance.

The three time World Cup winner also criticised Brazil born Diego Costa for provoking Gabriel into getting sent off during Chelsea’s 2-0 win over Arsenal last weekend.

“It is not a good message for children.

“He didn’t get a red card, but he was charged. It was dirty.

“Unfortunately so many things like this happen on the pitch and this is not good. That’s clear.

“It is not good for football.”

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One of the best players of all the time, Brazilian legend Pelè, defends Diego Costa after his three match ban after the incident with Koscielny and Gabriel in the last derby with Arsenal.

Speaking to AFP, O Rei stated:

Listen, this to me was so common.

“I suffered all my life with good marking. He’s a very good player, everybody knows.

“This was one moment. The striker who bit someone, Luis Suarez, was worse than this.”

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Oscar spoke to Chelsea official website at the end of the first day of the pre-season in Canada.

For the Brazilian player is not very common to start a pre-season from the very beginning, since in the past years he always joined the squad in the middle of it, being busy with his national team.

This is the first time I have started pre-season and for me this is very, very important,’ Oscar says while smiling to Chelseafc.com .

“It is important to stay with the family and friends and the full holiday for me this time is very important because for five years I didn’t have that holiday, and in the last three years I played more than 200 games and this is a lot.

For this reason, José Mourinho stated back in May: “Oscar is a fabulous player but he’s never had a pre-season in his life. He’s always been playing in tournaments everywhere, he’s never had a rest. Now, because he’s injured he’s not going to the Copa America and I have a feeling that next year Oscar can have the same kind of evolution as [Eden] Hazard had this season”.

“‘I think the same: I want to play better and I want to score more goals and to play my best football, because I know my quality and I know for sure I can make this season better than last season, and last season was a good season because we were champions and won two competitions. I want to be champion in more competitions this season

At the end of the past season Oscar made a little promotional tour in Malaysia with one of the biggest player of all the time, Pelè. He recalls:

It was good: Pelè is an idol for me, an unbelievable person and when I see him he is such a nice person. For Brazil and for football, he is very important and I liked spending two days together with him.

“He said he has liked my football for a long time and he always says good things about me and that means a lot. Of course I never saw him play but everyone in Brazil sees the videos and he is the king for football.

Last year Oscar won the Goal of the Year Award for Chelsea, a thing he would like to repeat:

“In these three years I have scored a lot of beautiful goals and I will try to score more. This season the Brazilians will try to win Goal of the Year again“.


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