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Chelsea will face Manchester City at Stamford Bridge on Wednesday and manager Antonio Conte is aware of the strength of Pep Guardiola’s team.

Speaking about the next game, Conte said: “We have to play on Wednesday against Man City and we all know the strength of their team, but for now the most important thing is to rest and recover well. We must prepare in the right way”.

Then Conte added: “Every game will be very tough from now until the end, whether the opponent is Man City or a team fighting near the relegation zone”.

The title race is not over yet after Chelsea loss to Crystal Palace today, as Conte himself underlined: “For you [the media] it’s a good result because it makes the championship more interesting, but I always said the league is finished when mathematically you have won it, otherwise you must play every game to try to win because in England there are no easy matches.’

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Barcelona star Neymar admits he would love to play in the Premier League.

The Brazilian striker revealed huge respect for some of the English top clubs and hinted he would like to join one of them:

“It’s a championship that surprises me,” he said at a PokerStars event.

“I like the playing style and the teams.”

Recente rumours claimed that Manchester United and José Mourinho were really keen on the Brazilian international and Neymar included the Red Devils among his favourite Premier League sides, as well as Chelsea and a couple more:

“I admire Manchester United, Chelsea, Arsenal, Liverpool: these are the teams that are always fighting for the title.

“And then you have top-level coaches like Mourinho and  Guardiola. These are coaches any player would like to play for.

“Who knows? I’d like to play there.”


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Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola won February’s Premier League Manager of the Month award and joked that Antonio Conte‘s cupboard was full enough to find space for another trophy.

The Citizens boss said after winning the award: “I think Conte’s cupboard is full enough and they couldn’t fit any more in, so they decided to give it to somebody else!”

Chelsea manager Antonio Conte was named three times in a row Manager of the Month (in November, December and January) but Guardiola beat the Italian boss this month.

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Chelsea manager Antonio Conte spoke before tomorrow’s clash against Arsenal: the two teams arrives with a different spirit to this really important derby, with the Gunners coming from a home defeat with Watford and nine points under Chelsea in the table, where they sit third with 47 points along with Spurs, and the Blues coming from a good draw with Liverpool away, still leaders with 56 points:

“For sure the result was good but honestly at the end we were a bit disappointed,” the Italian boss said about the recent game against the Reds.

“It´s not easy to get a result in Anfield against a really good team like Liverpool.”

“Arsenal is a great team, for sure they have the chance to fight for the title until the end, now Liverpool game is gone and now it´s important to be focused only on the next game.”

Continuing to speak about tomorrow’s derby, he said:

We must pay great attention because they are a great team, it will be a very tough game.

“We are nine points clear, but if we lose tomorrow the points are six, we are playing good football, with good intensity. Tomorrow we have a great opportunity to show this.”

Asked if something changes with Wenger on the stands for a four-match-ban, Conte replied:

“I don´t know, I cannot reply this question because for sure I prefer to stay in the touchline to push my players and help them in the key moments of the gas, for me it´s very important and I don´t know about the others.”

According to some rumours, Diego Costa continues to receive offers from China, where the transfer window is still open, and many football and market experts reckon the Spaniard can move to Chinese Super League next summer:

“I don´t know, every week I have a lot of news and speculations about Diego, now the important thing is to be focused in this title race. Diego now is with us, summer is far, and it´s important to be prepared for this title race.

Speaking about the possible signing two Celtic players, Moussa Dembele and Ryan Gordon, who eventually stayed at the Glasgow side, Conte said:

“I’ve never talked with my club about Dembele, we tried [to sign] Gordon because we tried to satisfy Begovic and his requests, he wanted to play every game, but I told him he could leave only if we could find a substitute: Gordon was one of the goalkeepers in our list, we tried but when Celtic told us they couldn’t sell him, it was over.”

“During this transfer window we signed three young players: Ake, Kenedy and Musonda.

Ake played very well for one year and half in the league, I think now he´s more mature, he can improve with us and help us until the end of the season, the others are two young players but with good quality.”

Asked about Frank Lampard‘s decision to retire from football, Conte claimed:

“It´s a pity when a great player as Frank Lampard decides to end his career, because you lose a fantastic player, the whole world of football is disappointed when a player like him finishes his career, he played thirteen years for Chelsea, he gave a lot to this team, he played more than 100 times for the national team, but every player knows when it’s the right moment to finish his career. I have a lot of respect for him and what he did.”

About Lampard’s future, the Blues boss said:

“I don’t know his thoughts, it’s important to take a bit of time to make the best decision for you. I think Frank Lampard can decide what is the best decision for him.”

Continuing to speak about the game against Arsenal he said:

“I think if we win the game tomorrow for sure is a good hit for us because to improve your situation in the table, take three points and have a 12 points gap from Arsenal is very good. But tomorrow will be a tough game, we have to pay a lot of attention, Arsenal already beat us and it’s possible to repeat this, so we have to have max concentration, to have the same anger and most important of all we have to look at ourselves, not the others, like I always say to my players.

“I watched the game against Watford and sometimes the results don’t say the truth: I think they were a little unlucky, they had many chances to score, I think they are in a good shape, in a good form, the result is strange.

Conte changed his tactical system during the game with Arsenal at Emirates, a decision than then paid, since Chelsea were almost unbeatable after that defeat and had an incredible run of 13 wins in a row:

“It’s not simple, we know all the work we did in the past and what we are doing now, during the game against Arsenal, after ten minutes, I decided to change our system, because in my mind it was possible, we were seven points from Manchester City in that moment and what happened showed a situation can change very quickly and after twenty games the situation is very different, there are fifteen games and now we have to pay great attention.”

Conte was at London Stadium the other night to watch West Ham v Man City, with the Guardiola side beating the Hammers 4-0 still having Agüero on the bench and with a super Gabriel Jesus:

“When I have the chance I like to go to stadia to watch future opponents, I saw a really good team, but we all know Man City’s potential. I think the strange thing is their current situation, I think they have a great squad, a lot of fantastic players in the team, they played very well, Gabriel Jesus and Sterling played very well, all the team played very well. I am not so sure the league is finished, I know that we must pay great attention, there are 15 games to play and I think we must keep the right tension.

“We have to keep our attention very high, I have experience in this, I want to keep our concentration very high, we know that behind us we have a lot of great teams.”

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Speaking following his side’s 4-0 win against West Ham, Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola insisted that Premier League title is in Chelsea‘s hands as Antonio Conte‘s side are currently leading the table with 56 points.

About the Italian manager Guardiola claimed: “He doesn’t have to be too worried because Chelsea are nine points ahead”,

“Only they can lose the Premier League” he ended.

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Continuing our chat with ex Chelsea goalkeeper Marco Amelia we asked him about transfer market, that is closing his winter window tomorrow night, with his friend Asmir Begovic on the brink to leave the Blues after 18 months:

*If I were him, I would stay: it’s difficult to leave a team like Chelsea in a season like this, he can add some silverware to his personal trophy cabinet and I don’t think he will miss this chance, even if I understand that he would like to play more.”

Diego Costa allegedly received offers during this transfer window from a couple of Chinese clubs, this is what Amelia thinks about the Spaniard’s situation, since there are chances he can leave next summer:

“I hope Diego Costa can stay, my wish is that he will stay next summer. If he will leave I guess it´s easier for him to go back to Spain: probably he does´t like London very much and I cannot get how he could like China, so I don´t think he will go there. But it won´t be easy to leave for him, because now he´s a leader, he feels this leadership, he feels important, so if he moves it won´t be an easy choice for him, it´s more difficult to change in this moment.”

In his time at Chelsea Amelia had the chance to share the dressing room with a legend like John Terry, with whom he´s still friend, and has got only words of praise and respect for the Blues captain:

“What I liked more about Terry is that he is a TRUE captain, he arrives to the training ground before anyone else, sometimes I tried to arrive before him but I never succeed! He always beat me! He leads by example, he takes care of himself, he acts like a a real professional and shows to his team-mates that to reach certain levels you have to behave like that. This is the best example he can give to his team-mates and to the youngsters.”

And speaking about youngsters and academy talents, Amelia revealed us who is the one that most impressed him:

“Among Chelsea youngsters who impressed me more is Ruben Loftus-Cheek,” the Italian goalkeeper said.

“He´s got incredible physical and technical skills, he can adapt to play in more roles and yes, I agree with Conte, he can play as a number 9: of course he doesn’t have the moves of a proper striker, he has to learn them, he has to get more experience and maybe he´s not so fast as a modern number 9 has to be. I guess it should be better for him and other youngsters that don´t get much playing time to go on loan somewhere else to play.”

Premier League is, in this moment, the most fascinating championship in the world and Amelia told us why, in his opinion, the English league was able to overcome Serie A, that was the best league in the world over a decade ago:

“First of all, the stadia are better: to have the fans so close to the pitch, without fences, it´s incredible and give the team lots of adrenalin, in Italy many stadia got the athletics track.

“Furthermore, in England there is less tactical exaggeration, the training sessions are more physical because you must be physically tough but you need also good technical skills and all this benefits good performances, the “Premier League show”.

“I had some managers that were too obsessed with the tactic and this damaged the performances, the freedom of the players to express their talents and the show”.

Speaking about managers and tactical magicians, we got now two of them managing the two sides of Manchester even if, until now, they probably didn´t fulfill all the expectations football fans had about their new adventures:

“I guess Mourinho will do very well at Manchester United, Amelia said about the ex Chelsea boss.

“When you have to put players like [Paul] Pogba and [Zlatan] Ibrahimovic into your squad and tactical system you have to find the squad balance again: they were a little unlucky in autumn, they lost many points and so the chance to be in the title race, but this happened because of what I just said and once they found their balance they started to play better and win. Usually, he wins and does better in the second year. One of his qualities is to make everyone feel important, so everyone is ready to fight if needed.

Guardiola, instead, got some issues to adapt to English football,” the 2006 World Champion says about the ex Barcelona and Bayern manager.

“Mainly because he is trying to bring a different mentality. I don´t think that this is arrogance, it´s just his way to work, he wants to bring his style wherever he goes.”

Thibaut Courtois, David de Gea and Manuel Neuer are, at the moment, in the world goalkeepers top 3 and when asked about who, among the youngsters, can reach their level, Amelia has got no doubt:

“Among the new goalkeepers I like very much [AC Milan´s] Donnarumma: he´s just 17 and already a top player, he´s got tons of personality.”

Amelia is 34 but has no intention to retire from played football: at the moment he is a free agent and trains with a team near Roma, where he currently lives with his family.

The Italian keeper, anyway, knows what would make him happy again:

“My dream is to come back to play in England: I was really close to join Sunderland last summer, but then I had to go back to Italy also for some personal issues, because there are things that are most important than football. I negotiated also with a Championship side and I hope to sign for some team there soon: I am free agent now and I can find a new team until the end of March.

“I cannot go to China or Arabic leagues because they got some rules for which they cannot sign foreign goalkeepers, USA are fascinating but when you have to take these decisions you have to think also about your family, so I would prefer England.”

Do we have a chance to see him at Chelsea should Begovic leave? Everything will be revealed tomorrow night.

(Click HERE to read the first part of our interview with Marco Amelia that was published on Saturday)

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Shocking announcement from a Chelsea rival, Manchester City boss Pep Guardiola.

Speaking to the NBC the ex Barcelona coach announced he is close to end his manager career:

“I will be in Manchester for at least other three years, but I feel the process to end my career has already started.

“I won’t coach until I will be 60-65 years old, I am sure I am getting close to my manager’s career end.”

Will Manchester City and Premier League be the last team coached by the Spanish manager or Pep will change his mind in the next three years?



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Manchester City manger Pep Guardiola speaking after his side’s away 3-0 win against Hull City, said that Chelsea and Liverpool are going to have an advantage due the lack of European competitions this season.

“Sometimes you play before Chelsea, sometimes later – Guardiola told medias after the game – But it doesn’t matter when one team has won 12 in a row. It’s like a final for us if you want to be there until the end of the season.”

“This time Chelsea and Liverpool are the ones. We have played seven more than them – and important games like the Champions League – which is why it will be tough”.

Anyway, Guardiola believes ‘football is unpredictable’. “We have to do absolutely everything to be there – he added – Sometimes when you believe something is done it isn’t. What we have to do is win every game and analyse and see if that is enough.”

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After Manchester City v Chelsea final whistle it seemed that Citizens‘ boss Pep Guardiola snubbed his ex player Cesc Fabregas, that walked toward him to shake his hand.

Anyway, the Spanish coach wanted to make clear that he simply didn’t notice the Chelsea midfielder on the pitch and that the pair greeted in the dressing room, away from cameras’ eyes:

“I said hello to Cesc in the dressing room. On the field I didn’t realise he was trying to greet me,” Guardiola said while speaking to the press ahead of City’s Champions League tie with Celtic tonight.

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Manchester City players Sergio Aguero and Fernandinho will face a three and four-game bans, respectively,  the FA has confirmed.

The Argentine striker was sent off after a horror tackle on Chelsea defender David Luiz, while the Brazilian midfielder was shown red following an altercation with Cesc Fabregas.

Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola defended Fernandinho, while remained coy about the decision on whether to start Aguero or not against Celtic in Champions League tomorrow night.

“There will be changes tomorrow, definitely,” he said. “I am so happy to give minutes to people who deserve to play and who did not play in the last games. 

“If Sergio is going to play or not, I am going to decide today or tomorrow. I don’t know at the moment.”



Spanish striker Pedro, Tuesday night scored the third Chelsea goal vs Huddersfield Town and he caused many troubles to the Blues opponent playing up front with Willian and Eden Hazard. "It’s very good...