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Chelsea and Guus Hiddink revealed that Blues legend Frank Lampard spent a short time at Cobham some weeks ago.

The current New York City FC midfielder was in London and had to recover from a small injury, so he asked for help to his former club:

“In a recent period he was here when he had his injury,” says Hiddink.

“Modestly, he asked if he can be treated here by our physios and I said of course. It was a good sign that he was asking me: he’s a legend and I’m just here for a few months!

“He wanted to be here out of the hours that the other players are here, early morning or late afternoon, but I said: ‘No, you are one of this family’. He loved it, to come in the day, and he participated in a very modest, very good way in the team. If those players don’t have the affection with the club then they don’t come back even for treatment.”

Hiddink coached Lampard in his first spell at Chelsea in 2009 and according to him it was good having him at Cobham, also to create a special feeling for the new and youngest players of the squad:

“You can make them aware of who Lampard was at this club, but within a few meetings or whatever Lampard likes to do they can learn a lot. They must grow to independence in their own way as well, but they can accelerate their career by having a very good eye and ear on the career of those big guys.”

Finally, Hiddink reveals his feeling at the end of his second spell at the club:

‘”It’s too easy to say, but enjoy it,’ he added. ‘Being at a big club you have all the effort and the stress and the pressure, but deal with that and enjoy it and enjoy the Premier League, because this is one of the most beautiful leagues to work in.”

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jon fearn physiotherapist

Chelsea physiotherapist Jon Fearn was demoted from his fist-team duties after the incident with José Mourinho in the Premier League’s opener with Swansea, when the manager stated that both him and doctor Eva Carneiro were “impulsive and naive” in entering the pitch to assist Eden Hazard in a crucial moment of the game.

Carneiro left the club about two weeks ago after she never came back to work, while is understood that Fearn continued to work at Cobham without travelling with the team or sitting on the bench, like he was used to do before.

But Fearn can be back to his old duties soon: as Sportsmail reports and understands now Chelsea boss José Mourinho wants Fearn back in the dugout on October 17 as Chelsea look to hit the ground running after a disastrous start to the 2015-16 campaign.

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eva carneiro mourinho

Chelsea manager José Mourinho won’t be charged by the FA for the Eva Carneiro and Jon Fearn’s case.

Mourinho was accused of “abusive and sexist” language after a video emerged about his rant against the doctor and the physio while they were attending Eden Hazard on the pitch against Swansea in the first Premier League game of the season.

The FA are still studying video evidence of the incident, but as Standard Sport reports and understands it is highly unlikely that Mourinho will have a case to answer.

Both Carneiro and Fearn were demoted from first-team duties after the match and the doctor has not been to work since being told she would not be required on the bench at games and would no longer travel with the team. It has been reported that she is considering legal action.

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eva carneiro mourinho

FIFA is set to discuss Eva Carneiro and Jon Fearn situation this Friday, but it remains unclear what jurisdiction it can have on the matter.

Mary O’Rouke QC of the Football Medical Association claims that the Chelsea doctor and physio haven’t “done nothing wrong” and should be able to return to their role at the Blues if they still wants to resume her duties at the club. 

O’ Rouke said: “I personally believe, as a football supporter and as someone who supports medics in sport, the best outcome in this case would be for her and John Fearn to be back on the bench sending the message out to the football world they did nothing wrong.

I think you will find FIFA on Friday saying the same thing that they did nothing wrong because their duty was to the player as their patient, the referee, the FA and actually their job in the club is to look after the players not to run the team and not to be tactically aware.

Much though one understands the passion of the manager or coach you [as a medical professional] have to prioritise the player because, apart from anything else, if a player sues he doesn’t sue the manager he sues the doctor, physio or the club.

No-one wants to hang anyone out to dry here. If you start making someone do public apologies or losing face that can impact on a future working relationship and surely what Chelsea and other football medics would want would be to patch it up.

The lawyer explains Carneiro taking legal instruction does not mean she will be suing Chelsea in the future: “You don’t just engage a lawyer to go to court, you engage them to give you your legal rights whether it be to return to work or negotiate a new deal or contract.

You put yourself into their position. They must be in their dream jobs so would you want to lose that job?

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eva carneiro mourinho

Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho has been criticised by the FIFA medical chief for his handling of the Eva Carneiro situation.

Mourinho labelled his team doctor “naïve” and accused her and head physiotherapist John Fearn of “not understanding the game” after they rushed on to treat Eden Hazard on the opening day of the season, leaving Chelsea temporarily with eight outfield players on the pitch.

As a result, Carneiro and Fearn were removed from the Chelsea bench for the game against Manchester City, and shall be again for the game against West Brom.

But, FIFA’s medical chief Jiri Dvorak has warned coaches that their opinion is irrelevant when it comes to player health and safety, in what is a stinging rebuke to Mourinho.

Dvorak told Mourinho to concentrate on playing matters and not medical issues.

“In medical terms, when it comes to medical diagnosis, the coach has nothing to say,” FIFA chief medical officer Dvorak told the ruling body’s weekly magazine.

“It is at the sole discretion of the doctor and we at FIFA will always endorse that.

“It is our professional rule and our ethical duty to look after the players’ health. If we let coaches intervene, we can end up with a situation where a player suffers a serious health issue as a consequence of a lack of medical attention.

“And then the one to be held responsible will be the doctor, not the coach.”


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steven hughes chris hughes doctor physio

Chelsea boss José Mourinho confirmed that both doctor Eva Carneiro and physiotherapist Jon Fearn won’t go back to the bench also in this weekend.

When asked in today’s press conference the Portuguese manager said that Dr. Chris Hughes and physio Steven Hughes will still be sit next to him at WBA:

“I think in some aspects in my career I’m unique, and also for the questions I receive in the press conference, so I guess in this moment I’m the unique manager in the world to be asked about the medical staff. I don’t want to talk about this, but this weekend nothing is going to be different, but the most important thing is that- again- my players are in good hands, both on the pitch and outside the pitch”


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