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Chelsea scout Piet De Visser says the Blues are planning to send Charly Musonda back to Real Betis on loan next season.

The youngster made an impact in Spain in the last campaign but Chelsea want him to improve even more before including him in their first team squad:

“We decided to give him another campaign over there where he had a great performance – then you are ready to return.

“”Charly has made an excellent choice [to go to Betis]. When we took him he was very frail. We even feared that he was too little athlete despite his talent to make it in the sport.

““He is a player for a top team and Chelsea will protect his talent. An option to buy him could be too expensive for us and will be impossible to pay it. These clubs buy and invest in talented players.”

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Piet De Vissier is the scout who discovered Manchester City star Kevin De Bruyne some years ago in Belgium.

The Belgian talent was signed by Chelsea in 2012, but after spending a season on loan and struggling to have first team playing time was sold to Wolfsburg in January 2014.

A decision that now the club regrets, since De Bruyne is becoming a top player and no more than three days ago scored the goal that allowed Man City to make history, accessing the Champions League semifinals for the first time.

The Belgian star is back to Stamford Bridge today, and the De Vissier explains how he discovered him and what he said to Chelsea, that didn’t pay much attention to his prediction:

“One of the best players I’ve scouted, is Kevin De Bruyne . About six years ago I was for a while in Belgium to look around, because then already got some talent. Especially regular at Racing Genk, because the club had very good childhood. I saw De Bruyne for the first time,” de Visser revealed in a new book about his career.

“Kevin was eighteen. Even then he had a great technique and at the same time outline. I had rarely seen such a thing. He was an attacking midfielder with a superb first touch and immediately moved the game, made openings. He was for me an instant revelation.”

“I had to take action, I plucked up courage and took a tape to the big boss of Chelsea, Roman Abramovich. Roman is a true football fan, who wants to not only win, but also want to see good football. He looked at that tape, said nothing, but went straight to call the scouting. “That De Bruyne has to come,” he said. If the big boss looks down at you, then that is of course a fantastic entry.

“Chelsea decided in early 2012 to take him anyway and paid around nine million euros. That was a lot of money for a young footballer, but in the meantime there were a lot of clubs after him. I told Abramovich that De Bruyne would end up being worth tenfold and that’s true today.”


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