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Loic Remy‘s transfer to Besiktas was called off due to the Turkey delicate political situation in this moment.

Last Friday there was a coup attempt in the Southern Europe country and now the Turkish president Erdogan is taking advantage of this delicate situation to strength his power, putting at risk the Turkish democracy and safety and acting like a dictator.

24 among TV and radio stations were closed, 2700 judges or prosecutors were laid off or arrested, and thousands of educators, police officers or army people as well as politicians had the same destiny, with the only fault to be Erdogan’s opponents.

This unstable situation in the country is having, of course, repercussions on many people working and leaving in Turkey since thousand of them are leaving the country to feel safer.

This is the reason why many footballers playing in the Turkish Super League are looking for other teams and many deals of other players that had to transfer there were called off, including the one of Loic Remy.

Now Chelsea and the player will have to find another team ready to sign him.


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