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According to The Times, Conte has studied Hazard‘s performances from his poor campaign last year and he has identified what it was that caused Hazard to lose his confidence.

It took Hazard until April to open up his goal scoring tally and compared to the season before, that wasn’t good enough.

Conte believes that Hazard was tackled or pushed off the ball too easily and insists he needs to add some strength to his game in order to keep possession.

So, the Italian manager has ordered him to spend extra time in the gym lifting to weights in an attempt to get him back to his very best for the Blues in the season ahead.

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José Mourinho© Francesca Ceciarini

Chelsea boss José Mourinho took the stage tonight at the Player of the Year Award gala dinner to address the crowd with a legendary funny speech.

The best manager in the Premier League had prepared it quite well, as a graphic representation came out with a football pitch:

This a normal football pitch, with two goals and one ball

Then José goes on:

Then one team came – shirts that resemble Manchester United ones come up- and claimed that they wanted to play without goals – goals disappear from graphic and ball starts to bounce between the ‘players’- and was just passing the ball, the quality of ball possession is really beautiful but..no goals!  They asked to FIFA to play like this, but no way…ball possession doesn’t give you victory in football

Then another team came- shirts that resemble Manchester City come up- and they claimed they wanted to to play with just one goal, and they were scoring a lot of goals, some beautiful goals, and they asked to FIFA to play like this, but no way

The another team came- shirts that resemble Arsenal come up- and they were more normal because they wanted to play with two goals, scoring also some beautiful goals, but they asked to the international board to play from January to April, and they were told is not possible”

The another team came- shirts that resemble Chelsea come up- and this team was more normal, playing with two goals, scoring goals, some beautiful goals, but they knew also that to win they had to defend well, conceding few goals and why not having ‘clean sheets’, and they knew that in football to win you have to score ONE MORE GOAL than your opponent, and if necessary, sometimes…park the bus! – bus come up in the Chelsea goal. So that’s why this team won“.

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