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Chelsea striker Loïc Rémy ensures that you do not feel overlooked by Jose Mourinho at Chelsea. The French player recently faces time on the bench but he claims that he has the mentality of being professional.

Remy is convinced that he will get opportunities to get more minutes on the pitch, only needs to wait and waiting is a part of the mentality of being professional.

Remy told the London Evening Standard:

“That’s the mentality of being professional. Of course I’m upset not to be playing but at the same time I work hard in training to be ready.”

“I try to fight to play more and for me there is no problem. I’ll just stay the same and keep working. I know there are many games in the season and I’m sure I will play more. Some in my situation may be very angry and a troublemaker but I can’t be selfish.”

“We are three different strikers. Diego is a really good finisher and is a bit aggressive in a good way. Falcao is technically very good and can keep the ball, I’m more of a runner. We have different characteristics and that’s really good for the manager.”


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Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho hopes to have his head physio John Fearn back on the Chelsea bench for the Premier League clash against Aston Villa, reveals the Daily Mail.

According to the paper the Portuguese coach will try to convince Fearn to come back on the Chelsea bench for the upcoming match against Aston Villa on October 17.

Fearn and Carneiro were heavily criticised by Mourinho in August after Chelsea’s clash against Swansea. As a result, Carneiro has left the club while Fearn has still been working for the club in a reduced role.

But according to the recent reports, Mourinho is keen on bringing Fearn back on the Chelsea bench.

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Former Tottenham manager Harry Redknapp has hinted on his Kicca profile that some of the Chelsea players may not be pleased with the way that  Jose Mourinho is treating them.

What is more, he expressed his belief that the Blues will miss out on the top four after their poor start to the Premier League season.

Redknapp wrote on his Kicca page:

“I think it will be a poor season, they might make the top four. When they won the Champions League [2012], they finished sixth but they got out of jail by winning the Champions League,”

“I can see another fifth or sixth season coming this year now. At the start of the year I thought they had every chance of winning it again but at the moment you see them outside the top four.”

“Maybe some players don’t like him.”

“It’s quite possible. They’re certainly not pulling it all out for him at the moment.”

“I think everybody loved him the first time he came. Maybe now, some of the new players aren’t happy with the way they’re being treated or don’t like the way he talks to them.”

“Whatever it is, they’re not performing for him.”


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Chelsea midfielder Eden Hazard has come bottom in a talkSPORT survey, asking its listeners who was the best playmaker in the Premier League. 

Hazard was included in the survey along with Liverpool’s Philippe Coutinho, Manchester United’s Juan Mata, Manchester City’s David Silva, Tottenham’s Christian Eriksen and Arsenal’s Mesut Ozil.

Despite winning the PFA and Writers’ Player of the Year awards last season, the Belgian came out in sixth place, having received just 6% of the vote, with Chelsea having won just two of their opening eight games in the league this term.

The survey results:

6th. Hazard (6%)

5th. Coutinho (10%)

4th. Eriksen (11%)

3rd. Ozil (16%)

2nd. Silva (27%)

1st. Mata (30%)

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Aston Villa manager Tim Sherwood has challenged his players to take advantage of Chelsea’s weak moment  and fight for three points in the next game.

Due to the fact that Aston Villa have already been tipped for another relegation battle this season, their manager Tim Sherwood has urged his players to take advantage of Chelsea’s weak moment to protect themselves from the relegation zone.

Sherwood told the Birmingham Mail:

“I like to try to win enough games rather than going out there not to be beat because I have done that a few times and you end up getting beat anyway,”

“I’d rather go to win but I need to find a team out of the squad who can go to places like Stamford Bridge and not be scared and are willing to put up a fight and be brave on the football. I’m learning all the time about them. They train hard, they are all good lads. I need some men to come out of the woodwork.”

Asked about a possible relegation battle if Aston Villa’s results get worse he said:

“Quite possibly, yes, but I’m confident in my ability to be able to turn this around and try and get a spark,”

“At the moment I’m still searching for that. Our performances earlier on in the season, certainly at Leicester for a period of time, have been okay but not been great and not been consisent.”

“In the end in this league you get what you deserve. It’s too early for a relegation battle. There’s still so many points to be won. Back to back wins can send you up the league and I’m confident we’ll be able to do that.”


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Chelsea striker Radamel Falcao is convinced that his best is yet to come. The Colombian player has no doubt that he can be the one to help the Blues in their title defense.

Falcao joined Chelsea on a season-long loan from Monaco during this summer transfer window. According to the latest rumours, it is rather certain that the Blues will not sign him on a permanent deal after this season.

Nevertheless, the Colombia international is convinced that his best is still to come because he has no doubt that Chelsea will be back on the winning track sooner than anyone expects.

Falcao told the London Evening Standard:

“I’m OK. Every day I feel better. I’m feeling good, I was able to play 90 minutes in the last game (against Southampton) and that helps. ”

“If the results are not the best in Chelsea, we have the capacity to reverse the situation.”

“It’s not a time for hiding. When you concede goals sometimes the other team do a good job but sometimes we make mistakes,”

“We have to avoid this because every time we make a small mistake we are being punished.”

“We can see how difficult the Premier League is. Last year what we did was amazing but now it’s a new season and we can feel that in every game every team fights hard for points.”



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Stats released today have shown that Chelsea are in the top three best teams in the country in terms of possession and are better than several title rivals in others. 

The Blues have suffered their worst start to a season in over 30 years, having lost four and won just two of their opening eight games. That included losing 0-3 to title rivals Manchester City, and on Saturday losing a 1-0 lead to lose 3-1 at home to Southampton.

However, despite the club’s poor start to the season, figures show that Jose Mourinho’s side have had an average possession figure of 59.1% – only Manchester United (60.1%) and Manchester City (59.9%) have enjoyed more of the ball this season.

The stat is also 3.2% improvement on last season, when Chelsea won their fourth Premier League title.

Last season, the Blues converted an impressive 21.1% of their chances – more than a fifth. But, this season has seen that figure fall sharply to 14.5%.

However, despite the 6.6% fall, Arsenal (12.2%), Tottenham (12.1%) and Liverpool (10.6%) all have inferior records in terms of chances converted.

Chelsea sit 16th in the table, and their main issue is clear to see – they have conceded an eye-watering 19.1% of the chances created against them in the Premier League this term.

This is a staggering 8.9% more than was the case last season and looks even worse when compared against the figures for Arsenal (9.7%), Manchester United (10.2%), Tottenham (10.7%) and Manchester City (11.2%).

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Jose Mourinho has admitted that after some unexpectedly weak Chelsea performances the confidence within the team is low. He is, however, convinced that those are only momentary troubles.

The Portuguese coach is convinced that the Blues need some good fortune after a string of poor results if they want to come back on the winning track. However, he has no doubt that Chelsea will rise from their knees.

Mourinho said:

“Only Mother Nature can do it. They [the team] need luck, they need to feel luck, they need to arrive at half-time winning 2-0 or 3-0.”

“They need to fly without pressure, to play and feel that everything is going in their favour. Not to feel this pressure, this panic, this negativity: decisions against, unlucky, mistakes.”

“Time will bring it. I don’t know next match, in two matches, in three. For sure they will get that confidence back, for sure.”

However, the Special One has criticised Premier League referees for biased refereeing:

“One thing teams are not afraid of for sure, is to make penalties. Because they make them all the time and the referees they never give them.”

“It’s a big confidence that you feel. You are not afraid to be aggressive in the box. You are not afraid to have duels.”

“I always tell my players in the box to be careful. “Don’t use your hands, don’t use your arms, be careful, you can be punished.” They know that they can. Opponents know that they don’t have to feel that pressure. That, for me, is clear.”

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Chelsea goalkeeper Asmir Begovic analysed the defeat against Southampton with Chelsea FC website:

“It’s not the standard this club and team has set so for us at the moment it is a very difficult time.

“Hopefully this break comes at a good time and we can regroup, get a good result in the next game and drive on from there.’

Begovic thinks that the time of Saints’ equaliser was crucial:

“We scored at a good time, we just couldn’t build from there,’ he said. ‘They made things very difficult for us and I think if we could have gone into half-time at 1-0 it’s a different game.

“When things are not going your way it’s tough; we’re playing against a lot of things at the moment, it’s a mental thing as well, but it’s just something we’ve got to keep fighting through.

“Hopefully one result will get the confidence going again and we can kick on. We have to show character and we can’t feel sorry for ourselves.

‘That’s life, that’s football – you have ups and downs. We’re going through a down at this moment and we need to improve. We need to get back to basics, work even harder, and I’m sure collectively we’ll do that.

“It’s important we stay positive; we know we can be a good team, we know we can play better. First and foremost we’ve got to look to the next game.

“Hopefully everyone is fit when we get back from the break and then we get a result and we can look forward from there. Obviously the goal is still to be challenging at the top of the table.”

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Former Liverpool player Jamie Carragher is convinced that Jose Mourinho has lost the respect of the dressing room.

According to the pundit, the Portuguese coach has lost the respect of his senior players and this is the reason of Chelsea’s poor performances.

Carragher told Sky Sports:

“It’s shocking stuff from champions. I’ve never seen anything like it before in the Premier League era. You have to go back 25 years to Leeds United for something like this. A team winning the title and performing so poorly,”

“The big worry for Mourinho is not so much the results but he’s built his success on players running through a brick wall for him. You always look from afar and think what’s he got going for him? Everyone loves playing for him they’d run through a brick wall for him,”

“But you watch the team now and they’re in quicksand. They can’t run I’ve never seen a team look so slow and laboured.”

“In terms of playing for him? It doesn’t look like they are. That’s what his success has been built on in the past and that’s got to be the biggest worry for Mourinho and Chelsea.”


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