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Former Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho © Francesca Ceciarini

Former Chelsea manager Carlo Ancelotti who was linked with a potential Mourinho’s replacement at Chelsea has denied all the rumours and praised the Special One calling him the ideal man for the job. What is interesting, the Italian coach did not rule out a return to the Premier League in the near future but definitely not at Stamford Bridge.

Ancelotti told the Evening Standard:

“Me at Chelsea? That’s just talk. Mourinho has difficulties, it’s true but Chelsea have confirmed Mourinho’s position. Chelsea have the perfect coach to solve problems,”

”Where do I see myself? In football you have to be ready to go anywhere. I felt fantastic abroad and would prefer to continue abroad,”

”The English league has always fascinated me a lot because it was good when I was there but I’m willing to go anywhere.”


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Jose Mourinho’s agent, Jorge Mendes has no doubt that the Special One will remain in charge of Chelsea.

Even if the Portuguese coach position has come under threat after Chelsea’s disappointing start to the Premier League season, the Blues fans have continued to back Mourinho. Also his agent claims, that the Special One will stay at Stamford Bridge because he is simply the best.

Mendes told the BBC:

“He doesn’t need to prove anything to anybody.”

“He knows what to do. Many people are saying these things but there is no chance [he will leave]. He will solve the problem. He is the best”

“At Porto he won the Europa League, the league, the Champions League. After that, in Chelsea he was amazing. He won the League [in 2005] and everyone was very happy with him.”

“At Inter Milan, nobody expected Inter could win the Champions League. Even the quarter-finals seemed quite impossible. At Real Madrid against the best team in the world he still won the league [in 2012]. He is special.”

“The reaction from the supporters tells you everything. They like him.”

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Eden Hazard insists there has been no breakdown in communication at Chelsea despite the poor start to the season. These words are important because recently appeared speculation about a potential conflict between him and Jose Mourinho. What is not a surprise Chelsea ace hopes to win against Dynamo in tonight’s Champions League clash at Stamford Bridge.

Hazard told Chelsea official website :

“In a good moment or in a bad moment, we are professional,”

””Personally I don’t read the newspapers. I try to focus only on my football and win games.”

“I need to train and try to forget everything and be a better player. It is the case I learn every day now. We try to speak about it together. The communication is very important.”

“We know when we are in a bad way we need to keep going with communication.”

“People are sad when you don’t win but the communication is very important and we did very well because every day we spoke together, and this is good.”

“We need to keep going in training; we want to improve together and just want to win matches. We know the season after you are champion, it is difficult as everybody wants to beat you.”

“We missed chances, I missed penalties, it’s very difficult but we need to keep going and improve.”

Speaking about today’s clash against Dynamo Kiev, he said:

”We want to win tonight’s game but at the same time we must not lose so we have to come out and play well like we have been playing the last few games, and hopefully we can get the luck we haven’t had.”

”Hopefully it can all come today. We have to play well and take a big step towards achieving qualification. Hopefully we can get a win that we deserve.’

Then he reflected on the previous meeting with Dynamo:

‘‘We drew the last game in Kiev and we know they have good players, but the game there we deserved to win, and if we can win for the fans at Stamford Bridge it will be a good result.”

‘‘All the things were not in the favour of Chelsea. We tried everything but didn’t score. Okay, 0-0 was a good result but when you watch the game you can see we deserved to win.”

‘‘We drew there, we lost in Porto and we need to improve and take three points on Wednesday night.”

‘’We are not winning games, this is the most important thing. We need to keep going in training; we want to improve together and just want to win matches. We know the season after you are champion, it is difficult as everybody wants to beat you.”

‘‘We missed chances, I missed penalties, it’s very difficult but we need to keep going and improve.’’


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Chelsea skipper John Terry admitted that being captain of the team in a hard time is no easy task. However, he is convinced that having such a great players like Eden Hazard and one of the best coaches in the world Jose Mourinho, the Blues will get back to winning soon.

Terry told Chelsea official website:

”It’s been difficult and unfamiliar for me but I’ve been doing my normal role within the dressing room and around the club that stays among us as a group of individuals,”

”Speaking about me personally and my own form, I can certainly be better for sure. I need to be back up to where I was last season, and where my stats and records show from the last year.”

”If I can do that, and collectively we can all do that, we’re going to be in a much better position. It’s been difficult but I’m prepared to stand up because I’m sure we’re going to get out of it”

Chelsea captain has also stressed the importance of keeping talented young players and managers at Stamford Bridge:

”There’s been talk about this, that and the other with the manager and Eden”

”We’re talking about the best manager at this football club I’ve seen and Eden being one of the best players I’ve seen, and there’s been talk about them leaving the club or going elsewhere.”

”For me, we have to keep them in the Premier League and here. People can’t be happy to see us, Jose and the team doing badly. We need to keep the best people in English football and make English football the best in the world year after year. The only way we do that is with the best managers. He’s the best manager by far and Eden’s one of the best players I’ve ever worked with by far.”


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Marcello Lippi admits that he does not feel up to it to replace Jose Mourinho at Chelsea if  the club decides to release the Portuguese coach.

Former World Cup winner has been linked with a short-term replacement for Mourinho. His name appeared on a list of candidates for potential successors of the Special One. On the same list are also Pep Guardiola, Guus Hiddink, Carlo Ancelotti, Fabio Capello or Roberto Mancini. However, according to the latest informations the Spaniard is close to  sign a two-year contract extension with Bayern Munich.

But Lippi insists that even if Chelsea would made him an offer to train the Blues he would not be ready to replace Mourinho at Stamford Bridge. What is more the Italian is convinced that the Special One will keep his job.

Lippi told Radio Due:

“I don’t think they’ll sack Mourinho, if they were to get rid of him they would also have to give him €25million [£18m] as severance pay,”

“For now Chelsea can’t recover in the Premier League, I think that the Blues are aiming to get to the end of the season and then draw conclusions.”

“But it could be different if things start to go badly in the Champions League.”

“I don’t know if I’d be ready for a potential call from Chelsea, usually when a club has three or four names in mind these always come out but none of these in the end are ever really signed up.”

“For now, my name hasn’t been circulated yet.”


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Chelsea’s midfielder Ramires has revealed that after the defeat against Liverpool Jose Mourinho said nothing to his players in the dressing room. The Brazilian claims that Chelsea’s players are fighting for the Special One on the pitch even if various reports says exactly the opposite.

Ramires said:

“We started very well and in the second half we had a chance to score a second but we didn’t score and they did and then they win,”

“It is difficult because when we lose a game, everyone is sad in the dressing room.”

“The manager didn’t say anything because it was not the time but on Sunday we have a conversation and he will show to us what we did in the game.”

“We try to help him [Mourinho] on the pitch, we couldn’t help him on Saturday but we will try every match to win because this is a group and a team and if we lose, Jose loses as well so we are all together,”

“We need to play like we played before to win the games.”

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Chelsea midfielder John Obi Mikel said that despite the very poor performances of the Blues, Mourinho should not be released because he is the most successful manager in the club’s history and deserves the second chance.

After losing 3-1 against Liverpool, Chelsea is just four points above the relegation zone and 10 off the Champions League places. Despite this, Obi Mikel believes that the only Mourinho can turn around Chelsea’s form.

Mikel told the The Times:

“José knows this club more than any other manager,”

“He’s the most successful manager in the club’s history. Last year we were champions and we won two trophies so if anything is wrong, if anything can be fixed, he is the one to do it.”

“There’s no one out there that is going to come in and fix what’s going on. If you tell the team that we are not giving 100 per cent then there is the doubt, but we are giving 100 per cent.”

“We’re playing for the manager, we’re right behind him, and our performances show that we’re right behind him. He deserves a chance.”

“The fans are still behind him. The players are definitely behind him. We will turn things around, and it’s just a matter of time.”


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Former Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho © Francesca Ceciarini

Jose Mourinho is not to be sacked as Chelsea manager in the imminent future, reports from Sky Sports state. 

The Blues lost a one goal lead to lose 1-3 at home to Liverpool earlier today; their sixth loss in 11 Premier League games.

The defeat also followed Chelsea’s exit from the League Cup in midweek.

However, despite Mourinho seemingly running out of chances, Sky Sports claim that the club’s hierarchy have no plans for talks with the 52-year old.

Mourinho himself has said that he is planning as usual for his side’s Champions League game against Dynamo Kiev next week.

The Portuguese has overseen Chelsea’s worst start to a season since 1978, having lost nine of his las 17 games. Last season, he lost just four of his 54 games.

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Jose Mourinho admits that today’s 3-1 defeat to Liverpool was another disappointing day for him and his players but he expects to continue as Chelsea boss.

During the post match press conference Mourinho said:

“I’d like to listen more than being questioned,”

Asked if he thought it was his last game as Chelsea boss:


Asked about Lucas Leiva avoiding a second yellow:

“What do you think? You are not punished by the FA. I’m punished if I tell you,”

“There are things that are out of our hands,”

“Two minutes extra time (at the end of the first half), we concede the goal on two minutes 35 seconds.”

“Then what happened in the second half everything is a consequence of some crucial moments.”

“Moments that the stadium saw, the players more than see, the players felt it, from now, what happens is just a consequence.”

Asked about his players performance today:

“I have some players really sad in the dressing room and I am full of respect for them. We see it match after match,”

“As professionals they are not getting the respect they deserve. I don’t think we, myself and them, are not going to have a great Saturday dinner, even families for sure.”

“They have the same feelings that we have and I’m really sorry with that lack of respect for professionals.”

Asked to explain what he meant by lack of respect, the Special One said:

“You are all intelligent guys. If you want to write, you write.”

“Next press conference I will bring you nice glasses, maybe you see the game in a better way.”

Asked about his preparations for Wednesday’s Champions League Group G match against Dynamo Kiev:

”I go home, I go find a sad family,”

“I will try to watch some of the rugby (World Cup final) and disconnect a little bit from this.

“Then I will start preparing the training session for tomorrow morning and the game for Wednesday.”

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Liverpool coach Jurgen Klopp is confident that his team deservedly won 3-1 against Chelsea today. According to the German coach, the Reds were simply the better team on the pitch.

Klopp told LFC TV:

” It’s very, very pleasing, a good day and a good moment. It was a very, very good game, an intensive and interesting game with a difficult start for my side”

”The start was really hard for us, we could have defended better”

”We stood in the game and that’s the best news for us. We played football, our build up was very good and very brave”

”We made our goal and over time the game was open. From some moment on we were the better team and they were very well played goals”

”3-1, I think it’s deserved and very important for us”







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