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Zinedine Zidane has left Real Madrid after lifting his third UEFA Champions League consecutive title last week. The Frenchman, speaking at a press conference, told journalists: “The decision was first to Florentino, then to the squad. It was a strange decision but an important moment, it had to be done for everybody”.

“This team has to continue winning and has to change, after three years they need a new voice a new way of saying things, perhaps a new way of working”.

Even Chelsea manager Antonio Conte has been previously linked with a job at Real Madrid. What’s next for Real Madrid? Who will be the “new voice”?

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Chelsea manager Antonio Conte was pretty relaxed when asked to give a comment on 2017/18 campaign, which looks a fiasco if compared with last season’s Premier League title.

The Italian told journalists:

“I always try to protect my work and I am very pleased of my job. I worked harder and better than last season. Obviously I like to win trophies and being winner but at the same time – even if you work very hard trying to give the 120%,  miracles do not always happen. Sometimes it happens, sometimes not. And taking decisions about future is not my task”.

When asked if he will go o holiday following the FA Cup Final, Conte assessed: 

“Yes, the club told us we could go home after the FA Cup Final. I did not change my commitment for the club, which has been always the same. I don’t know if something has changed: last season we were heroes for Chelsea’s fans. And now has my status changed? I do not know. However, in my soul and in my heart I am an hero, because I gave always my 120%. In every season you must divide responsibilities with club, manager and players: last season we were heroes, this season I don’t know. It does not care for me”.

Conte: “FA Cup final is a great achievement and Chelsea will be focused”

Royal Wedding in London? No, thanks.

“I hope my family will be more interested in the FA Cup final” said Conte. “I am sure of this also because they know the importance of my job, my work. They’ve always backed me in every moment of my life”.

Will the FA Cup result be decisive to judge Antonio Conte’s work at Stamford Bridge? The Italian said:

“I repeat, other people have the task to judge my season and I am not the right person to tell you how the situation is expected to be going. I must be honest, I am not interested. I am only focused on my job”. 

If you don’t win a trophy, does it mean you did not work very well? It’s right to separate the two aspects, because if you don’t win it does not always mean you did not do a good job. In Italy [Juventus], Germany [Bayern Munich] and France [PSG] is there only one team who worked well?”

About last year’s FA Cup final against Arsenal:

“Last season has been a wonderful season, I think we did a fantastic work with the players and I think last season we reached an important success. If you are winning and you are going with normal velocity, you do not risk to break your engine. It does not happen if you are running too fast. Last season we won and we divided this big achievement with players and the club, this season we finished 5th in the table and we still have to play an FA Cup final, then we’ll have to divide again”.

“I do not like to speak about myself, we are a team and we win and lose together. If I am frustrated all my players feel in the same way. Obviously, I like to win trophies and being winner, but when you try to do everything you can’t be satisfied every time. I did not change the commitment to the club”.

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Chelsea manager Antonio Conte spoke out in Cobham this afternoon, following his side’s training session ahead of FA Cup final. The Italian pointed out some aspects will be crucial to face Manchester United at Wembley on Saturday after switching off his mobile phone…just in case

“I do not like to speak about me but I like to speak about us, about our season together. About this season: we have a chance to win a trophy and it will be a great achievement for the club and for our fans. In my career I played other cup finals, in Italy during my first season at Juventus and also last season we lost against Arsenal: we win and we lose all together. I remember last cup final against Arsenal, in which the first goal was not good. Then we were able to comeback and finish the game with 10 men after Moses was sent-off. It was a pity and a strange final. We had the possibility to clinch the Double last season, this season we have another chance and we want to fight, to win because we deserved this achievement”.

“For sure tomorrow I will shake Jose Mourinho‘s hand. I don’t want to provide you the starting XI, tomorrow we will see also if Caballero starts in goal. We only have Emerson Palmieri out. No more news”.

My last game at Chelsea? For sure I can say this will be my last match in this season. I have a contract and I am committed to the club. We must be focused on tomorrow’s game, which is a very difficult game and we want to end up the season with a trophy. For players, the manager and our fans: we are focused on our target and we want to win this game”. 

“We need to be focused because we have an important game to play. Don’t forget we are talking about the oldest trophy in the world, the FA Cup. This is a final, when you play a final the most important thing is to win: it will be a tactical game, but I don’t know what kind of game we will see. Having a chance to play for the second time in a row a final at Wembley, I think this is a great achievement. The most important thing is to lift the trophy tomorrow night. I can tell you this season we worked really hard, even harder than last season, I am sure of this and is enough for myself”.

Manchester United have the possibility to pick many important player, I don’t know which will be Mourinho’s decision for tomorrow but if Lukaku misses the game there will be other good players to replace him. I won’t change my plan only for one player, I prepare every game against the whole team. There’s always a difference if you are manager or a player in a Final. A manager has great responsibilities and have to think about all, a player knows there’s a staff around him: I know the situation. I will sleep in the normal way. I do not sleep a lot in general, however I’ll sleep in the best way for the team”.

More to follow tomorrow…

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Conte celebrates at the end of the FA Cup semifinal against Spurs © Francesca Ceciarini

Chelsea have almost lost all their chances to qualify for the next Champions League with Wednesday’s draw vs Huddersfield Town at Stamford Bridge.

The Blues, however, can still win the Fa Cup, but in any case, Antonio Conte believes this is a good season for him and his team:

I’m very happy. I’m very happy for last season. I’m very happy for this season. You learn in this job. If you are clever you continue to learn and improve yourself, to try and be better in the future.” Conte said during his pre-game press conference. It’s a great experience, we had two hard seasons, this season and last, but a fantastic season for me. It’s OK. I think this league is great, is the toughest league in the world. To compete in this league, with so many teams and so many clubs very strong, it’s always a great chance you have”.

As the Premier League is the toughest league in the world, Conte has always been aware of the chance of finishing out of the top-four:

You must know that there is this possibility because you play in a strong league. For this reason, you have to know this and prepare in the right way”. Conte explained. “There are six top teams at the start of the season ready to fight for a place in the Champions League. It can happen. In the past, it happened the same. Don’t forget two years ago, Chelsea ended the season 10th and not in the FA Cup final, not in the semifinals of the Carabao Cup, and they were eliminated in the last 16 against PSG in the Champions League. It can happen.”

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Antonio Conte believes tomorrow’s game will not be easy for Chelsea as Huddersfield Town are fighting to stay in the Premier League.

For sure our expectations are to have a tough game. Huddersfield are fighting to avoid relegation. Conte said during his pre-game press conference. “We must pay great attention and we have to play with only two games rest. We spent a lot of mental and physical effort. You have to win over 90 minutes, not the way you start and we must be clever”

Tomorrow’s game will be Chelsea’s last one at Stamford Bridge this season and it could also be last Conte’s game if he will leave the London club this summer. However, the Italian manager refused to comment over the situation regarding his future.

I am very focused on the present and to do my best job for Chelsea”. Conte explained. “As you know very well our job is not simple or easy, but I am totally focused on the present and it is to finish the season in the best possible way. Our fans deserve this”.

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During his press conference ahead of tomorrow’s Premier League game vs Huddersfield, the Blues manager Antonio Conte said they want to keep alive their winning streak and put pressure on Tottenham and Liverpool, but he is aware destiny is in the Reds’ and Spurs’ hands.

To put pressure we have to get three points every game. We got three points at Southampton, Burnley and Swansea, then against Liverpool. Conte said. “For sure the situation is not in our hands and if they beat Brighton they can reach the CL and it is the same for Spurs. They have two games at home and it will be enough to draw and win one game”.

This is the reason why Conte said also it’s better to stay ahead of the opponents, especially before the last games of the season: “I prefer to stay ahead and the other teams to have to put pressure like last season. Chelsea manager explained. “In the last 12 games Tottenham won ten games to put pressure on but we were able to keep ahead. It is easier to stay ahead of the other teams because the situation is in your hands”.

Chelsea are getting good results now, but they had some problems before and they dropped many points; Antonio Conte knows it very well, but he believes it’s not good to think about it now: “For sure there is a bit of disappointment because we dropped many points in a stupid way where we didn’t need to and created many chances but weren’t able to score. At the end the result was bad for us”. Conte said. “Now there is not time to regret. We have to play two games and then the FA Cup final and then at the end of the season we will see”.

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On Sunday at Stamford Bridge Chelsea will face Liverpool and his former player Mo Salah, who has recently been voted Best Premier League player for this season.

Speaking during his pre-game press conference Antonio Conte claimed it’s not his fault his the striker has been sold by the Blues:

No-one asked me about him,” Conte said. “I don’t want to take this responsibility. If I do I’m in trouble.  It would be very difficult to predict this type of season for Salah, we’re talking about a player with specific characteristics, good technique, very fast. Every opportunity, every chance he has he’s very good to take the chance. Very clinical.”


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Speaking during his press conference ahead of Sunday’s Premier League game vs Liverpool, Antonio Conte is aware it won’t be easy to get a win, but also that this will be the only possible result if Chelsea want to keep alive their Champions League‘s hopes.

This could be a good opportunity for us, but as I have said a lot of times if you want to keep the hope alive you have to win. Liverpool are a good team. It won’t be easy, we have to win on Sunday”. Conte said. “For sure we must pay great attention. The first game against Rome, if you give them a lot of space they can be very dangerous and have a lot of trouble. They have three special players, Mane, Firmino, Salah and are very good to attack the space. We must be compact. Now our target is to finish in the best way. The situation is not in our hands and we have to start with three points against Liverpool, then we will see what happens. We have a final in the FA Cup and we want to give satisfaction to our fans”. 

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Chelsea manager Antonio Conte speaking after today’s 2-0 win over Southampton in the FA Cup semi-final, also provided a comment on the final against Manchester United, which will take place on 19th of May.

The Italian manager said: “This final will be a game between two great teams.

Last season we arrived in the final as favourites, while this season we will arrive not as favourites, but last season we lost the final despite being favourites at that moment”.

Chelsea suffered a 2-1 defeat in 2017 FA Cup final against Arsenal as Alexis Sanchez and Aaron Ramsey denied Antonio Conte’s team a league the double following Premier League title.

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During the press conference after the win of the semi-finals of the FA Cup against Southampton, Antonio Conte explains all his happiness for this results, a gift to Blues’ supporters for this season. Despite next and last step is Manchester United, hard opponent, Conte is proud about this final.

‘The most important thing in this type of game is to reach your target, in this case the final of this competition,’

‘It’s very important for the players, for the club and especially for our fans. I’m delighted for them. Always this season they showed great passion and pushed us in every moment, difficult moments and positive moments’

‘This final will be a game between two great teams. Last season we arrived in the final as favourites; this season we will arrive not as favourites, but last season we lost the final despite being favourites at that moment.’

The game was solved in the second half thanks Oliver Giroud and Alvaro Morata, who substituted Giroud two minutes before go in goal.

I knew we had to play against three central defenders who are very strong physically, so I decided to start with Olivier, but when Morata came on his impact was impressive, in the same way as Pedro and Bakayoko’s impact was.’

About Giroud: ‘He has been a good signing for us, for sure. I needed a player with his characteristics: strong physically, able to hold the ball up allow our no.10 to make combinations with him’.

About Morata: ‘He is an important striker. He is younger than Olivier and has less experience. He is less strong physically, but he is very fast to attack the space. I’m pleased for both of them.’


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