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Chelsea manager José Mourinho © Francesca Ceciarini

Jose Mourinho complete press conference ahead of QPR clash:

Only Diego Costa is injured, everybody is fine and ready: Mikel is ready, Fabregas with the mask but ready too, no problems”

We have eight matches to play, if he [Diego Costa] plays four is normal, if he play three is a little below of what I’m expexting, if he plays five is a little more of what I’m expecting”

“We try not to get yellow cards in the games, we try to play footbal, in the last game our opponents made a a lot of fouls, if they have to make a foul for a yellow card…you have to do it…the way we play is not easy for our players to be booked”

“The game [vs. QPR] is a three points game, we need points, victories, I don’t see any sense of considering a match more important than others

“We have to win every game, we have to win the next game, We don’t have to think about the match in hand we have, they need points in this remaining six fixtures they have”

We need five victories now, just better than before Stoke, or four victories and one draw: our situation improved but we need them”

The PL mathematically is open, being objective a team with 8-9 points difference honestly is still in the race

“I don’t think about after QPR, I just think about QPR”

“About rumours on the Japanese player, Muto, we can say, that is more than football, more than management, in this modern times you cannot close the door to this kind of things…but we would not bring, ever, a player with no football qualities or capacity for the Chelsea Football Club squad”

I ‘ve never played at Loftus Road, but people told me that is not easy, we go to play, we go to win, the people in the stands can play a role but cannot score goals, the referees are there, so I’m not worried, we are going there to play a game an try to win

I think is just a football match, obviously an important match for both teams, they want to win, we want to win…in the last weekend we played with a team that is very stable in the middle of the table, no chance to relegate or to get a European cup spot, and they were fantastic in their approach, in the way they didn’t want to lose the match, that’s proper football”

I’m not surprised for Man City defeat at Crystal Palace because is Premier League, everybody loses matches, everybody loses points

We’re top of the league since day one because we got consistency and stability, so we deserve to be there, but every game is difficult so we have eight games to play”

“I am not concerned about Diego’s injury I was just on Sunday. I don’t want to think about it until he’s ready to play, you won’t see me crying because we will miss him in the next matches, I don’t to think about it too much”

I know Muto a little bit as a player but I don’t think is nice to speak about a player of FC Tokyo. In modern football, now football is an industry, you have to think about the financial situation, especially a club like Chelsea that want to respect FPF rules, but as a football club we don’t want to bring here a player that does not have good qualities or cannot be a good prospect



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